Jay Sekulow, Jerry Nadler Trade Heated Remarks Over Executive Privilege | NBC News NOW

Jay Sekulow, Jerry Nadler Trade Heated Remarks Over Executive Privilege | NBC News NOW

100 Replies to “Jay Sekulow, Jerry Nadler Trade Heated Remarks Over Executive Privilege | NBC News NOW


  2. Imagine a professional liar. calling everyone a liar. That is a narcissistic, projecting, gaslighting, Socio path that lives in delusion. Its Very obvious to sane people.

  3. UK, If you folks across the pond cannot see that your republic is under attack from the day this president was sworn in then I pity you.

  4. When guilty, shout louder!. When someone is shouting I know it is Trump's side. Compensate your loosing cause by shouting louder.

  5. Apparently Mr. Nadler was absent during the Obama's presidency. That's all Obama did, was enact presidential privilege. Obama supplied weapons to what is now called Al-Qaeda, and Hezbollah. Which he called the "jv" team.

  6. Demanding democrats Daca Devotees illegal receptionists feeders for those who cannot work or the baby makers T he tax payees republican voters arguments should stay longer blood pressure rising up from democrats

  7. Jerry "Long Zip" Nadler has to be the worst assclown on the stand since Clinton with his I did not have sexual relations with that woman… It's unbelievable in so many ways…

  8. I don’t understand the Dem argument here.

    “We issued subpoenas and they’re fighting them in court!”

    Welcome to America? Go win your case in court, question those witnesses, then send your case to the Senate? Y’know, the way it’s supposed to happen?

  9. Jay Sekulow you are the none sense! Only guilty hide evidence, well, well, then you should enforce the White House and Trump to let all witness testify and provide all documents! Since hiding evidence is wrong then show us the people of USA the evidence and the witness!

  10. https://outlook.live.com/mail/0/sentitems/id/AQQkADAwATZiZmYAZC05MDE4LTllNGUtMDACLTAwCgAQAHNg0sCIZBVFoigoAJ5PZUBU Klingons V Humans

  11. If the Democrats are so upset about not having witnesses maybe they should have taken longer in the house instead of rushing through. I think every member of Congress should be investigated like the Trump family has, see what flushes out of the dumpster that is Washington.

  12. Isn't hanging still viable to those that try to destroy this country. Hhhmmmm. I'm wondering when and where this will happen. Nadler will need a step stool. And his constituents will need napkins

  13. What a mockery of the rule of law. People swearing to tell the truth nothing but the truth yet they tell us lies after lies without repercussions. I seen this because the GOP has no backbone.

  14. Nadler is someone who has lied to the American people ever since day one of him being in the House. Not one Democrat can be trusted nor can news outlets like NBC, CBS, MSNBC or CNN/ You have been against EVERYTHING President Trump has done for the American people and all of you should be have charges of treason

  15. Their is a saying that goes like this ' CAREER POLITICIANS SYSTEM LEADS TO DISHONESTY"
    That saying is very true, check out the career politicians you know many of them are indeed dishonest!!! TERM LIMITS WILL STOP THIS.

  16. I wonder if Jerry – and others – realize that the President can fully DENY aid to foreign governments, completely! The fact that Nadler and Co. keep repeating the mantra "withheld aid" is foolish enough in its own right, because it never happened. But, just like when Biden told the Ukrainian officials "you aren't getting the billion", and they responded "you aren't the President", Biden replied "call him". If DELAYING aid – as these dimwits are claiming – is Impeachable, what about the threat to DENY aid? Which is worse? Saying "do us a favor" or demanding "I'm leaving in 6 hours. Either the guy gets fired or you aren't getting the money"..? Which one?

  17. Nadler I'll dare you stand up there in a lie like you have lied from the minute that President Trump enter the race for president you Democrats have done nothing but try to destroy himand you have tried to shred the Constitution of the United States of America how dare you none of you deserve the right to be office you Democrats have done nothing but try to destroy thiscountry because you did not get your way you did not get the most evil vile sick woman in the world as president of the United States of America I think it's time you all you Democrats and the whole Democratic reportee be investigated since President Kennedy up everyone that's been a Democratic president needs to be investigated, my daddy told me years ago that John f Kennedy was a last Democrat that the rest of the people that came after him would be nothing but liars and care nothing about this country and I believe Johnson was in on the assassination of President KennedyCarter did nothing for this country except giving away there has not been a democrat in office since John f Kennedy who was worth a darn and care nothing about this country I thank God for President Trumpit is time to put this stuff to rest and the people who has committed treason against the United States of America including Obama Hillary Clinton shifty shift nadler pelosi Schumer and the squad where they should be and that's where anybodywho has committed treason against the United States of America there is a penalty to pay for that and I believe the Democratic party should answer for what they have done

  18. Dam I watched this again…. I already know whose lying….the one who doesnt use the word lying or lied is usually the one who is clean…

    Bro pat says you owe us a apology
    Nadler says trump's told you to lie for him

    I'm pretty sure from even the character and integrity of the man pat trump's lawyer he wouldn't be ups there just spewing lies…

    You on the other hand since you obviously dont like trump but it's hard to see that since your a lawyer too nadler and can hide behind much sophisticated speech and information but I see thru you you are out to get the man trump your not merely wanting to impeach a president of wrongdoing… where is the justice and fairness… I say let justice be served at the end of all this and also God may you favor the senate speedily through these vain hearings in jesus name

  19. They made two reboots of IT and introduced a backstory to the character to cover up the fact that Jerry Nadler is indeed the evil clown from the original IT

  20. I remember Nadler nearly breaking his gavel when he thought Candice Owens called Ted lieu Stupid "you can't say disparaging remarks about members of Congress" which she didn't. But I'm here to say Jerry you are STUPID!!!

  21. So Nadler it is one rule for you lot in the House. but no rule for a duly elected President You are such a hypocrite. But we are well aware and the Democrats have dug their own grave ,their demise is upon you. Rest assured .

  22. This is stupid. He isn’t going to be impeached. Quit wasting taxpayers money on this horse crap and get back to work.

  23. Really. I dont care if we are being DUPED & FOOLED. All I WANT IS TRUMP TO BE OUR MASTER & LORD. Oh stop it schitt. GOP SENATORS STAY STRONG. I SALUTE YOU, COWARDICE IN THE HIGHEST FORM. Surely you have best seat in heaven.

  24. Trump has zero abuse of power and no obstruction of congress. Congress is obstructing the President from day 1 and was spied on, lied at, accused of everything and just gets stronger, because the lies gets more obvious, and bigger.

  25. The liberal media has dropped the ball. You are supposed to be a check and balance, but now you are nothing more than a treasonous arm of the anti american democrat party.


  27. The House Democrats are using these antics and propaganda in hopes to sway votes of people in the upcoming election. Since the Dems don't have a serious candidate that can win at the ballot box, this is their only hope to win and they are trying hard to win the Senate in the upcoming election. Meanwhile the Dems have done nothing in the last three years for the people of this country yet they still expect people to vote for them

  28. All these Trump trolls acting like the president is not corrupt give me a break go do something else besides trying to defend a corrupt president please give me a break get off of here they got the strongest case ever oh my God y'all sound ridiculous

  29. Schiff and Nadler and Pelosi are comical criminals. I am happy they are doing this so everyone can see what they are.

  30. I will be voting for Trump again. At least our Presidents are term-limited. The entire Congress needs to be term-limited too. Who's with me? Oh, and one more thing- I voted for Senator Obama in 2008 and President Obama in 2012.

  31. That Republican lawyer is a pos. There's a lot on him years back. He has tried many times to take Americans rights away.

  32. OFFER of due process?? You don't get to decide who gets due process, Nadler. No one does, since it is a RIGHT. Trump didn't "stonewall" anything. He's used Exec privilege. But he has also released documents he didn't have to, like the Ukraine call transcript. These Democrats think the entire country is full of complete morons, but it's just their base. If you take a jaunt over to CNN or MSDNC and look at comments, it's like the left lives in an alternate realm. Trump's conduct is not any worse than any other past POTUS, and he has covered his bases legally. He is guilty of nothing except winning an election and making life better for Americans.

  33. Jerry Nadler is a really Stupid boy. That fool should be sitting in a dungeon, with Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi, a mile below the earth. He lies like his boyfriend Satan.

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