Is the Live Action Aladdin Sequel a mistake for Disney? (Nerdist News w/ Maude Garrett)

Is the Live Action Aladdin Sequel a mistake for Disney? (Nerdist News w/ Maude Garrett)

– Is the live-action Aladdin
sequel a mistake for Disney? What up, I’m Maude Garrett, and if you haven’t watched
the Little Women trailer yet, what are you doing? Go, go watch it, just pause
this video, we’re gonna wait. Go, you’re still here. (elevator muzak) Anyway, Avengers: Endgame, The Lion King, Captain Marvel, Aladdin, what do these films all have in common? They are all members of Disney’s
2019 billion dollar club, which, as the name implies, means that they all crossed the billion dollar mark at the
box office, just this year. And Disney still has Frozen
2, the Maleficent sequel, and Star Wars: Episode IX on the horizon. What was that, the sound of cha-ching. (cash register chime) Despite its dreary
earnings call last week, the House of Mouse,
(imitates Mickey Mouse) is having a better year across the board, with many of its films
raking in the cash from fans hungry for those
signature superhero movies and live action adaptations. And one of these hits might
just have more to offer, Aladdin! That’s right, now while the
film received mixed reviews among fans and critics, the movie did make bank at the box office. And just this week, one of the film’s producers, Dan Lin, spoke with Syfy about the
possibility of a sequel. (clears throat) He’s American, alright. “We’d love to. “People clearly loved the movie “and watched it multiple times “and we get lots of fan letters “and people asking us
to make Return of Jafar, “and I can just tell you “that we’re in early stages right now, “but we are certainly
talking about another movie.” Ha, so many Rs. Lin continued: “Like with Aladdin it will
not be a straight remake “of any movie that’s been made before, “so we are looking at where’s the best way “to go with these characters.” So if one of your three
wishes from the Genie was for an Aladdin sequel,
you might be in luck. That said, what could Disney’s approach to an Aladdin sequel be? And is it a mistake to make
a sequel to Aladdin at all? So far, Disney’s live action adaptations, or animations if you’re
considering the Lion King. Have been its solo films, drawing mainly from the Disney Renaissance of the late ’80s and early
’90s, AKA our childhood. However, this year we will
be getting Maleficent Two, a sequel to the reimagining
of Sleeping Beauty. So we don’t know how
well that film will do with audiences and critics just yet. But considering the first film’s success, plus the addition of Michelle
Pfeiffer as a villain, yes, it should be a hit. And with Aladdin specifically,
Disney has a few options. Like Lin mentioned, the animated Aladdin already has The Return
of Jafar as a sequel. Now this movie, I didn’t realize this, became Disney’s equivalent of a cult hit. The direct-to-video successor made $300 million in VHS sales. VHS, now for the younger
viewers, it’s actually, it’s a video tape. Where, it had movies on it. They were the size and weight of a brick, and it came in a thick case, and it made the most most satisfying noise when you opened and closed them. Oh, what memories, it came before the DVD, for those wondering. (TV set clicks off) Now, beyond The Return of Jafar, Aladdin also has a third film
installment in the franchise. Aladdin and the King of Thieves. Not to be confused with
the Prince of Thieves, there’s been an upgrade. Now it wasn’t as beloved or profitable as the Return of Jafar, adapting this film could
be another viable option considering the fans’ lukewarm reception to the live-action Jafar, critiquing him for his lack of hotness. But honestly who wants a daddy Jafar? (buzzer beeps) They were also saying that he wasn’t necessarily
that scary as well. Whatever happens with Jafar, as long as Disney writes the wrong with what they did to Iago
in the live-action adaptation and allow him to speak in the
sequel, we’re gonna be good. Hashtag Let Iago Squawk. (imitates parrot) What was that? (imitates parrot) Better. Another possibility for an Aladdin sequel could be a new original story, yes, a whole new world, right,
just like the name says. Jumping off the ending of the first film, and bringing back
characters from that movie. Despite the trailer’s first impressions, (exclaims in disquiet), Will Smith’s Genie was actually generally cited
as the highlight of Aladdin, so, bringing him back and potentially putting the
focus on him for the sequel, could be a fun way to continue its story. Plus, Disney has had the
most critical success in their live-action adaptations with the films that put a twist on the original source material, like Cinderella, and hoping
it’s gonna be Mulan as well, I feel good about that one. But should Disney be dipping into its animated
sequel well this soon? There are still live action
remakes in the Disney pipeline, I mean, like we mentioned, the
upcoming Mulan in theaters, we’ve got Lady and the Tramp, the adaptation’s coming on Disney+, a bunch of others on the way for that streaming service
too, just to name a few. And Disney still has
animated films to remake from the Disney Renaissance and beyond, like Hercules, yes, Tarzan, mmm, The Hunchback of Notre
Dame, eh, Pocahontas, yes, and plenty more, so why choose to pursue an Aladdin sequel, when there are so many other
films that are on the table? Look, at the end of the day, the live-action Aladdin
made a billion dollars. (cash register ding) Now while it didn’t quite have the divisive reaction as The
Lion King, which I liked. Fans still took their magic
carpets to the theaters to see the movie. And with 90s nostalgia not
going anywhere anytime soon, an Aladdin sequel could
definitely draw back its original audience and more. Were it to do something
different in a sequel. Or, it could have a
similar underground success if it went the Return of Jafar route. Now it is important to keep in mind that we still don’t know
if any Aladdin sequel will actually be happening,
but all things considered, the fan hype for the Aladdin sequels, the box office success
of the first Aladdin, and the general craving
for the 90s Disney films, if Disney wants to continue
its box office dominance, then another trip to the Desert of Agrabah would be a safe bet. Plus an Aladdin sequel
would be an opportunity to break the traditional live-action mold and potentially bust out of
the staleness remake fatigue. So, if you want it, keep
rubbin’ that lamp Aladdin fans. But what do you folks think? Would you want to see a sequel to Aladdin? Do you prefer The Return of
Jafar or The King of Thieves? And why isn’t there a live action Hercules in the works already? (exclaims) Let’s discuss. Thank you guys so much for watching, if you do like what you saw why not give us a Like and Subscribe? If you wanna get notified every time we go live with
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on all the latest theories, news, and rumors in the pop culture world. Buh-bye. (soothing electronic music) (pencil scratching)
(paper rips)

100 Replies to “Is the Live Action Aladdin Sequel a mistake for Disney? (Nerdist News w/ Maude Garrett)

  1. Except the actor they used for jafar was such a weasley little bitchboy i didnt even want to see the the movie…..they already fucked up the best char

  2. Was a fuck up having smith do the genie..they should have made a cgi version of thr original genie and had jamie Costa do the voice cuz he sounds like williams alot

  3. At least this time they wouldn't have the issue that made Return of Jafar suck. That being said, it would also be vastly different because they changed one big thing: the perception at the end of Aladdin (2019) is that the Genie is completely human. In the originals, the Genie still had some magic after being set free; he just wasn't as powerful. He was essentially what Jafar was after his second wish. The Genie still having some magic is a big part of RoJ, even King of Thieves. Anything they do for a sequel is going to be a bit different from the originals because of this.

  4. In 2019 we're getting force fed remake after remake. Nobody is actually creating anything anymore from scratch. Plus, where the hell are movies for adults? These days everything is a comic or children's book adaptation. I'm so tired of it. Guess I'm getting old.

  5. Oh my goodness I actually lost connection In the middle of your VHS explanation and thought it was part of the video effects hahaha

  6. Maude Garrett was absolutely great at the news. Absolutely loved her. Just one thing if it can be corrected. While she speaks, at times she would suddenly speed up the tempo, It feels like someone pressed the fast forward button while the video is being played. This would absolutely make me miss the info being told. It would be too fast to grasp what she said. might be controlling that, or slowing down that speed up a bit would be a welcome change. ThanQ.
    About the sequel. ——– SPOILER ALERT ———- The genie has lost his powers, he is now a human with kids and a loving wife. don't know how they will take it forward from here. The casting was good but they so need to change the actor who plays Jafar. Plz get Ben Kingsley to play that role. He would be properly scary when needed.

  7. They were developing a prequel called 'Genies' when they were making the first Aladdin, that would focus on Will Smith's Genie and how he ended up in the cave. I would rather see that than a sequel.

  8. Absolutely! Making sequels to the remakes is a horrible idea. Fact of the matter is the sequels to the original movies were very forgettable. In Aladdin's case the sequel was lame and I can't even remember the title of it. Now the 3rd movie, which I believe was called King of Thieves, was enjoyable. That being said I still dont think it is worth a Remake.

  9. 1:00 – All you idiots have nobody to blame but yourselves. 😒 You can't blame Disney for doing crap that makes money because that's all they care about. You're the idiots who complain but pay to see it anyway. 🤦 "Vote with your wallet" isn't just a slogan. 🙄

  10. Well done on the accent play. More please. Can you do a New Zealand? Olivia Moore said that one's difficult. 🙂

  11. Every live action remake of good animation movie is a mistake. Every remake is a mistake. Hollywood is out of creativity, time to let it die. RIP movie industry. The only good movies I have seen in recent years were made elsewhere, every remake I have seen in recent years coming out of Hollywood was bad at best.

  12. Why wasn’t Will Smith’s “CHING CHING” from Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air used every time they talked about Aladdin making a billion dollars?

  13. I think it would be a BIG mistake for them to make a sequel but they will always try to cash in and completely f it up as usual

  14. In my opinion I would say "Pocahontas" already had a live action remake with 2005's the New World starting Colin Farrell and Q'orianka Kilcher. But that is just me.

  15. Just remember… IT'S BECAUSE YOU IDIOTS KEEP SEEING THESE THAT WE KEEP GETTING THEM! I haven't seen any of them but listen to enough reviewers to get the jest of it, these movies are always worse overall then the originals, not necessarily bad as a stand alone movie but they are a remake so they are clearly going to be judged on how well they did their job! (remaking their animated counter part.)

  16. Hi, first time on your show. I agree they should def make another one. Personally to me itc would do great. Also titles like "Kimv of Theives" is great storyline to pull from.

  17. Apparantly, it won't be just another "Return of Jafar"… So that means we'll get an original and (undoubtedly) interesting live-action movie?

    Well, if it won't follow Return of Jafar… that might mean Jafar won't be killed off in this movie – and his relationship with Iago won't be ruined. I absolutely love the fact that they're thinking about making a sequel, I just hope they'll keep these two aspects in the movie, unlike the 1994 Return of Jafar.

  18. Is little mermaid a thing? Yeah I’m over live actions.. I’m so done, little mermaid is ridiculous, Disney is playing a game


  20. they forgot about alice through the looking glass sequel….. i mean i think we all wish we could forget that movie…..

  21. I thouggt this was Nerdist. Wait Maude Garrett is on New Rock Stars isn't she🤯
    Dear Lord it's like when Roth Cornet left IGN for SJU all over again😭
    So confused😕

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