Joe Scarborough: Dems Must Take Donald Trump On In The Political Battlefield | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Joe Scarborough: Dems Must Take Donald Trump On In The Political Battlefield | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 Replies to “Joe Scarborough: Dems Must Take Donald Trump On In The Political Battlefield | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. If democrats are so bad why was trump a life long democrat until he found stupid ppl to clap at his shower and toilet flushing ideas?

  2. Trump should be barred from seeking re-election knowing what we now know about the Ukraine scandal and its cover-up.

  3. First the noise from windmills caused cancer. Now shower heads and dishwashers are the enemy and the people actually cheer this on. I really can't understand the people that encourages this madness.

  4. "Dems Must Take Donald Trump On In The Political Battlefield." We are Sparta!!!! Actually, they're Zion. How traumatic…

  5. Trump is a fool and those followers are ignorant. We need to conserve water,….and protect it, and clean up all the pollution. Not go backwards, and pollute everything, use up everything. Trump is like a Cancer on all of humanity and must be eliminated and removed like a rotting tumor.

  6. Is he in CIRCUS…proveing himself "A JOKER" this is not presidential speech. He is President of Untied States? He looks stupide and he acts stupide…give up Mr. resgine. you are fit for white house…. See yoourselve you are mental…ur behaviour is witnessing it man…

  7. He's the ideal candidate for his audience. They have double digit IQ's and he tops out at 100. YouTube search for "Miss Teen Carolina 2017". She's his audience.

  8. Police investigators say you can learn a lot about a person by their garbage can, with Trump you can learn just as much , if not more by the garbage that comes out of his mouth

  9. I can not believe people are still this stupid in 2020. Trump supporters are a fascinating spectacle because they are just as capable of intellect as the rest of America but choose not to use it for some reason. Probably the emotion or feelings they get when screaming "fake news" is like a drug for them. The kind of mind forged manacle high people get at church.

  10. I don’t appreciate joe calling people “shameless Trump supporters.” Btw I have nothing to be ashamed of. I don’t like you or your show. Btw, I am Latina and love President Trump and his family. You stop bashing Trump supporters.

  11. this president is going so crazier that is so danger to our country look all the crap nonesence he is saying to the world and he is the president off usa this is mega bad to the world

  12. I can’t wait for the new election melt down videos. More democrats getting naked and smearing poop on trump pics like true Americans

  13. WTF!!! The rest of the world is going green and Trump is going in the opposite direction. Complete moron. Vote him and the rest of his cronies out (don't think they will remove him from office – the GOP has too much at stake). I agree with Al Sharpton – the Dems have to take charge now.

  14. Trump LOVES these rallies…… because it's the only place in the World that he can go to, & NOT be the dumbest person in the building…. like Trump always clearly is everywhere else he goes, that doesn't have any of the MAGA Cult present.

  15. All the president really is, is a bad lounge comedian in a nightclub on a frigid winter's night in Duluth. As for having enough water in the shower, it has nothing to do with his minimal amount of hair, it has to do with his massive girth. When we run out of clean water, it will, of course, not be Donald Trump (or his children and grandchildren) who doesn't have enough to shower with. It will be the families of those people behind him. He will either be dead or hobbling around in a big house with many many showers and tubs, being ignored. He certainly won't care about what he had wrought for those people behind him. He hasn't cared about them until now except as anonymous votes to be counted on election day and he won't care then. Who has done less "retail politicking" in the last 60 years than Donald Trump? No candidate. The less contact with his supporters that he has, the better, from his point of view. He lets the people serve as ornamental decoration at his rallies, like well-trained cheerleaders at a sporting event.

  16. And people queue up to listen to that? Come on admit it, there's something seriously wrong with an American president is saying this
    Are his supporters not embarrassed

  17. It's easy you call him a liar to his face on the debate stage and then you prove it to his face and then you ask him specifics about any policy positions he won't know an answer to one of them

  18. As Joe pointed out: Always remember that when Trump says "I know everything about…", he knows nothing. When Trump says "I don't know anything about this…", he knows everything. He's as simple to decode as that.

  19. Joe SCABroh is a psychopath. #1 All "smart appliances/washing mchns. dishwasher do NOT use enough water to actually clean clothes/dishes. But you ignorant leftist socialist wouldn't know bc you are filthy anyway.> NEXT COMMENT FOR NEXT ASININE propaganda stmt from MSNBC

  20. FYI, Democrats are converting to Republican by the millions. Candace Owens is waking up the generational democrat voting blks by the tens of millions.

  21. MSNBC is another of every mainstream propaganda pushing for their handlers: Most Americans, even democrats are now aware of it. Ratings are proof.

  22. "Turning the volume off" is exactly how I do it NBC. You are a disgrace to journalism. Walter Cronkite is rolling over in his grave. You should be deeply ashamed of your theatrical behavior.


  24. Screw you joe.!!!… how dare you call trump supporters that! Fake News MSNBC!!!!… you will be the one shunned in history…..

  25. Guess I have a better shower then Trump because mine never ever drips when I turn it on, this is fxxking crazy town people cheering the most powerful man on earth, over dish washing & showers, what's next toilets . Fxxking insane…

  26. I dont think he likes being president also, he just likes the idea of power, he loves taking credit when things go right, but quick to blame others when they dont, he takes a holiday every week cost tax payers millions each time, he hardly ever works, basically his job is meeting people in front of the press, signing some document, showing his amazing signature, he spends more time tweeting then being president. The only reason he wants to be reelected is because he knows if he foesnt win he could lose everything, his money his freedom, that's why in his desperation he pressured Ukraine to say they are doing an investigation into the bidens & to not actually do anything just announce it, imagine if that really happened, I can see trump at a press conference saying, I knew it & i said it that Biden is dirty…

  27. They can't take Trump on through normal political actions such as elections because he will win, hence the corrupt hoaxes.

  28. You cannot ´debate´ with a lunatic. He does not have arguments. He is just ranting about anything. No one will win from Trump in a debate because Trump cannot debate at all. Evil people, who are serving their own personal interests keep him as president, while he should have been removed from office LONG AGO. Because she is not fit to be president and the whole world sees it.

  29. They are breaking Constitutional Laws, what are their consequences for the Senators behavior. Over 70℅ of Americans want witnesses and want Trump impeached and removed from office. Congress better hear the people now or pay for it later at the Ballot Box.

  30. EVERY VOTER Must consider how many times dt has been convicted of criminal crimes.
    How many really want to vote in2020 for a convicted criminal into the White House?
    First time it was mostly hidden and glanced at. This time it needs to be highlighted on billboards and Facebook etc so that all can see and comprehend how many laws his family have broken, and still breaking during the past 3 years!
    FACTS needs to be more important than wishful hypothesis.

  31. I don't know what's worse the things this clown says or the lap dog trumpsters cheering the things he says.  Why are they not embarrassed?  I think they drank the kool aide on the way in

  32. Please need are killing the earth is that fun to you all what happened 💔 when we don't have the earth anymore 😭 😭 😭😭😭😭 besues we need to stop the war daer ,2040 I don't know iwe will make it goes all of you are dume Jesus

  33. Joe looks like Beaker from the Muppet Show!
    What a sh#t weasel.
    And that sorry excuse for a woman beside him is the ugliest piece of crap i ever saw. What a stinking nanny hole!


  35. If you see someone telling me that I have not been able to wash my dishes for several years and I say I believe the person who tells me this; what would you think about me? I mean, if I am able to believe that it has not been possible for me to wash my dishes, then I cannot possibly have done so, can I? You can tell a lot about Trump supporters by the things they believe about themselves. Trump tells them their showers go drip. drip. drip. Haven't they had a shower for all these years?


  37. He's why 5 WalMart employees get paid to standaround . Americans don't want quality,; they dont want to demand it , and they are lazy and rude. This is what they want in our leader. A flunkie bozo.

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