Judge Jeanine: The Dem players here are dishonest and deceitful

Judge Jeanine: The Dem players here are dishonest and deceitful

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  1. People must remember that "Divide and Conquer" is part of the Communist Doctrine. Lying is very acceptable in the Doctrine, also.

  2. The judge is right. Joe Biden when he was vice president blackmail withholding money if they don't fire the prosecutor did he get in trouble no he's above the law. Hillary Clinton leaked emails rig the DNC against Bernie Sanders did she get in trouble now I'm beginning to think they are above the law but not God's law

  3. Dont forget Nancy Polosie Crying Chuck Shummer and Schifty eyed Schift according to court documents took money from Elchapo too come against the wall helping the cartels these people are blatant traitors destroying the rule of law can anyone say orange prison wear ???

  4. I don't want to hear Schitt about transparency when you hold KGB style secret hearings. Maybe Demonrats are fucing stupid enough to believe your bullschiff but I'm not buying what that lousy stinking party is selling.

  5. Thank you so much Judge Jeanine for saying what has to be said. Can somebody please tell me why Schiff is so protected? Why is he not being charged with defamation of character and treason? Personally I would like to see an electronic cattle prod inserted square up his "schiff hole" and switched on permanently!!!

  6. The President should implement the INSURRECTION ACT IMMEDIATELY! Arrest and conduct trials on these seditious TRAITORS! ENOUGH!! 💪🇺🇸

  7. Look at EVERY city that's been under the Demoncraps control and you'll see a slum, disease, and rat infested cesspool with piles of feces,used needles and garbage. This is what Demoncraps do, this is who they are.

  8. She is stating untruths and nonsense. She is making this up on the fly and she is so angry she does not know what she is saying. She is slurring her words again! Poor dear may have a drinking problem?

  9. I think its about time that Soros puts on a dress and make-up(lots) to replace Pelosi in her low-budget stage act about "How to Impeach". What a clown show! When the kiddies are finished with their fun the damage they have done is 'out there' for all to see put them in jail. They are desperate losers….they have done nothing since 2016..except waste millions of tax-payers dollars on crap and corruption. Time is up…..the game nears it's end….disgraceful and disgusting zombies!!

  10. OMG, can this woman ever speak facts? So much of what she has said is such BS. Obama giving money to Iran? Oh yeah, the money that congress finally released back to Iran after they agreed on nuclear disarmament terms. The money that the US held that originally belonged to Iran in US bank accounts. Guess she conveniently omitted those facts. They are using rules set in 2015 by the Republicans to hold closed door meetings. Gaetz even admitted that there are Republicans on the committee getting to ask questions. And those closed door meetings were to investigate Benghazi, held by a predominamtly Republican committee who determined HRC did nothing wrong. So using Republican rules is another fact she missed. I could go on but too much BS to clarify. This woman is doing what she can to insite trouble. Her and her coworkers who twist facts to fit their narrative when they use facts which is rare.

  11. She’s far too intelligent to believe the nonsense coming out of her mouth. Mz. Pirro is laughing all the way to the bank. Sadly, at the expense of all her fans who are about to start with the name-calling & profanity. I don’t read a word of it; don’t waste your time.

  12. I understand how petty this sounds but at this point, I have to look away when pictures of Pelosi or Schiff appear because I am so pissed, angry and disgusted with these people. I'm embarrassed this is My government. Trump 2020.

  13. OMG. Madam Jeanine not long ago your speech about Prezident Obama taking Michelle to date ( his wife) compare with porn star scandal , hash money, sending president lawyer to threaten investment such as Rudi Juliani in romania if the Prezident will not grace the crooks romania politician ., having his family’s in international summit . You. Madam Jeanine should be shame of you .

  14. 100%. It took Leftist/Feminist/humanitarian Meghan Markle a year and a half to cause so much trouble and money, she just about brought down the Royal Family, for Gods sake people, look at the facts, and this is just one of them stinking democrats, how about the Obamas, Clinton, clowneys, Oprah, Ellen, SOROS, the leader, Elton john, HOLLYWEIRD, EPSTEIN, ETC ETC ETC, wake up 🌎 world?!?!?!? GOD HELP US, I BEG OF YOU….. DO WHATS RIGHT, WE'VE LOST OUR WAY TO THE devil, I MEAN, DEMOCRATS…. thank you Judge for knowing what is right from wrong and stands by her Godly truths… as per the Ten Commandments…

  15. So…the Republicans said that the impeachment investigation wasn't valid because it was not being done in public but when a vote came up to make it public they voted against it because there is no evidence? That makes no sense. How do they know that there is no evidence unless they have been in the non-public investigation?

  16. Shiff should be Vetoed handcuffed and taken away!! He is a liar impostor so is Pelosi .. This is a false case, so how come this is carrying on ,with more lies .. We love and totally respect you Lovely Judge Jeanine .. you make more sense than anyone .This case needs to be Shut down president is 150% innocent..This is, We agree total insanity..

  17. Trump the Just. Trump the Honest. Trump the Charitable.

    Trump ordered to pay $2 million to charities over abuse and misuse of charitable foundation.

    President Trump shut down his Donald J. Trump Foundation, the subject of a lawsuit alleging Trump used the charity's money for personal and political gain. A New York judge on Thursday ordered President Trump to pay $2 million in damages for misusing funds from a tax-exempt charity – taking the charity’s money to pay debts for his for-profit businesses, to boost his 2016 campaign and to buy a painting of himself, according to court documents.

    Treasonous Trump Stealing from charities, why am I not surprised?

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