Inside the Kashmir That India Doesn’t Want the World to See | The Dispatch

Inside the Kashmir That India Doesn’t Want the World to See | The Dispatch

It’s Friday on the streets of
Kashmir’s largest city. It’s the day Muslims
normally gather to pray. But in recent weeks, it’s also become
a day of protest. Indian authorities
are working hard to keep a lid on
displays like this. But they can’t change
how people feel. As protests break out
across Kashmir, Indian officials
repeat what has become a well-worn soundbite. “There have been no major law
and order situations reported from across the Valley. Life is slowly
returning to normal.” “And the situation is returning
back slowly to the normal.” But things here
don’t seem normal. Kashmir has been a
conflict zone for decades. But when India moved to strip
the region of its autonomy on Aug. 5, the
situation came to this: thousands more troops and a curfew bringing
daily life to a standstill. Phone lines and internet access
were shut down, cutting off around eight million Kashmiris from
the outside world. So, we came to see what’s
actually happening here. We visit a neighborhood
known for frequent clashes between protesters and
Indian security forces. People, here,
are in mourning. Fahmida Shagoo was at
home with her children and her in-laws on Aug. 9. Police started firing tear gas
at protesters outside. Fahmida’s husband, Rafiq,
helped rush her to the hospital. But doctors could not revive her. A sudden death and no one
to hold accountable. In addition to tear gas, for years, Indian forces
have used pellet guns to quell unrest in Kashmir. These shotguns fire cartridges
full of lead pellets that lodge themselves
in the flesh. They are supposedly
non-lethal, but can cause life-changing disabilities. Parvez Sofi says
he was at home when he heard
a commotion outside. When he opened the door
to see what was happening, he became a target. In the name of maintaining
law and order, Indian forces have
license to shoot with near impunity
in Kashmir. There is no official
number for the injured. But in just one
hospital here, sources told us over
60 people had been admitted with pellet wounds
since the lockdown began. Still, this doesn’t
stop some people. And lives here have been upended
in other ways, too. This woman’s
22-year-old son, Mehraj Ud-Din,
was arrested. She doesn’t know
why he was taken. Since then, authorities have
been giving her conflicting information. This is not
an isolated case. Since early August,
thousands have been arrested
without being charged. And there’s no indication
when or if they’ll be released. Although some landlines
have been reconnected, Kashmir is still
largely cut off from the rest
of the world. That helps authorities keep
stories like these quiet. But as the days pass, they’re getting louder.

100 Replies to “Inside the Kashmir That India Doesn’t Want the World to See | The Dispatch

  1. The original inhabitants of Kashmir Brahmins were massacred in Kashmir by Muslims and fled to other parts of India , Kashmir has always belonged to India was given to India by Kashmiri king Pakistan started a war and took over parts by force , Pakistan regime mindwashes Kashmiri Muslims and they throw stones and start rebelling look at all Muslims in the other parts they are fine . A lot of Pakistani agents are in Kashmir mindwashing Kashmiri Muslims .

  2. let All muslims first 3 days for praying kashmir and be ready to jihad inshallah the winner is muslims not caws and fair worshiper

  3. The Hindu terrorist Government of India is killing Kashmiris brutally everyday, no one is saying any thing, but when we respond, paid media will call us Terrorist.

  4. BJP IT cell is actively propagating here, some are blaming its old video and same are saying it's POK not Indian Occupied Kashmir, they even don't have a perfect lie about Kashmir. The reality is that Indian army has seized the entire valley and no one can enter there from 20 days, even top opposition leaders were sent back yesterday. But some inside videos are showing how brutaly the Indian Army is killing Kashmiri civilians everyday.

  5. Really what you get by spreading this kind of 10 years old videos mention date know anything about 'kashmiri Pandit's' biased media

  6. The time for persecution has come
    It is time to consider the time of Gaza India
    And arrest the Indian ministers very soon
    Kashmir will become Pakistan

  7. Artical 370 was the only knot between India and Kashmir, after opening it, Kashmir is a free state now.. you cannot dominate Kashmir by force.. KASHMIR BELONGS TO KASHMIRIS ONLY

  8. How did you manage to go inside and make a documentary if everything is under shut down, we could have restricted your entry like China but we did not, this is called openness. Here you are making an animal planet like propaganda documentary using old footage. Shame on you.

  9. Pratyek bar in muslimo ne bharat ko tukdo me bata hai ab nhi enough is enough ye sirf muslim desh chahte hai vikash se inhe koi matlab nhi

  10. Modi killed democracy in India, he occupied PM seat with the help of fake EVM machines and of course the Corropt Election commission of india, and now they are applying their fascist ideology in the entire country.

  11. No one.. not a single person mentioned anything about revocation of article 370. What would you get by showing these old video clips. fake biased media

  12. The new york times……….the american media which was celebrating the terrorist attack on world trade center.
    What can we expect from terrorist funded news media?!

  13. People kindly note that Pakistan and Bangladesh was made for Muslims who did not want to live with Hindus, the king of Kashmir had accepted to join India long ago, yet these people decided to stay back and now want more land .. it's not fair.

  14. Imagine just one second that india has a majority of 80%muslim and kashmir with a majority of 60% hindus. Do you really think that Muslims would have waited 70 years and gave special status to kashmir? NO, they would have considered hindus like kuffars and would have invaded all kashmir to proclaim Islamic state. Today, they are in an inferiority position and that is why they are paying victim card in front of English medias. Who cares? If india was an Islamic state, all the minorities, who are complaining falsely today about hindu violence, would have been converted by force. I have a big advice for all of you. Never let muslim together, we have to dilute them in all india. This is the only method to make them soft like indian Muslims. Usually, they use mosquees to their propaganda and complain a lot that they are victims in democracy. Don't trust them, all fake people on the name of their god

  15. India was never a secular country except in their shameful constitution that was never followed. Nehru tried to implement secularism but it only caused more hate for minorities and thousand of communal fights every year. Now India is an extremist hindu country with fundamentalists in power and at the verge of committing genocides. India has become a hateful terroist country and it shows in every one of their minority states or eve communities. Indians should first understand what secularism means. Pakistan never claimed to be secular but Pakistan provides security, prosperity and freedom to all of the minorities.

  16. Kashmir is the only gateway for China/Pakistan military to enter India. If India loses control over Kashmir, Pak and China instantly gains control then Delhi will be immediately compromised. It's a very big security threat to the nation. Everyone is aware of this. Losing control over Kashmir is something we can NOT afford. The problem is WAAAY bigger than lives of Kashmirs and their freedom.

  17. In the game of thrones- "you win or you die. there is no middle ground".
    Look at Tibet, Tibetans were too soft. What happened? If you think it ends with Kashmir you are wrong…then they'll infiltrate Punjab, brainwash, conquer and divide. Next, Delhi and so on. It won't end.

  18. Dont the hindus know what they are doing. The have no humanity left . The only thing left is their cruelity. Sympathies are not just for the same religion man but for all Humaity. This is what Our Peaceful Religion ISLAM told us. And thoes acts reflects what your religion shows (no humanity)……. Hence I am lucky that I Am A MUSLIM……….

  19. Govt r destroying humanity in kashmir…it is pre-planned. is inJustices for people of kashmirs.

  20. Fools..this video is of Pak Occupied Kashmir. Parts of videos compiled from different places and different times.

  21. So where was NY Times and other liberal media when the mujahideen drove out scores of Hindus from the Kashmir Valley. Now the Muslims who have infiltrated over the years with the help of extremist forces are throwing rocks and stones at the Indian Army. Shameful biased coverage trying to appease the Muslims who were the original crooks who destroyed peace in this valley.

  22. At what corner of the World Muslims are living peacefully with other religion when they are minority ? from last 70 years pakistan spread poison of religion throughout the whole kashmiri generation and made them JIHADI. wait for some time, Kashmir will peaceful.

  23. Abe mc hamare ghr ka mamala hai ….bsdk apne ghr me sirf development ke liye hmne 370 hta diya …to bsdk inke gand me kya chul hai…
    Aur baaki jo ukhadna hai ukhaad le…nyt

  24. You can believe in me or not I dont know about it because ….this video is fake and hoax…because India army are their to safe kashmiris from terrorist attacks ….even a single bullet cant fire..TOTALLY BIG HOAX

  25. Kashmir has been in conflict for over 70 years – NYTimes in its absence in providing historical context is virtue signaling again. there's no "news" nor is there any what one would call information take-a-way here.
    don't you feel empathy and a little afraid? maybe even afraid the violence could happen here? or to you.
    after all – you heard the protesters. "guns are the solution"

  26. He said he open the door and one soldier shot him with pellet gun so how he got shot on his back liar he must be Stone Pelter good job by Indian Army

  27. Where are the people who talk about peace and human rights?? can't they see human rights voilations in kashmir what they doing with civilians womens and childrens too . Even thier soldiers are commiting suicide after doing such atrocities

  28. I think New York times should more concentrate on its Own internal matters and not to interfere with the interest of other nation.Jai Hindh ,Bharath Mata ki Jai

  29. Where is Imran Khan?the latest news is:Imran Khan is attending a terrorist submit with mufti in ravalpindi while modi is telling loud to trump, we don't want to bother others for kashmir. They are preparing a nuclear war to invade Indian kashmir🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. It seems musharaff with his experience in kargil adviced the cricket man Khan to give a biefting reply to India.

  30. RSS Terrorists are bringing back the Hindu ideology of 19th century back again. The same ideology that killed there founding father Gandhi. World is still asleep. UN is still asleep.

  31. These Radical Islamic has proven from time to time that they can't live peacefully with anywhere in civilized world.

  32. 2.35 nobody dies because of tear gas.its fake and sponsered news.they are spreading lies against india.if it is possible anyone can die with tear gas.then why it it's invented.fools.

  33. 4.01 why they are hiding their faces.because they are stone pelters.they throw stons on forces.then forces fire pellet stop. Them…

  34. It seems Modi's government give the Kashmiris a reason to be terrorists later on…It's so sad, a Paradise of India comes to this…

  35. I really appreciate for supporting weak people, please keep it up might be possible in this way KASMIR get Justice from slaughters and cruel Authorities

  36. Its hard to believe new York has forgotten 9/11 tragedy of there country. It was Pakistan who kept Osama bin Laden safe in secret army camp for 10 years. Wake up USA if u don't want another 9/11. Do not fall pray to the terrorist prapoganda of Pakistan a certified terrorist country.

  37. India wants war i repeat india wants terrorism to make muslims and all muslims countries the slves to show usa , china , japan Russia and london that india is the most powerful force in the world history sorry the biggest Buddhism force than allah Almighty through Kashmir

  38. What a bunch of lies NYT is spewing. with the army in control now, do you ever think that such a protest will be allowed in the streets of Kashmir today? This is fake journalism at its worst, displaying NYT's anti India anti-Modi bias.

  39. New York times, anti hindu, anti Indian media.. still living in colonial period, divide and rule politics from New York..

  40. New York Times should concentrate on China which is butchering Muslims and Buddhists. India is great democracy of 1.4 billion people thus must be respected. We cannot compare ourselves with tiny Pakistan, we are stronger militarily than a strongly Jewish backed China militarily. There is a Kashmir problem that is the liberation of POK. The fake global balance on India in reality has no meaning anymore.

  41. Guys seriously the video you are playing is from POK
    not Indian administered kashmir.
    The flags they hold is from POK.
    Indian kashmir has a different flag
    So these are people from the other side of border.
    And just to clear everything No protest in Indian administered kashmir

    The place where people are throwing stone is old

  42. its pok lol…….., We know NT how he peopogendas spread over every countries and molesting them And make Internal war like irak and syria…..why they not Show any News About balochisthan,pok etc…..They think only america And bbc think UK has large democracy… how India A poor country ( they think So ) run Democracy Even We are Speak only one language and they have many….how A diverse country now turning Into global Power…..but they Blind On china,same islamic Country………Propogendas Is a Main Weapon's Use by This so called develop country……Shame shame shame on you…….👿👿

  43. Just one thing to tell don't trust anything what media person post…most of the videos and pictures are old ….and one more thing to add Jammu and ladakh people r celebrateing

  44. kashmir is infected with islamic radicalization. most of the Kashmiri are converted muslims like rest of India. This radical islamist want to create their countries on the basic of religion and want to impose sharia law where they are in majority. such thing will arise in other place like USA, Australia, Canada etc than let see what will New York time publish. When people fight with their own people then collateral damage is expected. Not only Kashmir but whole of Pakistan is part of India.

  45. What a propoganda congratulations new York times
    Ofcourse there will be some moments in the given situation but for that army is increased which will normalise in future

  46. I wonder,Why aren't you showing those kashmiris who support the removal of article 370???? Oh I get it…u can't be unbiased

  47. Kashmir does not belong to oy Muslims. It belongs to Hindus & Buddhists also. So stop this one sided evil propoganda.

  48. 100 percent useless. The Indian army has to be defeated in a real battle before they are willing to even consider stopping such brutality. But who dares to take on the Indians ?

  49. Why people still don't understand that what the westernner called democracy is based on a large and stable economic system.

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