Jenna ‘Irritated’ By Mom-Shaming Of Meghan Markle | TODAY

Jenna ‘Irritated’ By Mom-Shaming Of Meghan Markle | TODAY

100 Replies to “Jenna ‘Irritated’ By Mom-Shaming Of Meghan Markle | TODAY

  1. Please look at this picture. How in the world the paparazzi. Invade the privacy of Meghan. ? The two man behind who supposedly protect her. Are doing their own stuff. Meghan herself seam to have a pause. Smiling. And looking straight in the direction of who was taking her picture. All this is B S. Fake like everything about her.

  2. Her son is growing up fast. He is going to just like his father. I support Meghan and all mothers because it is the hardest job on earth. It seems to me that her son just fell asleep and at various times she corrected his posture.

  3. That kid already looks like an adolescent slapped onto her chest! Hoolie, he’s a giant!! Somethings weird that they don’t want him shown too much!

  4. Hmmm, mom shaming? Well, as a new mother, if you didn't want or ask for suggestions or advice from your doctors, mothers and/or grandmothers or family, and you're obviously making mistakes, how are you to know right from wrong unless someone points out the errors and educates you? If she's nurturing, she'll listen. If not, she'll remain Mommy Meghan Dearest.

  5. The Duchess has to learn to not read the comment sections on social media. Stay away from the trolls bc they are shameless and horrible. They hide behind their computer and cell phone screens where they feel enbolden enough to spit out their poison.

  6. All you mothers who decide to Mama Shane her how about this mind your own business. Her son was in a harness that was made for baby so stop mother shaming her cuz there's a bunch of people who might go and Mama shame you how would that feel it won't feel good

  7. Your kidding me???!!!!! That's a bloody doll people!!! Those legs are just flopping on that doll. No weight to those legs at all. If she was carrying an 8 month old baby, kids that age are heavy! The straps would be dug into her shoulders. One strap is falling off her shoulder. Come on and get real!!!! 👎👎👎

  8. Why should I be obligated to "lift up" Meghan Markle just because she's a woman and a mother. Millions of us are mothers and it's good to question yourself sometimes. Markle needs to do it more of it in my opinion and regarding more issues than how to carry a baby.

  9. Stop stupidity! Expand your brain. Treat everyone as human , do not judge others by melanin content in skin, eyes, hair. We are human first before titles, rank given by bunch of mobs.

  10. Had to pause this video just to clarify the issue. Questioning whether or not a life-sized doll is a real baby is not "mom-shaming." It's the quest for truth. We have now seen Baby Archie (or a child who has been presented as Baby Archie) in the home of Archbishop Desmond Tuto of South Africa. That child was active, lively, smiling, standing up and nearly ready to walk. "The thing in the sling" during the walk in a public park never moved its head, had a lifelessly dangling leg, and either could not breathe or didn't need to. Was it drugged or was it sewn and stuffed with cotton? When viewers legitimately question why a grown woman is walking around in public with a doll around her neck, please don't call it "mom-shaming." Call it fakery under scrutiny.

  11. Meghan have haters which envy drives them to tear her down but we are in great number all over the globe who love and pray for her. That no matter what they've do we keep on eye on them too. We were going to smashed you haters for the damage you are causing her. We hate you too!

  12. Queen is unwell.
    Nice one harry and Rachel (aka megan)

    This has been validated… I know what this woman says in this is true…I don't know her sources?

  13. They wanted to leave England because the paprazzi did not chase her like they do here. They love the publicity, good or bad. Jenna, get a clue.

  14. Sometimes I wonder as to origins of news. There was a clip of Charles doing a weather report in Britain and he was joking, "Who writes this stuff?"! Is someone sending the two to Canada as a prank? It gets mighty cold up there. And Canada's winters last a long time every year. IF they're emigrating to Canada (on their own), do they know what they're getting into? If paparazzi are the nuisance, then those long winters will definitely be an impediment. Other things are (only) concerns for Ottawa and D.C.. (Canada voted to remain with the United Kingdom.)

  15. Hey look closely at the baby it has 3 legs OMG what an odd thing is this why MM is hiding Archie from the public? 😊

  16. Give me a break !!! You are insulting Meghan intelligence !!! She was 33 , well educated , been married , had carrier , was financially well off , when she married into Royal family . She work hard to get close to Harry and use some Brits in to do so . She oped to showcase her black side and close out her father side for her benefit . But she miscalculate !!! She thinks like a American !!! Brits are not going for this phony baloney and lost the respect for her .She choose Hollywood to be her guests at her wedding with big fat Oprah . Thanks to God and smart Queen Obamas were not invited . She would have a circus instead of classy ceremony .

  17. Don’t be fooled people Meghan probably informed the media that she’s going for a walk with baby and dogs … don’t you think it strange that a photographer just happened to be in that park at the same time as her ???? Think about it

  18. Those trying to be the best mama teacher
    Have they not heard or read that Mary and Joseph lost Jesus Christ?
    It is written in the Bible for a reason.
    So please go take off the big wood in your eyes before you come to take of the speck in Meghan’s or my eyes

  19. I have news for you Meghan you will be photographed everywhere and anywhere you go as you married into Royalty what do you expect huh?!!!! You want a Private Life well you wont anymore and you knew that heck a 6 year old would know that geez!!!!!!

  20. Social media has made it easier for people to be mean and nasty to complete strangers, especially celebrities. No, you don't OWN people just because they're famous! Kudos to Jenna for calling people out who can't get over Meghan and her family moving and trying to find a new job, like so many people do. (And don't feel sorry for Meghan's family. Her dad is flat-out trying to make money off her and gets mad when she won't play his game.)

  21. This is awesome. Just leave William and Megan alone to raise the son wherever they want. I really don't know how I would live with alllllll this media attention. It's insane.

  22. But she was carrying him wrong she needs a sling or wrap that would have been more suitable. There is nothing wrong with criticism when it’s helpful advice. She’s a new mom…

  23. She must be doing something really right because he is a very healthy happy baby ! He was sound asleep so he feels protected with his mommy holding him that way . Couldnt someone have taken the dog leashes for her ???? Archie must be very heavy and she is a tiny person . I love the pics of them as a family . I wish them many blessings and much happiness in Canada . British Columbia is a very beautiful province and her people so kind .

  24. That's not why they left. They left to have the right when the media does invade their privacy/worst make racial comments about her, she/they can punch back which she couldn't do in the so-called royal family, but sit back and except being dehumanized. There's a difference.

  25. If you have a producer husband but still cannot give you leading roles in Hollywood… Leave him. Maybe now she can have leading roles in Hollywood with a prince husband. What a lowly life.. Maybe they both are alike… When you also turn your back to your family and duty for your country for a lowly kind of woman. Are advertisements and project coming out for them? I think it will just make the nice product or company or charity institutions disgusting for having them.

  26. Who cares what Jenna Bush thinks about ANYTHING. she is from a bloodline that has had thousands killed from JFK to Afhgan, to 9-11…

  27. Hipocrites! All of you tv hosts know how the paparazzi works and how to avoid it. This is a narcississtic psycopath that set up this shoot. She arranged it, why did she tell her security detail to take off their knit hats? Could it be because it would ruin rhe pics that she took time to set up? She is a controlling freak. She slept with Matt Laur to get spots on the tpday show. She also slept with Harvey Weinstein to bolster her so called career. She dated Epsteins nephew and spent many times on epstein island. Now because ya'll are all on the libtard adventure your goung to support one of your own. This is why your ratings are tanking. We would rather watch real news. Tell us what you really think not what your told to think!

  28. Her security didn't look like they eere concerned with her safety and shes got that same sinister smurk on her face. If she was in danger her security would be in front springing into action. Not posing for pics by taking off the snow hats when merching markle yold them to. Look it up. She turned around and told them to remove their hats and they did it for the video shot. She sets everything up for publicity.

  29. I get it. Its part of their job this Paparazzi to sell picture and be the first on headlines. But one thing i dont understand why this poeple so important that in fact they are freaking nothing. They are humans like us they fart it smells, they eat,they die. Same thing. They are rich most of us poor. They are famous most of us not but in the eyes of God wea are all equal. No king and queen, prince or princess. Last thing, this people doesnt help us pay our bills and doesnt care about us. And cant change and solve the problem in the freaking world. They do charity for appearance and publicity as we all know. They are fake. You think if someone will come and ask help they will help you in anyway?… No freaking way. So people, paparazzi let the m live the way they want and stop bothering them for you are not getting any gold meadal and get famous after. So frustrating.😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  30. Mom-shaming…but in reality Meghan should have had her guards holding the dog's leashes and instead focused on properly holding Archie…true…he is dangling like a stuffed toy or something….goodness.

  31. She was with her child and her dogs of course she was smiling ! The paparazzi were using long lens cameras to get that picture There are laws in Canada about stalking people just leave them along ! # ❤ I STAND WITH THE SUSSEX # ❤ STOP THE BULLYING ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  32. From royal walk to dog walk. Meghan Markle is a narc! She has destroyed a prince and made him a serf!

    She has been on camera half her life as an actress! She has even bared her body for so called TV episodes. Her claim to privacy ia hypocritical!

  33. olivia wonderful  She has been on camera half her life as an actress! She has even bared her body for so called TV episodes. Her claim to privacy ia hypocritical!

  34. To all those in these united states of america. Let me be the voice of reality.racism is alive and kicking dont be fooled by the little bit of advancement and freedom we as afro americans now enjoy. By all means and rationality the black man in america is not being assimalated into the white population as conviently as the black women in this modern day slavery we now endure. Charlie williams

  35. Sjlhe holding her baby correctly come on why you all just carrying on and on its terrible to put a fellow woman downnyou are disgraceful.. let her be now.

  36. They cam out as politcally far left…. Look at hillary and trump… At least they get it…. M an h think they r special…. They have not publically thanked the british rf for the beautiful expensive weddong… Their friend said on tv there was more to come… Sorry… I do not feel sorry for either one of them… Well i feel sorry that they have everthin on their finrtips and have no clue how to enjoy it… They choose devisive politics… The british royal wadding was evan americanized and political… It was in poor taste althought the church and bride were beatiful… The theme was political… It was for meghan to adopt britan.. Not britan to adopt america… Very unsophistcated.. Very in ur face.. I still gave her a chance…. Then she spoke out on abortion.. Then flying private jets while harry said we use plastic on vacation… How mant people come to our countries and use plastic???? Very hipocritical… Then calling white people unconciously biased and tbeir friends implying racism… I am an adult white person.. I am not unconsciously biased… Im so removed from race ill be happy to move to an island where im judged for me and not the color of my skin… Less than 1 persent of white people oned a slave in history.. Arabs owned slaves for 1500 years… Carribean and soulth americare had beond far mor slaves than the us… 8000 free black me owned slaves.. Black people owned slaves… It was the elite mostly or power hungry… It was not whit people inherantly… Not one bit…
    Aborting is something millions of wemen regret…. But dont say it because they r ashamed…

    Mand h have a very narrow view of politics… I expected a prince to be well educated… But found out he was never good in school… I know meghan went to university.. I believe she is smart but liberals have taken over universities and classical edication is not. Followed anymore…
    With environment, harry should find biodegradable products with his platform…. He does not understand that policy affects what products we use… That is a topic on its own… India china and africa and more are having many children… White in general are having low population today… So harry is very unducated…. But this is what they choose…. I believe they will wish they did it differently one day.. But they r free thank God to make their own choices…

  37. It's all about money. Meghan and Harry's popularity was bringing in tons of money. Of course that will end if they are not there.

  38. She is a mother and she knows best how to take care of her child. We as people are so judgmental about everything.

  39. I’m English married California girl had 3 kids moved to LA,Beverly Hills had everything but only English friends missed UK mates pubs cricket and my job had to return to uk for job,wife had other ideas,I’m staying in California she filed for divorce,California courts favor mother and not disrupting kids 6,8,10yrs schooling so locked them into California until they are 18,so I have to fly 6000m to see them,This Harry Hewitt is exactly what she’s going to do to you once Archiebald sets foot in Cali and there ain’t nothing you can do the minute she files

  40. Speaking of mothers. Harry married a mother figure for a wife. I think that’s what we are seeing here with this relationship. Notice how he turns his back on everyone and does whatever Meghan wants. She is the driving force. She is like the mother he lost.

  41. I just dont get get why she wanted to do that like seriously she should have know the rules you have to follow when u marry a royal…🙄

  42. Jenna & Hoda, who are you kidding you all, AS YOU WOULD SAY, I HATE THAT SAYING. U FEEL JUST LIKE WE ALL,MM is a phony & u know that baby is a doll, tell the truth.

  43. Everybody deserves to feel secure….but I think that Jenna got it right…the mom shaming and the picking on Meghan for every single thing…that's different …it's probably not so much the paparazzi but it's actually the negative comments that really hurt

  44. Meghan Markle is not Black.
    Meghan Markle is not White.
    Meghan Markle is WHACK.
    Key & Peele are WHACK.
    Lenny Kravitz is WHACK.
    They all claim black but they be WHACK

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