Is The U.S. Going To War With Iran? | AJ+

Is The U.S. Going To War With Iran? | AJ+

Is the United States looking for a war with
Iran? The Trump administration will now financially
penalize anybody that buys Iran’s oil and will also impose sanctions on Iran’s iron,
steel, aluminum and copper sectors. This is the most drastic step the U.S. government
has ever taken toward Iran. And it comes at a time when Iran was actually abiding by an
agreement it reached with the Obama administration. So frankly, it makes no sense. In 2018, President Trump pulled the U.S. out
of the Iran nuclear deal – an international agreement unanimously endorsed by the UN Security
Council. It’s not that Iran was deemed to have violated
the deal; international inspectors and even U.S. intelligence certified that it was in full
compliance. Trump rejected the agreement itself, having
vowed on the campaign trail to take a harder line against Iran. Although the U.S. does hardly any business with
Iran, Trump aimed to deprive Iran of its prime source of revenue by threatening sanctions
against countries that buy its oil. After a year of so-called ‘waivers’ to countries
like China, India, South Korea, Japan and Turkey, those threats of sanctions have now
come into effect. So the United States doesn’t buy any oil from
Iran and hasn’t for a very long time. But what it’s trying to do is tell the rest of
the world how it should conduct foreign trade. And needless to say, most countries resent
being told whether they can deal with this country or that country. It’s only because of the power of the dollar
in the U.S. financial system because most transactions have to pass through the American financial
system that we even have the power to do this at all. Some analysts think that the Trump administration’s
policy is shortsighted, could backfire in a number of ways, and even set the U.S. on a
path to war with Iran. Many also see its purpose as being to create
such deprivation among ordinary Iranians that they rise up and overthrow their regime — a
longstanding goal of Washington hawks and Iran’s regional foes. Though European powers like France, Germany
and the UK oppose the U.S. withdrawal from the nuclear deal and the new sanctions, Washington
hopes to pressure them to comply by implementing “secondary sanctions.” These block foreign companies from doing business
in the U.S. if they also do business in Iran. So some of Iran’s remaining oil customers
are likely to fall in line and comply with U.S. demands. However the situation is much
more complicated when it gets to China, Turkey and India. They all have their own separate calculations
and horse trading with the U.S. and relations with Iran that they have to balance. It’s complicated and it’s hard to predict in which direction
these countries would move, but they will be the ones who will make or break U.S.’
maximum pressure strategy against Iran. At first, it might seem like Trump turning
up the pressure and reimposing sanctions will get the Iranians to comply to his demands. After all, sanctions forced Iran to sign that
2015 nuclear agreement, right? Not quite. The accord could only become a reality because
the U.S. met Iran halfway. So yes, I mean sanctions played a role, but
more important is a diplomatic strategy that makes sense, where a country can see that
it will get benefits if it agrees to certain concessions. And those benefits were supposed to be an
end to a lot of the sanctions, an ability to sell oil freely again and to have foreign investment and to see the economy grow in Iran. And that’s where the Iranians have been cheated
because so far they’ve been following the restrictions they agreed to
on their program but they’re not getting the benefits. There lies the difference between Trump’s
Iran policy, and the Obama approach that he has reversed. The Obama administration believed that avoiding
another massive U.S. military intervention in the Middle East required diplomacy. Obama and his advisors also believed that
it was necessary to make realistic demands and offer clear incentives to Iran to prevent
it from gaining the means to build nuclear weapons. Although Obama initially increased sanctions
on Iran, he also saw that sanctions had failed to curb the country’s nuclear program. In fact, quick history lesson: From 2001 to 2006, the Bush administration
had attempted to halt Iran’s enrichment program by using a mixture of diplomacy and threats
of force. States like these, and their terrorist allies, constitute an axis of evil. Guess what? It didn’t really work and Iran continued expanding
its nuclear program and began to build thousands of centrifuges to enrich uranium. Later, despite significantly tightening sanctions,
the Obama administration recognized that this was not stopping Iran from expanding its nuclear
program in a way that would give it the means to build a bomb. That’s why Obama concluded that by staying
on the sanctions path, the U.S. would be left with only two options: Either accepting Iran as a nuclear weapons-capable
nation or starting a war to prevent that. And he didn’t want to do either. Today, after two years of negotiations, the United States, together with our international partners, has achieve something that decades of animosity has not. Look, pressure without an open door is an exercise
in futility. The reality is the previous time when we had sanctions and they resulted in
a diplomatic solution, it was when the Obama administration took regime change off the
table in direct letters that President Obama sent to the Supreme Leader of Iran. And also when the U.S. took the first step and
made the first concession to the Iranian side when the Obama
administration took off basically the zero-enrichment requirement from the table, then accepted
a limited enrichment program on Iranian soil. It’s important to remember that by all measures,
Iran has been complying with the conditions underlined in the 2015 nuclear agreement. So if Iran has kept its end of the bargain,
why hasn’t the Trump administration done the same? Well, that’s because adopting a harder line
against Iran has been popular among American conservatives for a very long time. Even though Trump likes to say he’s the great
dealmaker, the kinds of demands that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo put forward are, are
simply unrealistic. I mean, they wanted Iran to completely stop
its nuclear program, give up a ballistic missiles, pull out of all the places it’s involved in
the region, even change its human rights policy. I mean, it’s, you know, they’re not going
to do that. They’re not going to capitulate to the United States. So what’s the other
possibility? Regime collapse. And I think that really is the goal of people like John
Bolton. They want to see the country fall apart. The sanctions against Iran have hit the country
hard. According to U.S. officials, Iran has lost
more than $10 billion in oil revenue because of sanctions. The Iranian economy shrank by almost 4% in
2018 and is expected to shrink by around 6% in 2019. Iran’s currency also lost more than 60% in
2018, worsening inflation in the country which is expected to reach at least 40% in 2019. And the Trump administration may be looking
to exploit this weakness. Look, there is this belief in Washington that
Iran doesn’t respond to pressure, but responds to massive pressure. So the idea is to ratchet
up and increase pressure in a way that would able to bring the Iranians to their knees,
either to come back to the negotiating table and surrender or, instead of capitulating,
maybe the regime will collapse. I think there are a lot of people in this administration,
most important among them National Security Advisor John Bolton, who believes that this
is a moment of vulnerability in Iran, that its leadership is aging and its population
is frustrated with political and economic stagnation. And if they increased the economic pressure,
they have a chance of bringing about regime change, which is something that many people in Washington have been dreaming for at least four decades. But whether the United States can successfully
sabotage and bring the Iranian economy to a complete collapse is still up for debate. After all, previous American presidents have
attempted to cripple Iran’s economy, but Iran has always found a way to survive. Without any doubt, the Iranian economy would
be in dire straights. But one thing that is important to remember that this is not the
first time the Iranians are experiencing these kinds of economic difficulties. In fact, this is the fourth time in the past
four decades that Iran is losing more than half of its oil revenue almost overnight. The Iranians are quite resilient and quite
experienced in dealing with economic difficulties and circumventing U.S. sanctions. So if we’re talking about short run, I think
they have what it takes to remain afloat economically. But this situation is not sustainable in the
medium- to long-term. Now, it may seem like the Trump administration
is the only one wanting to turn up the heat under Iran. The truth is, a few other players are involved. Specifically: Iran’s neighbors who aren’t
too happy with Iran’s involvement in the region. Of course there are U.S. allies in the region,
Israel, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, which are strongly supporting this pressure
against Iran because they don’t want Iran to be as influential as it is in their region. And there is this tremendous rivalry between Iran
and Saudi Arabia. It’s just gotten worse since Mohammad bin Salman became so influential. And so the Saudi hope is that somehow Iran
will draw back in the region, that it won’t be so involved in supporting the Houthis in
Yemen and propping up Assad in Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon, that Iran won’t
be as influential in Iraq. I don’t think that’s going to happen. So, now that the U.S. has moved to essentially
strangle Iran’s economy, how will Iran react? In May 2019, Iran gave an answer: It officially ended its compliance with parts
of the nuclear deal. There are also signs that Tehran is getting impatient
with the European Union. The European Union has come up with something
called a “special purpose vehicle” for essentially a kind of ledger, so that trade could go on
between Iran and Europe without money actually changing hands, at least initially a kind
of barter arrangement. But it still has not started working. And Iranians are really, really frustrated.
It’s a year now since the Trump administration withdrew from
the deal and this “special purpose vehicle” is still not up and running. Trump’s hardline on Iran is also an all-or-nothing gamble. It’s important to understand that the Iranian
political system is not all in agreement. This means that, just like in the U.S., there
are competing voices in the political establishment. Quite a few of those voices weren’t happy
with the compromises Iran had to make in the nuclear deal. Now, those same voices are using Trump’s abandonment
of the deal to question whether there’s even a point in cooperating with the West. The Iranian regime views U.S. sanctions as
economic warfare, and analysts fear that they could be provoked into more dangerous confrontations
on other fronts, such as blockading oil shipments through the Strait of Hormuz, which could
trigger military conflict. They think that because the election in the
U.S. is just a year and a half away, they have to wait to see the outcome of that election.
But I think if U.S. pressure really brings the Iranian economy to the brink of collapse,
then the Iranians might have to put aside their strategic patience policy and pursue
retaliation. With relations between Washington and Tehran
souring, and Europe seemingly unable to act, what happens now? We are all hoping that the next administration,
even if Trump is re-elected, will change its policy toward Iran and will adopt a more realistic
strategy that has a chance of really not just, you know, changing Iranian policies that we
don’t like, but really improving the life of the Iranian people. But the pressure on Iran is escalating sharply,
and the next U.S. election is 18 months away. And even if it could be sure that the result
would change the current hardline policy, can Tehran wait that long?

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  1. So the rest of the WORLD IS WRONG AGAIN. How about Vietnam ,Laos, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Panama, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Haiti, Honduras, Philippines, Greece, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Palestine, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, Serbia, Kosovo, Cyprus, Pakistan, Egypt, Argentina, China and Russia; obviously the rest of the world is stupid.
    How can they possibly know what country will be proclaimed the next nation an axis of evil? Only the war mongers in conjunction with MSM have the necessary credentials to establish a case for those bereft of brains to digest.

  2. Main reason: iran choked both B( israel & saudi arabia) in proxy war. Both r sematic and iran were aryan. Aryan win this war hence both B ask for help from his father trump plz help us to suppress aryan,we r genetically weak in front of aryan.

  3. get a clue, the US only did the deal to escape billion of dollars of interest they needed to pay on illegally freezing and holding Iranian assets since 1980's, once that the ink had dried on the agreement to discount the interest mean ole Trump could back out and the pressure could return to make Iran a western colony.

  4. More PTSD and bodybags coming your way. America likes to see people suffer and their soldiers dead. For what.

  5. This video was clearly bias and not in line with America's very clear security concerns. Obama's deal with Iran was terrible for the US and the Security Council supporting it has no bearing on the matter. The UN is just a mouthpiece for anti american and anti western propaganda. So this woman is disingenuous by speaking english and acting like she is American or she is a traitor. Close your eyes and imagine a soldier listening to Tokyo Rose lying to our troops in wwII. Just exchange a Nipon accent for Farsi. "Please Hanoi Jane try telling the truth." Israel and the US and therefore the Civilized world have every reason not to allow Iran to have Nuclear Weapons. To imagine a nation who supports kidnapping as a political statement and who do not honor diplomatic immunity as abiding by treaties is a failing of the Obama administration. Sorry Obama but you were blind to the facts of this world and failed your nation.

  6. Of course we should tell the rest of the world what to do. We have the power because we do the best choices. If your correct then be quit. The point is that we are right to keep Iran down or they will become dangerous. You have this idea that we have to let people who are against us. You are sown the seeds of dissent when we need unity. The nation of Iran can not be trusted or to act freely especially thier government is a religious group and the religious are not sane. Yes sanctions do not seem to work so attack the facility already. Bomb them so that we can be safe. That is all that can be done. Sanctions were a weak answer to a nation that needs a swat that kills.


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  10. Obama's agreement never was never passed the Senate , Obama never even took it to the Senate knowing it would not pass …………The "Orange bad man" narrative is getting old . In his personal life is he garbage ? probably …..but he was voted in to get things done ……Looking at Democrat's line up to run against him , safe bet Trump 2020

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    Don't let those fascist win!

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    Iran got caught red handed (in the spy world), and all their dirty laundry got hung out for all to see. Sadly, most won't even look, because it goes against their belief system.

  27. The West has lost its balls. The Americans waited long untill they stepped in during WW2. It took a ship to go down and later a mass assault on Pearl Harbor. Obama payed pallet loads of cash to pay the Iranians off. It failed.

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