Inside a Home DMT Lab Run by A Chemistry Teacher

Inside a Home DMT Lab Run by A Chemistry Teacher

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  1. Warning: there are flashing lights and images throughout this video.

    WATCH NEXT: In 2013, we met a guy named Walter White who actually cooked meth —

  2. Every dollar spent on weed and psychedelics enforcement is a dollar not fighting against heroin synthetic shit etc weed doesn’t help as much as psychs do but it’s still fun to do with friends and stuff but have limits with everything you can get addicted to weed don’t lie to yourself (addicted is a bad choice of words it’s more a dependance) weed can damage your brain if your under 25 but I’m not stopping almost everyone has done weed once. If you want to stop smoking the blaze blaze the key is to forget just chill whenever I stop I get the urge in my brain to smoke and get fucking BLAZED but nah I’m gone get blazed next weekend I only do 2 times a week maybe less if I have important stuff to do. Story time I have a very low tolerance to cannabis and it has a almost psychedelic effect on my. This one time I was so high the highest I’ve ever been I couldn’t stand up I felt my heart and my head I could see the air I tried walking to the bathroom but my knees wouldn’t work so I just watched YouTube in the corners of my eyes I saw shadows and scribbles when I closed my eyes everything was colourful and moving jiggling around I went to bed woke up the next morning and had the urge to have more but no i just played on my computer and forgot about it but when you don’t have that shit and your around people who are using it’s very hard it’s feels like your missing a connection you feel left out but now I feel like a care taker whenever my friends have weed and I don’t I feel like I’m babysitting them also when your quitting a serious weed problem fight it, it’s only gonna get better and NEVER EVER resort to alcohol while quitting anything alcohol will fuck you over just as much as anything else peace out the one person that might see this

  3. DMT grows naturally in plants I wouldn't trust dmt made in a lab. In the amazon they dont need labs they brew it into ayahuasca

  4. Like I get it I’m a fan of dmt and other psychedelics they helped me with a lot of my own demons and traumas, but if you’re sitting in a crack den cooking with explosive deadly chemicals do you really think you’re doing more good than harm, sometimes people don’t need to know how fucked up everything is, let them be blissfully ignorant. Those who seek knowledge will come looking, stop acting like some woke ass modern day Robin Hood. Let’s face it you’re a drug dealer living in a crack den, go volunteer at like a homeless shelter or something, donate that drug money to some sick animals or something

  5. I'd love to see the go pro of homeland security kicking your door in putting the hurt on your little school house

  6. He said it right in the perfect manner psychedelics allow you to when you’re at your lowest to rebuild yourself on a new foundation trust me this shit opens your head up and if you suffer from depression as I have and still do psychedelics especially shrooms make you realize the simple shit in life and allows you to disconnect from physicality and mentally heal yourself, I will always advocate pot and psychedelics because if it weren’t for those my life would be much much darker now I wake up every day happy to see another day and be able to just watch the clouds or whatever just enjoy life!

  7. So you load that with chemicals and poison your students, yea your really on your way to opens minds and teach knowledge, how about you cook some food and feed the homeless outside

  8. Man I’ve been looking for DMT for over a year now and I live in London. This was filmed in London where can I find this guy?

  9. Ayahuasca is sooo much easier to make and trip last longer, but it's just as challenging and hard to take like dmt is,,, so profound, kinda of extremely anti-addictive cuz it kinda scares the living shit outta you

  10. acid tong fractals or acid tong listen now hear later
    a couple psychedelic music i offer as a gift in thanks of your video
    they are on youtube
    peace pot micro-dot

  11. I hate how media calls everything a "lab."

    A lab has proper glassware. A lab synthesizes chemicals.

    This is an extraction. He is operating a lab as much as a moonshiner is operating a lab.

    Jesus drug hysteria is absurd.

  12. I wonder if they dress up all the time when they're extracting the dmt out of the mimosa. Simple recipes out there not that complicated like these wanks are making it out to be

  13. First world problems.. meanwhile there are kids starving somewhere in Philippines and here we are people who are not happy in life at least has food to eat, places to sleep and opportunities to go to school for.

  14. For me it started with five Ambien and I was able to see spirits. Nobody believe me they said it was hella and hallucination but I know what I saw. Every time I take them I look at people for the way they are I believe the fall of Man was a frequency change of consciousness and I am desperately trying to get out of the matrix game, not watch news as an important part of my knowledge but critically so I can see how absurd the whole world is. I just ingested 10 Ambien and a little bit of kratom I am trying to get off of opiates. I was a religious guy until I mess with opiates and then went through the dope sickness the crying the feeling like I was being Shadow and finally went into a psycho place for three days which was really awkward because my ex girlfriend works for the company that comes into Bay mental health and I have been working on meditation and the Chinese art of though Tho tonight I added a little DM cough syrup while not a little as much as I could handle in a tea with kratom and pure honey. The honey for sweetness and because it retains memory just as good as water and I am going to see what kind of experience I have tonight the last time I went out to a cemetery and there is a long dark road where a girl was standing not dressed for the weather she looked like she had a gray Nate down into the swamp and come out the other side about 5 a.m. and while I was walking I saw little humanoids that would appear and disappear and Little voices that reminded me I was not alone I had a dream in that almost exact spot when I was a kid that I saw a zombie there. I did not believe in zombies but for some reason that corner by the bridge that the railroad tracks went off of was a very eerie place I would love somebody to investigate with me I have three other hauntings in my life that I would love investigated

  15. You don't need to be a chemistry teacher to extract DMT. It's actually a very simple process which requires no special equipment and regular household supplies. I suspect most of his setup is for show. He's actually using a low-yielding technique too.

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