19 Replies to “Jerry West On Kobe Bryant’s Death: ‘This Is Most Horrible Days Of Our Life’

  1. My idol Kobe Bryant is dead. What the fuck? I still don’t believe he’s dead man. He’s a legend and very respectful. One more, legend will leave forever🥺🥺. Damnit!!!!!!

  2. Yes, Kobe is a legend in the sports world but what about the other people? We are all precious and priceless in God’s eyes. Let just pray for the families of all who perished in this incident and all others that didn’t make media headlines. Peace and love to all John 3:16.

  3. No guarantees in life you’re guaranteed and death that is truly a guarantee unfortunate that is good man family man outside of basketball lost his life for such a young age may you both rest in peace in the cradle of the Almighty’s arms

  4. R.i.p Kobe B. We all going to die dummies so today its his turn n the people who die along with him. Tomorrow who knows, death can knock on your door without you knowing. But Kobe got sacrificed it was predicted in the cartoons. Open your fucking eyes Illuminati is real stick with Jesus and Jehovah God peace , n then when you die you don't have to worry about shit. But if you served Satan your pissed when you die man. Your in trouble with Jehovah boii

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