Jimmy Shoots Free-Throws with Senator Bernie Sanders

Jimmy Shoots Free-Throws with Senator Bernie Sanders

-We were just talking
about Medicare, and you actually needed
some medical attention yourself a few weeks ago. Tell me a little bit about that. -I was in Las Vegas. We had an event, and for the first time
in my life, I had to sit down. I was just feeling
very, very tired, and then I felt this pain
in my chest. Got back — We left the event
and got in the car, and we knew something was wrong. We went to an urgent care place
right near the hotel, and they said,
“You’re having a heart attack.” We got to a hospital
very, very quickly. And the care there was great.
The doctors were great. And I had two stents put in, because it turned out that one
of my arteries was blocked up. It was a procedure, I guess, done about a million
times a year, and I was out of the hospital
in 2 1/2 days, and I’ve felt better ever since. So we’ve been back
on the campaign trail, knock on wood…
-Yeah, absolutely. -…full-time
for the last couple of weeks. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Are you — In general, are you a pretty
healthy guy, or not really? -That was what is amazing. I mean, I — Thank God,
I have been incredibly healthy. When I was a kid,
I was a long-distance runner. I was a good athlete. So when they told me
I had a heart attack, I literally
could not believe it, because, you know, I have had
so much endurance and strength throughout
my whole body. But, you know, in retrospect, and maybe this is a message
I want to convey, listen to some of the symptoms
that were taking place. I was getting tireder
than I usually was. -Yeah.
-So… -Is it stress?
Are we all too stressed out? I feel like you read
in the papers today, everyone is so stressed out. People who live in my building
are so stressed out. Everyone I run into
in the streets, stressed out. -We are stressed out.
-Yeah. -People are, for a variety
of reason, political reasons, people are worried
about their kids. People are worried about
the environment. People are worried
about money. And yeah, we do live in — People work
incredibly long hours. I don’t know if you know. We
work some of the longest hours of any people in the world. So stress is a huge, huge issue. -Did your wife say anything
to you after the heart attack? Did she say, “Hey, Bernie,
maybe let’s rethink –” -Well, she — She was in Vermont,
and I was in Las Vegas. She didn’t sleep all that night. She got onto the first plane
that she possibly could and got to Las Vegas
as soon as she could. She has hardly left me
out of her sight since. [ Laughter ] -Yeah. Well, I saw you — You definitely came back
pretty quickly, ’cause we have —
We have a clip of you on the basketball court
just last week. And this is for real. Take a look at this thing. [ Cheers and applause ] -Well, that’s a long basket
though, right? -Yes.
-[ Laughs ] -Oh, my God. Now — [ Cheers and applause ] You think you can do that again
while we continue the interview? -Why not? -Let’s do it, buddy. Come on. [ Cheers and applause ] Alright. Now, this — This is
a free-throw challenge. I’m gonna ask you some questions
while shooting, and then you will have
to answer them while shooting. -While shooting.
-Okay, yeah. Should I go first,
maybe see if you beat me? -There you go. -I’m not that good, actually. Alright, good.
[ Audience “aw”s ] [ Cheers and applause ] -Alright. Well, now you’re
getting serious about — -Yeah, yeah. -Alright. [ Cheers and applause continue ] [ Audience “aw”s ] [ Cheers and applause ] -Alright, before we continue —
Wait, hold on a second. Before we continue,
out of any of the candidates, who would be your —
Do you have any VP picks? -There’s some great people
out there, but it’s a little bit premature. First of all, I’m going
to have to win the nomination. -Okay. Alright. Okay. -You got me all excited
about playing basketball. [ Laughter ] -Here, you can go back there.
Do you think — You already beat me, right?
[ Laughter ] Let me see if I get one shot. -There you go.
-Alright, I got one. [ Cheers and applause ] [ Audience “aw”s ] ♪♪ [ Audience “aw”s ] -Do you think that you have
a real shot at this? -Do we have a real shot?
Yes, we do. I think — There you go.
[ Cheers and applause ] [ Cheers and applause ] -One more. Shoot one more. -Alright.
-Finally, this time next year, will you be President
of the United States? -Why not?
[ Cheers and applause ] -Aw. Come on. Don’t dunk it, please. [ Cheers and applause ] -Senator Bernie Sanders,
everybody! Katherine Langford joins us
after the break! Stick around! [ Cheers and applause ] [ Both speak indistinctly ]

100 Replies to “Jimmy Shoots Free-Throws with Senator Bernie Sanders

  1. I am speaking to all the black in here. Wake up before it's too late once again. The last time black follow a white into socialism we were slaughtered and left like animals. Body swamped with flies. Let's forget Jim Jones by rejecting Bernie Sanders and his cult followers. They're taking us down a long stiff unreturnable road once more.
    Look at who's trying to fool us, a bunch of whites telling blacks what's best for us. Reject them!
    They're speaking directly to blacks here. How dumb do they think we are.
    We see the truth yet they feel that we are so low they can let us view it, read it, listen to it but in there minds they give us b.s. and explain that what we know is the truth is actually a lie. As blacks we don't know what's good for us.
    Black people wake the fuck up. What in hell do we have to lose!

  2. What Bernie doesn’t mention when he’s talking about his heart surgery is that his fast and good care is a product of the American Healthcare systems. If he were in any of those socialist countries he loves talking about, he would have had to wait, it would not have been fast and it would not have been quality.

  3. Wooof. You believe this old fart can survive a year of President? He is just upping his free ride pension. Loving those food lines.

  4. Why have Sander's on any screen? He was busted taking Oligarch big money to influence the election again! He sent Ted Divine and Paul Manifort to Russia for the $$$$$ The two were busted on the return in N.Y and are in Prison. Sander's had to pay a big fine under weak U.S law which he did the week after his 27.00 a pop fundraiser. Don't allow another criminal the White House.

  5. Man, how dope would it have been if Bernie dunked it. Sad to say, but that may have clinched the nomination right there if he did

  6. “I endorse Hillary Clinton.”
    You should all feel betrayed. I won’t forget those words left his mouth. Only thing I’d want him nominated for is assasination.

  7. The commie tip toe I survived because I'm a senator but your kids will they receive the ….lol commie gobbledygook our smarter grandparents warned us against
    ..they appeal to your apparent needs and castrate you thus forth

  8. meanwhile trump legitimately holds the believe that working out depletes your internal biological batteries, thus he has refused to ever work out…

  9. I can handle that Bernie is honest. I believe his ideas are wrong. But I really respect his genuine care to do what’s good for the people. But I believe his ideas could lead to a road of eventually going a Stalin like person into power. I don’t know why he thinks the way he does. Even forever ago when he saw people in bread lines in Venezuela, he said it was a good thing. It’s such an extremely different view point from me but some people are ok with not being free I guess.

  10. Bernie is going to take tens of millions of dollars from you suckers and funnel it through another recently incorporated ad buyer, or other vendor, which is owned by his friends. Just like he did with "Old Towne Media" in 2016. Because paying ad buyer commissions to Jane and her daughter directly doesn't help Bernie's phony anti-crony image.

  11. Imagine the number of billionaires crying if Bernie got elected.
    Unfortunately for Americans, they don't really have a real choice in the matter.
    Joe Biden has already been nominated the vote count doesn't really mean anything in their system.

  12. God bless you Bernie Sanders you are the only thing or restoring hope in America. Even when people don't agree with you they respect you. I never trust people that don't I like Bernie Sanders and I never trust people that don't like dogs

  13. And what ……….
    dump the trump
    Bernie is the one HC should have campaign at VP with him ( dont hate just saying ) that would have been a great ticket and we would not have been it’s the mess we are now in with a……. DT…..

    Just sayin

  14. Bernie was on one my flights a few months back, the gate agent tried to give him an upgrade but he declined, sitting in the last row.

  15. Bernie Sanders has dual US/ Israeli citizenship. It's bad enough that so many in congress have this conflict of interest. No President should have dual citizenship with Israel.

  16. “Are you healthy?”
    “Ya, used to run and be a great athlete”
    Exercise isn’t enough my sweet prince, diet is king.

  17. He seems like a pretty chill dude:) tbh though, socialism has failed every time its been tried. I kinda wish good intentions meant good policies.

  18. Bernie, heart of a true winner. Can miss a shot and take it in stride and get it at the next shot. Bernie 2020 is the only real deal. Can be shot down and betrayed (2016) but he is back again. Has a heart attack but is back in the fray of politics. It is obvious when you look at his career.

  19. I disagree with most of his ideas, but at least he is honest about implementing them. Meanwhile Elizabeth Warren believes that free money comes from thin air. Yang or bust.

  20. Usually I hate this kind of silly stuff because there's no substance and its just all look at me, I'm like you regular people. But, in Bernie's case, who is nothing but substance 24/7 and sometimes comes off curmudgeonly because of his natural tone and gravelly voice (he really isn't, he's just very passionate, and angry how corruption in politics has killed the middle class), it's kind of nice in Bernie's case to see a lighter side from him, because we know in his case, its not fake .

  21. I'm old enough to remember when communiam was realized by almost all americans as the destructive, impoverishing force it truly it is, instead of some bullshit this geezer is selling… And I'm not that old.

  22. You can always trust someone that’s athletic!!! Because It’s mostly the assholes that don’t have one athletic bone in there body that come up with cowardly ways to get out of there problems. I have more faith in someone who’s athletic and will attack their problems head on.

  23. Hopefully Bernie will eat better, I've seen many people blaming stress until is too late, and people that take on their bad habits and get waaay better.

  24. You know what would truly help ppl who are stressed out? Universal basic income. I was a former bernie bro, but yang is the future.

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