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Kireeta Full Movie | Hindi Dubbed Movies 2020 Full Movie | Action Movies | Samartha

‘Hello!’ ‘This is Murli!’ ‘People change but
a king never changes.’ ‘A boy told me this.’ ‘This is his story.’ ‘A real incident that
took place in his life.’ ‘Life! He told me
how importance life is.’ ‘His name is Ashok!’ ‘Ashok has immense faith in himself.’ ‘He will narrate the story ahead..’ ‘..and even I will see
the story along with you all.’ – Ankita, go carefully.
– Okay. Fine. – Did you take your water bottle?
– Yes, mother, I took it. Look at her. Daily she goes
at this time and returns late evening. – Wonder who she goes to meet.
– Have faith in her. You are back, dear?
My daughter is very virtuous. Hey, look your sister is coming. She may be your sister. I love her. You know, I am trying to
entice her since I was in college. – Is that so? – But she never
showed any interest in me. My friend, just once.. Just once..if she looks
at me I will entice her. She is not even looking up. If we keep standing at the bus stop
she will keep pretending. Wait, wait.. The stop has come. Get down. All scoundrels are after her. Hey, go in a line.
Come on, go in a line! They are just not
bothered about the women. Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Excuse me! Ticket! – I have pass!
– Okay, show me. ‘She is so beautiful!’ What is this?
You look different in the photo.. ..and different personally.
What is this? – In which college you are studying?
– Ajaya. – Sixth block or fourth block?
– Fourth! – Fourth block?
– Yes. Correct it and mention it here. If people come to check
I will land in trouble. Have you understood? Bye. Hey, Ankita! You are short so don’t sit behind.
Come forward. Sir, I am comfortable here. I am talking for your benefit.
Come forward. ‘Daily I come across many
difficulties while travelling..’ ‘..from home to college and back.’ ‘People look at me with lustful eyes.’ ‘They talk all filth.’ ‘They backbite about you.’ ‘They never think that
the opposite person will feel bad.’ ‘There may be so many girls..’ ‘..who might be facing
such problems daily.’ ‘They become all the more fearless..’ ‘ there is no one
to say anything to them.’ ‘I want to complain
about them to father..’ ‘..but he has become old now.
How can I tell him?’ ‘If I tell mother she will
stop me from going to college.’ ‘I wish if I had an elder brother.’ ‘Then he would have taught
a good lesson to these hooligans.’ ‘After thinking so much I feel..’ ‘..that I should
have had a boyfriend.’ ‘Who would care for me..’ ‘Who would fight with
those goons for me.’ Hey, listen! The one who
is sitting there she is the one. Okay, so she is the one! That’s why I was thinking
as to why are you so crazy after her. Will you go and speak
or shall I go and speak? Hey! I have called you here
for my setting and not your setting. Okay, fine. Calm down. Hey, Ankita! Brother, you are calling out to her
and she is not even looking at you. She is going away because
she does not know anything about me. – Hey, stop!
– Hello! What you are doing is not right! – She belongs to me.
– Calm down, brother. Calm down. Why do you get so angry?
We are friends! – Calm down!
– Right! Wait! Where are you going? I will freshen up and come
then we will go out. ‘I wish if I had a boyfriend!’ ‘If I would have had one they
wouldn’t dare to speak like this.’ ‘And even if they would speak..’ ‘ boyfriend would not spare them.’ Hello, friends! ‘I welcome all
the people in this city!’ ‘He is such a brave man..’ ‘No one dares to confront him!’ ‘Even fear gets terrorized by him!’ ‘The wind too changes
direction in front of him!’ ‘The enemy trembles by his shadow.’ ‘He is the real hero of this story.’ Cameraman Parmeshwar, follow me. I have consumed an entire bottle
and took a round around the city. My eyes are drooping
and I am staggering as well. I will have to drink some more. The whole world seems upside down. People who used to drink
before used to speak the truth. If you wish to drink,
drink to your heart’s content. One bottle is not enough. Yes! Just see how my friends are
enjoying their drink here. Yes! Hey waiter, get me liquor! I work for Shinde Sir and
earn twenty-five thousand per month.. ..and I also spend
that money in a day. That is because my hobby
is everything for me. My parents passed away
fifteen years ago. That means they died. After that Shinde Sir is
my father and also my Godfather. I have a few friends
to share my joys and sorrows. I take their sorrow
and they take my joy. It’s been a month
that I have not shaved.. ..nor brushed my teeth,
didn’t drink coffee.. ..and didn’t even had proper food. Since the past one month
I am wearing the same clothes. That is because there is
no one who is concerned about me. If my mother would have
been alive she would be concerned. At times I think I should
have had a girlfriend.. ..because if she would have been
there she would have cared for me. Brother, who is that crazy boy? He is sitting all
alone talking to himself. Yes, old man!
I am mad but who are you? He is a child. Forget it. I am a child, so what? He is really half-mental. You baldy, not half-mental.. ..but I am totally mental. You baldy, do you have pickle? What is this?
There are so many things here to eat. Can’t you see?
You are asking for pickle here? I don’t have. Go away from here. You baldy, what is this?
Don’t give me if you don’t wish to. Why do you insult me like this? You look very innocent
but you are not. Uncle, what is this? I only
asked for pickle and not your life. Hey! Don’t make me angry
or else I will beat you. Go away from here! Leave! Wear this cap. Your baldness is seen. I fool all the villagers
and you will make me wear a cap? You old man, how old are you? Forty-eight years not out. And parents? They are still alive. Not out! You baldy, that’s great! You must be fifty and your parents
surely must be seventy-five. You are so fortunate
that they are still alive. Yes! Yes! Hey, old man! Are you married? I am married and I also have kids. I have one son and one daughter.
Do you wish to know anything else? – That means you two
and your two children. – Yes. Old man, do you have a bike? – Yes, I have a bike.
– Do you have a car? Yes, I have a car.
See here are the keys. See this! I parked it and came here. Do you have your own house? Hey, not one but I have five houses. I have given all on rent. Yes! Then you must own a
lot of land in the village. I own a lot of land.
Half the village belongs to me. So then the alliance is fixed! Hey, why are you taking
all the details from me? – What do you want?
– I wish to marry your daughter! What? Hey! You seem to be like
a child but you are very smart. Beat him! Hey you old man! Sit down
or else you will break your bones. Mother, father,
wife, children, bike and car.. – You have everything..
– Who are you? Why do you want all
information from me? Hello, all old machines,
please take your seat. – I will tell everyone why I beat him..
– All of you sit..sit I said.. Hey! First tell me
why did you beat me? Mother, father, wife,
children, bike and car, bungalow.. ..and such vast land in the village.
Oh my God! – Even then you are drinking.
– What? You baldy,
I don’t have parents, wife, children.. How tense I should be! I was quietly sitting there drinking.. ..but you called me
here and irritated me. You should have told
me that you don’t have pickle. Why are you giving me a lecture? This baldy is trying to act smart. He is trying to teach me.. The day today is very bad for me. Hail Lord Rum! Hail! Parmeshwar, follow me. Where are you going ahead? Follow me. Come behind me.
Behind me. Come on, go. Very good. ‘The story will begin from here.’ ‘An incident took place
with me six months back.’ ‘I don’t have time to
tell you everything in detail.’ ‘But I will recreate the
scene and tell you what happened.’ ‘In a short while a girl
will come running on this road..’ ‘..and she will be followed
by four to five goons.’ ‘And she will say, help, help..’ Help! Help! Someone, please help me! Please help me! She will come running
and will stand behind me. ‘There is fear on her face.’ ‘And she is panting due to
fear and she is also trembling.’ ‘She will now keep
her hand on my shoulder.’ ‘She has touched me!’ ‘Now whoever comes
I will not spare them!’ Please, help me! Please! Don’t worry, madam! I have understood everything
the scene and also the situation. Three goods have followed
you to misbehave with you. Only three of them are there.
I will kill them very easily. You don’t be tense at all. Okay? You come to a side now. Stupid, loafer, rascals. Three idiots! Oh, God, they are ten of them.
See how I teach them a lesson now. Run, madam! Come on, run madam!
What are you thinking about? They will beat us! Come on, run! They will beat me mercilessly! Run, madam!
Run! What are you thinking about? Hey, run! Madam, why are you out
of your house so late at night? Is this the time? It was my friend’s birthday
today and I was not going to go.. ..but my friends forced
me and took me with them. When I left the party
it was very late.. ..and while coming from there
I could not get any auto as well. By the way these people
keep harassing me everyday.. ..when I am returning from college. – They follow me every day and scare me.
– Madam, stop crying. Tears don’t suit in the
eyes of a beautiful girl like you. There should be a smile on
such an innocent face and not tears. You just tell me who
has misbehaved with you. That one in the blue shirt,
he troubles me a lot. He keeps frightening me saying,
I will do this and I will do that. Please, sir! Help me, sir. – Please help me, sir.
– Okay, madam! I will beat all those who are here. But there is only one condition. Never mind if I beat them. But in case they beat me,
you will not turn around and see. This is my only request to you.
Understood? If you see then.. I will feel humiliated. – Have you understood what I said?
-Yes. Good girl! Come, go and sit on that bench.. ..and see how I teach them a lesson. – Okay?
– Yes. All of you very well know how
I am and why I have intervened. If anyone does not know
ask me who I am. I will narrate a good dialogue. Quickly ask me, who I am. Hey, who are you? God! He is God! Which God are you? The one who takes care of everyone. Messiah of the poor people!
The one who eradicates corruption. I am the king of the jungle!
I am the king! A great saint had said that the one
who is honest and truthful he is God! And I am that God! Understood! Tridev Singh! Even I never knew
that I would hit so hard. If I keep beating like
this I will become Rajnikant. You.. – Hey, where are you going?
– Sir, sir.. You misbehave with a helpless girl?
Are you trying to be a hero? I will not do it, sir. Sir! Sir, I am your friend, sir! Am I mad to befriend someone like you? On Facebook, sir! You scoundrel, today itself I will
go home and un friend you. You.. Today morning only I liked your photo. People like you defame
the social media. Stupid! – Come on, say sorry to her.
– Sister! You trouble a helpless girl? – Sister!
– Apolozise to her! – Come on, apolozise to her.
– Sister! Forgive me, sister! After getting beaten
you remembered your sister? You trouble a helpless girl? And after getting beaten
you remember your sister? I don’t know how to thank you. Madam, you have done a great
favor on me by giving me water. Madam that.. I am feeling dizzy fighting
after getting intoxicated. Do you know how to ride a bike? Madam, drop me to
my house on the bike. Madam, please come. Later you can take it home.
I will collect it in the morning. Sir! I am a girl, sir. When did I deny that? That’s why those people
were after you, madam. No! I mean I cannot ride a bike. Madam, what is this?
Nowadays girls can drive.. ..truck, bus,
fly a plane and do everything. Girls in the village ride
the tractor and do farming and you.. Madam, you ride a bike. I will teach you if you don’t know.
I will teach you how to ride a bike. And madam,
don’t tell anything at home.. – ..about what took place here.
– Okay. Family members
unnecessarily get worried. Go home safely. Auto! Great! You called for
an auto and it is right here! It is Shankar’s circle, madam. Thank you. Bye! Thank you so much! The hero was introduced! The
goons came got beaten and ran away. The girl came she also got impressed. The same happened
that I was telling you. And this is that same story
which I was narrating to you. Understood? – Meet him! His name is Shankar.
– Yes. Shankar Bhiwande. And meet him. He is Mr. Sunil. People lovingly call him Anna. He is a baby elephant. So, Bhairava, how are you brother? – Where is Shashi?
– Hey, Ashok! Enough of your over acting.
Stop it now. Sir, tell me, what’s the work? – Where is Shashi?
– How do I know? I had gone to meet him.
Sir, he is not well. He has fever. He is sleeping. Is that so? Since the past four
months that Rangnath.. neither giving the interest
nor the capital amount. I am trying to call him
but he is not answering the call. Go and find out what the matter is. Stop! Two God’s are facing each other. Hand me the garland! My Lord, may no one
cast an evil eye on you. – Shall we dance?
– Yes. Play it. Throw all the things out of the house. – Is that clear?
– Come on, do it! Hey stop, stop.. I know these people. I will handle this personally.
Relax! Relax! Keep it back in place. Understood? Madam, this rose is very beautiful. I thought I would steal
it but now that you have seen.. can I steal it, madam? – Is your father at home?
– Yes, he is. Son, who are you? Uncle, I have still
not become your son. What I mean is, who are you? I am Shinde’s man! Listen! Son, one minute. I will speak to Shinde Sir right now. Uncle, don’t worry.
I will speak to him. You please sit. Uncle, sit down now. – Ankita!
– Yes! – Please make some coffee, my child.
– Okay. I was going to speak
to Shinde Sir myself. You were going to speak
but you did not do that. When you are in problems
you think of us.. ..and when your problem is
solved you keep us standing outside. We have to be after you for
the interest and the capital amount. We cannot help other people
because of people like you. Uncle, this is the reason.. ..that our business is not doing well.
Understood? Uncle, is this right? Son, next month I will
repay every single penny. Uncle, just see even I am mad. You took money from us
because you were in problems. If I tell you,
uncle, return the money.. Where will you return it from, uncle?
Am I right? We will do one thing now.
I will pay your three months interest. You return it to me later. But uncle, from next month
see that you pay the interest on time. – You will pay, isn’t it?
– Son, how is it possible? Uncle, everything is possible.
I know your daughter. – What?
– What? And as it is we are
like a family now, uncle. We should share our
joys and sorrows, right? That is exactly what I am doing. What happened? So you had come here
to threaten my father. Madam, I let him go
because he is your father. Are you a goon? Not so popular but an ordinary one. And by the way the coffee
was very tasteless. Was it sugarless? Looks like you gave
me your father’s coffee. Next time when I come
the coffee should be sweet. Like you. It is a beautiful rose. There is only one right now.. – ..but when some more will bloom
then give me one. – Okay. Goodbye! Look, boys! I know this family. Henceforth don’t ever come
here for recovery. Is that clear? I will not spare you if you come here. You are talking like
this is your in-law’s house. Do as much as told to you. Don’t try to be smart.
Come, let’s leave from here now! Sir, the seniors
in college trouble me. Sir, they even tease my girlfriend. Tell me, are you a small child? Sir, really, they trouble me a lot.
Just come once and see. Okay, you go, I will see to them. – Okay. Thank you, Sir.
– Okay, go. Neither Shinde Sir nor anyone
else will be spared alive now. If our seniors still continue
doing hooliganism.. ..what shall we do then?
Dwindle our thumbs! Hey, Ashok! That Mutthu is acting very smart.
Go and deal with him. I am telling you for your own good.
Try and understand. Henceforth don’t even utter his name!
Is that clear? Mutthu! Henceforth only Mutthu! Has he become such a well known
Don that he is threatening me? Shinde Sir! Shinde Sir!
Shinde Sir! To hell with him! Before Shinde Bhau we
will have to kill Ashok first! He catches my collar in my
area and beats me in front of all. And I.. I Mutthu, I keep tolerating everyone. Think of the devil
and the devil is here. He has a long life! I will teach him a lesson today!
Let him come here. Let him come. Looking at him I feel that
he has already planned to beat me. Come here, I will not spare you today. This does not seem comfortable. It’s perfect now. Tell me, Ashok!
How did you come here today? I was passing from here and
saw that you were talking about me.. I thought of giving you
a piece of my mind. So I parked my bike
there and came to speak to you. Ashok, what is this?
Why will anyone speak about you? Here have a peg. Take this. Sir, it’s good to drink sometimes.
It is wrong if you drink every day. But if I drink like you in the
day time I will be ruined. Understood? Hey, listen! Come on, listen!
Listen, what Ashok is saying. Ashok Sir, I am your big fan. If not a peg then at least
have a cigarette, Ashok Sir. I don’t want. I have my own brand. Sir, never mind.
You smoke your cigarette. I will light your cigarette.
Here you go. Learn something from him at least. Sir, do rest at times. Rest? If I rest I will
become useless like you. Sir, what is this?
Do I look useless to you? What are you saying?
You don’t know about your own self? I know but you don’t know.
You will come to know now.. Hey! I heard that you are telling everyone
that you will kill Shinde Sir. After winding his old business
Shinde Sir is doing business now. Why are you interfering
in his business now? If you even think of killing
a noble man like Shinde Sir.. Remember, I will hang huge posters
of your death all over the city! Remember this! Hello, boss!
I remembered something very urgent. So we will meet in ten minutes. You saw me? I was quietly following you. Sorry! I was not going four,
five miles away. I am going nearby.
My friend stays here. Okay. I can accompany you till there,
isn’t it? Okay. Ashok Ramdas Desai. – So your name is Ashok.
– Yes. My name is Ankita Antha! Is Antha your surname? No, no! Ankita!
I mean, Antha is my pet name. – Oh, is it so?
– Yes. – Antha!
– Antha! Antha! Wow! Great! That’s a nice name. Yes. Antha. – No bike today?
– That.. Madam, my bike got
punctured today morning. Oh! Okay! Looks like he got the
punctured repaired just now. Tell me something more. You only say something. – You had breakfast?
– Yes, I had. I had only prepared breakfast today. – Did you have breakfast?
– Yes, even I had breakfast. There is an aunt.
She prepares delicious food. – And tell me..
– And.. You only tell me. ‘Say something, say something..’ ‘What should I say now?’ ‘I had heard that girls talk a lot..’ ‘..but this girl
is telling me to speak.’ ‘What shall I speak to her about? ‘ God is great! And tell me more.. Brother, what is it?
Why is Ashok so sad? I don’t know why he is so sad.
Come, let’s play. Come on! Show! I have lost again! Hey you, don’t cry.
Borrow money from me and play. Hey! You keep your money for yourself.
Let me sleep! Hey, Ashok! Come, let’s play a game. You fatso! I know everything. But I have never gambled
or betted in life. – Hey, Hari!
– Yes! Let’s play one game at least. No, I am a little busy right now. I am ready to give them money.. ..even then they don’t want to play. – Hey, Ashok!
– Did you have your dinner? Or are you missing your sweetheart? Okay, tell me. Since the
past few days you look love sick. There you are! Brother, since morning I am troubled. Does a bell ring in your
heart when you are in love? There is a thudding in your heart. Do you know like the beating of
the drums? Haven’t you heard it? – A bell ringing!
– Oh, no! It is not your fault.
Your age is such. Do you know a small child says,
mother, mother.. When he goes to school
he says teacher.. ..and when he grows
up he asks for liquor. And when people like you fall
in love your heart starts thudding. And when you fall madly in love.. have no control over your heart.
Understood? – Hey, stop talking nonsense!
– Shut up! I should not have discussed such
a serious matter with people like you. All of you are idiots. What should I do then? Should I
do a course of a heart specialist now? Why don’t you go and sleep quietly? ‘You saw me?’ ‘I was quietly following you.’ ‘Now that you have seen me
let’s walk a few kilometers together.’ ‘Ashok Ramdas Desai!’ Hello! There comes your love! Looks like she is searching for you. She even went near the bike. She is looking at the shop. Why are you standing
near the bike alone? Do you want to go somewhere? – If you say shall I drop you somewhere.
– Can I get your number? Run! Run! Hey! Mother, bye! – Ankita!
– Yes! Mu dear, you forgot your water bottle. – Love you, mother!
– Go carefully. – Bye!
– Bye! Oh, no! I am after
her since the past week.. ..but she does not even look at me. – Hey, let’s run from here or else
we will get beaten. – Come on, run. We have not seen
any girl since morning. See there! Don’t look!
Let’s run from here! Come on, go. Manjula, show me your ticket. Sorry, madam! Hey, listen!
Where are you getting down? – Next stop! – The next stop
is about to come. Get up. – I said I will get up at the next stop.
– Come on, get up. The stop will come. – Why are you telling me to get up?
– Come on, get up. – I said to get up? Come on, get down!
– Hey! Are you mad? – Have I not paid the money?
– Madam, please sit. Madam, please have a seat! Come on, ticket, ticket, ticket.
Show me your ticket. Oh, God! I am saved! – Ankita!
– Yes! Quickly remove the clothes.
It will rain any moment, my child. Mother, the stars are visible.
It won’t rain. Yes, okay! ‘I am very happy today and
that too only because of you.’ ‘Now, Ankita! Ashok.’ I will definitely win today. Who is sending me
messages so late at night? – Hello!
– How are you? I am fine. What are you doing? I am not doing anything. You had dinner? Not yet. – Why did you have dinner?
– My wish! What do you mean, my wish? I eat if I want to or else
sleep without having dinner. What problem do you have
in having dinner on time? Look, I will not have dinner.
Do what you want. Listen! Don’t get angry like this. Hey! This is my second peg only.
It is only the second one. Who is it who is sending
me messages and irritating me? – Message?
– Darling, what is this? We have left all that. Look, this is the last warning.
Tell me who is it otherwise.. – Hey!
– Ashok, what are you doing? I will call right now
so I will come to know. Darling, he is my friend.
I just got a little disturbed. Yes. Hey, who are you? Hello! This is Ankita. Hi, madam! The thing is as your
number was not saved.. ..I made this mistake
but you can always ask me.. ..did you have dinner
or did you have breakfast.. Madam, this is your right. Then tell me,
why didn’t you have dinner still? Madam, the thing is all my
friends are going on a pilgrimage.. I got late in helping
them in their packing, madam. Will you come to the ‘Panch
Mukhi Ganesh’ temple tomorrow morning? Now that you have called
me I will have to come, madam. Madam, anything else? – And..
– Tell me, madam. Have you dinner and go to sleep. Okay, fine, madam. – Good night!
– Good night, madam. Sweet dreams. What happened? Did you find the
one who was sending you the messages? – Forget all that and make
a peg for me. – What? ‘Ashok and Ankita started
liking each other.’ ‘Both wanted to see each other happy.’ ‘More than Ankita Ashok
was in need of her love..’ ‘..because Ankita had
grown up with her parents.’ ‘And Ashok..for him
Ankita was his life.’ ‘One day Ashok was
waiting for Ankita..’ ‘..outside the temple in the morning.’ Did you have to wait for a long time? No, I just came here. Oh! I thought you came
here early in the morning. – Okay, thanks.
– Madam, thanks for what? Because you came
here at my request, so.. Madam, how can I refuse you? The devotee will have to come
when the Goddess orders him to come. So madam, what else? – I have written a poem.
– Will you hear? Yes. Why not?
Madam, I will definitely like to hear. Okay. – “The one I think about often
comes in my dreams.” – Wow! “Nowadays I see him
right in front of me.” – “He has brought happiness
into my life.” – Wonderful! “My only wish is that he stays
near me every moment of my life.” Madam, wonderful! Wonderful! Great! What a nice
poem you have written. Hello, boss! Now I know why madam called me here. And I also know what is in her heart. The thing is she is not
coming directly to the point. She is giving me a
clue by reciting the poem. The thing is she is a girl.. ..and that too beautiful
so she has the right to do that. She cannot express the
love that is in her heart. But seeing her smile
and that what is in her heart. I wish to hear that
by looking into her eyes. I never thought you would
express your love in this way. I like you very much. You are my life. I cannot stay without you now. I am only talking won’t
you also say something? Same to same. Madam,
I too have the same feelings like you. I want to live with you only. Can’t you say what you feel? Mother used to always say.. You are my life. I love you very much. After ten years I am experiencing
the same love and affection. I cannot express my joy
after acquiring your love. “These days I only think of you!’ “I love reside in my heart.” “I only hope that this
is not just my imagination.” “I see you everywhere around me.” Hey, can’t you see? – Hey!
– Oh, brother-in-law! You? Sister, how are you? You did not come
home for Raksha Bandhan? Leave! – Leave!
– Okay, okay.. – I say, leave!
– I am going! – Didn’t I tell you to leave?
– Okay, okay, I am going. I will come next Raksha Bandhan. ‘Ankita and Ashok were madly in love.’ ‘Ashok started thinking
about his future with Ankita.’ ‘One day Ankita called.’ ‘She told him she is going
to her native place with her parents.’ ‘One week passed by but Ankita
did not return from her native place.’ ‘After a few days
Ankita sent a message..’ ‘..that meet me tomorrow afternoon.’ How are you? I made you wait for long, right? If not you who will I wait for? Who do I have besides you? I would have waited for you all
my life even if you would not come.. – ..because you are my life.
– Sorry. Don’t be sorry! You are looking very
beautiful in this dress. My parents have selected a boy for me. Oh! So that’s it! I hope you did not say yes by mistake? – No!
– Yes, I was sure that would say no.. ..because our love is very strong. No! The condition was such
that I could not refuse. What are you saying? I don’t know how to explain to you. Hey! Don’t joke with me. I told my parents about our love. You have no parents. You don’t even have any relatives. You don’t have a proper job.
You are not a nice boy. Your friend circle too is not good. And our caste too is different. And not only this.
They said that if I go against them.. ..they will end their life. That means you have
decided to leave me. I don’t have any other option. What should I do?
I don’t understand anything. Look, don’t cry.
I cannot see tears in your eyes. I want to see you smiling. What problem do your parents have? Only this that I don’t have parents? Then I will consider
your parents as mine. I will leave my friends
if they don’t like them. What shall I do with such friends? If they don’t like my work I
will leave everything that I am doing. There is nothing
important for me than you. If I don’t belong to your
caste I will accept your caste. I will do whatever they
say but I cannot live without you. I don’t know what to do! Mother and father said
that If I don’t listen to them.. ..they will commit suicide. Tell me, what can I do? The boy that they have selected
is doing a government job. He is from a cultured family.
He has no vices. He earns well and
I will be happy with him. They are forcing me
to get married to him. Are those people not happy
in their life who do odd jobs? If your love is true you
can face in difficulties in life. Those who are not
doing government jobs.. ..are they not happy in their life? My hard work and your love,
if both are together.. ..we can face any kind
of difficulties in life. Nobody at home wishes to listen to me. That means your love
was fake all these days. My love is true and not fake.
I love you very much. But not more than mother and father. I cannot go against them. That means you don’t care for my life. Go if you wish to.
I will not stop you. But I cannot live with you.
I can never be happy. I am already engaged. Stop crying. Wipe your tears. Please forgive me. So you have decided
to go away from me, right? How much I try but
you will not wait for me.. ..because your parents don’t like me. Go then! Don’t worry about me. I can also live without you. Go. I said, go! If this is your love then never
fall in love with anyone is life. Don’t ever play with
anyone’s feelings. And listen to one more thing.
Don’t ever come back in my life! And don’t even turn around and see. Never mind if you are
refusing my love today. But the day you will understand
the value of my love.. will repent a lot. I was trying to mend
my ways only for you. I made a mistake! I will not love you anymore now.. ..nor will I shed
tears in your memories. Don’t even think that
I will ruin my life for you. Henceforth I will never
even utter your name! I will forget you! Get lost! Cheers! From so long he is
telling everyone to drink. Wonder what has made him so
happy that he is offering us drinks. Brother, Ankita has left me, brother. We were drinking in joy but
now we will have to drink in sorrow. You fatso, how will I love now?
I just don’t know, brother. Sir, girls are like that.
You must never believe them. Why did you slap me? – Is your girlfriend also like this?
– Why, Sir? Is your girlfriend not a girl? Hey! Listen to him. Brothers,
our mothers and sisters are good.. ..and outside girls are not good.
You must never say that. Brother, how do we know
what problems girls have.. ..and how do they face it. – Girls are not always wrong.
– Brother, you are right. Sir, I will never say this again. Brother, Ankita should
not have deserted me. She should not have left me, brother. You say she deceived you. But when I say something you slap me. There is lot of confusion.
Sir, I am going. – Hey, wait! Come here.
– Hey, where are you going away from me? First Ankita went away.. ..and now you will also
go leave me and go away? No, my friend’s
girlfriend deserted him. Ashok! Hey, Ashok! Your phone is ringing. Hello! Ankita! I know it is you. Speak to me, Ankita. She is not even talking to me. ‘Ankita, now that I have come
till here I will meet your parents.’ ‘No! I cannot trouble
my mother in any way.’ – ‘Bye!
– Okay!’ ‘Bye!’ Hello! Ankita! Speak to me, Ankita. – Hey, Ashok, come on get up.
– Sir, what is this? What is all this? Look, I cannot see
you in this condition. Sir, you won’t understand. Look, son. Love makes a person weak. A person should stay away from it. And you will get many beautiful girls. Shinde Sir, this was true love. True love?
So will you ruin your life for her? Sir, there is nothing
left to get ruined now. Ashok, if things go on like this.. ..then that day is not
far when you will be no more. I wish if this would have happened. I will tell you how
you should live your life. Look at me! How does this Shinde live? My son, love is not
everything in life. Experience teaches you how to live. And the one who has an
experience of living his life.. ..only he is successful in life.
Understand this. Ashok, I am disturbed
seeing your condition. Listen! You are a brave
man who lives with pride. Come on get up, my brave boy! Sir, I only have this much money. Next time don’t show me your face.
Get lost! Brother, will you fight with me? Hey, Ashok! I know you are twenty-four
hours in action mood. But I don’t have time.
Listen to me carefully. Come on, speak.
Tell me what you wish to. You will also not say anything today! Every time you come into
my area beat me and go away. You humiliate me and go away. Hey, I salute your bravery. If I wish I can kill you right now. But it is of no use. People will say that Mutthu
killed Ashok in his own area. This is not my style. I will come to your area and kill you. Public should say that
Mutthu beat Ashok mercilessly. This is..this is my style! When I pass by people should say,
Mutthu has arrived close the doors. There should be curfew in the area. The police here should get.. ..transferred in another
area because of my terror. Only my news should telecast
on all television news channels. My cut out should
be as big as Rajnikant’s. In the news channels on one
hand they will show your dead body.. ..and on the other side they
will show my photo! Understood? This is Mutthu!
Don of the area, Mutthu! Looks like you were sleeping
till now and you have just awakened. Come here I will awaken you.
Come. Come here! I will shatter your ego! My courage is my ego! – I will shatter your ego is no time.
– Come. Come here. Hey, Ashok! I have promised my party. I have to kill someone
and take the payment. That is a professional matter
but this is a personal matter. I will first finish that
matter and then come and finish you. We will meet again.
Till then enjoy your life. Goodbye! Come on start the car! – ‘What do you like to eat?
– Madam, I am pure non-veg.’ – ‘And you?
– I am pure veg.’ ‘Madam, a person should
not think too much about..’ ‘..what to eat and what not to eat.’ ‘How much do you love me?’ ‘As much as I used to love my mother.’ Hey, what is wrong with him? Have you been jilted in love? Yes. You loved her a lot? Yes, too much. Who had proposed first? She had. And who deserted? She only. Is she married? Yes, she is married. How was the girl? She was a nice girl. Where are there decent girls now? But she was a decent girl. – Who is bad then?
– Me. She fell in love with you.
She also proposed to you. She deserted you breaking her
promise of being with you for life.. ..and you still say that,
that she was a nice girl. Just see your condition in her love. Did she love you as
much as you loved her? Yes. The one who deserted
you is enjoying there.. ..and here you are
shedding tears for her. Neither did she understand love
nor did she respect your feelings. You had kept that girl happy,
isn’t it? You truly loved her, right? That girl deserted
you that is her misfortune. She can never get
a better boy than you. And you are fairly good looking. Any girl will fall in love with you. Thanks, madam! What? You were crying just now.
Suddenly you changed? When you explained
to me I realized, madam. Is that so? Madam, what you are saying
is hundred percent right. I loved her but she
never understood my love.. – it is her mistake, right?
– That’s great! My friends too sympathize
with me and talk about her.. ..and compel me to think
about her again and again. What you said is absolutely right and
I will go and tell them this, madam. Madam! You made me
change my thinking, madam. I am very happy to meet you. Thank you!
Thank you, madam. Thank you very much. I am Ashok Ramdas Desai. My name is Anita. – Always keep smiling like this.
– Fix, madam. Fix! – Okay, I will go now.
– Yes. – Madam! Let’s meet again
when you have time. – Yes! – Yes, we will surely meet. Bye!
– Sure, madam. Please! Try and arrange. I will wait for your call. Hello! Looks like madam needs a handkerchief. Take this and wipe your tears. Madam, tell me,
have you also been deceived in love? No! I have not paid the house
rent since the past three months.. ..and the owner fought with
me and threw me out of the house. No relative is ready to keep me. I want to share a
room with my friend.. ..but there too they
are demanding five thousand. And I don’t even have money. Those who don’t have parents.. ..they have to face
many difficulties in life. I feel like committing suicide. Come, let’s go out somewhere. Come and sit now. – Hello, sir.
– How are you, Kiddo? – Get one Masala Dosa and one coffee.
– Okay. I don’t want anything. Why are you lying?
It is very clearly seen on your face.. – ..that you are very hungry.
– This is your Dosa. Madam, please have it. You will get energy only if you eat. And madam,
you also need energy to cry. Cry when you feel like. But madam, have your food first. Madam, what is this?
That day you gave me courage.. ..and today you are crying yourself? That day you were crying
though you are boy.. ..and being a girl why can’t I cry? – Stop here only! Stop, stop!
– Yes, okay, okay. – Keep this money.
– No. I don’t want. I know you are in need of money.
Keep the money. – Understood?
– Yes. So, keep this money. I have a friend. He owns a saree shop. He will give you eight
thousand per month. Will you work there? Do you only do finance work or
do you do something else as part time? Whether it is part-time or full-time,
I don’t know that madam. Madam, I have to go whenever
Shinde Sir calls me. ‘Life gave Ashok one
more chance to live.’ ‘Once again that joy
came back in Ashok’s life..’ ‘..which had gone away from him.’ ‘Anita too was very
happy in Ashok’s company.’ ‘Both of them started spending
most of their time with each other.’ ‘They both use to share
their feelings with each other.’ ‘And in this way both came very near.’ ‘Then gradually Ashok
started forgetting Ankita.’ ‘..and even her memories.’ – Hello! Hello!
– Tell me. I am listening. This mobile is not working properly.
I cannot hear your voice. – Okay, I will go now.
– Show me your phone. – You said your phone was
not working properly.. – Yes. I purchased a new phone for you. Thank you! Beautiful! Try this one also. There is so much pollution
in the city that.. is difficult to ride the bike. Yes, why don’t you do one thing then?
Buy a car. Wow! Madam, what a great idea!
Why didn’t I think of it? We will enjoy travelling in an AC car. You are absolutely right. – Never mind on loan, but I will
surely buy a car now. – Yes. Okay. Okay. ‘Acquiring Anita’s love Ashok
forgot all his sorrow and pain.’ ‘Anita loved him
more than he loved her.’ ‘Anita’s joy was
in Ashok’s happiness.’ Madam, what is this?
From so long you are banging the door. Why didn’t you ring the bell? You didn’t hear?
I got tired ringing the bell. Were you still sleeping? Go and have a bath! Go! You look like a hero now. What’s the matter?
Is there something special today? Why I brought? What was the need?
Don’t ask me all this. You liked it, right? It’s okay. As you say. Today is friendship day.
This is a gift for you. – Oh, it is friendship day today?
– Yes. – Happy friendship day!
– Happy friendship day! How many years are you staying here? Since the past four years
life was going on like this. We can take a decent
flat and stay there, isn’t it? Great! What you said is right. Yes. – Very soon I will purchase a flat. Okay?
– Yes. – In the opposite building.
– Okay. Hello, Ashok! There is a problem. Yes, what happened? Meet me in the morning
I will tell you everything. I cannot meet you.
I have some important work. Didn’t I say that
you will have to come? I told you I cannot meet you. You have to come means
you will have to come. ‘The one who is in
need moves ahead first.’ ‘And the same has happened
with Anita today.’ ‘Ashok’s love changed
Anita’s life completely.’ – Did you have to wait for long?
– No, I just came. The thing is your anger says that
you have been waiting here from long. I thought you would come
on your bike but you came by auto. I have given my bike for servicing. Last night you had called
saying there was some problem. – What’s the problem?
– I am telling you, have patience. – Just a second.
– Okay. I very well know
why she called me here. I very well know what
she is going to tell me. But that should not
happen what I am thinking.. ..because if it happens
it will trouble e a lot.. ..because the same had
happened with me earlier also. It should not happen. It should not happen! I had no kin in this world. Since you met me
you have become my life. ‘I cannot stay without you at all.’ You have become my life. – ‘I cannot stay without you now.’
– I cannot live without you anymore now. Do you understand? – I do understand.
– Why are you quiet then? I was thinking that if we confront.. ..any kind of difficulty
in life will you support me? Yes, I will. Will you break my heart and go away? Your beard hurts. Shinde Sir, what happened?
Why did you call me so suddenly? Yes! There was some work. Whatever work was there you
could have told me on the phone.. ..I would have finished
it on my way here. No! You cannot do that task.
I will do that myself. Shinde Sir, what kind of work is that? So you really don’t know? Why are you beating me?
At least tell me my mistake. You had picked up three lakhs
from a client, right? Did you give me that money? You went and enjoyed your life with
that shameless girl with my money. Shinde Sir, she is my love!
Don’t say anything about her. The one who is at my
mercy is threatening me today! Sir! Sir! Sir! I got a very good gift. You were fifteen years old
when your parents passed away. For years I kept you with me. I showered love on you and in return
you gave me a very good gift. When you were getting ruined in love.. ..I scolded you I explained
to you and showed you the right path. But that was my mistake. And just for three lakhs
you deceived me? You raised your hand on me. I considered you my
kin so I am not killing you. You have shattered my faith.
I will always remember that! I cannot work with
you if you don’t trust me. Brother, I have no balance
in the mobile. Call back. Uncle, give me a cigarette. I will pay you later. The thing is I forgot
to bring my purse.. Never mind. I will pay. Where are we going? To a hotel. As I was busy
in my work I did not have lunch. How many times I told
you to have your meals on time. I’ll wash my hands and come. Sir, hundred rupees! – Anita!
– Yes! – What happened?
– You forgot something. I have not forgotten anything. I feel bad saying this
but I was in need of some money. If you have then.. ‘Anita is missing
since the past one week.’ ‘Where did she go,
how is she..what happened to her..’ ‘Nothing was known about her.’ She vacated the room and went away. By the way how many
days back did she leave? ‘The reason for her
disappearance was not known.’ – Did she tell you where she was going?
– She never told me anything. ‘Ashok was frantically
searching for her.’ Sir! Shinde Sir had done this, Sir! Hey! Shinde Sir had complained
and sent me behind bars, right? I will not spare him! I will not spare that Aashok as well! I will kill both of them
and take charge of the area. Both of them are destined
to die at my hands. Only at my hands. Hey, stop! Come on drive faster.
Where will he run away! He ran away, let him go. Ashok’s bike is here. We will kill Ashok first. Let’s begin our day with his death. Dash the car on that bike! Come on! Take the car back, come on. Come! Come, catch me. Yes, come on. Come! Come, Ashok.
Come on. Come on, catch us. Catch us. Come on. Come on. Come and face me! Why do you attack me slyly! I will bash you the way
you ruined my bike. Mutthu! I am charged completely now! Come! Hey! Throw all the weapons
that you have in your hand.. ..or else I will finish
you with that same weapon. Hey, beat him! Hey! Hey, beat him!
What are you all doing? Beat him! Hey, Ashok, I will not spare you! Ashok, I will not spare you. Ashok! Come, come.. I will drag you beating
you all the way in your area.. ..and in front of your people. Come on, get up! Ask these people who from
amongst them is going to help you. Tell me! See there your video is getting
recorded on the mobile. See there! Get up! See he is telling your
story to his friends. See there. If you ever try to meddle
in Shinde Sir’s business, then.. Anita! Anita! Anita! I remembered a job that I have to do. – I will finish that and come.
– Okay. – You go home.
– Okay. – Bye!
– Bye! Hey, Anita! Today afternoon I was calling out,
Anita, Anita, on the road. – Didn’t you hear?
– I did not hear. You changed the phone number.
You even vacated the room. You even left your job. You know I have been searching for you
everywhere since the past one week. By the way you are looking
very beautiful in this sari. Okay, who was the one who dropped you? – Was he a friend?
– No! – Was he your cousin?
– No! If he is not your friend,
he is not your cousin.. – ..who is he then?
– I am going to marry him! Why are you joking with me? – I am not joking.
– What are you saying? I am telling you the truth. Hugging me you had promised
me that you would be with me for life. – Was all that fake?
– It is true that I loved you. I had promised to be with
you all my life that is also true. I thought staying with
you would give me a decent life. But your condition became so worse
that you are only begging for money. If I stay with you my
life too will become hell. What was lacking in me? In what way did I trouble you
that you decided to leave me? What you did and what
you did not do for me.. don’t need to tell me that. I very well know what the truth is. What truth did you come to know.. ..that you deserted me
without even informing me? I know you very well. Right now you don’t have any job. You don’t even have money
and no background either. You need to borrow money
from me even for your cigarettes. You need to borrow money
from me for your food, petrol.. ..and everything else. If I come with you my
life will also become hell. Because of you love I had given
up doing all illegal activities. I wanted to settle in
life with my hard earned money. I will not trust you now. Anita, trust me.
I will work hard and earn money. Even I don’t have a
habit of living like this. Look, even I have some dreams,
even I have my desires. I have dreamt of living with you.. ..and for that I can do anything.
I can do any kind of a job. – Believe me!
– Tell me, what work can you do? Will you go and work in some factory? Or in some MNC or some Software? You are not destined for such work. Will you become a coolie then? You won’t be able to do even that! Or you will go and beat someone. And I don’t want such a husband. You only tell me.
What kind of a job can you do? You tell me what work I should do. What kind of work should I do by
which your desires will be fulfilled. Don’t people do odd
jobs to be happy in life? Yes, they do but
only to make ends meet. I have faced many difficulties
in life to reach till here. And I have every right
to think about my life. You are blinded by
the greed for wealth. How can you change so much? Ask yourself that. When a girl leaves
everything and comes to you.. should be capable
enough to take care of her. You are talking about my capability?
About my courage? When I promise someone
I also fulfill it. That is my capability! I do what I say. That is my courage! Without thinking I trusted your love.
This is my truth. But my biggest mistake
was that I loved you. – Does that boy love you
more than me? – Yes. You have decided to marry him? Didn’t I say, yes? Okay so you have decided
to go away from me, isn’t it? How much ever I explain to you.. will never understand
what I want to say, right? So then go away! Go away from here! Anita! Please, Anita! Don’t leave me and go away, Anita.
I beg of you! If you go away I will die without you. I will bring all the
joys of this world for you. Anita, listen to me.
Trust me. I beg of you. Please don’t leave me and go away. All are looking at us. Don’t over act. Anita, forget about these people. They see when someone is born.
They see when someone dies. They see when there is joy.
They see when there is sorrow. But there is no one else
to take care of me besides you. Why are you creating
drama in front of the public? Don’t humiliate me
on the road like this. Never mind if you don’t
have any respect but I do have. Sorry, madam, sorry! Your respect
is precious for you, isn’t it? So you can go! Madam, you can go. Go! Go! Get lost from here! Don’t look back! I will never think of you! Neither will I ever think of you! I will even forget that
you had ever come into my life. I will erase all your memories! Before going listen to one more thing. How many times should
I tell you not to follow me? Don’t you understand what I say? I don’t understand! I don’t
understand! I don’t understand! As you are going away, I thought
I would see you for one last time. You saw me, right? And listen to one
more thing before you go. What is it? Tell me, quickly. You have refused my love
without any reason, isn’t it? The same had happened with my boss. This took place in the year 1998. Hey, his girlfriend was Chandni! She too deceived
him like you have done. Today the same situation
is being repeated in front of me. But one day you will definitely
realize your mistake. You want money, isn’t It? The day I become wealthy.. Get lost from here! Why are all of you standing here?
Go back home. God, why this revenge on me? Hey! Give me money, you old woman!
Give me money! Hey you old woman! Give me money! – Hey! She is not giving me money.
– Let me go! – All of you stand here only!
– Give me the money. I want money for liquor. – I don’t have money.
– Watch the drama that is going on. Till now you saw
our rotten love story. – Let me go! – Now see an emotional
story of a mother and son. A mother nurses her
child and raises him. And when that same boy beats
his mother for money to drink liquor.. ..people like you
stand and what the fun. Not her but all of
you should be beaten. – You..
– Run, otherwise he will kill us. – I don’t have money.
– Give me the money! – You!
– You are beating your mother? – Will you raise your hand
on your mother? – I am not lying! – I don’t have money even
to buy food.. – It’s not my fault! – ..and he is demanding money for liquor.
– You raised your hand on your mother. Apologize to your mother an say.. ..that henceforth
I will never commit such a mistake. Apologize and say that
you will never do this again. Don’t you feel ashamed? That mother who
raised you educated you.. are raising your hand on her?
You raised your hands. You will never be able
to repay her favors ever. There is no one greater than a mother.
Not even God. Don’t you remember that? – Please don’t beat him!
– Apologize to her. Look, this is a mother! I am beating
you but she is feeling the pain. – I am sorry, mother!
Please, forgive me. – You.. No one is right here. All are selfish. Everyone thinks for themselves. A son is not concerned
about his mother. A girlfriend is not bothered
about her boyfriend. I am a fool. I trust anyone. ‘You have no work as of
now and no money in the pocket.’ ‘And no background as well.’ ‘You have to ask
money from me to smoke.’ ‘You have to take money from me
for petrol, food and everything else.’ ‘If I come along with you then
my life will also be on the road.’ ‘Love you.’ ‘Ashok, I love you.’ ‘Ashok, I love you.’ ‘Love you.’ ‘I like you a lot. I love you a lot.’ ‘I cannot live without you.’ ‘You are my life.’ ‘I want you.
I cannot live without you.’ ‘The mental state
of Ashok was not right.’ ‘He had started reacting
on petty things.’ Kavya, you are my life. I cry when you feel
the pain in your heart. When a thorn pieces through
your feet then I feel the pain. My life becomes dark
when you close your eyes.. ..and it is bright again
when you open your eyes. My heart stops beating
when you are in trouble. We may be two bodies but are one life. I love you so much, Ravi. I am so lucky to have
a boyfriend like you. Promise me that you
will be mine in all births. – Promise.
– Whether there is happiness or sadness.. ..I will never leave you. Even I will never leave you. – Will you love her?
– Hey, why are you beating me? – She will love you. Wait! – Why are
you beating me? What did I do? – She will be with you? Come on, tell me.
– Why are you beating me? Leave me. It is just for the sake of saying.. ..that she will be with
you in happiness and sadness. I just thrashed you twice and look
where she is running. Look. You shouldn’t believe such girls. They are with different men
during day and night. Understand. Are you her boyfriend, sir? If she was my girlfriend
then I would thrashed her first. You will roam on roads like a mad
man when she will leave you and go. She will leave you saying that you
are a loafer at the time of marriage. To hell with your love. Your life will be finished
fulfilling her dreams. And she will not be bothered. Understood.
She will go with someone else. Are you joking, sir? Do you think it’s is a joke? Do you think whatever
I am saying is a joke? – Get up and get lost.
– Okay, I will go. Get lost! Cheers. Drinking alcohol
is injurious to health. – Happy birthday, buddy.
– Thank you. – Happy birthday, buddy.
– Thank you. – Is it your birthday today?
– Yes. – Happy birthday, buddy.
– Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. What is going on in life, Ashok? In my life? Whatever was going on
in my life has come to an end. When I did calculation.. ..I came to know that only
friends remain in my life. Friends like you remain. Only you are there with me. – We are like your shadow, buddy.
– Yes. Drink as much as you want today.
I will pay the bill. Chicken chili, chicken lollipop. One Seekh Kebab and
one Tandoori as well. ‘Ashok, I love you.’ Why did you slap me? Did I commit any mistake? Ashok! Ashok.. – Hey, get the bill.
– Get it. One full, one half, four beer,
snacks and furniture costs to 10,500. – What? Which is this table?
– The one that Ashok had broken. 10,500 rupees. Oh, God! ‘Love you.’ ‘Ashok, I love you.’ Hey.. Brother,
give me a packet of cigarette. – Do you have Mumbai newspaper?
– I don’t have it, sir. – Gujarat paper.
– I don’t have it, sir. Raja, paper..
– Sir, that also I don’t have it. – Mumbai latest..
– Sir, I do not keep newspaper. Hey, I will tell you
one thing and will not repeat. People from all over
India come to Maharashtra. You should keep newspapers
of all languages.. ..and only then your business
will prosper. Understood. You should keep
Marathi paper for sure. You people come from
outside and do business here.. ..and do not keep Marathi paper. Are you ashamed of keeping
newspaper of the state where you live? You eat food and drink
water of Maharashtra.. ..and you feel ashamed of
keeping newspaper of Maharashtra. You should live together
and love each other.. ..whether you are Hindu,
Muslim, Sikh or Christian. We should not hate each other. Understood. Did you understood it? – I understood.
– Okay, give me the change. – What is this?
– This is change, sir? Is this a chocolate? – I did not have change so gave you
chocolate? – Will you give me chocolate? Will I have to explain
everything to you? Will you give me chocolate
if you don’t have change? Do you think I am a fool? No, sir. I made a mistake, sir. Give me ten rupees.
Give me ten rupees. Okay. I will give you remaining
money whenever I come next. You fool people by giving chocolate. Ashok, do not drink too much. Hey, relax and drink it. Forget whatever happened in the past. – You too forget.
– Enough, now we will go home. Yes, of course. We have had up to our limit.
So why should we drink now? We will go home. What else? Be relaxed and drink. Relax and drink. Okay. Why don’t you
go to Shinde Sir, Ashok? He is my God. He is my dignity and pride. If I go there willingly
then even my level will stoop low. That is what I don’t
want so I am not going. Fine. But how many days
will it continue this way? He has become quiet again. Listen, I am going to toilet.
Don’t have my drink. ‘Ashok, I love you.’ ‘Love you.’ ‘Ashok, I love you.’ – Sir, please leave us.
– Please, sir.. Sir, we didn’t do anything.
Please, leave us.. – What are you doing?
– What have we done? Let us go. Please, let us go. – From today we will not stay with him.
– Leave us, sir. Leave us, sir. Why are you honking? Can’t
you see that so many cars are parked? Why are you unnecessarily honking?
Can’t you see there is no way ahead? Am I a superman that I will fly away? Sorry, sir. “Answer every question
with love, buddy.” “Even after losing people
in love win the game.” “Don’t take my life.
Don’t take my life.” “Agree to the fact that you will
achieve your goal if you are courageous.” “I feel like stop this fight.” “I don’t feel like
talking to rascals.” “The world bows to the loving people.” “Give me task. Give me task..” “Give me task. Give me task..” “Answer every question
with love, buddy.” “Even after losing people
in love win the game.” Believing in you I left Shankar. I should not have got
trapped in your talks. Don’t show me your face again. – I am sorry, Rupa.
– Idiot. Rupa, Rupa.. It is quite evident from your face.. ..that you just love Rupa
for her looks and not for her nature. You want beautiful girls
even if they are not good at heart. She might not have good intentions
but you want Miss India. You just are bothered
about body and not mind. Not just Rupa but any girl would be okay
for you as far as she is beautiful. This is your status.
You should be facing all this. “No one supports each other.” “I would not stop following you.” “These priests have a benefit.
They break every promise.” “The main dignity is a relation
between human beings.” “The world knows them
for their cheating.” “Give me task. Give me task..” “Give me task. Give me task..” “Answer every question
with love, buddy.” “Even after losing people
in love win the game.” Yes. What are you looking at, madam? Our Ashok is a very nice boy. “First they beg and
then they destroy.” “This is a good way of earning.” “Remote of destruction
is in their hands.” “They teach lesson of bad actions.” “Rich girls can be
wooed only with money.” “Silk thread is not cut by silk.” “I will reveal the
secret of this game.” Sir you will fine us
if we do not wear helmet. But if you work honestly.. ..then the entire money
will go to government treasure.. ..and it will be of use to public. You seem to be honest
and won’t ask money from me. Where will I give money
from even if you wish to take? – I do not have money.
– Wow! – What a great thing you said!
– It is fine, sir. It was enjoyable. What has happened to me? Why am I doing like this? The entire people of
city is calling me mental. I have stooped to such a low level. No one respects my love as well. My situation is so
bad that no one loves me. No one respects me. What were you earlier Ashok
and what have you become now? At one time you were
the king of the city. And today you have no money,
dignity or wealth. Disgusting!
I am drinking sitting on the footpath. I had never thought that
life would bring me at this point. I do not want to live like this. I
do not want to live a life like this. This was not the aim of my life.
It was something else. What has happened? I will have to change all this. Only I can change this
and I will change it. By leaving me in this condition you
cannot remain happy. Where are you? Where are you?
Come in front of me. Come on. Hello, boss. Why are you laughing looking at me?
Why are you laughing? I am laughing because
you are laughing. Not me, but you are laughing. If someone laughs at me
then I also feel like laughing. Okay, you feel like
laughing if someone laughs. I feel angry if someone laughs at me. Hey.. Hello, Mister. Keep distance. Go back. What is this? Will you push me back? You know who are you, right? You are my shadow. Understood. And you are asking me
to keep distance. Get back. Hello, boss. Calm down. What is this?
Whom are you asking to cool down? Here, I am in anger and
you are asking me to cool down. Drink a little less.
What are you doing? I am drinking? Why are you bothered? Hey brother, I am your shadow so
if you drink I will get intoxicated. I have come on footpath because
of you so you will have to tolerate. What I have done?
What wrong I have with you? Because of you I am in this condition.
Understood. Let me explain you something.
You can start your life from today. You will not achieve anything
by being angry on me. Understood! You should improvise on
any mistake that you have made.. ..rather than committing
further mistakes. Understood. Don’t talk nonsense. Now tell me what
I should do to improve my condition. Look, even I am like a king. But you are responsible
for your condition. The Ashok inside you is
alive and you can bring him back. Forget whatever that happened and do
away with all the bad things in you. Clean everything. Forget
everything that happened with you. Look, you can change your life.
So why don’t you change yourself. Change yourself.
Change your life. It is too big. It is right.
God has given me brain to think. I have seen both
happiness and sadness. I believe that I can change myself. From today onwards I don’t have to
think about what happens with others. I have to think about myself. A life of a king is great
so I have to live a life like that. Till now I have lived for others
but now I will live only for myself. Only for myself.
Yes, I have understood. From today you don’t have to think
about anyone but yourself, Ashok. Very good! Very good. Great. Okay, stop. Superb. You were insulting me in
front of everyone in the office. Where is the packet of chips?
Okay! It is here. – Now I will show you.
– Hey.. – How dare you? Let go of me. Leave me.
– Leave her hand, buddy. – What am I doing?
– Who are you? What should I tell you, boss?
Even I don’t know who I am? – Continue, continue..
– Are you scaring me? You are 7-8 people
and look to be loafer. And you are teasing a girl. Rather than interfering
in your matter.. is better I go and
sit at my place and drink. Will you alone thrash so many people? Why are you staring at me? – Hey..
– Don’t push me, buddy. Don’t push me, buddy. My body is a show piece.
If you push me it will break. He was going to thrash
us and now look at him. You pushed me so hard that
it is becoming difficult to get up. He was just unnecessarily
threatening us. I had told you that
I will fall if you push me. You did not ask me
what I will do if I get up. You did not have time to ask
me and I did not have time to tell. Now I will do it and show you.
Come on. – Hey, leave him.
– What will you do if I don’t leave him? Do you think we are
kids that you can thrash us? It is not important
what I have thought. It is important for you
to see how I thrash your men. So what if you have thrashed
one of us. Six of us still remain. Now I am charged.
6-7 men won’t make any difference. Even 20-25 would do. Okay. Try if you wish to.
Don’t take tension. Three of you have already fallen.
Come on. I am thrashing you jokingly
and you are hitting me seriously. Strong boy. Now when I thrash, you
should fall down and do not get up. You.. Whosoever comes next
will have to face my punch? Have you understood? Come on. Hey, have you all fallen down?
I am the one standing alone. You still are remaining baldy.
Come on. If the girl is alone then
it is our duty to save her. – People like you..
– What are you doing? – ..should be thrashed harshly.
– Leave me. Oh, God! – Don’t you know how to thrash?
Thrash me hard. – Leave me, sir. Sorry madam. I made a mistake. Forgive us. Come on, let’s go.
Hurry up and sit. Hello. Wait. You came running for this.
I was thinking something else. All are selfish. No one is of any use. Everyone feels that
they should remain safe.. ..and nothing should happen to them. Instead of rectifying
the wrong actions they enjoy. People ignore such things
but you are not of that category. I was in trouble
so you came to help me. They were so many of them but you
still fought with them and saved me. I really liked your character,
talks, style, fight and attitude. Thank you. Thank you so much. Drive slowly, madam. – Drive fast if you want
an accident to take place. – What? Sorry, I mean to say that accident
will take place if you drive fast. Madam, shall I sing
a Marathi song for you? Yes, sing. “Look at my face in the mirror.
I want water I say.” Is this a Marathi song? My songs are such, madam.
Shall I sing another one for you? – Yes, sing. – “Wildness spread
all over, the heart became wild.” “Wildness spread all over,
the heart became wild.” “Wildness spread all over,
the heart became wild.” Funny. Okay. What is your name? Ashok! Only, Ashok. – Madam, what is your name?
– My name is Arti. Arti, Bhaarti, Jayanti, Leelavati.. Someone stole my bullet, madam. Come. Wow! This is great. Who is this madam,
on whose photo a garland has been put? He is my husband. Did you kill him by giving poison? Will you take a drink? Anywhere, anytime,
I am ready 24 hours. Cheers. People trouble their guests by
asking them for tea, coffee or food. But your way of dealing
with guests is very different.. ..that you serve them a drink. Very good. You are really great madam. Your parents? – They are dead.
– Relatives? – They are far off.
– Where are your friends? – They don’t talk to me.
– Love? – She left me.
– Work? – I don’t work.
– Home. Wherever I sit to
drink becomes my home. Till when will you stay like this? Earlier I had a reason to live. Now there is neither
any reason nor any hope. There is neither any dream
in life nor anyone dear to me. I do not have any aim in life, madam. But if my Shinde Sir calls me back
for work then something can happen. I am waiting for that. You have been cheated
in love and that’s it. I have not been cheated in love
but she has broken my faith, madam. Even I have gone through all this.
Life has taught me a lot. But I did not bother about all that. I do real estate business and
am very successful in my business. I do not have faith on anyone.
Even not on myself. In last two years it is
only you has come to my place.. ..and is sitting close to me. Now whether it is your
good luck or capability. From tomorrow you will
come to know that there are.. ..many reasons to stay alive here. What is the name of the person
who was troubling you on the road? His name is Vishwa.
He worked in my office. He was a rascal and had
wrong intentions regarding me. That is why I insulted him
and threw him out of the office. He wants to take revenge for that. Anyone would fall in love
with your looks and smile, madam. Are you indirectly telling me
that you have fallen in love with me? I am saying it directly. I really liked your way of talking. Are you indirectly telling
me that you liked me? If I have to say
directly then I like you. – Same, same.
– What do you mean? That means to stop
talking and start the work. “Your looks are beautiful
and I am crazily in love with you.” “We might commit a mistake.” – “Your looks are beautiful..”
– Wow! Very good. – What are you singing?
– You are singing very well. Very good. Who is honking? Who is it? Hey, who is it? – What is it? What?
– Hey! – What is it? Open the door.
– Hey! Come out. – Come out.
– Hey, he is Ashok. – Ashok..
– Whose car have you stolen? Come on sit in the car. – Come on, let’s sit.
– Come on, come on.. – How is Shinde Sir?
– Why are you asking about him? I am not bothered about anyone. The one who is faithful
to me can stay here. I set right people
who commit mistake here. Even then he does not
behave then I throw him out. Do one thing. Come here in
the evening. I want to talk to you. Greetings, Sir. How are you Shinde Sir?
What is going on? Yes. I am better than before. But I am not Ashok of earlier times. I can see that.
You have become prosperous. You have changed a lot. Seasons keeps on changing, Shinde Sir. Just like summer,
winter, autumn, spring changes.. the same way I have changed.
Look how I have changed? This is new Ashok of modern times.
How is Ashok looking? The ones who look
up usually fall down. There is crown of a king
on my head but you cannot see it. This is your pride speaking. That will remain. – This is not a good thing.
– It is neither a bad thing. From childhood till today you have
not earned money with your hard work. Shinde Sir, I have not come
here to listen to your talks. I came here to tell you that
in future if you need finance.. ..then I am ready to help you. This is Ashok’s promise. If no one helps you in
life then you can remember me. I will help you.
This is my visiting card. – Hi, everybody.
– Hi. I want to introduce
someone to you all. He is my partner. – Business partner.
– Hi. – Hi.
– Hi. Hi. – Hi, babes.
– Hi. What’s up? ‘Ashok made something
else as the aim of his life.’ ‘For him the meaning of life
was just entertainment and enjoyment.’ ‘And the reason behind
all this is his past.’ ‘By having fun he can
forget his sad memories.’ ‘Ashok has started liking
everything in his life.’ ‘There is no place
for love in his life.’ Five lakhs. ‘Ashok felt that he can
achieve everything with money.’ ‘He had become very selfish.’ ‘He had become proud.’ ‘He had started thinking
that no one is better than him.’ Germany. Put in money. 10 lakhs on the bowler. Money, money.. Jairam! Jairam! Hello, who are you? I am.. I am from Jairam’s side.. I welcome you whole heartedly. Thank you. No disturbance. – What is your name?
– Jaya.. Yes. Jaya.. It is very nice. Which brand is this? This is James Bond brand from America. – You can keep it.
– Thank you. Welcome, madam. Are you married? – Do you have children?
– Yes, I have. – How many?
– Three. Three people.. You make a lot of fun of me. I am like that only. First tell me the room number.
I cannot wait. – Go on the first floor.
– First floor. Very good. Give it back to me. as soon as the work
is done I will give it back to you. You are very mischievous. That means you are enjoying a lot. Oh no.. By locking the door I
will have to start my work. At least show me your face. If you will not talk then
how will we continue? Say something. Darling, are you annoyed with me? Why are you feeling shy? Look here. Hey, is this your lifestyle? Did you leave me for this? I had thought that you are
spending your life in a better way.. ..but this is this your life? Before break up you had
said that you have big dreams.. ..that I cannot fulfill
and are these the dreams? If you loved me truly then
you wouldn’t be here today. Your greed is behind
this situation of yours. Because of your greed you are here. Look everything nicely. Hey, isn’t the girl agreeing? Listen to me sir. If you convince her
lovingly the she will surely agree. I am taking her from here. You cannot take her out. If you like her so much then
you can come tomorrow as well. She will stay with you. Hey, don’t argue with me.. ..otherwise I will make sure
your business is closed. Understood. Hey, now that you have come here, pay
money, enjoy and go away from here. Don’t try to act like a hero.
It wouldn’t be good. Can’t you understand? Will you leave or shall I thrash you? I will do the same condition
yours as I did of him. Understood. I bought her for 3 1lakhs. Here. Take it. Come out, madam. What shall I order for you? I don’t want to eat anything.
I am not hungry. It can be easily seen from
your face that you are hungry. Don’t act smart. Nothing is
going to happen by remaining hungry. Just eat your food. Understood? Greetings, sir.
You have come after many days. From today, I will keep coming. – What shall I get, sir?
– Get butter dosa for madam. Apple juice for me.
put a little more ice in juice. I am becoming angry because
of heat. Hurry up and bring it. – Go away now.
– Okay, sir. Don’t be angry on food.
Food is very important for health. If you will not eat food then
your health will deteriorate. Got it? Equally important is money. No one will recognize
you if you don’t have money. Neither your friends nor your parents. Nothing happens without money. Here is your order. Eat it, madam. Why are you hurting me? I am not hurting but talking
with you with love. Eat it. It is butter dosa. Did you like it? I know it would be nice. Eat slowly. If you wish you can order for more. Isn’t it, delicious?
Do not take tension. Hey, get water for madam. Madam, food bought with
hard earned money is always sweet. It is hard earned money
so do not waste money. If you waste food
then I will slap you. Hey, come on eat it. What have we to do if we have
money or not. We will live in style. Madam.. Hi. Who is she? Madam, she is Deepti.
My distant relative. She is my cousin. She does not have
parents or relatives. So I have brought her with me. I had thought that she
does not have job or house. And for few days
she will stay with us. And as it is you know what the condition
of a lonely girl in the city is. I like you because you
give so much preference.. ..and respect to your relatives. It is very difficult for
a girl to survive without parents. She can stay here. This is great.
You understand me very well, madam. What did she do earlier? – She worked in a call centre.
– Okay. – The girl is nice. There is no tension.
– Come. She has a lot of experience, madam. Do you know what is special for today? You tell me I do not
know anything, madam. Your favorite Biryani. Seeing you it does not look
that you would be eating simple food. I was very small when my parents used
to work so hard for eating one meal. You are really great madam.
There are very few people like you. Some people do not
forget their old days. And some people forget their old days. Do you want something else to eat? You are right. Don’t feel shy in front of madam.
She is very nice. Enough. Don’t appreciate so much. I am saying the truth, madam. Hold on madam,
there is something on your face. Let me remove it. Why are you making tea, madam? There are so many
servants in the house. Then why are you making tea for us? I like to drink tea
and coffee made by me. Super madam. Great, madam. People stop working if
they earn a little more money. But you are the one
who do your own work. You are my life, madam. You are my love, madam.
I can do anything for you. I love you a lot, madam. I love you, madam. I love you. I cannot think of living without you. If this happens then
I will die, madam. Ashok, what are you trying to do? You, naughty. – Ashok.
– Yes, darling. – Shall I ask you a question?
– Yes, ask me. Please, hold this. I very well know what
is going on in her mind.. ..and what she is going to say. It is easy to pass IAS exam.. ..but very difficult to
give answer to girls, buddy. Now let’s see what she asks? Madam, ask me what you wish to ask. If you look at me so lovingly.. ..then with how much love
you must be looking at that girl? Why did she leave you and go? Money is the only reason behind that. That time I did not have money.
And she wanted money so she left me. I tried to explain her
but she did not listen to me. Deepti, come here. That day I was begging
to her not to leave me and go. But she did not listen to me. Deepti is witness to that. Deepti, just tell what
had happened that day. Madam, whatever happened that
day happened in front of Deepti. She heard everything. She saw everything. Tell her Deepti. Madam, you will understand like this. I will explain the entire situation
as to what happened that day. Deepti, come here. We will tell her. Come and stand here. Not there but stand here. She was just standing
like this, madam. It was 8 o’clock at night, madam. I went closer to her and
said that Anita, I love you. Don’t leave me and
go otherwise I will die. – ‘I did not hear.’
– You changed your mobile number.. ..left your room and job. I was tired of finding you. – Is he your friend who
just dropped you? – No. – Is he your cousin?
– No. If not cousin or
friend then who is he? – Who is he?
– I am going to marry him. So was it a drama when you hugged me.. ..and said that you
cannot live without me? I cannot live without you. I will die. What will happen of me if you do this? ‘I know you well. You have no work.’ ‘You do not have any
money or background.’ ‘You have to take
money from me to smoke.’ ‘You have to take money from me
for petrol, food and everything else.’ ‘If I come with you then my life would
also be on road just like yours.’ Anita, if the time is not good today.. ..then it does not mean that all
my life time would remain like this. ‘Now I am not going to believe you.’ Don’t talk like fools. ‘Ask your conscience about it.’ ‘If a girl leaves everything
and comes to you..’ ‘..then you should have the
capability to take care of her.’ Are you talking about my courage?
My courage? My courage is my hard work. I am speaking whatever
is there in my heart. I loved you whole heartedly.. ..and that was the
biggest mistake of my life. I think this is my
punishment for loving you. – Will you be happy after marrying him?
– Yes, I will be. Anita, I love you. I will keep you as a queen.
Don’t leave me and go. ‘Why are you doing drama in public?’ ‘Don’t insult me on the road.’ ‘So what if you do not
have any dignity but I have.’ The day you cheated me
I had said something to you. Do you remember what I had said? Didn’t you feel ashamed
leaving me crying on the road? Do you remember that
I loved you a lot? Hey, why did you slap her? Sorry madam,
I just got involved in the scene. I did not realize that I slapped her. What do you mean by apologizing?
Have you gone mad? Why are you doing like this? There is Sun with
whisky and moon with ice. Madam, madam.. Madam! Madam! Madam, Deepti is not to be seen anywhere.
Do you know where she has gone? She went in the morning. She went in the morning
and has not returned yet. Madam, did she tell
you where she is going? – Did she tell you anything?
– I do not know anything. Okay madam, let’s eat food. I have already eaten. Madam ate food without me. Madam, it is very hot today. Look, neither talk to me nor sit here. Go away from here. What happened?
Why are you talking like this, madam? Don’t you understand
if I have said it once? Go away from here. Okay, okay.. Okay, madam. Anger is not good for health. Do not take tension. Stay happy. Don’t do this or that. I cannot understand what I should do.
Good night. Madam is angry today
so she is not talking to me. No problem.
Let’s eat food and go to sleep. Ashok. Where has he gone? Ashok. Hey Anita, where are you going? ‘Then the battle between
love and hatred started.’ Hey, get down. What happened?
Why did you leave the house? What happened? Wasn’t the house nice? Didn’t the girl like the big
bungalow in which she wanted to stay? Tell me, why?
There is so much pride in you. Hey, why are you
looking at me like that? Everything you wished for is there. Eating in five star hotel, moving
around in car and staying in bungalow. This is what you wanted. I have
everything royal that you wished for. Are you getting jealous
of madam and my love? Even you had gone to
someone else leaving my love. Did you ever think how
much pain I must have felt? Did you now come to know
how much pain I went through? Have you forgotten
that I was begging to you? I loved you whole heartedly without
any greed and you killed my love. You had told me that you loved me.. ..and at that place
you are finding new men. I am keeping quiet does not
mean that you can say anything to me. Do you think I enjoy
living such kind of life? Understand one thing.
If you were at my place.. ..then you would
also do whatever I did. I think you are speaking too much. This is true that people
always feel that truth is bitter. Have you married madam.. ..made her wear sacred
thread or done court marriage? Do you know how old she is to you? Didn’t you keep her? You felt angry when I spoke the truth. You thrash when you get angry. If I am doing wrong then
you are also ding wrong. Do you know what you
had said when you left me? You do not have money,
wealth and popularity. Look, I have learnt to live. Yes, you can live
because you are a man. Society does not raise
fingers easily on men. You have more freedom than girls. You can sleep anywhere.
Even in the open ground. We girls cannot do that. If we stand at 9 in the night waiting
for bus then people think wrong. How much do you know about me?
What do you know? Since long you are saying
the same thing that I left you. I tried to die many times
thinking why am I living such a life. But do you know why
am I living inspite of that? Speak whatever you wish to speak. Do you think it is a joke? There are still many houses in India.. ..where they kill a girl
as soon as she is born. I was 14 years old
when my parents died. Do you know what
I went through at that time? I did not have parents’ support and
people looked at me in the wrong way. You will never be able
to understand that pain. Have you ever lived
in a hermitage or a hostel? Do you know what punishment
teacher gives if you get less marks? Do you know what
kind of people I meet.. ..and the way they look
at me on my way back from work? I was not going to tell you all this. I used to stay anywhere
before meeting you. I used to sleep hungry. A girl has to live
in fear in this society. I wanted to take revenge. Revenge of all that problems
that I have suffered. I did not want a royal life.. ..but did not want that
life which I was living. When I met you I became courageous. But you proved my
thinking to be wrong. I thought I had no future
with you so I left you. Then Yogesh came into my life. I started liking his talks. But he used me. I believed him but he broke my trust. And in greed for money
he sold me to become a whore. Do you think I will
go willingly to such places? I didn’t thought that
all this would happen with me. I just wanted to live a good life. Is it wrong to think this way? Who does not want to lead
a good life in this world? Tell me what is wrong,
if I wished for this. ‘Now the struggle of
friendship and enmity starts.’ Ashok Ramdas Desai. I could have come
here by lorry till here.. ..but then I remembered
one of your entries. That is why I left my car
there and came here walking. Do you remember that you came walking
to me after parking your bullet? So friends, just serve him nicely. If you serve me then life of you all
will be in danger. Understand that. I had told you that our
Ashok is number one in fighting. Actually I had to
meet him six months ago.. ..but I did not get
bail so I got late. No problem. Today I have come
to serve you better with all my men. I am sorry if there would
be any negligence in preparation. Good that you met
me six months later.. ..otherwise your life would
have been reduced by six months. Hey Gautam, calm down.. We have met after so many
days so let us talk for a while. Calm down. There is a fairy with you as well. It seems as if a party
was going on in desert.. ..and we as demons
came to disturb them. Now will you fight
alone or with this fairy? Now the hero will make the
heroine sit in car for safety. Ask her to put seat belt as well.
It would be great fun today. Let’s see. Come on.
Come on, hero. Come on. This is the last chance
for you to compromise Mutthu. Do you want to compromise? Look at my brother. What condition
have you made of his by thrashing him? He is not getting healed
for last six months.. ..because you broke
so many of his bones. And you are asking
me if I would compromise. Do you want to compromise with me? Till I do not kill you
my soul will not be at peace. For your soul to be in peace
you are inviting your death Mutthu. In just some time
you will come to know.. ..whether you will go back
walking or on their shoulder. Hey, only time will tell
how will anyone go back? First I will start it and will see
the rest later. Here you go. Come on. Where are you going?
Why are you running away? You wanted to thrash me, right? Thrash me.
Come on, thrash me. Come on. I had warned you,
warned you not to mess up with me. Stop it. Enough. Where are you all running
leaving me behind? Hey, where are you running? Did you see, Mutthu? You had come here
having faith on them? They had said that they
would support you till I die. This is what they were saying. Hey.. You are being thrashed here
mercilessly and they are escaping. Why did you get such people with you? These people were standing behind you
so you were talking proudly with me. In excitement you lost your senses.. ..dignity,
got thrashed from me and got insulted. I feel you must have be
over with your pride by now. What did you achieve by fighting
with me and having enmity with me? Mutthu, my brother,
your plan back lashed on you. What will you achieve by
having so much enmity in you? Nothing. You will lose everything. Example of what all will
you lose in life is in front of you. I know you are powerful but do not
use your power in troubling someone. If you do enmity with others
then you will get enmity in return. Get up in the morning and
place your hand on your heart.. know whether your
heart is beating or not. And if it is beating then
you must have done some good deeds. Hey, what kind of friends are you all? People sacrifice their
lives in friendship. And you all are just escaping.
You have been very good friends. Come on, take away your boss. Hey, just take your friend.. ..and leave your anger and pride here. And become a human being. Understood. For God’s sake forgive me.
Whatever you had said was right. A boy can survive
somehow in this society He can survive by being
handicapped or an orphan. But a girl cannot live in this way. Because of all this I lost my love. I got a reason to
live after meeting you. The girl whom I loved left me.. ..because she thought I am
not capable of her kind of society. But after she left even I don’t know
how bad a human being I had become. I only used to think
that you were wrong. I forgot that because
of me your life got spoilt. For God’s sake forgive me. Now I am with you. I am with you in all your troubles. Ashok. Hey, who are you all? Ashok. Ashok. Hey.. You are bleeding profusely
but still your pride hasn’t shattered. What are you proud of? Don’t awaken the anger in me? Sir, enough of thrashing
you has been done. I will die whether you
kill me with the knife or not. But I will repent if
I die without doing anything. Why are you killing me? I do not know anyone of
you nor do I remember your face. I don’t want to die confused. Atleast tell me who are you all. Now I have understood. I will not die for one mistake. If you leave me half dead.. ..then I will die here of repentance. Leave me. Before dying answer my question. Do you want to play KBC before dying? Come on, ask your question. What is the cost of
the band around your neck? One lakh rupees. After being faithful for 25 years.. just got a band
worth one lakh rupees. For one lakh rupees.. kill an innocent
person and enjoy with that money. What will you do
tomorrow or day after? Will you keep killing
innocent people for money? The car over there
is worth 50 lakhs rupees. The diamond watch on her
hand is worth 15 lakh rupees. Her necklace is worth 15 lakh rupees. I very well know that
she has done a deal with you. There is 25 lakhs rupees
hard cash in her car. You will get one lakh
rupees if you kill me. If you kill her then
you will get one crore rupees. Do you want one lakh or one crore? Do you want one crore or one lakh? – Hey, catch her.
– Hey, stop. – Stop.
– Hey, stop. Stop. Stop, where are you going? Please.. Ashok! Ashok, I am sorry. Please, save me. Hey.. Catch hold of her. Hey, leave me. Please, leave me. Ashok! Ashok, please save me. – Wait, boss..
– Ashok, please. I saved your life, madam. And you tried to kill
me by sending these men. They have thrashed me so hard that
I am not capable enough to save you. I don’t have that much strength,
madam. Sorry. Enjoy guys. – Come on.
– No. – Please, leave me.
– Come on. – Please, leave me.
– Shut up. Ashok, please. Ashok, you did not do right with me. God will never forgive you. Please, Ashok. Hey, greedy fellow for one crore. Leave me. Leave me. Leave me. Hey! “A lot of bloodshed took place.” “Truth won over violence.” “Evil was destroyed and not honesty.” You turned out to be more
shameful girl than I had thought. Why did you want to kill me? In what way did I harm you? Hey baby, where are you? What? Hey dear, where are you? It’s been long that we haven’t met. Cheater.. Liar.. He just played with my emotions. Why me? I loved you selflessly but
you used me for fame and wealth. Why? Why did you misuse me? You called me selfish but what
is your selfish motive in killing me? Did I come willingly to your house? Did I ask you to
make my life high class? You did that willingly. You spent so much
money on me for yourself. As one gets rich their
fondness increases. Some live for money and
some kill others for money. Even the strongest relationship
breaks in front of money. Those who would get
One lakh for killing me.. ..were ready to kill
you for One crore. And you believed such people. You and Anita are helpless here. But she does not have wealth,
money, parents or siblings. She is alone. She does not have wealth
like you but has a desire to live. This is special thing about her. Your life is happy.
A girl can make or break a man’s life. If you cannot make anyone’s
life then atleast do not destroy it. If you are thinking.. ..that I am a criminal or
a goon then you are thinking wrong. Every person has a right to live.
And so do I. The one who is lying down on
the ground is not an ordinary girl. She is the shadow of my life. Just like you she does
not feel bad on petty issues. She can sacrifice her life for me. If today I am alive
then that is because of her. I had never thought that I
would earn money by doing hard work. Look at my face, madam. Your men have made
this condition of mine. I feel like laughing at myself
that what a life I am leading. You have done many favors
to me but I am going. Because I cannot
leave Anita at any cost. If I leave her then I will
never be able to forgive myself. Because I have to
move on the right path. Till now I moved on the wrong path. I want to start my life afresh. Forgive me. I will leave. Such people who think
that I have wealth.. ..I am big, intelligent.. ..and powerful and such
people are nothing in front of me. I will show those people.. ..who are proud of their
wealth their actual position. I will crush their pride
under my self-respect. Remember that this is not
a speech but it’s my promise. Ashok! ‘Maybe I was not worthy for you.’ ‘Your love was true but
I could not understand that.’ ‘Forgive me if possible.’ ‘I will never be able to forget you.’ ‘Never.’ ‘I met Ashok two years ago.’ ‘Now I do not know where he is.’ ‘He will make his empire
wherever he lives.’

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