JACKIE CHAN Talks About One of His Most Insane Stunts

JACKIE CHAN Talks About One of His Most Insane Stunts

– Oh, yeah, police story. The light. (suspenseful music) (electricity crackling) Too long, the story. I was sick. I get injection. I was day and night shooting. Daytime, I’m filming, Heart of Dragon. Nighttime, I’m directing my own things. We built our own channel lights. Then we put the wire, we put the in electricity
to light up the light. Before I jump, the lighting guys says, “Sorry, the battery cannot
light up the whole thing. “We have to use the building battery. “I might get shocked, but don’t worry. “We watch you, anything
happens, we shut off the light.” You look down. Nothing. No apple box. I just use a small prop car with a million candies to safe me landing. That’s all! Then I just sit there. Then suddenly My stunt guy, we’re ready. Then he put something in my pocket. Okay. Then he run away. And I take my pocket.
There was something like a lucky… Buddha thing. He know I don’t believe
these kind of things. Then I – Okay. Put it back. I don’t have the time to
run, like, eight feet. I’m just standing there
like, the round pole. No balance. I said, anytime you see, I nod my head, rolling the camera. And I go up. I go down. It’s scary. Really scary! I’m not – I’m just ordinary people I’m not a Superman. And somehow, I see the drop. The sweat. Then I look at the camera. That’s a cameraman up
there already two hour. (chuckling) I said, “Okay, take a rest. “Get off your sweat.” Then he get off all the the sweat. Then I go up, “Are you okay?” “Yeah.” Then I just do this. One of the stunt guys, “Rolling!” I said, “Huh?” Then, you just hear 15 camera rolling. 15 camera. I think it’s the record at that time. We only have 400 feet. You’re not gonna jump? Gone! 75 (fps), 45 (fps), 120 (fps), normal speed. (screaming) Wow! The whole entire shopping mall, quiet. You only hear this machine. Then I– Aaahhh! I say, “I’m gonna die.” Yeah, I just, boom! (mimicking crackling) I jump down. And I said, “Wow, safe landing.” I grab my stunt guy do this. Then he said, “Hold on big brother,” “I’m gonna die, don’t hit me anymore.” Because I’m so exciting, the power. I don’t know where the power come from. Then I turn around and I see 600 extras, and I just to the thing.
(screaming) I hit myself, bruise. I just, “Aahhh!” Then I see all my hand,
the skin peeled, then at – like 6:00 we finish. Then we drinking a beer, celebration. Then I go to Heart of Dragon* Get out the car, sleep,
drive to the location. Then, “Big Brother, we
are on the location.” I get up. I cannot open the door. My hand just like this. It’s over. All the energy are gone. Then I get out of the car. The whole body was, no more power. I think at that time, in one second, I use all my power. Yeah. Actually, I go down. Almost fainted.
(screaming) We glad we don’t have, like, a
sound recording at that time. We dub later. Then, as he pick me up. “Speak dialogue! “Speak! “Speak!” Otherwise have to do it again. Actually, I just go, “Ayy-yay-yay-yay.” Boom, I just fainted.

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  1. He is the most lovely actor ever I see 💕💕💕💕🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫🇦🇫

  2. An inspiration to all stuntmen & stunt directors everywhere. He showed what needs to be put in to make the stunts look awesome… And also what needs to be done to keep the stuntmen alive!

  3. This guy is seriously one of the most outstanding actor/stuntman that’s ever lived. “Heart of a dragon”

  4. While recording:
    Camera man: wow nice.
    Jackie: no its not nice, again.
    Camera man: ok if you say so.
    Jackie: here we goooo "ouch".
    Camera man: you ok? It was great wow.
    camera man: you sure? You almost died.
    Jackie: yes im sure now watch this.
    Also Jackie: i think i dislocated somthing.
    camera man: its really perfect, you think it was worth it?
    Jackie: perfect? it can't be perfect, i didnt broke anything, go again.

  5. I always think about it, does he have no extra or anything? The guy became my favourite because of these shots with comedy mixed together and now the amazement is now he confirmed those are more than just comedy+action mixed, it has his life mixed in it.

  6. JACKIE CHAN you must play in Avengers: Endgame , because you have superpowers … natural superpowers …….. you would be the only normal human in the movie with natural superpowers ..

  7. Самый любимый оутер моего децтва как жаль что он постарел его фильмы самы лучшие

  8. Jackie Chan: 2nd degree burns, 2 broken vertebraes, dislocated pelvis.

    Jackie's Stunt man: 4 broken ribs, punctured lung, 6 broken vertebrae, 2 dislocated fingers, skull fracture, missing eyeball, shattered jaw, hyper-extended knees, 9 broken toes, 3rd degree burns in the shape of fists.

    Jackie: "THE POWER!!!!!!"

  9. How many parallel universe do you think exist in which Jackie Chan didn't survive a stunt from one of his movies?

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