Latest News on the Astros

I have to start with a bit of breaking news Justin Verlander is gonna start Game four for the Astros tomorrow out of order that’s a little bit of a stunner we’ll get to that right after we show the highlights few understand that Verlander and Gerrit Cole will they simply can’t start every game from the Astros but even with Zack Greinke up and down playoff resume no one expected this today it all starts well enough doesn’t it Jose Altuve jumping on Charlie Morton 409 feet to Center one nothing Astros in a hurry that’s what everybody expected right well it doesn’t last long pick it up with two men on second inning Zack Greinke giving up a three-run home run to Kevin kiermaier the Rays aggressive at the plate all day especially when Greinke misses with his location by the time Brandon Lau goes deep here in the fourth inning it is 5 to 1 Tampa Greinke giving up six earned runs three home runs in just three and two-thirds innings and it certainly doesn’t get any better when AJ Hinch brings on Wade Miley in a relief a starter all season long Miley gives up three runs in just 2 and 2/3 innings the Rays wore out to an 8 to 1 lead they win it 10 to 3 this is now a 2-1 series lead for the Astros game 4 set for Tuesday [Music]

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