Lara Trump: Doesn’t matter who Trump will debate, they’re all terrible

Lara Trump: Doesn’t matter who Trump will debate, they’re all terrible

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  1. They are not terrible but Trump is to clever for them ,and Americans wants jobs and money in there pockets and a good future for there children ,Somthing that demonRats couldn’t do just talk and yes we can for ther bank books 📖

  2. Trump 2020. 4 more years. The Great White Hope! Glad people are waking up to take back America!!! Dont back down to liberals folks vote them out everywhere! Amazin!

  3. It would be nice if humanity would learn how to spot obvious signs of sociopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianism, recognize them as hazardous to the species, and stop giving platform or attention to beings who exhibit those traits.

    A great crash course would be to watch Fox News 24-7-365-100


  5. It’s not easing making money in the stock market! The Democrats portray it as if you are pushing a button on a machine and then it magically starts printing money… oh and the machine only works if your a soul sucking republican 🖕 FU leftists.

  6. Trump will out-debate just about anyone, with one assumption: the playing field is not tilted too far in his opponents direction. The media and the Democrat puppeteers will do whatever they can to provide an uneven playing field.

  7. One of the reasons President TRUMP was ELECTED by the people of this country was to STOP the lying Politicians selling out our country to CHINA and any other FOREIGN country PAID TO PAY…….TRUMP WAS NOT involved in that!

    Furthermore, STOP trying to pull at our HEARTSTRINGS…….
    by your Betrayed AD, BERNIE!

    TRUMP is STOPPING the destruction to this NATION that BERNIE SANDERS is A PART of….what has he done for you in the LAST 26 YEARS?

    Bernie Sanders has been a Independent Vermont Senator since 2007 and was a Vermont Representative from 1991 to 2007.

    He was mayor of Burlington, Vermont from 1981 to 1989.

    So altogether he's been in public office for about 26 years.

    As for SHOPKO in Wisconsin……

    Shopko is closing what remains of its 363 stores after FAILING TO FIND A BUYER

    The retailer DECLARED BANKRUPTCY in January and closed about 100 stores at the time An investor group has purchased Shopko's optical business of 51 centers for $480 million Shopko Stores is shuttering what remains of its 363 stores after failing to find a buyer.


    OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP has done more for this country in three years then any POLITICIAN in our government have in 30 YEARS…….that says a lot!

    You can NOT fix the MESS these long time Politicians have done to ALL of us OVERNIGHT…..JOIN the FIGHT TO GET RID OF THE SCUM SWAMP stealing your TAX DOLLARS and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!! TRUMP 2020 ALL the WAY!

    These OLd Politicians now with health issues LIES will be DEBUNKED and your donations to these fools WASTED!

    Ask Bernie why he CUT back the hours of his Campaign Staff when it was EXPOSED he was not evening paying a DECENT WAGE and was then force to go up to $15 a hour to work just as hard in LESS TIME!?


  8. It's funny how Fox news makes fun of Biden,when the Orange hemorrhoid sounds like he's having a stroke when he pronounce the word United States 😆 and can't even spell LOL

  9. Yep, it doesn't matter which democrat will be debating because Trump won't be there. Trump is a traitor to America and will be impeached and removed from office. he will then be criminally charged for all the crimes he's committed and sent to prison for a very long time! The republican party can go with Pence or find another candidate to debate the democratic candidate!

  10. Hey wait a minute I thought trump had respect. You can’t get respect with out giving it. Trump is disgraceful.
    🇺🇸🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊VOTING ALL DEMOCRAT IN 2020🌊🌊🌊🌊🇺🇸AGAIN !!!!

  11. wow you learn something new everyday so bullying someone and calling them names is kinda charming huh…so i guess you must be teaching your children such good manners and how to treat people then

  12. Btw I request Mr president not to switch nicknames. Its always

    SLEEPY JOE. 😌😌😌😌😌😌

    CRAZY BERNIE. 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯






    You guys can suggest more and will forward to CRAP NEWS NETWORK.

  13. Ignorance is bliss. Oh yeah the emails Clinton had 4 years ago. 😴 glad we’re still talking about that. Good material. Joe Biden isn’t going to get the nomination. So yeah, pointless (“news”) opinions. He does have petite hands tho.

  14. Again haters of America First on display, all spin, purposely most of the media never talk about the positive of America First = Better fairer trade deals stopping the cheats overseas, More Made Products now again being Made In The USA , Better border security helping stop the crime at the border less bad drugs, illegal immigration better enforced, Christians not being thrown under the bus, Pro Life voices not shut down and less abortions being performed.
    Slanted Media will not shut down the voices of the American voters, America First the important things matter.

  15. I have to clear the air. Bonds used to have interest coupons which you would literally clip and redeem. Since only old rich people are aware of this, Joe started the sentence, realized quicksand ahead, turned off the road, braked instead of clutched, reversed, hit his head on the dash board….so the truth is actually quite a bit worse than confusion regarding the grocery store. It is the failure to remember that the corrupt super rich are different than the have-nots.

  16. Sanders could run a decent debate on a good day. He has wandered off the cliff lately, so his actual positions are going to be much harder to defend….Tulsi would be a great debater in general, but the dems hate her. The front runners who are currently being blessed might actually get killed by Hillary.
    Just ask JFK, Jr.

  17. Mocking Biden for his age but supporting Trump despite his insanity, incompetence, treason, sexual assaults, fraud, lies, narcissism, corruption, nepotism, childish name calling, misogyny, racism, infantile stupidity, obesity, …..have I already said insanity?, is the most absurdly hypocritical thing anybody could ever do.

  18. I'll give it to Trump, he is smart about avoiding Bernie. If it came down to a race between Trump and Bernie it would be entertaining to say the least.

  19. Dem's do not know it, but they are helping President Trump win a re-election in 2020. Red Wave is coming: When Trump wins a second term, the Dem's will go off the cliff loose what mind they have left. I can't wait to see this. TRUMP2020

  20. Lara Trump so beautiful & she is totally enjoying the Democ-Rat Clown show.. lol!The Democ-Rats on the podium at their delusional against Trump debate remind my of those open mouth clowns in a row at the amusement park that turn their heads from left to right as you put Ping-Pong balls in their mouths… I'm told the amusement park is in need of some new clowns & the Democ-Rats don't need to fill out any job applications for their new open mouth clown job  there after Prez Trump's 2020 re-election… good punch line 😉  Vote Trump 2020! & always put America 1st!    ( corrupted democ-Rats last)

  21. Scraping the bottom of the barrel with this bimbo guest with the injected lips. We don't want to hear from Eric's wife. Can't you do better than that for a guest?

  22. I mean, they guy said he was good freinds with Epstein, said he was a "great guy". I'd just be showing slideshows in the back of Trump cozying up to pedophiles, make sure everyone remembers. Funny how we don't hear much about Epstien anymore despite him having ties to both Trump and Clinton. Interesting how Fox news doesn't talk about anymore, and they've brought back commenting on some of the videos. Easiest way to beat Trump in 2020 is blow up his "of the people, for the people" mantra.

  23. Whoever he debates is going to be like watching lambs being led to the slaughter… It’s going to be absolutely freaking hilarious!

  24. This is so terrible he’s talking about Hillary Clinton didn’t that happen like five years agoOnly dumbass Republicans would fall for this rhetoric

  25. Daily to sit and see, how the inept 3 generation employees (the first two generations, have already run awaye and were already replaced during 2017-2018) in this rattling mad White House, where they one day is lying about, how they 2 days before, have been in front of running cameras and said, loud and clear, is just as seeing a good old Laurel and hardy or chaplin farce.
    And where are all of Trump's so-called best and most talented people, who according to Donald Trump, would have to queue up to work in the White House, they dont exist (just like Donald Trump's taxpayer information and his alleged billions, simply aren't true ) and that's why, this White House and Donald Trump's Presidential term, is a sinking ship.
    Anyone in and around the White house, who is yet not caught up in one of Donald Trump's wrongdoings, will in the coming days, jump off the sinking ship and run as fast as they can, from the White house and they will try, forget all about Donald Trump and that they ever had worked, in the White house with Donald Trump.

  26. All weekend and most days Republicans show up to say they didn't say what they said, Trump didn't do what he did, what you saw isn't what happened… Give me a break already. Do they even know that big thing with the lens is recording??? You guys know that when you speak into an active mic, we can hear you, right?

  27. Geez, what a moron Trump is and why the hell is his daughter in law being interviewed – she's a children's tv editor, isn't she? Absolutely zero qualifications to pronounce on the worlds or any political questions.

  28. I like Trump,but not if he gets yang or Tulsi those two ain't got no dirty on their names and would give him a run for his mouth.

  29. Only conservatives would find Trump’s mindless insults funny. It’s more like the delirious ramblings of someone under anaesthetics.

  30. Does not matter who the Democrats put up…there is nothing for them to run on. The economy is booming, unemployment at all time low, legal immigrants have good paying jobs, the wall is working….stock market up, businesses are able to give raises and hire because of lower tax rate.. Democrats position uhhh…"orange man bad?" The truth is President Trump did not need to do all this, he does not need the money in fact he donates his Presidential salary. His accomplishments under ridiculous scrutiny are fabulous. Thank God he is standing up to all the business as usual mentality in D.C.

  31. r u serious? trump will be exposed in the debates for the debacle of his performance. debate? he doesn't even know where his father was born. Hint for trump: it's not germany. when he holds these so called rallies all he does is gossip like a school girl about other candidates. 'oh did you hear about so and so hey folks im a stable genius i know more about anything than anybody believe me" the man is a disgrace and hannity and the five and all the other bootlickers should be ashamed of themselves. he just committed a serious error in abandoning the kurds and allowing isis fighters to escape. he mocked a real man in john mccain just because he didn't vote forthis shitty health care bill. mccain served durng vietnam trump? oh no he had a little scratch that itched a little. he won't hand over his tax returns <he reneged like in so many other things> yet maga people worship this fool. i just don't get it.

  32. Lets not kid ourselves. Donald Trump was horrid in each debate against Hillary Clinton. His answers on key issues such as the nuclear triad, NATO and foreign policy was a dumpster fire. He didn't win any of those debates. Go ahead and rewatch them if you think I am wrong. He spoke as vaguely as possible but tried to sound like he was saying something of substance. He's clearly shown how horribly ignorant he is.

  33. whata you know… horror trump….she has a NDA…. watters and Laura are terrible people…Jessie is David Duke and Laura is Daisy..

  34. Trump isn't being rude by calling those Democrats what they actually are! He's being honest and that's why they're so pissed off at him. He calls it like it is! God bless Our President! He will win again!!!!

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