Is Sword Art Online Season 3 REBOOT? SAO Alicization Anime News

Is Sword Art Online Season 3 REBOOT? SAO Alicization Anime News

Is Sword online getting a complete
anime reboot? So what’s up guys Fox en here! A few weeks ago some questionable
websites and even some places here on YouTube start making this claim that an
SAO anime reboot was not only possible but very likely coming. Specifically this
is talking about the SAO progressive novels. Whether you’re a hardcore or casual
Sao fan you actually may not have heard about these for a certain reason I’ll
get to that in a bit. As for this video I am still constantly
getting asked about this so here’s a full video on the topic. But anyway to
start off what are these SAO progressive novels? They’re pretty much the SAO
author Reki going back and fleshing out that story floor-by-floor. There were a
lot of complaints about SAO skipping floors in season 1 so this could give
you the juicy details of what Asuna and Kirito we’re doing. Unfortunately
there’s actual problems to this unrelated to the story itself. Before
that the rumors came up about a possible new anime reboot for these new novels.
Going floor by floor you could realistically see this becoming an anime
with 100 episodes or more. SAO already prints money for the A1 studio
so this would be a crazy wet dream come true. Key word being dream. I actually saw
this being spread around last month but I instantly thought whoa that’s
obviously fake. No one is gonna fall for that and my god I was dead wrong. The
actual meet for this rumor came from an important announcement for the
progressive series at the end of February. This was from some shady places
started the rumors about an anime announcement coming. Of course that
didn’t happen but what was actual announcement? It turns out that really
the only thing they mentioned was the change of artists for the manga. So yeah
not even close to some anime reboot. So if you see anyone asking about a
possible anime reboot point them to this video. Anyway you must be seeing why this
mode of complete BS. Right now there is a new SAO GGO spin-off a month away then
you got the A1 studio working on SAO Season 3 for the next two years. This
alone makes the original rumor scream fake but then if you actually look at
the SAO progressive series it kills this completely.
SAO progressive right now only has five novels. The SAO author Reki has mentioned
that he would like to cover all on Aincrad floors. Whether he actually means up to
100 or really only floor 75 is un clear but let’s look at the progressive
series in detail. The first novel was released in 2012. It then got one new
book every year until the fourth one. Book number five just came out this
February so there was as two to three year gap between number four and number
five. The point here being he’s releasing these very slowly and honestly at the
rate he’s releasing these novels you’re gonna be like seventy five years old
before he gets to where Aincrad stopped in the anime.
Forget about seeing this in the anime. At that point SAO will be actually real. And
by the way I should bring this up there happened some rumors about Reki
possibly speeding up the release of these. However right now he’s also
working on the final arc for SAO. This isn’t even considering the other ongoing
series from him. Anyone remember accel world? But anyway just to be a little
fair considering how much was covered in the anime of SAO season one you could
realistically the a1 studio turning the five novels into an anime
series. You could get 24 episodes out of that but then you run into a situation
where a possible new season for this wouldn’t come out for three to five
years maybe longer and who knows perhaps they’re perfectly fine with that. In all
it would be really nice to see an SAO anime reboot fleshing out all the floors
detail by detail. Unfortunately realistically it is not
possible right now. The earliest they could be able to do this would be after
SAO season three is done which would be around 2020 and who knows whether SAO
will still be massively popular in a few years but anyway more important let me
hear your thoughts on this! Question of the day would you be interested in
seeing an SAO anime reboot? This being the original Aincrad floor-by-floor.
Which do you want to see more this or SAO season 3? Also have you even
heard about this SAO progressive series? By the way definitely give a thumbs up
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  2. Let me put it this way. I hated basically all of SAO, except the first Arc. I like the "Oh I died in the game, now I'm dead IRL". It was a concept that was oddly dark, and interesting. I was really disappointed when that Arc ended.

    The real life stuff was all I cared about during the rest of the SAO franchise. That and the "death gun" mystery.

    Basically all the stuff that is dark and mysterious, I love it.

  3. Sao is coming and so is attack on titan so i didn't have enough time to read these fake rumors but great vid!

  4. I liked SOA, not going win best anime ever award but I enjoyed despite so many people hating it. Kirito is a bit of ass and could of saved many people lives but nope had to be emo… Also why is Asuna such a shit Waifu? Cause she got captured? Never seen her do anything wrong and she was faithful to Kirito the whole time.

  5. unfortunately for all you critical anime fans, this is very much impossible to adapt. just greedy Wishful thinking.
    as you stated that the light novels will cover each and every 100 floors, then you would need 500+ episodes, or maybe even surpass the current number of One piece episodes.
    as all of you know A-1 Pictures only adapts seasonal shows and not continuing shows that will go for YEARS like OP, Naruto and bleach and DAMN detective conan can take the cake!
    if A-1 does decide to adapt the entire progressive series then other source materials will no longer be picked by A-1 anymore except 1 or 2 a year. same situation with Toei and pierrot.
    let this stay as a novel and dont give a flying F&%k about critics wanting a reboot like with tokyo ghoul as well.

  6. Great vid, are you gonna do a review for each episode for ggo alternative or my hero when it airs cuz I would like to see that.

  7. I like to see a reboot. when I first watched SAO ep 1. I thought it was the best series ever. I loved the grim survivalist feeling to it, but they quickly took us out of that feeling in ep 2 and time skipped

  8. hmmmm Don't think a reboot will happen. it's like clicking the reset button then all the SAO save data being erased.
    But I can see progressive in a form of an OVA

  9. I'd happily give up on any upcoming SAO anime as long as Reki keeps dishing out quality content for the light novel!

  10. would love to see a reboot!

    16.5 *cough cough
    when asuna is teaching kirito play with the game settings. haha

  11. Well Foxen there is some thing bugging me. When i first saw SAO OS after the anime i was like "… How… It seems to be Sharp colours and as in the anime"
    What did they make to look THAT sharp. Do u have any idea?

  12. Ur awesome foxen anime! Keep doing what ur doing cuz it’s awesome and btw SAO is one of my personal favorites 🤙🏻👍🏻👌🏻

  13. Sao clearly needs a reboot and i have been reading sao progressive light novels and it has got me back into sao

  14. If they actually went through with this they could easily get past 100 episodes. Spending about 2 to 3, or maybe even more, episodes on one floor and sprinkle in a couple of fillers. But honestly, I would like a season 3 more though. 😛

  15. I want to see the reboot. I want experience Kirito and Asuna’s journey fully from start to finish. There is so much that is missing.

  16. Ah blyat the last time I watched sao was when I was 6 and 8 and tbh I didn't really know what the blyat was happening so watching this makes me want to actually go back and understand what was happening

  17. reboot, oh no. not ANOTHER specious rumor with no source to back it up. nope, never heard of the progressive novels, but I'm an anime only otaku. 😉 with SO many interesting shows coming out, I never have TIME to find or even read fanslations of manga or light novels. heck, I downloaded the entire collection of OreImo light novels in 2017 and I haven't even cracked open a single PDF file yet! if he's writing it, SOMEBODY may animate the progressive novels someday. but heck, who knows, studios often have 'secret plans' in place for 1-3-5 even more YEARS in advance. nobody thought the Marvel Cinematic Universe based around The Avengers was possible before they actually started talking publicly about them.

  18. SEASON 3! It will be way interesting to see what happens at the end of it all. Then going back to what happened in the past

  19. I'd love an SAO reboot- but at the same wouldn't it be like 100 episodes if you were to cover each floor in a single episode? That'd take a few years to finish and SAO isn't made of money. In my honest opinion, it'd be cool but… I need Season3 in my life XD

  20. SAO has needed a Brotherhood treatment for a LONG ass time, can anyone link me fan translations to the 5th SAOP novel?

  21. The Aincrad arc should have been a few seasons. It was over way too soon. same with the ALO arc. I love this series but I wish there was more of it.

  22. the main reason I would like to see a reboot is that the Aincrad arc had a lot of problems and I would love to see them solve those problems and like you said the last arc is in progress of being made this could work once they make the last arc into anime form they could start to work on the reboot

  23. SAO Aincrad is my favorite. I loved the adventures of Kirito and Asuna. Pretty sad that Asuna hasn't been in the series at all and shes way different than the way she came into the series.

  24. i miss kirito the new series i dont hate but i expected kirito and asuna what a major disappointment

  25. I loved sao progressive and read a lot of them i think it should be a side series but it doesnt matter seson three may end it and could open up the world for progressive

  26. I honestly would like to see SAO and I’ll try to live long enough to see the reboot and SAO might be dead then popular in 2020 like watching a new anime

  27. I've thinking about that,I love SAO deep in my heart.But as realistic,Kazuto/Kirito and Asuna were old enough and has many responsibilities, in real life,a real person will not spent there whole life playing games.

    Having this season needs a good reason why did they log-on on that game to make again a very good story.A good story with love story,action,drama,commedy and lessons which makes us laugh,cry and fall in love in such a great story ever.

    Also in the SAO Ordinal scale looks like the very last episode were all of the characters of all seasons united to beat Ordinal Scale,and they looks adult and not a teenager.

    The really wrong of season 1 is really they did not show what happens floor by floor,4 out of 76 Bosses they fighted has seen there,[floor 1 boss,The Gleam Eyes(74th boss),Skull Reaper(75th boss),And Heif Cleif(100th boss)].I can under stand the 10 episodes in ALO cuz he have only one week to save Asuna.

    Anyways I've really love to have a season 3 of SAO,hopefully SAO will be the best anime in the anime history,that I can't be beated until the end of the world(real world the Earth)

  28. Dude season 3 come out on October 2018 so yeah saw it on website so it's gonna be on Netflix when October strikes

  29. I hope that it will have like 2 ep per floor like 200 ep 😀 but i already know that eint gonna happen D:

  30. Bring season 3 to an happy end (also in their RL) … If they produce an floor by floor anime i would fckn love it even if i would turn 40 until then ^^

  31. If I’m gonna be honest, I’d rather see him finish the original Sword Art Online before we talk about an Aincrad Arc Reboot. Would I love to see it? Yeah, but let’s finish the series first before rushing to that.

  32. I'm reading the progressive light novels and i personally can't see it becoming an anime . I have the feeling that it'd end up being way 2 rushed

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