Jay Sekulow Claims ‘No Witness’ Testified To President Donald Trump’s Quid Pro Quo | NBC News

Jay Sekulow Claims ‘No Witness’ Testified To President Donald Trump’s Quid Pro Quo | NBC News

100 Replies to “Jay Sekulow Claims ‘No Witness’ Testified To President Donald Trump’s Quid Pro Quo | NBC News

  1. Please Republican!!…… Please…Do me a Favor… Don't change your Shirt Colors to brown. If you do, I'm getting the heck out of here.

  2. Even though people heard I was gonna rob a bank, there can't be any witnesses because I did it when the bank was closed

    This is logic now.

  3. Trump's chosen ambassador Gordon Sondland (still on the job today) testified that there absolutely was a quid pro quo.

  4. It is absolutely hilarious watching all the progressive news outlets along with the Democrats attempting to find anything illegal to pin on Trump and they just cannot find anything

  5. I'd like to give Trump's attorneys credit for easily debunking the Democrats embarrassingly weak case for impeachment. However, any first-year lawyer would have an easy time of it. The house democrats should be ashamed of themselves they know it was purely politics.

  6. Better live it up jay, you're gonna spend a long time in the federal pen. Wonder if your wife and kids will wait, when they find out your a traitor.

  7. Everyone who doubts this can just go look it up, hes telling the truth. The dems rushed this and got ahead of themselves to try to oust him because orange man bad….well, newsflash.. being a bit confrontational isnt illegal nor is ignoring advice that you think is bad. And now his poll numbers are rising because most people who actually look at the facts know hes not done anything illegal


  8. A big waste of time just so one party can defeat another in the name of LIES. We need an umpire that will say three strikes your out! get of the batters box! and get someone else from your team to play fair.😡

  9. You people are completely delusional. You must have watched a different hearing than everyone else. I watched 17 "witnesses" that didn't actually witness anything and then when asked directly about it they all said "well I just presumed" or "I heard from someone else". Now let's talk about witness 18…. Why is that the only testimony that has yet to be released?? Isn't holding that testimony back from the Senate and the people "Obstruction of Congress"???? They hold it back because they know it will destroy any argument that there was anything done wrong.

  10. If there was a POTUSA, instead of a POTUS, Maybe Trump could have had a Republic Public Defender, and that book that everyone puts their right hand on, could finally be opened, and a passage could be offered up on behalf of the Defense, in support of the Republic Public Defender jailed by the D.A. in Gideon vs Supreme Court 68…this Touchstone Case needs to be reversed, we have two false witnesses, the D.A. and the Town Clerk under a prevailing blindfolded statue. Its parallel to the story of the Moabitis Ruth, and two assassins sent by the Moabites to have her cast out of the Hebrew camp…which they were discovered and punished. Those two assassins are the Bidens, because they're from the same tribe…the Bohemian Hedge Fund grove. We need to get a giant Mason Ball Swear Jar under that Arch of Triumph.

  11. Which part he said was not true ????? You don't have to like Trump but at least you should agree what Sekulow said were all true .

  12. The Trump Administration is filled with stupid people that have the nerve to be arrogantly corrupt. Sekulo’s was involved with Lev Parnas, but stands there in defense of his own wrongdoings? Talk about the twilight zone! Republicans truly feel entitled and above the law. I’m over it!

  13. How can these guys still practice law after this charade? Doesn't the Bar Association care about lawyers that blatantly lie any more?

  14. I don't know them, I put the money back after I took it, The kid whose throat I have my hands around said I didn't do that. Look over there…not over here. Dog whistle dog whistle tweet tweet

  15. Cheezus Effing Ka-riced! Aren't these bozos sworn to speak only the truth? Isn't there even the tiniest bit of fact-checking being done by the "court"? Will lawyers ever recover their abysmal reputation for defending anything for a buck?
    Wait…hold on that last. I think they've locked it in good.
    You are certainly entitled to your opinion…"sir"…but you are not entitled to your own facts.

  16. I’ve been listening/watching and fascinating to see our republic in action. No ones needs to agree but should recognize and appreciate the knowledge the founders had in setting up all the checks and balances which prevent communism, socialism and tyranny. Freedom and self determination 👍🏼👌🏼

    Completely enthralled by it all, interesting to learn senate majority is required to actually impeach, which won’t happen but the process is amazing.

    I was 10-13ish when clinton had a kangaroo count on him like trump now. Hopefully the parties are even now and this crud won’t happen. Going tit-for-tat is embarrassing and rplebs started it with Clinton.tsk tsk. What goes around comes around, hopefully the replubs after this over don’t plot against future dem and reset the cycle and vice versa the democratics learn a valuable lesson from this.

  17. What a weak defense! Again lying to those Americans who believe that trump is a bible thumping , flag hugging patriot.The rest of America KNOW and feel offended that once again White House is promoting the PUTIN NARRATIVE … it's a fact Jack!!! DAMNED if the democrats do , and DAMNED if they don't … W. H. lawyers defense!!! This without an IOTA of EVIDENCE!!! It's OBVIOUS this asterisk president CAN"T handle the TRUTH … and their defense is a reflection of this FACT!!! Easier equation would be just let the WITNESSES TESTIFY!!!! What a bunch of RICH CROOKS!!! CONVICT … OUR children are confused by the LIES!

  18. Well let's have a laugh as our country is sold out…
    Randy Rainbow's "Very Stable Genius" is good for a laugh.
    (Though for that matter, everything he's done seems to be brilliant.)

  19. President's Trump Lawyer is correct. No one was there, plus didn't DemoRats say that they had plenty of witnesses, why would they have to call MORE witnesses and issue MORE subpoenas is they Already had "witnesses" that "testified" in the House?

  20. Remember being in elementary school and the bully would pick on you, and the response is I'm rubber your glue what ever you say bounces off me and sticks to you. God bless him Trump is a bully and I love him for it, but the Democrats and msm are acting like elementary school students. Everything he does to drain the swamp they deflect it back on him. Joe Biden on camera admitting to doing exactly what they are accusing Trump of doing. Trump tied Hilary to Russia and they tried to bounce it back to him. The mainstream media calls him racist but a MSNBC reporter can say the n word on air, Hilary when she was young and Republican she was associated with a known racist. Before he won the election they were screaming impeach him before he had sworn in… That says a lot about how scared of him they are. He is exposing them for who they are. I might be blind, I don't watch the news, I'm on a nbc channel so I am not only getting news from Fox, I am just a grown man looking for the facts and make my opinion on my own and not just one sided opinions from one source.

  21. Thanks NBC news.
    The 4th comment was misleading Bs, lawyer double talk. If the Gop has nothing to fear, don't block the witnesses and evidence.

  22. I've watched both the house mangers and the presidents defence. Very eye opening. I suggest anyone reading this synopsis and watching this 2.7 minute video should get more information before coming to a conclusion. Very deceitful head line and only playing a small part of what is being really said is unethical at best and absolute propaganda at worst. ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, NEW YORK TIMES and many more like this so called trusted medias are misleading and in some cases are right lying to the American people. Dig deeper America and stop relying on YouTube for anything factual.

  23. Sucklow….another one of the Trump regime's goons…. the trump Goon Squad and the Shenanigans Oligarchy fleecing America.

  24. The Republicans' case is dead in the water and, at this point, they're doing nothing but struggling to appeal to those few people in America who are gullible enough to believe them. Come on November 2020! The voters are ready to cast their verdict!

  25. trumpy has confessed to the crime. Mick Mulvaney extensively confessed that the President committed the crimes and will commit them again and again. Etc. Closer and closer to trumpy declaring martial law. It is clear to the whole world we are living in a dictatorship. No one until now has had the nerve to even say a disparaging word as trumpy commits crimes publicly and confesses to them publicly. The country has been taken over by a criminal cabal. The media are censored. People don't understand the extent to which the rich and big business have taken up all the money. Money, it seems, is power. We will understand words we have only heard in the past, like despot. The cruelty of these criminals is beyond the imagination of even the people who know what's going on. No Republicans, No Democrats, just paid flunkies of the rich and big business. The secrets being kept by people who mistakenly believe they are insiders would shock Satan.

  26. Nice try, Jay. But you're wrong about the call. Zelensky stated that he was ready to buy more missiles. Trump's next words spoken were "I'm gonna need a favor, though…". "Though", in this context stipulates a condition, meaning, if you want the missiles, you have to do me the favor. Any third grader and figure this out. Next, of course Zenensky would say he wasn't pressured. What if Trump wins this November and he turned on Trump? The fact is, the money was withheld illegally, without merit and solely at Trump's request. Trump released the money the day after the call transcript hit the news. Why? Finally, several people testified that the President had tried to pressure Zelensky into announcing an investigation into the Biden's in exchange for the aid. Jay, you're a liar and a slimeball. Every single Senator in that chamber knows crooked Trump did what he's accused of doing. But, because he's a Republican, he gets a pass. Every single Senator would crucify a Democrat if the same evidence, facts and circumstances were brought against them (a Democrat). You will go down in history as a Trumpian liar. Congrats!! And it wasn't even necessary. You have the votes in the Senate behind you. No way they convict Trumphole.

  27. Let us clarify, no transcript has been presented. The WH released a memo of the call which left out part of the call.

    Sekulow should clarify what he thinks he heard before going off on tirades about "lawyer lawsuits" when what was said was "FOI lawsuits"

  28. Sock-o-luv is merely restating what the House Intelligence Committee found during their investigation. Trump instructed everyone to get their information from Rudy. He said to Zelenskyy, "We need you to do us a favor though. Talk to Rudy, he'll tell you what we need." Sock-o-luv will be remembered for his for his embarrassing rant against "lawyer lawsuits".

  29. this whole thing never had any substance. I don’t care for Trump, but find another way to try and win the election. This is such a waste of valuable time.

  30. Thrumpians are actually that stupid to believe and support this Bull Snorkle. Keep talking that mumbo jumbo Sucklow….

  31. Who in there right mind try to have a trial without witness especially if u are innocent to get the facts or truth. If you not guilty. YOU R NOT GOD NOR ABOVE THE LAW.This remind me of Jim Jones when so many people who followed him drinking poison and died or you know. If you can't swim are you going to jump in the pool or lake or ocean because you might drown. No you not.

  32. Cowards at fake news NBC cut away from impeachment coverage when Trump defense attorney Pam Bondi from the Senate floor just absolutely obliterated Joe and Hunter Biden (and Obammy somewhat) for their suspiciously corrupt ways.
    Garbage ABC and CBS followed suit. Hypocrites…communist agitators.

  33. Dems humiliated with the Russia hoax,Kavanaugh hoax and now the Ukraine hoax.
    Nice job getting Trump re-elected in 2020. Nice job indeed.

  34. Trump already thinks "he has it in the bag" and have you noticed his demeanour is changing to more of a dictator already…he is looking nasty. God help America if he pulls this off.

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  36. Just have an open trial with witnesses and let everyone see what’s really going on and make sure you punish anyone who is involved in corruption on any side.
    Anyone that does not want a real open trial with witnesses is either guilty, ignorant or brainwashed.
    A real trial with witnesses will probably reveal far more than anyone of us can imagine.
    Let a real trial reveal the truth the way that a real civilized society operates.
    It’s time to quit acting like children take this dam mess to a real open trial with witnesses for the world to see then hold everyone and anyone accountable for their actions.
    Make America great again, hold who ever guilty of something accountable.
    The world is watching.

  37. In the impeachment inquiry Sondland was asked. Was there a quid pro quo? Sondland answered Yes! Sondland said. Sondland," Everyone was in the loop. It was no secret" . Sondland was referring to Pompeo, Pence, Mick Mulvaney, Giuliani.

  38. russian trolls on a downward spiral and in hysterics again! putin spies getting caught, boris trump impeached, his cronies are singing, the russian economy in the sewer, etc..etc..russia LOSES AGAIN! LOL

  39. trump has NEVER been. winner! Everything he does turns into total FAILURE! It takes a special kind of stupid to bankrupt a casino! And that’s just one of the countless FAILURES on top of his bald head! LOL

  40. Hey, GOP are you too a Goon of Putin?
    GOP = Goons of Putin, which also includes:
    Treason Trump,
    Lazy Lindsey,
    Poopy Pampeau,
    Lawless Barr.
    Be Brave, Republicans.
    We the People want you to . .. . .. .
    from our
    precious WHITE HOUSE.

  41. While #WonderfullyHungry, I pledge that, if elected President, to immediately issue an executive order to abolish executive privilege *and* give teeth to the Congressional subpoena pending more permanent legislation so that obstructive acts like those committed by #hangry (aka #TerriblyHungry) #ImPOTUS45 can never happen again.

  42. Today, the Taliban are shooting down a US Air Force plane along with members of the CIA in Afghanistan. (American multimedia are censored in this news) .

  43. Wow it’s incredible this reps really have nothing and then they show a black PowerPoint image saying “the Ukraine president said there’s was no quid pro quo.. LMFAO

  44. Point one is a lie. Zelenski said they are almost ready for javelins and Trump's response is do us a favor. Those javelins are the aid.

  45. Prediction: Trump will be remembered in moments of national shame/ disgrace at every future election as the treasonous vote rigger. On election days expect a national minute of silence, flag raising, the singing of the national anthem even placing one hand on the heart while taking knee.

  46. when's the last time you heard of an extortion target claiming they were suffering from the pressure of the extortion? lol.
    and we are expected to believe that ukraine, in a desperate war, being invaded by a much stronger neighboring country, knowing that the U.S. had passed a military aid package, and had yet to receive the aid was not aware that THEY HAD YET TO RECEIVE THAT AID? believe me, they were checking their mailbox everyday after congress passed the military aid bill. i'm surprised sekulow could choke that one out! lol.

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