#JeffreyEpstein bail hearing results #BreakingNews #DutyRon

#JeffreyEpstein bail hearing results #BreakingNews #DutyRon

welcome in YouTube welcome to another
Duty Ron a Retired NYPD Detective broadcast here on a Monday we are talking about Jeffrey Epstein the
hedge fund billionaire held on child trafficking sex trafficking charges in
Manhattan federal court Joe Schmoe good to see you hello hey just believe good
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from the mobile hello and a bull good to see you John thank you for joining so
Jeffrey Epstein was brought before a federal judge this morning here in lower
Manhattan and they had a bail hearing to to see if he was a candidate for jail
for bail he is a candidate for jail but definitely not a candidate for bail the federal judge did not rule on it
today it was postponed until Thursday of this week
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here Michelle good to see you how can we have bail with the endless resources he
has at his disposal let me get to it let me get to it guys let me get to it okay
so I’m just sharing really quick on to Twitter let me share on to Twitter real
quick hold on stand and buy a moment let’s see what do I got going on so he
was brought be taught before a federal judge early this morning and for
whatever reason the judge needs another few days to think about it his his
attorney offered up over a hundred million dollars of bail this guy is a
child pedophile this guy is a danger to society they found in his safe
diamonds a hundreds of millions of dollars in cash fake passports with a
different name and his picture on it they were all expired but still it shows
that this guy is into criminal stuff who here who all of us law-abiding citizens
I would never dream of having a fake passport what do you need a fake
passport for and he had residents on his resident listed on the passport
Saudi Arabia what do you need why do you need a passport with a different name
and showing your residency as Saudi Arabia that means that this guy was
planning on clearing getting out of the United States and skipping out on his a
crime said he’s being charged with so it’s a pretty clear no bail for this guy
he’s a Jag along the hip prosecutors described the cash diamonds of a we’re
gonna listen to this live we’re gonna listen to a live news report as it comes
up so I’m gonna have the news playing in the background when it comes on I’m
gonna play it live so he had a fake passport there’s no reason to grant this
scumbag bail this guy is thank you so much Louise thank you so much he’s a bad
egg guys William Jones he’s a bad egg he’s a piece of garbage
this guy belongs nowhere but behind bars he’s a menace to society he’s a danger
to our children he has been committing crimes against
young girls young children for decades he is the lowest form of life I would
not trust him as far as I could throw him this guy is a piece of garbage
hello Bren so good to see you thank you so much Brendan for coming in to the
broadcast guys please please share on to your social media share the broadcast to
Facebook share it Bill Clinton as well I I mean I don’t put Clinton in and is the
same category as this guy but he definitely is a dirtbag as well but I
don’t you know for me I’m concentrating on this person and not anybody else this
guy is the lowest form of life he’s the lowest form of life hello Kerry good to
see you he’s not only a bad egg as I’m sure will
be really revealed he’s much more than a bad egg Prince Mark Sawyer Roger is good
to see you thank you for joining Margie always a pleasure to have you in on the
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welcome into New York City the United States always a pleasure to have our
friends from Israel in on the broadcast Thank You Black Rose thank you so much
so I’m waiting for the live news report on the Jeffrey Ebstein’s but basically
Jeffrey Epstein is been denied bail at this time right now he’s in a federal
penitentiary he’s in the federal lockup and his bail has been denied he is going
to be brought before the court again on Thursday and on Thursday the judge will
hopefully make his ruling Mattie Sully I got to talk to you on the phone after
this broadcast so please if you can let me give you a buzz after I’m done with
this broadcast I need to talk to you about something
Stephanie Eliot good to see your love and respect from the duty Ron family
great to see you Stephanie thank you for joining I know you are down and I think
Georgia you’re down south where it’s hot and muggy that’s for sure
both Trump and Clinton attended Jeffrey interesting parties in the 90s with
young teenagers that’s a fact well if that can be proven and they committed
crimes they should both be in jail so I’m hoping that there there isn’t
evidence against our president but if there is he will be he should be put in
jail as far as I’m concerned I have no tolerance for anybody that is abusive to
children women you know underaged of age any type of rapist or crimes against
humanity I have no I have no tolerance zero tolerance for it and I feel anybody
that commits a crime against and elderly a mentally incompetent a
young child or even an adult at that point they deserve to be in jail for a
long long time nobody like that should be walking the streets and that’s the
very reason why law enforcement is here to protect the innocent
to protect us as citizens our law enforcement our military and our law
enforcement or first lines of defense so they should be out there scooping up
evil this is evil scum this is a scum of the earth when you see your toilet go
around and flush down that’s what these type of people are as far as I’m
concerned these people are human garbage so Epstein anybody who was involved with
engaging in sexual activities this r.kelly character this singer
entertainer our Kelly he’s a piece of garbage and he deserves to be in jail
for the rest of his life he could cry all he wants on national television and
make all kinds of crazy statements but this guy is a scumbag POS piece of shit
and I don’t care I don’t care what anybody thinks about that the bottom
line is is if you commit a crime against a woman a child
anybody that’s mentally challenged or anybody that can’t defend themselves you
deserve to be in jail and that’s how I feel so don’t hate the messenger here
don’t hate the messenger because that’s the kind of job that I did for 20-plus
years putting evil in jail putting evil behind bars is what I
specialized in I made over a thousand arrests in my career and the thousand
people that I put behind bars are the ones who deserve to be there I never
once railroaded anybody into jail life of MC is in the building good to see you
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going so fast this is time justice needs to be
says Sandra you are a hundred percent right Black Rose love you you are the
best Platinum me me oh my god can’t wait to
give you a bear hug one day platinum me me I can’t wait to see you and the girls
and give you guys a good big family bear hug uh yeah a bunch of great people
Emily in on this broadcast just believe it certainly is scary but I think
justice will be served justice will be served indeed bad guys
must be stopped okay that’s why law enforcement the NYPD
and all of our nation’s law enforcement and our military they’re there for us
they’re there for us and Stephanie Stephanie Elliot I want to say thank you
to your husband for his service to our country and to all our military and law
enforcement that are out there across America doing God’s work so thank you to
the men and women of law enforcement in the military without you we have no we
have no safety we have nothing so these are the brave men and women that put
their lives on the line every day for our freedoms freedom does not come free
so I hope not Pamela I am hoping not I hope not he is in the federal House of
Detention in Brooklyn actually he’s in Manhattan Federal Detention
he’s in the Manhattan federal correction I’m waiting for the story it’s coming up
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Thank You fellow Kouta fellow thank you so much
that’s a nice Irish name right there Michelle Kuchar fellow thank you so much
for your kind words I appreciate that Michelle
I know that you’re not you’re Italian but I just was joking around good to see
all my great friends why do I only see one like I hope that’s not the case
let me check let me check my secondary device a Tron that’s something my dad
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at the picture of my face and when every time I see myself on cam when I see
myself on camera I think why are there 92 people or 89 people watching me it’s
scary all right so um I’m gonna wait for the next segment to come up hopefully
the Jeffrey Epstein story will come on so guys seriously he was denied bail
today but it’s temporary denied bail thank you just believe thank you so much
for your kind words um Sally thank you for that we love you right back love and
respect right back Fox is reporting ever seen bill decision postponed accusers
but not one him really yeah he cannot be released he’s got to go back before the
federal court judge on Thursday Thursday this week I will report it live bail was
denied as of today but they are gonna hear more arguments on Thursday I don’t
know why they need more arguments for me if I’m a judge I say bail denied if Duty
Ron is the judge or any of us here we would say no effing way no bueno
you do not get out you are a menace to society he’s a danger to society guys
he’s a danger thank you car Kerli Kerry Kerry Lynn
Kerry Lynn thank you so much for that crash 19 6 9 1 you are the best
really this is um this is a long time coming it’s so ridiculous little dove I
can’t agree with you more I really don’t understand why he would need more time
exactly it frickin as a police officer hasn’t detected when I used to go to
court and they would have a bail hearing and they would say the lawyers would
make arguments for the defendant and the judge would go alright well we’ll give
you another two weeks for bail another bail hearing and I’d have to come back
two weeks later and it would just piss me off like why are you gonna let this
murderer or this rapist get out on bail I watched so many gun-toting rapists and
murderers get out on bail and and it would freak me out because I would say I
just locked this guy up for slitting someone’s throat and you’re gonna let
him out on bail because it was his first offense what happens if he does it a
second time I mean Your Honor with all due respect why are we letting this guy
out so it would freak me out it would really freak me out Joey
Brooklyn is in the house everyone subscribed to Joey Brooklyn I’ll give
you another example I had a 19 year old kid coffee on me as
usual woeful flower thank you so much for the super love
thank you thank you so much for a super love don’t worry about mistaken emojis
there you go life of emcees sending out love and respect to Joey Brooklyn I’m
sporting my Thin Blue Line Flay egg hat hope you guys could see that the
American fat flag with the blue line that represents support for our police
and military the blue line is support for our police and our military I wear
this hat proudly on a regular basis guys so I I arrested a 20 year old with a
machine gun he was shooting a machine gun he shot it
at an apartment building he wanted to hurt somebody he didn’t hit anybody but
he sprayed up the whole bill with I think 30-something rounds of a
machine gunfire i arrested him live on the scene as a police officer i
handcuffed him chased them chased him tackled him you know the guy ran away
from us we got him i wheel acht him up we put him in jail
and the next working shift i went home from that shift the next working night
shift i see this jaga loon walking in the street he got out on bail he got out
on bail so he shot up a whole apartment building he didn’t hit anybody frickin Saudi passport with a fake name
was found in his home when they did the search warrant now if that doesn’t tell
you as a judge Barbara’s allotment how are you good to see you everyone
subscribed to Barbara’s allotment there’s a channel that you guys want to
check out right there that is shady business it was quite a bunch district
attorney said that a search Epstein’s mansion turned up safe and in that safe
he said were piles of cash dozens of diamonds
an expired passport it had been issued in the 1980s with a photo that resembled
the Epstein but with a fake address a Saudi Arabia address and a fake name
prosecutors said that that is evidence that he is an extreme flight risk they
also said that the judge should look to court filings of his finances they said
that they were a very flimsy at best and did not account for all of the possible
offshore accounts he has in places where he owns homes like the US Virgin Islands
and Marla had an Epstein attorneys counter all that well Epstein’s attorney
said that he could explain the passport he didn’t explain that in court come on
a bond that Epstein has had a clean record though he has no guilty to sex
crimes in Florida in 2008 and the case against him it’s what’s listed in the
indictment is so flimsy the addresses flimsy even worried about conviction so
he wouldn’t please he wants Epstein to be kept in his mansion his Upper East
Side mansion while he awaits trial and said that they would assure that he’s
not the flight risk by having a GPS device a monitoring device on his ankle
and also they would have armed security guards around his airplane they actually
put up the airplane and the 77 million dollar mansion has collateral you know
also two of Epstein’s accusers stood up in court and asked the judge that he not
eight he’s a scary person to have on the streets and her attorney outside court
said that those women made the difficult decision to testify today to it to
ensure that no other women become victims of Jeffrey Epstein so the judge
says he will decide on bail on Thursday w CBS reporter
parla diamond at Manhattan federal court thanks Marlon thanks 3:48 okay you guys
heard it that’s the live New York report live from 1010 wins or 880 WCBS so
that’s a WCBS live report right outside a federal court this D lawyers with this
scumbag these lawyers they should they’re gonna get theirs their Karma for
doing the job that they do could you imagine trying to convince a
judge to let a guy out that raped dozens and dozens of women over two decades
this guy raped young girls not women I let me I stand corrected
he raped young fourteen-year-old girls this guy’s a piece of garbage I’m
telling you if he got the death sentence I would I would pull the I would pull
the freaking the the electrical I would I would engage the electric and and I
would sleep good at night disgusting anybody getting buffering here anybody
buffering other than the one person that said it was buffering if it’s buffering
for you leave and then come on back in leave and come back in I mean I don’t
know how these guys do it I don’t listen as a retired law enforcement
professional I used to see these guys in person
hi Josh sure good to see you thanks for joining thanks for joining back the
phone doesn’t feel hot that usually happens when it’s hot
72 likes on my phone so really guys you know imagine being having a job where
you have to go and defend some idiot like this starlight game are good to see
you thank you so much for joining Ruth oh good to see you Thank You Stephanie
Stephanie is it is it buffering for you at the poolside are you at
are you poolside right now I’m just guessing at that are you at the poolside
right now is it buffering for you he’s a registered sex offender exactly
yeah I don’t know what was happening I got a really strong signal here so
sometimes it buffers on your end could but you could buffer if your signals not
good but if it was buffering I apologize I have very strong upload speeds so it
shouldn’t be buffering it shouldn’t be buffering guys it should be a really
solid signal right now who do you think is involved Jenny
it would just be speculation and I definitely don’t want to speculate but
whoever was involved and whoever did commit any of these heinous acts against
underage children and it comes to light and there is there is a substantial
evidence against them they will be arrested they will be tried they will be
arrested if there is evidence you know just saying somebody was there and with
this guy that’s not enough to put him in handcuffs and put him in jail if you
have substantial evidence if you have a complainant witness if you have a victim
that says so-and-so participated in sexual nature
if participated in sexual conduct with me when I was 14 or 15 or 16 you have
something that comes forward and says that against Clinton or Trump or anybody
of any capacity doesn’t matter if they were politicians or wealthy people it
doesn’t give you the right to do it you know I pray for the victims Tammy I pray
for the victims they are the ones who have to live the rest of their lives
with this guys so you know I got to tell you you know the bottom line here guys
is the bottom line here is if somebody is if somebody is if there’s substantial
evidence against any of these defendants any potential perpetrators if there’s
substantial evidence I’m talking about not some
saying I saw you know so-and-so at this guy’s location you need to have someone
who has complete definitive evidence where you can prosecute them you know
it’s one thing to make an arrest but you need substantial evidence to get a
conviction you know so you know so it is what it is she was 13 at the time
disgusting Michelle it’s disgusting so if that’s the case then these people
should all be in handcuffs you know a lot of a lot of listen there’s a lot of
moving parts to a prosecution you know defense attorneys defense attorneys have
ways to there’s tons of loopholes in our court system and in our legal system and
defense attorneys prey on those loopholes and that’s a fact
defense attorneys prey on the loopholes to get real real bad people out of
getting convicted look at yo J Simpson look at the case of OJ Simpson people he
killed he murdered savagely he almost cut
Nicole Brown Simpson’s head off he almost severed her head and he got away
with it because he had a good defense team and they found loopholes and there
was holes in the investigation there was sloppy investigation there was a racist
detective made all kinds of comments there was a whole host of screw-ups on
the on the on the on the investigative side so that’s what’s that’s what
happened and that’s what defense attorneys prey on so you know somebody
mentioned Scott rice he’s a great criminal defense attorney and he knows a
lot about the system I’ve been around the system for 29 years almost 30 years
I know everything there is and I know every trick in the trade with the
defense attorneys and what they do so you know to get a conviction guys you
need substantial evidence you need to to convey your message to a jury you
know a jury of your peers have to find this defendant guilty with substantial
evidence and if there’s no substantial evidence you’re not going to get the
conviction so it’s one thing to make an arrest hello Nicky Mack good to see you
premier hel good to see you as well thank you for joining so if you have an
a summary arrest that’s made it goes to the prosecution’s hands they’re their
side has to present their case and then the defense comes back at you so it’s
not that it doesn’t work Jenny that’s a pretty that’s a pretty bold statement it
works but it’s not perfect so I beg to differ with you on that statement Jenny
Blake it it it has its flaws it works but is it perfect
no because some people get away with it some people that have committed the
crime gets to get away with it some wrongfully accused get incarcerated so
it is a not perfect system and never never was and I would never claim it was
ever perfect our criminal justice system is far from perfect so that being said
folks my day is going good Liam good to see you thank you for joining anybody
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Epstein is a filthy filthy scum of the earth the guy is the lowest form of life
niki mac it’s always exciting to see you in here Black Rose thank you so much for
posting all of the links in my broadcast I greatly appreciate it but guys just
understand this our system is this you have someone that commits a crime the
detectives and law enforcement go after him with substantial evidence enough
evidence to make an arrest and then that the prosecution takes over the case and
they present their case to the to the courts and go from there you need after
an arrest and indictment an indictment is a true bill that allows that the
prosecution to go forward with the charges in other words an indictment
says yes we have enough evidence that a crime was committed by the defendant
that’s in in custody and that we are going to take them to trial and we’re
going to charge them with the crimes but until that happens there’s so much that
goes on so thank you so much for the super chat again wallflower good time
love your insight thank you so much love and respect to you and thank you for
always supporting me on my channel through super chat through messages in
the comment section and all of the good stuff krispy you’re not late to the show
because you can watch the replay you can definitely watch me on the replay check
out all things for Jeffrey Epstein on my channel what I give you is no fluff I
don’t give you any of conspiracy theories or what I think we’re looking
at him and him only at this time I want to see that justice is served against
him I’m not really concerned about the extra people Jenny Blake thank you
so much for your kind words I am concerned about bringing him to justice
and if all anything if anybody else any of the chips fall along the way if any
other people are taken down that’s a bonus thank you so much life of MC for
the 1000 PHP thank you so much for that super check love and respect to you and
your channel over there in the Philippines guys if you haven’t gone and
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to my good friend Joey Brooklyn to Black Rose to Meg low to no boo and all the
great ones that are here so um so anyways at the end of the day folks I
really appreciate you guys all hanging out with me here on my this is just I’m
inside my vehicle I’m doing a quick chat for you guys to upstate to update you
but Jeffrey Epstein he is um bail was denied until Thursday there’ll
be another hearing I will be live on Thursday to bring it to you right here
same bat-time same bat-channel around 3 o’clock on the East Coast so this wraps
up my my broadcast much love and respect to each and every
one of you Alma Jonna Joey Brooklyn life of MC Sandra Black Rose all of the great
ones I I love that you guys are here to spend the time Williams John thank you
so much Jenny Blake Emily definitely definitely appreciate
you guys being in here Marie loving respect to you I’m sorry that you I saw
you at the end good to see you so much so much to talk about with you
hashtag no bail from premier hell I’m with you on that Bella Mac love and
respect peace right back to you Bella Mac if anybody has any questions email
them to me duty Ron at aol.com yes old people like we still use AOL as a mail
provider I do have a couple of other mail providers but they’re so long if
you guys have any questions its duty Ron that’s me
at aol.com go and check out my send me email send me messages and I’ll take
care of it Thank You Nikki back for a re4 you reiterating that I’m old Nikki I
still love you it doesn’t matter you can do no wrong in my book
Nikki Mac Christina’s journey love and respect to you
Stephanie Elliott I love you love the chat hope you’re still at poolside and
you have SPF 30 on to protect that beautiful skin of yours
Kristine Miller love and hearts right back to you thank you so much
AOL FTW bigger better faster there you go nota I love it I love it Thank You
Alma for thanking me for my service at least you’re not waxing your modern load
them there you go I don’t have dial-up anymore I don’t have the dial-up
remember the dial-up sound let’s get the dial-up sound on for everybody let’s get
the AOL dial-up sound AOL dial-up modem sound let’s get that going here we go remember that is anybody remember that hold on while I connect to my AOL I’m gonna get you for that Nikki that
was not nice what you just did to me hold on mom get off the phone I’m online
my my get off the phone come on ma I’m on the phone
stop I’m watching porn alright anyways alright guys thank you so much for
hanging out with me it’s always good to have a good laugh you know we speak
about a lot of this crime stuff and it gets really stressful sometimes so I
like to throw in a little bit of fun a little bit of adult fun that’s why I
threw in the little porn thing in there so guys I hope I got you guys to laugh a
little bit today Jeffrey Epstein scum of the earth still behind bars in federal
prison I’m thankful for that every day that he’s off the street is a good day
and I’m hoping that more people get dragged and taken in dragged in and
taken in because if there are more people who are involved in this I want
them brought to justice I don’t care who they are whether it’s our president
whether it’s former presidents whether it’s politicians wealthy people these
wealthy people have to realize you can’t pay to keep yourself out of jail
although a lot of them do it I think there has to come some reform where we
we get them to stop doing this alright guys love and respect from duty
Ron I’ll talk to you all soon peace and love and remember subscribe to my
channel hit the notification bell and support all the other broadcasters out
there the content creators Giovanni thank you so much for being in here from
Montreal guys good day I’ll speak to you all soon Pamela thank you so much
goodbye talk to you soon peanut butter and yearn
for Jeffrey Epstein I love it Joey thank you laugh is the best medicine

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  5. Thank you for your commentary. I totally agree with you. I don't understand what else the judge needs to figure out. Truth is all there. I think the judge is watching his own back; he probably knows too much. The dominoes are ready to fall. If this guy gets off on bail, it's a travesty!

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    he already spend extra time behind bars , did you saw the drone footage
    above that Epstein Island ? some already spot some " hidden " doors on that Island

  9. What a tragedy a child predator like Epstein got away with his crimes for 20 years. Epstein and all involved need to be put away never, NEVER to be released.

  10. This isn’t so much directed at you but to everyone commenting about Clinton being a dirtbag or whatever .. fact is, he wasn’t the only one associated with him, Trump was too, and just because he says he wasn’t and didn’t like him or whatever he said, DOESN’T mean it’s true. If anyone is gonna blame anyone and single them out as being associated, you better bring out all of the names associated. Just saying. None of us know what ANYONE who is associated with this dirtbag, did or what part they play so that is premature. I appreciate you bringing up both of them, and saying what you did, but again, this is more directed at the Clinton blamers. My main point is, it wasn’t just him.

  11. I get notices of sex offenders who are living in our communities and to me, Epstein is no different from those monsters. Keep them and him in jail. Get rid of sex offender registries. These monsters will do it again and again.

  12. Subscribe to DutyRon. He is tops! Subbies here are so polite w/great Mods. I forgot. to say goodbye when I left the live yesterday so I felt I owed Duty an unsolicited & heartfelt 'commercial!' lol…And, while I am at it, God Bless America. Ok..I am done.😀

  13. I have a feeling if all cops where as good a person as you, the world would be a better place DutyRon!

  14. Thank you so much 😊❤️👏 Sorry I missed you live. If you ever need another mod, I’d be honored. I mod for many others. Love you my friend ❤️🥰❤️😊

  15. ROFL, I recall that dial-up sound but in my case it was accompanied by me shouting up the stairs to tell my son to get off the line as I needed to use the 'phone.

  16. Trump disowned Epstein years ago. Trump was the only one who gave a prosecutor evidence he could use and he did it willingly. Both Bill and Hillary have been on the plane and island many times.

  17. I'm listening to this while I weed my gardens. Thank you for keeping me company! He's just a scumbag. I think Dutyron should be the only judge & Jury we should have. Better yet! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    "DutyRon for President! Keep Making America Great!" 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  18. Ron the flight list shows exactly who went to that island. Why else go to that island? The island was a sex with minors play ground.

  19. When you express your zero tolerance for those who commit crimes against others , you make me want to believe in our justice system again. A system that wasn’t meant to bend to money, privilege, or crafty defense attorneys. 💜

  20. Hello my new friend, love your video and the truth being told, will be back to watch more of your videos

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