100 Replies to “Lana Del Rey – Doin’ Time (Official Video)

  1. Listening to her sing "I'd like to hold her head under water" gave me chills it was the most excitement ive had in years….I listened to it 2 more times lol

  2. The art of copy paste MV stolen from The Rolling Stones – Love Is Strong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Te6VBiRjhqA and the song is a re-interpretation of course. But I still like this 🙂

  3. Uma mensagem de profunda reflexão e autoconhecimento. Lana, você é genial. Eu entendi o recado, e estou vivendo esse mesmo momento ! Haha

  4. Ok sorry to say it but this version of the song is terrible compared to the original. You know sublime. No one really seems to give credit. Just saying.

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AEoUa0Hlso

    Copied the music video and took cadences.

    I guess all you need to make it these days is a pretty face ? oh i forgot and worship the devil

  6. Is it just me or in the beginning of the video where she’s laying down, isn’t that we’re they filmed ‘Grease’ when Danny an the other guy “scorpions” were racing?

  7. Okay this is really important. THIS SONG IS NOT (I’ll say it one more time for the people in the back) NOT BY LANA DEL REY. it’s by a group from the 90s called Sublime. No where in the description of this video does it say that. I don’t know if it was malicious but it seems to me like this 30 something year old chick is trying to take credit for a song that been around since she was probably wearing diapers. Yes, the members of Sublime were in a gang hence “well qualified to represent the LBC” but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get credit for their own music. And honestly if you don’t believe me just google it. It’s not that hard.

  8. Lana Del Rey is best singer, stop comparing singers, pls! Exemple: Who is better? Like: Lana Del Rey Comment: Billie Eilish
    PLZ STOP, this is so boring… Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Lana Del Rey, Sia, Lady Gaga, Melanie Martinez, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Camilla Cabello, is a best singers, STOP COMPARING

  9. Jodi: "You think your life is hard? i'm a Highschool junior wearing size 13 nikes, mens 13 size nikes. Beat that."

    Lana: "I'm a 200/2 tall giant woman and when I go through a street, nobody notices me and everyone minds their own business. It's like I'm invisible."

  10. Imagine taking your wife and the kids to a mini golf dinner and out of the sunroof of your sudan minivan you see a fat pussy hovering over your car

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