Iran says White House is ‘afflicted by mental retardation’

Iran says White House is ‘afflicted by mental retardation’

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  1. we should just flatten them already…add a 51st state and have all the oil we could ever want…it’s win win for the entire world if you ask me.

  2. Afflicted by mental retardation!!!! Leftist he is using bad words… quick to your safe spaces everyone lol.

  3. 'afflicted by mental retardation' Pretty bold statement for a guy that wears a diaper on his head!!!!!!!!

  4. Hahaha Iran is great.. you just got a like this dude.. suffering mental illness no wonder trump face is super orange..

  5. This comment section are dumb read the sanction detail it literally doesnt effect at all … OMG you dumb.. americans.. it’s an obvious desperate.. show of power..

  6. Name-calling by both sides while in command of large Nations armies is completely childish and can lead to World War 3

  7. Mainstream media and the deep state players want war and want trump to look bad as much as possible. Tariffs work and President Trump knows what he’s doing ?????

  8. But he is mentally sick. Can’t you see it is all staged. He is a puppet of other forces behind the forces. He does not obey, he’ll end up like JFK

  9. I don’t agree with the way that Irans government run’s it’s country but to be fair their description of the White House is pretty much what every leader around the world is thinking behind closed doors. If you want another Iraq war repeat then crack on!! Who was the architect of the Iraq war… Bolton, don’t you see a pattern emerging?!?!?!

  10. Yep, Corruptocrats and Iranian DS joined at the hip. Just how much money did President Trump strip from Corruptocrat Slush Funds when he voided "the deal"?

  11. What is Iran anyway? We have no Iranian influence anywhere in America. Rashida Tlaib, who has sworn her duty to Iran first, above America's is trying to push reparations to destabilize America. She is So disgraceful!!!!!

  12. The Deep State is doing all the talking, Iran is the mouthpiece. Speaks for itself.
    Our Government, our swamp, is engaged with terrorists and are working together.
    I’m a nope. Drain the swamp.

  13. Have you seen an Iranian divorce court in action. Yes you can view online Now that's mental retardation

  14. Mad bro? Sanctions crippling you? With bad decisions come consequences…just be happy you’re still breathing air.

  15. Where's the lie? Our government needs to be dismantled and rebuilt. ZIONIST FREE!! BOOMERS GET TRIGGERED

  16. He will push, just like north North Korea did…
    Because the previous 3 administrations showed the world… if you talk tough!! Act crazy! Threaten war! You will get the American left to cave…
    Then you get what ever you want!!

    Well not anymore… start a war, with us, and our first strike will be the spot your standing on!!

  17. Prove your not enriching uranium. By letting the u.n. scientists come and see all of your military sites. Last time you refused to let them in. And for that in a peaceful solution is sanctions until you halt your nuclear program. Do I have to spell it out for. NO NUkes

  18. Iran has never attacked another Sovereign country. How many has America attacked in the last 50 years ?

  19. That is abusing and violated God's law,he is the one who designed the dangernous of his country,flooding them all over the Pacific ocean and pushing in Country by UN using their power to forced I'm Christian faith Country by using Refugees status,but their leader is fighting for his own pocket and legacy but ignored and let their people slaves on the streets homeless,
    Love your people,the oil belongs to Jesus Christ family the saints and angels that pray for peace and love,blessing for homeless citizens,

  20. Actually it's the Iranian leaders who's mentally challenged. Anyone who continually provokes the world's most powerful military is begging for self-annihilation.

  21. Very harsh word! ???????????? oh Fox News!! The world is watching!! At least one significant man had the … to tell the truth ? How president f* face would say: „enjoy it“ ??

  22. Oh dear….the leaders of Iran don't like OUR PRESIDENT! Who the f*** cares! Trump didn't make a deal with them, Obama did! The deal consisted of Obama, and his cronies, handing over 5.7 billion dollars in cash, and doing away with over 100 billion dollars in sanctions!!!! This "deal" was criminal, Trump couldn't wait to walk away from it….. no more billion dollar handouts to countries who despise us! Trump 2020!?????

  23. At least we don't have to wrap our heads in toilet paper constantly because of constant unsuccessful brain surgeries and lobotomies!??

  24. Its almost like they married their cousins for generations because an idolized warlord told the it was a good idea…. oh wait

  25. I'll tell you why Trump doesn't want a conflict with Iran, N. Korea, or any other major threat – He's a WEAK, PATHETIC, "COWARD" plain and simple! Yes, he doesn't have to fight, the fact that he has to be the face and put on a consistent, brave attitude and console the families of the dead is a way too much commitment for him… His glaring flaw as a man is a good thing for the rest of us 😉

  26. Warum möchte der Iran eine Atombombe….. weil das Regime denkt, dass ähnlich wie in Nordkorea die USA niemals einmarschieren würden. Ich finde es auch irritierend, dass die USA Atombomben haben dürfen die anderen aber nicht.

  27. The only retardation affecting the White House is the Democrat party that keep backing ludicrous hypocrisy of its own members Trump 2020

  28. I for one second was like why are people in here so stupid, then I remembered it is fox news comment section.

  29. Iran, I could say the same to you with you acting like spoiled brats towards the Royal Navy and then lying to their face saying you didn’t try to seize a British commercial vessel.

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