Ingraham: You know it’s over when…

Ingraham: You know it’s over when…

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  1. If my child ended up with either of these 3 law prof. I would make sure that all 3 come up on the missing person reports. These are the dumbest prof I have ever seen,

  2. Just why can't there be a World Summit Meeting?
    ALL the World's Leaders have a get together. noone omitted, and simply say…… this is the world's problems of today. Can't we as human beings put our heads together and fix what's wrong and look forward to a better future for all?

  3. @Laura This is your job how can you not comprehend… anyways see below hope it helps;

    THE PROCESS = the election process obviously.
    THE CORROBORATING EVIDENCE = "Russia if you're listening" or “China should start an investigation into the Bidens, because what happened in China is just about as bad as what happened with Ukraine”.

  4. How much money have the Clintons recieved from the Russians?? Uranium deal, donations to the Clinton fountains, Bill's $500,000 for speaking in Moscow…… amazing!!

  5. Today's culture is a repeat of what we have already seen in other ancient cultures if anyone has bothered to read up on western civ, empires always fall from within first before outside influences completely annihilate them from the outside. When dishonesty has taken full shape and become prominant in everyday living than chaos is born. We are seeing our last days whether anyone wants to admit or not and this was prophesied by people years ago including paul harvey. Humans are creatures of habit and proned to continue to male the same mistakes over and over. If we are evolving how come we cant seem to learn from our predecessors? Insanity=to do the same thing over and over expecting different results. Something we have been doing since the first documented civilization of Mesopotamia.

  6. He was acting on the benefit of America before handing over funds to a past known corrupt country. He is a businessman. He is thinking money.

  7. These teachers or professors don’t live in the real world. Yes, we need teachers, but most have Socialistic ideas and most hate Trump. Don’t expect them to be fair but expect them to be strongly bias against the President. If you don’t believe me, attend most college commencements. You Decide. We have a generation moving up the ranks, that are entitled. Old fashion hard work and personal accountability principals are not as strong as they use to be.

  8. Laura, you are so much more logical than these three liberal law professors. They are not fact witnesses. They are repeating the talking points that republicans have already rejected. So because THEY said it now we are supposed to believe it?

  9. Simply put Dims DESPERATION IS SHOWING, plus everything they spew out is sickening lies, and certainly UNAMERICAN.
    There all pissed off, donated 1000s to crooked and it didn't pan out into a position in government ~ nepotism to donors , they lost ,and now there angry, plus hearing these leftists demons talk about the thoughts of past founders, is over the top, and certainly the liars continue to lie.

  10. No point in impeachment, too messy to try, just let the Orange Baboon finish his term, he will get back in because the Dems don't really want a peacenic as POTUS. Their shares will lose value.

  11. thanks God Laura you did not go to a ivy league school . I am pretty sure you would be so dempty and poor ly educated..

  12. hey karlan you moron uneducated idiot , Russia has been an alliie since WW 1 , YOU DUMB BIT** . russia russia russia .

  13. yes yes idiot . where did you go to school laura , why you are even on TV . because you think that foreign leaders are mocking our president it is a good thing. i do not know which plane this lady is still living. maybe it is in the idiot world.

  14. These people are teaching at a college? They are stupid. They could not read that phone call and understand that he was asking favors for We The People? Can I have their jobs? I think I could do a better job teaching kids to understand what they read…And I don't think they have a very cogent grasp on American law either…They just sounded stupid…imagine…one of them even stooped to drawing an innocent child into her point…opening herself to a law suit…NOW HOW SMART WAS THAT?!!!!!!!!! AND THESE PEOPLE ARE TEACHING YOUR KIDS! MAYBE IT'S TIME THEY FOUND ANOTHER JOB…AMERICA IS BUILDING A LOT OF ROADS AND THERE'S THE WALL…AT LEAST THERE, THEIR LESS THAN STELLAR UNDERSTANDING WOULDN'T HURT PEOPLE.

  15. go get therapy. trigger is your issue , sorry. . If you're selling , I'm not buying. Professor's of Hate. such a degree is from hell.

  16. "experts " rotflmao you should never ever rely on a "professor " of anything they are dumber than the average citizen and should never be given the free ticket "tenure " they are the most arrogant malicious , vindictive group of people you will ever meet . they are a sick group out there .believe me we have one in our family .


  18. Why do you invite guests to speak? When they start to speak you always interrupt them and talk until its time to say goodbye and thanks for coming on the show. Or you will inject a quick comment that will break the guest's stream of thought. And it never fails to happen. I'd be waiting to hear what the guests have to say, in response to a question you put to them and darn if don't interrupt them to offer your point of view. Maybe you should run your show solo.

  19. Dr.Steve Turley would've been wonderful to invite to the impeachment hearing…..I wonder why they didn't……….maybe it's b/c he's a conservative who would even the playing field…..

  20. Justice in the USA is based upon conviction based upon FACTS. Since November 2016, Democrats have relied on heresay and conclusion based upon what people surmise what has happened. Here is what we really know about President Trump's dealings with Ukraine;

    1. No quid pro quo. He never asked Ukraine to do anything with funds in return.

    2. No obstruction. A President has the right to contain executive branch information in order fornhisnbrach of government to be secure and to allow for conversations with other world leaders to be private only to the executive branches in the conversation. 3. Ambassadors are removed based upon the Executive Branch choosing to use someone else to get the job done. 4. A President can use their private counsel to do work for them as needed, especially if they have been betrayed in the past by members of government that have proven to be unethical or biased against them.

  21. So what fox have to say about Democrats doesn't count because you guys are trump supporters so any evidence or opinion doesn't count because you guys are left haters ????

  22. Stanford has hit bottom with a cow like….. what's her name? I'd be em-barest to say I went to Stanford. What a joke!!!

  23. How about the fact Trump was investigating corruption? So it was a Democrat, OH NO! Sorry Democrats, but Biden deserves this.

  24. They talk like they are getting invited into the "Pelosi" mean girl group, when they think talking smack, will get them excepted as a Pelosi mean girl member. It a bunch of kiddy Sh*+.

  25. Democrats do not understand morality, truth, and reality, they simply think we will believe everything they say and you have to remember these people are insane and from what I have seen they are destructive and they will take you and your children with them.
    Please be an independent thinker.

  26. "Someone should HAVE stuffed a stocking in her mouth!!- Her apology DOESN'T count for ANYTHING! She's one of the MOST lowest EVER–on this Earth!!!"

  27. Hearken unto me , my people and give ear unto me , O nation ; for a law shall proceed from me , and I will make my judgement to rest for a light of the people


  29. So they're presenting expert legal opinions for which you claim there is no evidence, yet The Baby has every right to follow up a totally unfounded conspiracy theory about the Ukraine. What The WH's own senior expert on Russia called "a fictional narrative that has been perpetrated and propagated by the Russian security services themselves.”

  30. My dear american friends , you are now fighting against socialism which is lurking in your great country .
    Do not drop the ball even for a second !!!

  31. microaggresion,safe spaces,triggered,49 genders?MY feelings,MY opinions,white privilege,hearsay is admissible,impeachment over?what?…this is the world we live in now..

  32. Let's all remember, BHO was considered to be a Constitutional expert and "taught" constitutional law once……STUNNING


    Join me in a class action law suite to stop their discrimination and squashing of conservative free speech actively and by their bots!

  34. I just want to thank Fox for supporting the Angle Alert. This gives us an honest look at what is being suppressed by the mainstream media. It gives us hope that we can have confidence in America and this administration. Thank you Again from a family in Texas.

  35. So that snowflake thinks that President Trump tweeting about Obama wiretapping him, which was proven to be true, is an impeachable offense lol. These people are beyond pathetic.

  36. This is a Great example as to why We The People need Term Limits within the Federal government, at all elected officials!

  37. If you have college aged kids please dont send thim to Harvard, the education they may get there doesnt seem based on fact or logic but instead on the personal opinions and bias of the educators.

  38. Commenters… Try watching any other news source other than fox news… Please. Don't be fooled by the actual fake news of fox news. They insult and attack everyone and then show disgust when someone else does something even close to it. She attacks these people the whole time and then gets upset when someone makes a joke? Hypocrite!!

  39. Do you guys remember who told Congress "we didn't read OBAMACARE yet, we'll read it AFTER we vote it into law" care to answer that one? And we all know how that debacle turned out!! (Obama's very rich now, isn't he?)
    But you can't nail any demonrat down as to how they'll vote because THEY HAVEN'T BEEN TOLD HOW TO VOTE YET !!!
    we must be just the people they work for!!!

  40. There's no way any judge would allow these people to testify to anything in a court, they are dripping with bias and hatred.

  41. As a outsider I do not understand why the American Military does not get involved as they are there to protect against all enemies foreign and domestic if they are trying to overthrow the president with a coup they should get involved with military courts against those who are doing this.

  42. Keep in mind, these "well-educated" folks are from the same 'left' party that is campaigning to use our tax dollars to (in so many words) to fund, control, & consolidate our University's . It's bad enough that the majority of our University's, professors, & staff are driven by the 'leftist' agenda, as is!

  43. The public hates this process. The Democrats need not show up for the election in 2020 if they impeach an innocent man. He will have won the election the moment he is impeached.

  44. LOL Laura all I can say is start looking for a new job unless your gonna stay at fox and be unveiled as hypocritical OMG imagine that and how obvious it is that now your telling AMERICANS not to become lawyers smh LOL just weak

  45. This is stupid.. we literally have videos that shows that trump is lying.. so it’s illogical to ask what the founders had in mind about impeachment. It’s on the name “founders” as in they created this country and set up rules/laws. So what illogical about it? ??‍♂️ keep listening to stupid for your daily needed dose lol

  46. Why would she align with President Trump? She's a Jewish ignorant princess with textbook knowledge only. What dusty closet did they dig her out of? Laughable!! The Baron comment was a dirty, irresponsible and ignorant thing to do! Shame on her…

  47. Aside from the Professors, there is Senior Advisor of Russian and European Affairs Fiona Hill. For the well being of our USA, and for the good Lord, do the right thing listen to Fiona Hill Republicans.  No more denial, avoidance, rationalization, defensive statements, excuses find a different candidate for the 2020 election today and/or impeach President Trump: Democrats, Independents, and of course Republicans will vote for him/her!  Putin the communists Security Spy Services is at the core of our issues and the key conspirator of false theories perpetuated by our President.  Just listen to President Trump's former Attorney of ten years, Cohen's testimony regarding our President who he claimed is a liar, cheat, racism, bully, and predator.

  48. If the President of the United States allows a huge military aid package to go out to a government where there is strong evidence of corruption as was the case with Ukraine and he does not demand that government investigate that corruption, then the President would be failing to protect the interest of the United States. In other words, the President would be failing to do his job. The Democrats are now trying to impeach President Trump for doing his job.

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