Jersey City Shooting Leaves Officer Shot In Head | MSNBC

Jersey City Shooting Leaves Officer Shot In Head | MSNBC

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  1. I can't imagine how a "swat team" wouldn't check to see if there would be people inside the Deli. This has to be the worst job police have done on camera since Rodney King. I understand the guys upset about their partner but a "swat team" exchanging fire for an hour with hostages in a Deli?

  2. Remember when we used to get cell phone footage of incidents like this. What happened to that video ever since the Las Vegas thing happened you don’t get to see that no more. Not that we want to see carnage but that’s how we catch them lying.

  3. It looks like those hardcore gun control laws are working great, this is what liberals love, they love being victims of crime at their surrounded by and when something happens they can spend 10 to 20 minutes waiting for the cops to show up what losers

  4. Love the upbeat tempo they give us after a major shooting ( YouTube recommend I guess) but I feel ok going to there channel afterwards……… NOT!!!

  5. Jersey has some of the MOST restrictive gun laws in the country, so that tells me that banning guns will NOT keep anyone safe. On a similar note, imagine if Jersey wasn't so restrictive with their gun laws, I'm sure lives would have been saved and this wouldn't have gone on as long as it did. Practice the 2nd Amendment! Don't give up your rights OR your guns! Make them pry them from your cold, dead hands!

  6. Don't forget cops in Miami used civilians as human shields and murdered hostages in cold blood, but not like the news will speak on that.

  7. The hate the Democrats are spewing is increasing the violence in this once great country.?
    Trying to impeach an elected president. It'd be nice getting along, would start with pelosi and shiff ??????

  8. The laundry list of "common sense" guns laws passed have not change the amount of crime. The left wing's ineptitude is staggering and does not stop what it proposes. What is the next thing the left will advocate for an absolute police state for safety. There is no gun control, Sweden itself has experienced waves of shooting this past year. The left needs to get real.

  9. Shoot the criminal dead so taxpayers wont have to carry him for the next 30 years….and dummies will think twice before doing a gun crime

  10. We have been teaching children that they are nothing but evolved pond scum for years. It is no wander that they are now treating each other like pond scum.

  11. Want to solve the gun violence problem? Tell Democrats to lay down their weapons. These aren't NRA Republicans shooting up Democrat ghettos and barrios.


  13. The shooters must have had PLENTY of ammunition strapped to them because they fired rounds for hours! And a uhaul w explosives, This is not just another drug deal gone bad..

  14. But the gun laws are so strict in N J. Maybe its not the guns but the people instead hmm. Shooters were hispanic liberala cant blame Trump in fact Trump would excecute them on the spot if he could. Go Trump 2020

  15. Man. My uncle is a cop and was called in, also the officer who was killed was Joe Seals, my father knew him. Im agnostic so my religious beliefs arent strong, despite this I can tell you that I prayed to every incarnation of a higher being out there for the safety of not only my family that lives in jersey city, but for any other civilian or officer whos life was at risk.

  16. 23 three minutes of an empty uninformative news and 15 minutes of a blow hard air head no wonder they fail at being a real news outlet.

  17. Fake story….why haven't any official or news outlet mention bombs…and why did they report it was a drug deal gone wrong….is this a false flag?

  18. all the cops in this video are very overweight, they're ballistic vests dont look like they're covering much. how about some PT guys???

  19. I feel like the officer being shot in the head in the title is tasteless and disrespectful. Then again, this is msnbc. Anything for a view.

  20. This LOCAL news story is blowing up my feed because AG Barr just set the record straight on NBC about the IG report. I'm trying to help you people in a bubble. What you believe/hope will happen will not. The past admin was very bad and will be punished. This is good for you and for all of us.

  21. this happens EVERY NIGHT in Camden and Newark!!!!…..they Refuse to cover it, because it PROVES their far left agenda gun grabbing pro immigrant agenda Wrong!!!!

  22. Thank you lord Jesus master for teaching me to be in pray for everyone Jews your promise is on my heart spirit loves you everyone

  23. Oops…the shooters were members of the Black Hebrew Israelites. NOT white supremists or NRA members. I feel for the police, and innocent people along with their families. However, I don't feel bad for the woke media that didn't get the narrative affirmation they were hoping for.

  24. Breaking news! Once we found out it was a couple of black isrealites that committed this hate crime, we will ignore this and continue to spread hate on behalf of trump because that is the narrative now, a big nothing here…..just move along

  25. Where's the part about the shooters being black Hebrew Israelites?? Oops MSNBC left that part out. Doesn't fit the Democriminal narrative huh? Let's see an in depth story on the shooter's background, who they associate with, what their motivation was. How about it MSNBC? Equal and fair coverage? Hah. What a joke.

  26. This domestic terror group, the Black Hebrew Israelites, was the same group that was taunting the Covington Catholic school kids… your Savannah Guthrie took their side and said the kid standing there was wrong!

  27. Oh look 1000 cops for 2 guys. The incompetent government doing their best in a gun free zone. Liberal cities deserve every one of these crazies that shoot it up because they fear no repercussions from the law abiding citizens

  28. Committed by a member of black Hebrew Israelites who, if I’m not mistaken, we’re the same group that started the confrontation in DC with the kid wearing a MAGA hat and the indian guy

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