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good morning YouTube it is Monday in
August the middle of the summer August 12th to be exact
we’re gonna talk about Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy we’re gonna talk about the
results the case the mystery surrounding and we’re going to get to it right now
guys my Name is DutyRon and I am a retired New York City police Detective I’m on my way into
my office I figured I’d give a 10 or 15 minute a quick video to you guys thank
you to everyone who’s joining thank you to all my patreon supporters and all my
people we’re gonna talk about Jeffrey Epstein the autopsy results are in but
they are not putting them out the chief medical examiner in New York City that
is the chief the actual bigwig who doesn’t conduct daily autopsies buts in
charge of the whole program she conducted her autopsy over the weekend
as I reported would happen expeditiously under the supervision of the FBI and
outside autopsy specialists who’s covered many high-profile cases he was a
chief medical examiner in the 70s and 80s he was there so three separate
people one person one medical examiner conducting the autopsy the results are
in but they’re not keep posting them out that I give it him out to the public the
definitive answer it says probable cause hanging doesn’t
say by suicide nothing is put out there and that’s what has me confused okay
usually Medical Examiner’s as a retired law enforcement guy like myself been
around I have seen many autopsies conducted I’ve been to the auto top
medical examiner’s office day after a homicide occurs or a suspicious death
and I have to go in the autopsy room and witness
actual autopsy being conducted and they always come out with a cause of death
right then and there or shortly thereafter when they conduct the autopsy
which by the way is obviously as you all know not such a great sight to see thank
you to everyone who who is joining in on the premiere again I’m driving so
stability on the on the recording is not going to be great because I’m hitting
bumps and the cameras going all over the place but yes I too now have my my
thoughts my thoughts are I’m a bit confused as to why she wasn’t able to
give a definitive answer suicide by hanging there’s pretty much not any
other circumstances around it surrounding it I don’t know if that
means he was he had signs of being beaten I don’t know if he had signs of
you know any other type of injuries to him
that are not letting them definitively say that he it was the only cause of
death was hanging suicide so we’ll see what happens there’s a lot of things
that are surrounding this alleged suicide you know with why was he alone
why wasn’t he on the 24-hour suicide watch my understanding is that he wasn’t
he was just taken off of that suicide watch just two or three weeks ago there
was he was found on the floor in a cell with injuries that were minor but he was
still found on this floor with injuries that would say that he was suicidal he
was put on suicide watch in that pod in in Manhattan MCC
you basically can’t do anything the ceilings are really low there’s nothing
to hang yourself with there’s no way you could get you can hurt yourself and
you’re putting the Tyvek jumpsuit on that type jumpsuit where it’s you know
you can’t use it to commit any type of assault against yourself there was two
corrections officers that was supposed to be checking on him every 30 minutes
here in this current and the current housing that he was in solo and those
two correctional officers were on severe overtime I spoke about this in my last
video the corrections officers throughout America not just in New York
but the feds the state the local it’s a system that is um definitely they need
more staffing everywhere and it’s not the most desirable job there’s not a lot
of people that are just knocking down their doors to become corrections
officers because they know what the conditions are it’s not pleasant to be a
correctional so I always say to my New York City correction friends how do you
do it I would never want to do that job it’s
it’s really not a pleasant environment to working for the the jailer for the
corrections officer so they’re understaffed
um they definitely acknowledge that there was some type of ball drop where
he was not checked in a 30-minute span and in that 30 minutes this is what the
result was you know I don’t feel that there’s some massive cover-up and a lot
of other people have these conspiracy theories where they think well is it
possible that the Clintons are somebody on the outside some influential yes yes
that’s definitely possible but you need to understand that for that to happen
you need all of the people in the correction facility to be on board with
the big comparative conspiracy theory and I don’t think that dozens upon
dozens of high-ranking corrections officials and jailers would go along
with something like that and you’re talking about murder here guys so look
at the big picture and you know they’ll still be some that
will say yeah they’re you know the political people put out the hit the
everybody down the line including medical personnel in the jail
administrator people who don’t have anything to do with the jailing process
the scheduling people everyone had to be in on on this this hit if you want to
call it that so I don’t I don’t see that happening I’m a realist and you guys can
you know I respect all the comments I respect everybody’s thoughts because
each person is their own individual but I could tell you because I’ve been in
and out of MCC quite a bit over my 20-plus years and many other jails state
local feds I’ve been to barrack Street where they have all the ice detainees
and all the different federal lockup people and it’s not a it’s not an
environment where there’s a mess you know chaos or corruption everything is
documented you know the cameras were there in place but they’re not I guess
maybe I’m thinking maybe for privacy issues they weren’t on on on all the
regular cells don’t forget he was not in protective custody should he have been
in protective custody yes I do feel that he should have been in protective
custody because you want to have this guy
dragged through the trial you want to see the wheels of justice get him but
you know I said this in my previous video I feel that Jeffrey Epstein
because of his past the way he lived the heinous crimes that he committed the
lavish things that he was used to now he’s in an eight-by-eight jail cell the
walls are closing in on him his world is crashing down on him he did not have the
will to probably live he it’s not an environment that somebody like that
would be able to excel in if you will so was he suicidal absolutely he had no
chance of possibly getting out he knew it his lawyer told him where after they
made those attempts we’re not gonna be getting you out until after the end of
this trial he was looking at September of 2020 I think we were talking about
of 2020 or some words to that effect is how long it would take for everyone to
get all of the evidence and all their stuff together so he’s looking at you
know a year plus from now before the thing goes to trial so you know I you
know I don’t know could there’s so many theories there’s so many possibilities
could he have said to his people pay someone to take me out I don’t know you
know these are this would be all be guesswork and it’s all you know not
fully documented we’re not gonna have you know people hiding the autopsy is
going to be the autopsy the FBI the Department of Justice all the people who
are behind law enforcement arms and branches are going to get these reports
and if you think the chief medical examiner for the city of New York is
going to go out and just create a bunch of lies in an autopsy then I mean then
you need to really seriously check yourself they the medical examiner is
not going to now create some false narrative in an autopsy
to just quell everything and make it seem like this guy just killed himself
if he in fact did kill himself by himself without assistance and there was
no further injuries to him that will be come out in that report if in fact he
did have some help and their evidence shows it there in the autopsy or through
the don’t forget the the feds are gonna do their own checks on their people
everybody in that federal correction facility I saw a news report this
morning where the lawyer for the cop the cop that was a his jail cell mate when
he first made that first or he was found in his jail cell the cops lawyer the the
one that was in in the cell with Epstein that everybody says tried to kill him he
said that he was there visiting his client just yesterday in the and the air
was thick it was tense inside the MCC the Manhattan Correctional Center was
you could cut it with a you know his thick you can cut it with a knife the he
said everybody seemed like they were on edge there and because heads are gonna
roll two corrections officers screwed up on their watch whether they made a check
on them within that 30 minute period I don’t know the but it’s we were being
reported that they didn’t so you know there could be many different scenarios
that come into play here but I feel as I keep saying in my videos I I know that
the victims want to have this guy dragged through court so they can tell
their story but there’s a lot of victims that are petrified of testifying or
petrified about reiterating and going over what happened to them and they just
want their civil suits to go forward and get compensation because really at the
end of the day they have to live the rest of their lives with this heinous
crime committed against them as children they should be compensated and really
now that would that is the best thing best-case scenario because a civil suit
does not stop because the defendant has killed himself always been who has been
murdered whatever the case may be the civil case will still go forward and
he’s worth over five hundred million dollars so these these victims will get
their compensation they’ll get their you know they’ll they’ll get something for
the crime that was committed against them monetarily you know I know that a
lot of ladies and a lot of people said you know they want to face their victim
but you know that’s not blanket for all all of these victims and I know this to
be true because a lot of these women are dread having to tell their story and be
up on a stand and you know and some of them want to be empowered and good up
there and I get it I get both sides of it
but we have to deal with with the cards that are on the table right now and the
cards that are on the table is that he’s dead
he has an estate that’s worth over 500 million dollars and you know they these
victims however many there are deserve to be compensated he all of his assets
and all of his money should be liquidated and given to these these are
poor victims these young girls who were victimized who are now adults and that’s
how I feel about it you know there’s many varied opinions in regards to you
know what you know what would have been just but we can’t say shoulda coulda
woulda we have to say this is what happened and it’s a shame that he isn’t
here to be you know for this to be dragged out and you know taxpayers money
is saved by him taking his own life or being killed or whatever the case is and
I feel that you know this is one less monster one less predator that is on the
face of the earth and that makes it this a better place you know all the other
people I feel are still that have you know that have criminality and that were
involved in in his parties and his sex crimes that he committed if there’s
evidence there I said this on the last video they will to will start this is
not going to guarantee them safety I’ll put it to you that way all the documents
that were just released recently named a lot of different scenarios and AW
different people but I want to say thank you to all my patreon supporters all my
people who send me emails and Friends you guys are like a family to me I
really love and respect you thank you to everyone joining in on this live
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