Jim Jordan speaks out on his possible move to House Intel Committee

Jim Jordan speaks out on his possible move to House Intel Committee

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  1. 3:10 To clarify something about "the president is in charge". He is in charge ONLY of the executive. There are 3 branches of government and Congress authorized the military aid to Ukraine.

  2. Jim Jordan is one of the most irritating drama queens in the Republican party. Matt Gaetz also fills that bill. They and most of the rest of the Congressional Republicans are out and out liars. Here's their changing theme: "There was no quid pro quo…..okay there was a quid pro quo, but it's not impeachable." Since when was extortion not a crime? Since when was the president using the government and American tax dollars for his own personal benefit not a crime? They aren't just liars. They're incredible hypocrites. What does Trump have on them? Are a lot of them getting funds funneled to them from Russia? If Hillary Clinton had done a fraction of what Trump's pulled they would have killed her and already had her six feet under. And to all you naive people who claim that Mueller's report showed no collusion and obstruction, you're basing that on something TRUMP said, again and again and again. The problem is it's just not true. Try reading the Mueller report. More than 900 federal prosecutors signed a letter stating that the evidence for obstruction outlined in the 2nd half of the Mueller was absolutely indictable. Right now Barr is protecting him. After he leaves office he can be charged and should. And just wait until Trump is compelled to have his taxes come out. It's going to tell you all a whole different story about the con-man now taking up space in the White House.

  3. This man is a joke !! So stupid ..all you bigots do is lie and fill ignorant bigoted white people with lies …..whites are so ignorant ..Trump is going to prison !! Period …..all they say is leak …everyone's fault except Trump

  4. Questions to all those who are giving trump the green light to behave that way. Would you accept your child's teacher to behave that way in their classroom? Be honest. If trump was so concerned with Ukrainian corruption, why the ONLY investigation he is calling for is on the Bidens? If Biden wasn't running for president, would trump care about corruption in Ukraine? (when he himself is so sick and corrupt?) Why then did he have Ambassador Ivanovich fired when her job was to investigate corruptions in Ukraine? That doesn't make sense. And to show his arrogance, trump made that call to the Ukrainian new president on the very next day after the Mueller report. It seems like he is saying, "I got away with the Russia investigation with NO consequences, and I'll do it again! One more observation: Why would a call that trump claimed was PERFECT be hidden in a CLASSIFIED system? For the vote authorizing the House an investigation, not one republican leader stood on the side of right, to the America they took an oath to serve. One man stood in their way and they sold their soul to him. How sad.

  5. There will be no impeachment .Period.This man has done nothing wrong.This is the cry baby democratic garbage party being typical sore scumbag losers.Anybody in their right minds can see what is going down.They cannot and will not beat Trump.And they know it.Trump haters,,,, you hate America.And if your democratic garbage party wins,,, you will really be scared.

  6. The Democrats have started a political war that in the end they will regret. They just cannot stop making THEMSELVES LOOK BAD!!!! And the Democrats by themselves can never convict and remove ANY sitting President. It has to be a bipartisan conviction and they are not going to get that in the Senate. This witch hunt chapter 6 is going to end in utter failure and switch MANY Democratic voters to Republican which is already happening.

  7. I wish Donald McDonald would just obey the law. Everything would be just fine if he obeyed the law and didn't seek to make a spectacle as he does. He's a drama llama and it isn't good for our country.

  8. Fine, if you don’t want to give whistleblowers their rightful protections then the only alternative is for the American people to learn the truth through the inevitability of confidential leaks being reported by the reputable media. In the end, the truth will always win out.

  9. @ 2:58 – Stop saying “The” Ukraine. It’s just Ukraine. Or, at least say, “former ambassador to The France (or the Germany, or the Spain, etc.). I realize old Soviet-day habits are hard to break but you guys really need to do a better job of this, after almost thirty years of the fact.

  10. Jim Jordan is without question one of the biggest "do nothing" congressmen in the entire body. All these many years in there and he has never written a bill that ever was enacted. Of course he hasn't proposed but a few of them. A total slacker.

  11. Start confronting the dems AGGRESSIVELY…Do not go soft on them! The time is RIPE to investigate…expose and sue the democrats…Expose what happened during the obama administration!!!


  13. When the Ukraine story line implodes, Schiff will be ready with whistle blowers from Montenegro, New Guinea and the future colony on Mars to prove that they colluded with Trump to steal the 2016 election. When THOSE story lines implode, he is ready to trot out Trump himself to testify that he colluded with himself to win the election. You heard it here first, folks.

  14. Faux News …entertainment for the undiscerning. The truth is MIA here. Jim Jordan knows those meetings were bipartisan. Republicans also know the whistle blowers complaints were corroborated by first hand witnesses. No republicans could defend the presidents actions and hardly had anything to say in those investigative hearings. Rudy Colludy, Lev and Igor = Firtash and friends. Rudy was bamboozled. Blame Barr And DOJ for ignoring whistle blower TWICE. that's when he went to congressional staff and asked what should I do? My fellow Americans…Please seek other sources of news. This is entertainment.

  15. Why are they allowed to move forward. This must stop now. They are not authorized. Dems have gone rogue and illegitimate no longer recognized as government. They have become enemy of the people

  16. Jim Jordan is such a blowhard. If GOP was still in charge of house we'd still be on e-mails.

    GOP tactic now will be to deny and attack any one who is not worshipping Furher Trump.

  17. jim, you're literally fighting a giant pedophile ring. major corporations ARE involved. people need to get justice and we need to see it or we're going to seek it our god damned selves.

  18. Our planet is dying and robots are taking all the jobs but you just stay out to lunch tracking down what our idiot president tweeted. I cant believe this is the world you're leaving us.

  19. How about giving the tax payers a refund from the Democrats pockets for wasting our money for this stupid stupid nonsense

  20. How can you trust this man Jorden he is dirty let kids get hurt and didn’t say a thing that’s why he so with Trump they are dirty old men

  21. Hypocrites, Hypocrites, hypocrites, it's a conflict of interest if Joe Biden son is on a board getting high. But it's not a conflict of interest, if the president has his family serving under him in the White House?

  22. I agree. Ukraine is corrupt. Then who really cares if they start ANY investigation? Makes no sense to ask them for that type of favor. That favor wouldn't be worth anything. So stupid.

  23. Gym wants to help his team. What a joke!
    The sloppy man who seems to not own a suite coat, who knew what was happening in locker rooms and did nothing.
    And you want to think he is credible?

  24. He needs to stop slouching and sit-up straight like a true American. He looks like a commie right now. Dang boomers never learned anything from the greatest generation.

  25. Well no it didn't get started there… Its been a total cover up from the BEGINNING to overthrow our country… To cover up corruption and manipulated the fall of America…. Well these individuals will be brought in front of the treason and tyranny act….these ill games are in the light now! Their time is at hand and it's about time! The corruption press has some answering to do ! But they will be the last feel the effect…..misleading the American people manipulative measures to distort and cover up their bosses and their affiliation…….explain that to your kids when other kids are being kidnapped and murdered protecting powerful pedophilia crimes…you folks are a real F'n jewel contributing to this sickness…when it happened to your kid don't come crawling for help!…..remember you created the narrative….you folks are a real door prize! No one wants!

  26. The Republican party just died today.If the Rep.senators had a back bone and JUST SAID NO TO TRUMPER THIS WOULDNT HAPPEN .BUTT TRUMPSTER DUPED YA ALL!!!!!

  27. Gym… hey Gym… up here… yeah, look up here… that's RIGHT… you remember me… we made direct eye contact while you drove those nails through my hands and feet… hey Gym… I can see your house from here.

  28. Why are there no charges of sedition being leveled against the Deep State, Media and Democrat orchestrators of the attempted coup on the President?

  29. Democrats are ENEMIES of this country. They need to be removed from office and put in prison. God BLESS 🙏 Jim Jordon🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍

  30. Before the 2020 Presidental is decided, should Lindsey Graham respectfully step down his position as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, to allow another Senator who is willing to subpoena witnesses in the Senate so the American people can find out what was going on during the Russia Collusion investigation and the explain the extent of the corruption taking place in Ukraine?

  31. Adam Schiff cannot look anyone in the eyes when he speaks. His eyes dart up, down, and always away. I don't trust anyone who can't look me in the eyes when they speak. It usually shows dishonesty or extreme insecurity. My feeling is that is it dishonesty.

  32. Committee in fact all of Congress could use some intelligence.
    “Imagine you were an idiot. Imagine you were in Congress. But I repeat myself.”
    Mark Twain

  33. The House doesn't need the one Jim Jordan it's got now, let alone more. Backward neanderthal…. trump's fu<led, and he'll take Jordan and the rest of those moronic equivocators down with him. Unless the GD Russians screw with '20 as successfully as they screwed up '16….

  34. Jordan, see no evil, hear no evil speak no evil. No wonder he didn't see students abused under his watch. Ask those students if he knew.

  35. Hey Jim… written answers isn't going to fly from the whistleblower, but it seemed to be OK for Tiny Hands in the Muller report. Double standard, anyone? When are the Conservatives going to smarten up and get rid of the red-headed "stable Genius" con man? I can't believe what's going on, I think the Republican Party is going to go down with the Titanic called Trump. I pray not… I fear great harm to the country. Please guys, grow a spine and stand up to this bully dictator wannabe!

  36. That is only fair !! Bug eye Schiff bragged for 3yrs about having positive info of Trumps guilt.  I  want to see him swearing on the hot seat for a change. Show us the proof. He should be in jail for lying to the public. He was HIRED to work for the people of this country. He wasnt hired to tell lies an run scams.

  37. Go J. J.

    Hope he does get to the Intel committee to question the whiny babies who don't like DJT.

    He will make mince meat of them.

    He's like a fox terrior. Whip smart, boundless energy and tenacious.

    Keep up the good fight J. J. and the other good guys on your team.


  38. No, this didn't start with the white blower, this started with Biden's and corruption with Ukraine! Watch the Glenn Beck specials on Ukraine and you will see what you need to see!

  39. What a pathetic cowardly philandering dumb ugly American Trump is. He epitomises all that is bad and wrong with America. Whatever happened to God Bless America?

  40. Don't know how Jim Jordan could be put on an intelligence committee, when he is obviously personally lacking in that department. Quite odd that it was ok with republicans if the orange imbecile only answered written questions but it's an outrage if a whistleblower does. Does the term hypocrite mean anything to republicans, nope.

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