International World News Headlines – 4 March 2020

But we’re going to begin
tonight with a state of emergency after deadly tornadoes
in the south. Look at this, at least
25 people killed in Tennessee,
a massive tornado hitting while families
were sleeping. In Nashville a possible EF-3. Winds up to 165 miles an hour. Sunrise today revealing
the staggering damage. Homes and buildings destroyed, tractor trailers overturned. Some families have lost everything. Thousands now facing
a very long road back. Tonight the new threat now
moving into several states and ABC’s Victor
Kendall leaves us off from East Nashville. Tonight the death toll is
rising after powerful tornadoes wreak destruction in
and around Nashville. Sirens sounding in the middle
of the night, power flashes illuminating the dark sky. A tractor trailer’s flipped on their sides. A fire chief rescuing
this seven-year-old boy from outside his home. He was trapped by live wires. For days they’ve been
trying to break through but police are standing firm. Lesbos has Europe’s
largest refugee camp and Greek authorities are determined to stop a second wave of migrants from entering. There is also strong
resistance to new arrivals from many of the
islands longtime residents. Some are taking drastic action
to get their message across. A new unoccupied migrant
shelter was set on fire on Tuesday. Right-wing extremists even
blocked entry to migrants and humanitarian aid. During a visit to a Greek
Turkish border crossing EU leaders announced 700
million euros in assistance. Still Greece’s Prime Minister
called for more to be done. The novel coronavirus
continues to spread in Korea, more than 500 new cases have
been confirmed since Tuesday. This brings the total
number of confirmed patients in the country to over 5,300. And with four more
deaths reported overnight. the death toll now stands at 33. Nearly 90% of the cases are concentrated in the southeastern city of Daegu and more than 60% of the total cases are linked to community-based
transmission. Daegu alone has more than 4,000 cases and the surrounding Syeongbuk province has so far confirmed more than 770. Seoul has confirmed one more case bringing the Capital’s
total to at least 99. Is the legendary co-founder of Apple patient zero for the
coronavirus in the USA? Steve Wozniak tweeted
that he and his wife were both sick after returning
from a cruise vacation in Asia in early January. We had just returned from China and may have both
been patient zero in US. I know that if we return
today from Hong Kong with the symptoms we had, we would be candidates for
testing and quarantine immediately. He says during his
trip he came in contact with a tourist from Wuhan, the
epicenter of the worldwide crisis. How close were you
next to that person who said they were from Wuhan? Oh only for a second just you know, arm the arm you know, for a selfie. Wozniak’s wife Janet says
her illness was so severe she started coughing up blood. I literally thought I was gonna die. The Wozniak’s flew home to California
before the coronavirus outbreak became front-page news. Now over to Syria; this is
where escalating tensions between Turkey and Russia. Well they continue to rise as the two countries
are in a direct conflict over rebel control of Northwest Syria. Well Scotty the conflict continues as Turkey said that it shot
down a Syrian warplane just over Northwest Syria. Now fighting is escalating
it since this is now the third Syrian warplane that
Turkey shot down since just Sunday. Increased airstrikes took place
near the countryside of Idlib where fighting in at North has
intensified at the crossroads town of Serik. Now the area is now controlled
by Russian military police and it’s changed several
times within recent weeks. That’s given it access to Idlib City and even Aleppo over the weekend. Turkey launched operation Spring
Shield against Russia back Syrian forces. The Afghan Taliban celebrating
after the United States agreed to withdraw all troops within 40 months in return for security guarantees. The very next day the
militant group announced attacks would resume
on Afghan security forces. The United Nations says that more
than 100,000 civilians have been killed in the crossfire since this conflict began. So it’s people here who
know they are most at risk if fighting again escalates between
the Taliban and Afghan security forces. Before they’ll talk to
the Afghan government the Taliban want 5,000 of
their members released from jail, a provision in the US Taliban agreement A dialogue precondition rejected by
Afghanistan’s President on Monday. Turning now to Washington
where the Supreme Court will hear a major
abortion rights case today. People crammed or
rather camped out overnight ahead of the arguments. This is the first major abortion
case the court will hear since President Trump appointed
justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh to the bench and shifted the
court to a conservative majority. As the justices announced
their last abortion decision supporters of abortion rights cheered, their victory may be short-lived. It’s totally possible that
we would have to close. Kathleen Pittman is administrator
of Hope Medical Group for women. The Shreveport Louisiana clinic
at the center of the next major battle over abortion rights. “You’re required to
have a doctor …” Pittman’s clinic is challenging a Louisiana
law that tightens regulations and says doctors must have
admitting privileges at a local hospital. A $700 car seat is tonight
being pulled from shelves after a catastrophic crash test. The dummy was sent flying, in the real world it
would have been deadly. An image no parent can unsee. Catapulted from a child’s seat this
mannequin didn’t stand a chance. The footage is horrific there is
really no other way to describe it. It’s exactly what the high-end
car seat is designed not to do. Instead the I Travel signature
model by manufacturer Joie today labeled by the NRMA
as a catastrophic failure. The forward-facing isofix model
passed the minimum Australian standards but the NRMA conducted its own testing. Experts shocked to learn
it ever made the shelves. And to our next story now
after Brexit the UK passport will return to its iconic blue color. The introduction has already started and from mid 2020 all
new passports will be blue. The first blue passports
are being issued this month following the UK’s departure
from the European Union. It’s the first time in almost 30
years that the blue cards will be issued and facing the burden to
run which was rolled out in 1988. Britain was under no obligation
to adopt the burgundy passport like other EU countries
that did so in unification and now the post breaks it blue colour signifies independence and
sovereignty, two of the key areas voted for in the EU referendum.

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