Latest news from Japan… (23/11 – 29/11) |【ENG SUB】

Latest news from Japan… (23/11 – 29/11) |【ENG SUB】

Hello guys, welcome back to this new episode di Last week in Japan on our channel OurEyesYourEyes. Before starting as always with the most important news of this past week i want to remind you to subscribe to our channel, click on the notification bell and follow us on our social media! Thanks to all the new subscribers because they subscribed ahahaha and thanks a lot for the support! Let’s start immediately with a news with which we can reconnect with last week because if you remember, this relationship between Japan and South Korea regarding the secret services of GSOMIA was about to be defined, and now i can confirm you that this type of relations is still there even if there’s a condition from South Korea and this condition says they don’t want to sign a specific contract with Japan and when they want to leave from this project which involves also Japan, they want to be free to leave from it. Japan said “it’s ok….” even if imo that’s just a strategy in order to keep this relation stable while in the meantime they’re trying to find a way with excuses, delays, complaints and wse. For the moment, the relationship between these two countries goes on, even if there are some hard moments. Still on this subject there was a meeting in Nagoya after what was decided about GSOMIA. The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Japan and South Korea met over there. There was a back and forth answers from both sides in which they were always talking about the same things all the past problems The japanese minister says “ok, we accepted your conditions for GSOMIA, but it would be nice for us to find a solution in order to move on and create a good relation The korean minister, instead, said “yes, but before that, we’re still waiting for your apologies because you need to understand the huge damages you created and again the japanese minister said “No, we don’t need to ask you sorry for what happened, we did it already. so there’s no more the need of it”. And then again “So in this case we find it hard to go on like this It’s not fair!” An endless war Until this moment this war consists on words only fortunately, let’s say! Let’s hope they can find a way to communicate instead. I’ll keep you posted! But it’s not finished yet because South Korea seems to have published some fake news That means they might have said “Japan is ready to say sorry, they would like to say sorry now” The Minister Suga who’s the same person who showed “Reiwa” the name of the new japanese era, declared “no, Japan didn’t say anything like this, also because it did it so many times so it’s time to move on with this new relationship That’s what’s coming from Japan!” No will of saying sorry to anything. Dear guys…. this thing is harder than we thought! But let’s go on and talk about the most important event of this week, because Pope Francis arrived in Japan last week. This event was really important, because the last time a Pope reached Japan was 38 years ago when Pope John II decided to come to Japan also to have a bond between different cultures and different religion It was a huge success Pope Francis decided to visit the places that were destroyed by the atomic bombs during the Second World War that means Nagasaki and Hiroshima In these two cities he left a message that was really peaceful by saying that nuclear weapons don’t need to exist and that he hopes for the future that these weapons won’t be used anymore also because they could create huge damages as for what happened in 1945. Then he went to Tokyo where he met the survivors of the great Tohoku earthquake and tsunami of 2011. His visit in Japan ended by meeting a great mass in the Tokyo Dome. There were more than 50.000 people waiting for him and then he met the new Emperor Naruhito and the Prime Minister Abe. They talked a lot in a really peaceful way and this event had a positive feedback here. What do you think about it? Do you think it was right for the Pope to come to Japan? What do you think about the message he gave here? Let me know in the comments below. Now i give you another good news. Do you remember that last week Iroha Akasaka the girl of 12 years old was missing in Osaka Her mother was so shocked and started searching for her everywhere without a sign of her until the girl herself went to a koban, that are the classical police stations in Japan, around 10:30 am She was barefoot and told the police officer to be helped , because a man segregate her in his house. She couldn’t get out until that day because in that moment this man plus another person were sleeping. Police starting investigating about this immediately also to understand the situation better and they discovered a man of 35 years old was segreagating the girl in his house. Who’s this man? She confirms she got in touch with him thanks to social networks. and he projected to meet her two days after in a park in Osaka. The girl went to meet him the man asked her to go to his house in order to talk more and more and from that moment she lived over there together with another person as she said before. This other girl comes from ibaraki prefecture and in fact a girl went missing six months ago and she was coming from Ibaraki Both of them in this condition, they could wash themselves once per two days to eat just a few it really seemed a kidnapping. Why this man decided to kidnap them? It’s simple, because in his opinion he just wanted to talk to them The girl didn’t receive any sexual harassment or abuse but the man just wanted to be able to talk to them He was arrested, of course. The girl went back home Her family was shocked Let’s say that everything ends well! I go on with the violence subject and in this case i’m talking about sexual abuses. A lot of women in Tokyo and in the rest of Japan are asking for a law that is defending women against sexual abuses. They hope this law will be helpful to harm non-consensual acts. It’s like a step forward to this legalization that i have to say it’s really important, because here in Japan it still doesn’t exist a law that can protect women especially if they don’t consent sexual involvements. Let’s hope that this law will pass soon and let’s hope everything will be all right, also because some days ago it was the day against violence on women worldwide. So i think that in Japan something is finally happening. I go on talking about women again because some days ago there was a shocking discovery, i have to say. The NIID discovered something unbelievable. In 2019 only, more than the 10% of pregnant women are affected by syphilis It’s a problematic result One of the doctors inside this institute confirmed that the source of this problematic diagnose is to be found in the men they went with. Women, just be careful! Let’s talk as always about our dear Olympics In these past months more than 8 millions of tickets were sold. All these 8 millions are residents in Japan or japanese people. Congrats to you all! Huge success for this event. Let’s wait for the chances for the foreigners from outside Japan to be able to join ! I think there are still 236 days left or something like this! This event is coming!!! Can’t wait! Do you remember when i was talking about Kyoto and about how such a bad behaviour tourists have! Also in this case, i have to tell you something bad because a 44 year old man, some days ago, decided to write on the walls of the main gate of the Roanji temple that you can find in Kyoto As you can see from the picture here there are some red, blue and black writings There were removed, of course The characters used seem to be Chinese kanji and stuff like that so he could have been a tourist. I have to tell you honestly: come and visit monuments without ruining them. Why do you have to do something like this? What’s the main point of this? Think about somebody coming to your country, trying to destroy your monuments…would you be happy? I don’t think so and that’s maybe the reason why japanese people are starting being tired about tourists. That man was arrested so if you don’t want to be arrested or if you don’t want to find yourself into something you can’t go back from, don’t do these things Don’t take any risk like this, because there’s nothing amazing about this. Respect the monuments respect the cities you’re going to visit also because it’s the proper thing to do ! Now i’m going to talk to you about something incredible! JR EAST (japan railways east side) wanted to promote a new gate for all stations in the future. As you know, when you have to go inside a station, you need to slide your suica (IC card) and you can enter directly inside all the stations here in Japan. What’s this new idea ?? In the future you won’t use the suica anymore (maybe) or any other IC CARDS you’re able to find in Japan and you just have to dowload an application you put yourself under a screen on top of you, you show your smartphone (it has to access to the app already) and then you go inside the station. Maybe there won’t be Suica anymore??? Or Pasmo as well? (another IC CARD) Where will they go? Can i tell you honestly? I don’t like this idea so much! I prefer my dear Suica, i slide it and then, listen to this, they decided to promote this also because a lot of tourists will come , more and more and in order to prevent the chaos in the stations and all the people queuing in front of the gates in order to pass with their IC cards let’s put some screens on top of people that are going to go inside the stations they do like this and they move on. Isn’t it like using the suica? Today i’m happy because there are some good news i gave you i hope this good news will keep going on also in the next weeks For all the tourists who want to go to Shinjuku Gyoen that is this beautiful garden you can find between Shinjuku and Yoyogi you’ll be able to find online ticket service from next week! They decided to do something like this also because the Olympics are coming millions and millions of people are expected to come here so let’s avoid the long queues I tell you my personal experience when the sensei and I went over there There was an endless queue It went on so fast but it was endless! I can’t imagine next year all the tourists who want to visit the garden during the Olympics event and wse I’m starting getting worried about it! Now let’s talk about sport!!! This week happened something great! Hanyu Yuzuru won the NHK Trophy! What is it? It’s a championship of figure skating hold by NHK that is the japanese national tv channel. He won 4 years in a row I’m so happy, because also in this case he was exceptional so what can we say except for you’re great, Yuzuru! Keep going on like this. You’re amazing! This is my personal opinion and what about you? Write in the comments below if you like him if you like this sport or not, let me know! But now let’s talk about the showbiz! I think that good news are gone…. In these days something happened and they were pretty negative events. I start with the first one that doesn’t regard a japanese star She’s korean and her name is Goo-hara! Sorry if i pronounced it wrongly! She was found dead at 28 years old in her apartment in Seoul. Who is this woman? She was a really famous idol in South Korea She was considered like a symbol of K-Pop The worst thing is that it seems she wanted to commit suicide because of cyberbullism she received on social media and all the pressure she suffered from the media as well. I don’t know if you know but the K-pop world is not easy as it seems. Actually also J-pop is like this sometimes but i have to say that k-pop was always accused because of its strict rules, specific diets this extreme physical and psychological pressure that idols have to handle I’m sure that she also couldn’t go on like this Then we have the cyberbullying thing, because there are a lot of idiots on the internet, sorry to say, but this is what i think! These people can ruin other people’s lives no matter if he/she is famous or not, because there’s no difference From this point of view we are all the same! ahahaahah Why did i decide to talk about her here? The reason is because she was promoting her last solo album here in Japan She went to lots of cities in the month of November She was making like a sort of japanese promoting tour and she was really loved here as well! Even if i was not your fan i’m really sure a lot of people were following you they loved you and we want to remember you with a smile on your face Now i go back to Erika Sawajiri. For those who didn’t follow the previous episode go and check it out here or here This week many people were asking themselves: where did Erika find the drugs? A fashion designer really close to Erika was arrested some days ago. Police thinks he was involved in this case and was probably the person giving Erika these drugs. The two of them were great friends they know each other very well , he also had some stores in Tokyo and she was used to come and visit him also over there. Let’s see if he’s the real culprit of all this situation let’s say of the falling career of Erika also because i already told you my opinion Her career is finished and do you remember that she was going to air on a new drama for NHK starting in 2020? You need to know that the drama should have started on the 5th of January but this beginning was delayed so they had to find a way to start it later because Erika won’t be able to act on this anymore and was already replaced by another actress The drama should start the 19th of January instead. Last thing to tell you about her is that her detention’s days are increased. In fact she has to stay in jail for other 10 days before the trial is starting Let’s see, let’s hope and i’ll keep you posted for sure! Let’s end this video by talking about manga and anime! and we start…..with…. a sad news! I don’t like to give you always bad news but i’m forced to do it otherwise it would be unfair and not coherent to talk about beautiful things only Anyway, do you remember Kyoto Animation, the great fire that started last summer, all the chaos after this accident They decided to demolish the main building who was caught on fire. Many fans are still shocked and are really close to this anime production that is really famous in Japan as well Let’s stay all together next to this tragedy, next to all these people who lost their lives during this fire accident i think it’s the best thing to do and i’m convinced that it’s a way to start all over again, to cut out even if it’s just for 30 seconds what happened that day. Good luck KyoAni, i’m totally sure that you’re going to be back again stronger than before! I give you a news that doesn’t involve manga only but now we talk about Marvel as well! You’re probably going to say Ehm ok…. Marvels studios with the Tsuburaya Prod decided to create a comic series related to Ultraman in 2020. Many people were really happy about this other people not so much because they said “why are you helped by Marvel in this case?” “Was it impossible to find a mangaka and make a manga instead?” Nice question i want to know your opinions here down below Do you prefer that Marvel helps Tsuburaya Prod. that means Ultraman, in this case? Or do you think that was better to create a manga here in Japan without the overseas’ help? Let me know! I go on with great news because if you arrive at the terminal 2 of Narita Airport you can’t miss the new anime center this anime corner at the airport that opened You’re going to find everything: from stores about anime, to maid cafè where you can eat stuff related to anime a giant head of Gundam it’s enormous At the opening also Tomino Yoshiuki came Hi Tomino, if you watch this channel let us know! ahahahah put a like and we’ll know that ahahahah Buy some gadgets, souvenirs it’s up to you! Another great news for all the Doraemon fans the new movie it’s coming We’re talking about 2020 and i can give you the date !!! Be ready because in Japan it will be available at the japanese cinemas starting from the 6th of March! Who’s coming to Japan in that period whoever loves Doraemon (even if you’re not going to understand a word because it will be in japanese) Never say never, a great experience! Come to Japan in March and go and enjoy the movie! I don’t follow this so much but i’m sure it will be a huge success because all kids here love Doraemon! Fingers crossed and good luck! Let’s see how it will be! Last news for today before ending the video is about Demon Slayer First of all i want to thank all of you for the support of the first episode reaction video dedicated to Kimetsu no Yaiba I want to tell you that Demon Slayer was a record of selling this year! it was one of the best selling manga of the year The best anime of the year Great success everywhere More than one time it overcame MHA and also Bleach as for a decade selling chart Best seller of the manga series but also best seller regarding some volumes in particular so congrats to the mangaka of Demon Slayer because it’s success is unstoppable! With this news i say bye to you Hope you enjoyed with me this week as well and i wait for you next week with other incredible news, hope positive instead of negative ones. Subscribe to our channel, follow us on our social media bye guys, see you next week!!

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