Israel reportedly strikes Iranian proxies on Syria-Iraq border – TV7 Israel News 10.01.20

Israel reportedly strikes Iranian proxies on Syria-Iraq border – TV7 Israel News 10.01.20

Shalom and good evening, this is TV7 Israel
News broadcast to you from Jerusalem; And in today’s top stories;
Israeli allegedly conducts deadly aerial strikes against Iranian-proxies along the Syria-Iraq
border. The Democratic-controlled U.S. Congress passed
a resolution to rein-in President Donald Trump’s ability to launch a new conflict in the Middle
East. Heavy rains cause major floods throughout
the north and center of Israel – claiming the lives of five people. An unidentified aerial strike targeted a reported
weapons convoy in Syria’s Albu Kamal region, adjacent to the border with Iraq. According to Iraqi sources, a number of aircraft
– believed to be Israeli – launched a barrage of missiles toward transport vehicles and
a warehouse, belonging to the Iraqi Hashd al-Shaabi paramilitary alliance of pro-Iranian
proxies, commonly known as the Popular Mobilization Forces. According to the London-based Syrian Observatory
for Human Rights, at least eight militiamen were killed and dozens of others were wounded
– including some in critical condition. While both Iraqi and Syrian sources insisted
to TV7 that Israel was behind the attack, the latter refused to confirm nor deny its
responsibility. The IDF spokesperson’s unit reiterated to
TV7 that it does not comment on foreign reports pertaining to its operational activities. It is important to report that this morning’s
alleged Israeli bombardment was a fourth such aerial strike on Iranian-backed militias in
Syria’s eastern Albu Kamal region, within a timeframe of less than 72 hours. Turning to Iraq, where;
A rocket exploded last night in the Dujail district, which is located some 50 kilometers
– or 30 miles – north of Baghdad in the country’s northern Salahuddin province. According to local police sources, the hostile
projectile landed near the Iraqi Balad Air Force base, where U.S.-led coalition forces
are stationed. Thankfully, no injuries or damage were reported. It is important to mention that last night’s
rocket-fire was the second incident in which projectiles were launched toward U.S. housed
installations, since the Islamic Republic’s ballistic missile attack, that occurred during
the early hours of Wednesday morning. In spite of U.S. President Donald Trump’s
assertion that Iran was actively standing down, as assessment derived from intelligence
reports that claimed ‘Iran instructed its proxies to cease any attacks on regional installations
housing U.S. forces;’ Wednesday night saw two rocket launches toward Baghdad’s heavily
fortified “green zone,” where many foreign diplomatic missions are situated. One of the projectiles reportedly exploded
some 100 meters-away from the American embassy. Thankfully, no injuries or damage were reported. Turning to the United States, where;
President Donald Trump reiterated that the assassination of the Iranian General Qassem
Soleimani came in response to the latter’s active planning of new attacks against U.S.
embassies around the world. Speaking at a campaign rally in Toledo, Ohio,
the American leader underscored that an “imminent threat” brought about his prompt-decision
to exercise – what President Trump referred to as – “American Justice.” “Soleimani was actively planning new attacks
and he was looking very seriously at our embassies, and not just the embassy in Baghdad, but we
stopped him and we stopped him quickly and we stopped him cold.” While Washington’s Western partners voiced
broad support for the assassination of General Soleimani, referring to it as a defensive
American operation; U.S. lawmakers from the Democratic party are demanding more information
on the imminent danger the architect of the Islamic Republic’s aggressive expansionist
policy posed to U.S. interests. Meanwhile in the U.S. House of Representatives;
The Democratic-controlled House passed a resolution last night to rein-in President Trump’s ability
to launch a new conflict in the Middle East. American lawmakers voted 224 in favor to 194
against, mostly along party lines, sending the ‘war powers’ resolution to the Republican-controlled
Senate. The partisan vote reflected the deep divide
in the U.S. Congress over the Trump Administration’s Iran policy and how much of a say lawmakers
should have over the use of the military. Democrats accused Trump of acting recklessly
and backed the resolution, while Trump’s fellow Republicans opposed it. “Today to honor our duty to keep the American
people safe — that is our first responsibility to protect and defend. We must keep the American people safe — the
House will pass a war powers resolution to limit the president’s military actions regarding
Iran. Congress is reassuring our long established
oversight responsibilities as we mandate that if no further congressional action is taken,
the administration’s military hostilities with regard to Iran must end.” / “I’d actually like to hear a Democrat speak
to the 600 Gold Star families the Soleimani killed. I’d like to hear them defend that. I’d like to hear them defend Iran and their
actions of burning an embassy, of killing an American, of killing thousands of civilians,
even in their own country. But they’re going to take our time today with
something that means nothing. But yes, they will run to the mikes. They’ll get on TV and they’ll tell a little
more fake news that it meant something today. The only thing today will happen — they’ll
make Iran believe they are stronger. They’ll make Iran believe they have allies
in the House of Representatives.” It is important to note that the fate of the
resolution is uncertain in the Senate. In spite of a Republican majority of 53 mandates
in the 100-seat chamber, at least two Republican senators – including Rand Paul of Kentucky
and Mike Lee of Utah – have expressed support for the Democratic-promoted measure. Turning to Tehran, where;
The commander of the Islamic Republic’s Aerospace Force, IRGC Brigadier-General Amir
Hajizadeh claimed that Iran’s missile attacks on U.S. targets in Iraq were not meant to
kill American soldiers but instead teach a “lesson,” and stimulate an American withdraw
from the region. General Hajizadeh, whose presentation was
broadcast on state television, insisted to the watching Iranian public that a large number
of Western forces were killed in the IRGC-operated strike. “We were not seeking to achieve casualties
by this operation. But anyway, a big number – dozens – have been
killed for sure. A number were wounded for sure. The figures will come out eventually.” General Hajizadeh further declared that the
Islamic Revolutionary Guards had hundreds of missiles at the ready, which could result
in “at least 500 Americans killed within 48 hours.” “If we were seeking to achieve casualties,
the least we could do was to plan the operation in such a way that 500 of them would have
been killed. And if they had responded, our conditions
would have changed. I mean, if we were facing their next operation,
then we would have had no responsibility to save American lives. In the second and third steps, we think we
would have had at least 500 Americans killed with 48 hours.” The senior IRGC commander also seized the
opportunity to level a warning toward the United States, emphasizing that “it is in
their favor to pack up and leave” from this volatile region. Turning now back to Israel, where;
Heavy rains have caused major floods throughout the country’s north and center. According to the Israeli Meteorological Service,
the heavy downpour broke a 51-year record of rainfall, within a two-week period. The amount of rain has only been seen twice,
since measuring started some 80 years ago, in December 1951 and in January 1969. The devastating weather conditions have also,
regrettably, claimed the lives of five Israelis that drowned in different flooded locations,
including two young residents of Tel Aviv that were caught in a flooded underground
elevator. As heavy rains continue to drench the country,
we urge the public – both Israelis and visiting tourists – to listen to safety instructions
by local authorities. For more information on Israel and its region
visit our website at WWW.TV7ISRAELNEWS.COM

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    Iran becomes the modern Pirates of Hormuz.

    No Way Joze!

  2. Israel just need to plant more Trees & get ready with a boat & calamities supplies for disasters.

    Construction Engineers are needed to redirect the flood.
    Ask people fr. Holland on how they do it.
    Israeli buildings code needs to be changed for the better.

    Israeli needs to prepare for internal & external disasters!

    with the help of GOD almighty, King of the Universe.

    Keep the Faith, help is on the way, keep on 🙏! Dont loose hope.

    Shabbat Shalom!😘

  3. Also Israel needs help fr. New York Construction Engineers on how they tackle the flood in NYC many moons ago!
    Probably they installed pipe the redirects the flood water to river, & they put zoning code fr. A,B,C depends where ur building is located & evacuation plan.

    something to do w/ Fema?

  4. Lies Nancy,you let Obama do whatever he wanted,your party stuck up for them doing it.and you want open borders…that is not looking out for protecting America.Shame on you.

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    Peace nears the Promised Lands.
    Keep the 10&7.

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    Yahuwah Elohim bless all of you and keep safe, i pray in the name of Yahshua Messiah Amen HalleluYah.
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  25. I love these idiots; "We had hundreds of missiles ready to go which would've resulted in 500 Americans being killed…." Apparently, he thinks that we would do nothing in that 48 hour period? An aircraft carrier battle group has enough firepower to kill thousands of Iranians, and decimate their military; definitely a target rich environment. Have fun with that Ayatollah….

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    Jehovah, Jesus and the "Holy Spirit" are the Holy Trinity. (See? That's the trick.)

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  42. The eminent threat from Iran was a warhead aimed at Israel. Trump saved tens of thousands of lives. But Democrats who were in Cahootz with Soleimani were angry when Trump stopped the attack. If you check the Earthquake sites for wednesday in Iran you will see a 5.2 magnitude quake occured in Iran in the location of their weapons depot. Underground explosions of warheads can mimic an earthquake. This is not the first time Irans plans have been thwarted. The John Kerry-tollah is said to be assisting the enemy. The cellphone of Soleimani WAS recovered allong with All of his contacts emails and messages although it is denied. Prayers for the innocent children and families murdered in the Ukrainian missle attack on the passenger plane killing 176 souls By the Insane Iranian Ayatollah requested..

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