Late breaking news! MINT Mobile new data amounts announced!

Late breaking news! MINT Mobile new data amounts announced!

hello everyone thank you once again for
tuning in to our YouTube channel safe green here and we got some great news we
just actually got notified by Mint Mobil that there’s some good news in the
horizon for data plans and that means that the data plans are going up as far
as the amount of data that you receive so if we go to their website mint mobile
comm you will see that the six month plan the 12 month plan and we’re gonna
specifically be focusing on a 12 12 month plan and the reason is they’re so
cheap it really is worth it to just go 12 months if you’ve been with a carrier
before like if you were tied to a contract whether it’s AT&T Verizon
Sprint t-mobile doesn’t matter you know what it’s like to be under a contract
and you know that the your monthly bill is not cheap but once you own the phone
coughing up $180 for 12 months or 240 for 12 months or even a $300 for 12
months is what most people paid in just a couple months of usage with the other
big carrier so with that we’re gonna show you here that the email we received
from them tells you just like you see here we want to make sure your data
dreams come true so the two big plans will be upgraded to three the five big
plan will be upgraded an eight and that’s the one in the middle that’s
really a big jump and then the 10 gig plan goes up to 12 gigs so the prices
are gonna stay the same let me see if there’s a way I can get that a little
bit bigger here so this will be their new plans effective January 29th of 2019
so the cool thing about it is if you look at the 12-month plans the cost is
not going up that’s a good thing so they’re upping you one gig here they’re
giving you an extra three gigs here for the same price and here 12 gigs instead
of 10 for $25 that stays the same just like you see it on their website
here okay so you’re gonna get more data but for the same price for the 12-month
plan now it doesn’t necessarily mean the same things gonna happen for the other
plan so let’s say you don’t want to go with 12 months which I don’t know why
you wouldn’t but let’s say you wanted to go with the six months or even three
months the prices are going to go up in these brackets the three month and the
six month bracket so here you let’s say on the six months you’ll be paying $25
for 8 gigs of data and if we go back to their website right now you’re paying
$24 for 5 gigs of data so that’s going up by $1 here it’s $30 for 10 gigs and
here’s gonna be $35 for 12 gigs so those are going up slightly but again it
really makes sense to just go with the 12 month plan cough up the either 180
240 or $300 do that once and for 12 months you got nothing to worry about no
bills in the mail nothing like that and you’re good to go for a full 12 months
365 days for those prices depending on how much data you need 3 gigs of data if
you have Wi-Fi you’re not a big internet user I recommend this to folks that
don’t have social media on their phones don’t have Facebook Instagram or
whatever on the phone where you’re constantly getting notifications and
pictures coming up to your account and opening them that that’s a good plan
right there 3 gigs somewhere in the middle now starting the 29th of January
8 gigs very good that’s right there in the middle and then 4 gigs more if you
feel you’re constantly on the web 12 gigs nowadays is it’s a lot for most
folks I understand there’s unlimited plans but
even those plans that you see that are unlimited out there and I say
quote-unquote unlimited are actually not unlimited because once you hit 20 gigs
they do slow you down and in some cases I think it’s Verizon’s case after 22
gigs they actually shut you down altogether I’m not sure but you
look into it read the fine print I always tell all my viewers that send me
messages and questions you have to read the fine print
you just have to but this is good news you’re gonna get more data and the
prices are not going up so if you are have been on the fence and you decide to
get on get on board now for at least twelve months you’re gonna pay the same
price you’re gonna pay one one time the amounts you see in the bottom that’s a
wonderful thing so I just got that in my in the mail just a few days ago in my
email so expect that to come up very soon
and there we go now we’re back to a smaller one it is a great plan or a
great company we’ve been on them since December of 2017 so you can see that
there as of January 29th your current plan
will automatically go up from five gigs to eight gigs that’s the one I’m
currently on right now and you will see notes no no charge so your 12-month plan
whenever I have to renew which is gonna be coming up June this year and again
this starts January 29th so if you if you’re already on mint mobile you will
see that jump happen as far as gigabytes after the 29th and again you really
can’t beat that now mint Mobile has been lately on the news you’ve probably seen
their commercials already so they’re up and coming and all these big guys big
carriers are gonna start looking over their shoulders when you have companies
like mint mobile competing for their business and getting the same service as
you would let’s say with t-mobile as far as reception goes at a fraction of a
cost so mint Mobile is using t-mobile signal if you don’t believe this then go
ahead look at some of my videos that I just did recently within a couple months
ago and you will see that there’s proof in there on the video there’s living
proof that you will see that they are using t-mobile signal but anyway I
thought I’d bring this out to light because some of you might have not known
if you’re not a mint mobile customer you’re not getting this email
the mint mobile customers are so let me know in the comments below if
you got the email I’m sure all the customers that are already I’m in mobile
got the email and what do you think of the upgrade in gigabyte as far as data
goes for the the $15 $20 and $25 plan let me know in the comments below thank
you for watching enjoy your day thank you for tuning in to our channel safe
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here one thank you very much

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  1. sounds like you read all the fine print…. i am wondering if you read in there T&C's if they increase the prices…does the rate you have stay the same or will it go up?

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