Kendall Kessler Presents Memphis TN painting and Website News

Kendall Kessler Presents Memphis TN painting and Website News

Welcome to Towhee Hill Studio. My name is
Kendall Kessler. I’m an award-winning professional artist. Just want to put up
a quick YouTube about my latest painting, Memphis edge. I have the first stage of
this on my portfolio I don’t have this one up yet, but it will be soon. I’m real
pleased with how it turned out also real pleased that I will be having my own
website pretty soon. It’s going to take a while. The one I have right now is mine
but it’s connected to Fine Art America so it’s a duplicate of the site on Fine Art America where they sell prints of my work. The new one will only have originals. This way you don’t
have to look through 970 images to find the paintings that haven’t already been
sold. I’m going to turn the camera real slowly to the next painting. I’ve noticed that is I try to talk when I do that it gets all blurred. Okay, this is my new special. This is
Wildflower Current, a very popular painting on my website and right now at Fine Art
America you can get a large canvas print of this painting at 40% off with a 30-day
money-back guarantee that includes the shipping fee. Thank you for watching. The
links to the artwork are in the description.

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  1. Your paintings really make me think of the German expressionists – I often see them at the Courtauld gallery. Your colour work is really good – awesome work. Best wishes, Mary 💖💖💖

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