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  1. the ozzy downer is a fraud on my country he would do any think for his own power grab we should look at downer and his play in this from oz

  2. Laura,
    I’m certain that even if your take in some issues is NOT so brilliant, as it is on this one, people would still view your vids to see your face.
    Tip/idea just fer you:
    The conservative commentators should label DumbOcrooks (when you put their pics on the screen) with another mascot, other than the donkey; like the hippopotamus aka Hypo.
    It goes PERFECT with the hypocrites that they are.
    A miniature hippo with a written word “Hypo” on their lapels would fit perfectly.
    What say you???

  3. HOW does laura look at herself in a mirror knowing that trump is so unhinged he's like the mad hatter. and this is who she adores. so weird.

  4. If anyone knows how to abuse the system it's career and hereditary politicians. If anyone can turn politicians into dancing puppets it's the DNC

  5. Middle class taxes are going up when the middle class tax cuts run out in 2024. When the richest 1 percent become permanent.
    At a deficit of over 2 trillion dollars.
    The ?? Russian's interfered with the 2016 election on the side of trump. Is fact.
    Trump meeting with the head of the KGB in the White House to give them TOP SECRET INFORMATION from a friendly power.
    Trump told the ?? Russian's thanks for getting me elected. We will have no problem from me.
    Now we have another whistleblower about covering up his taxes.
    And more TOP SECRET calls between trump and PUTIN. And the ?? Saudi ?
    The ? is about to hit the fan.
    Don't forget. Trump was a lifetime democrat. Giving Hillary ? campaign money 8 times.

  6. I can forgive you your lies if you just keep booking Rudy Guiliani. Ratings gold! Both Trump and Rudy confess to their crimes at every opportunity. Rudy did it again today, LOL. Have Rudy on and even liberal Dems will watch. Rudy and Trump are putting the nails in their own coffins. I'll watch Rudy on your show and I just can't believe my ears. Did he really just SAY that? Although I disagree with your propaganda — one could not say with a straight face you are reporting the news — I am now one of your fans.

  7. Great Work Laura, love your show , always Great Points Of interest , and showing how low these Currupt Democrats or CURRUPTABLES I call them will go, Just love the Ingraham Angle , with Beauty and intelligent Points always pointed out

  8. Fox should change its name to
    trump news
    fake news
    if you believe this BS Fox News be talkin about u not the smartest person
    Ur fired!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. There is no power within the Democrats to remove Trump from Office. His followers are watching, waiting to strike a blow just before the 2020 election.

  10. I think the American people of this country should you start going after the Democrats and demanding their resignation every single one of them I'm up for it tell me and I'll take a week off and when I'm going to Washington somebody's got to start putting something together

  11. i want to see all these deep state hanged at the gallos..and most of all…i want to see Trump personally pull the lever that executes them all !

  12. Going to be great to see the prosecution play back all the punishments the Dem's said Trump should face for collusion, interfering, etc. Hopefully the Judge just says "Ok, it says here you think Trump should be in prison for life….Guess What, i agree that Life Imprisonment is appropriate, Good day Miss Clinton, reap what you have sown."

  13. Laura Ingraham is an increasingly tasty blend of brainy and bloodthirsty. I love the way she cheerfully rips the bark off Trump's foes. What's not to like about this woman?

  14. Warren: "only hard working blue collar life's who voted for this lousy President will see a bit more in taxes because their families need better coverage ".

  15. How do we overhaul un-elected, illegitimate government agencies with their corrupt networks? Should the Administration, do some emergency hiring and firing???

  16. She's at her best when she has no guest to constantly interrupt. Her monologues are great, her interviews are cringeworthy.

  17. Rudy Giuliani is smart as the devil, he's just not very quick with his answers. Please don't interrupt him b4 he get his point across.

  18. The Democrats are so unhinged, they are no longer able to see anything good in anything but their own elitist ideology. But they know that 40 percent of the American people are stupid. ….and they are right.

  19. Is anyone confident that the FBI and the DOJ are still not awash with bad actors who are loyal to the Russian Hoax Dossier conspirators who are now ready to swing into action to undermine and fix the 2020 election ?

  20. Another excellent analysis Laura! Five Stars! The demonrats are SO POSSESSED they don't understand logic and facts! They all need to be Zapped…to some human awareness!

  21. Let's not loose sight of the fact that it was Schumer insisted on seeing the Complaint  that it turns out his Lawyers wrote, Anyone else thinking Obstruction of Justice investigations in order for Schumer, Pelosi, Naddler and Schiff

  22. For goodness sake would you and Maddow go back to writing your crap news! You two have the most annoying voices on cable news and now you have ruined the internet as well. And you're not alone as Fox has hired some pretty ugly voiced men. Calm down already. The democraps have such rotten voices and speech–so isn't that enough already? Go back to your books and try to learn: WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING……AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THOSE VOICES. UGH.

  23. Most people in the mainstream news media know the Dems are lying and pretend it isn’t happening. They complain about Trump, but where were those same Dems when George W. Bush was elected President? No one said a thing when he started the phony War in Iraq. George W was probably the worst war-mongering president we ever had with his lies about Saddam having Weapons of Mass Destruction, yet most of our news media in the EU and U.S. backed Bush and sold us that phony WMD story. What kind of responsible news media is that?
    Biden's a crook just like the other Dem Leaders & everyone in the news knows it but won't say it! Biased much? What a joke!

  24. Ingraham I am waiting for your next interview with mr G. but this time NOT with you at the center of the Universe. You have ridiculed yourself in the previous interviews.

  25. Working to undermine America is all your opinion column is good at… Your so see thru that I can't believe how anyone can watch you without laughing.. Well look at your followers… I'd say most have a 5th grade education so it's easy to brainwash when your not really paying attention???????

  26. "Putin" is the culprit! Yesterday, a reporter asked Putin whether or not he will "Support" with the 2020 election of our President. He thought for a dramatic moment before answering and stated "Yes". Three research firms confirmed that Russia sabotaged the 2016 election in the favor of our President. Counselor Mueller confirmed that Russia did "in fact" sabotage the 2016 election and is now and will sabotage the 2020 election in the favor of our President in 2020. Our President has paranoia as it reflects conspiracy theories and other mental and moral health issues. President Trump is Putin's man! The Paranoia lies with both Putin and our President. Putin invaded Crimea, and Georgia. The Ukraine is next. Actually, you are listening to the deep state as it reflects Fox News commentators.

  27. Deny deny deny and SPIN ! How much spin is it going to take ?

    The FACT is trump attempted to have a foreign country interfere in OUR election., AGAIN. That’s ILLEGAL , PERIOD !!!!

  28. I guess the Congress doesn't understand the leading law enforcement officer in America is the President. He can ask anyone or any country to investigate anything.

  29. Hillary sits down a lot. Trump stands up. Just a minor point .point. But a valid one. Panty pad president.

  30. Pocahontas will not answer to the question is the middle class be tax. She is a liar and will be even more worst if elect. She has a socialist mind and hate the very rich. Oops ! She’s very rich herself so does she hate herself. Let’s start by getting her money….see how she will like that.

  31. Vote the socialists into retirement time of talk has passed it is time to band together and vote the dems out. Unless you want to lose your freedom!!!

  32. Yeah you don’t know anything about socialism. IT’S NOT COMMUNISM you idiots. I live in a socialist democracy (Denmark) and it’s bliss compared to your country. Get real.

  33. Our political system (and others) are clearly corrupt, with the democrats and MSM pushing this country to it's limits. We need to cleanse the current system and get rid of these bad players (Nadler, Shiff, Pelosi, and the list goes on). They need to not only be removed from power, but removed from this country or perhaps imprisoned for treason. Anybody in their right mind can see what they are doing. I didn't vote for Donald Trump, but he is an Angel compared to these bad players.

  34. I'm just happy to see that Ingraham has been forced by FOX to sell out like some like Shephard Smith and others at FOX have chosen to do.

  35. Some candidates get into the race for US President plain and square, and then there is one who needs help. Help from Russia, Ukraine, Australia and now China. Yeah, that undermines the whole process a little.

  36. In short bend over and assume the position because we are all are going to get a giant weenie up shoved up our rear-end.

  37. It's personal to the 63 million+ citizens who voted for the President. That's where his permission comes from, CNN lady.

  38. Lying Elizabeth….Pocahontas…What can you expect from a liar, her Indian roots, and the cost of her medical….what else is she lying about?

  39. I want to see arrests made…the real "Election Interference" came from the democrats, and it is still going on right now. I hope William Barr does what needs to be done…hold the democrats accountable, they cannot be allowed to get away with this.

  40. Electing President Trump busted open one of the largest crime rings in the world. And the prominent party of these criminals are the Democrats!” Vote Trump 2020

  41. If you really want to know why they're freaking out about the Ukraine investigation, look at how many of the US Senators and Congressmen have offspring who are on the board of Ukrainian energy companies.

  42. American Taxpayers demand your money back from Democrats personal fraudulent money transactions ….starting with Pelosi….S A

  43. This show is circus entertainment. This is not need. This late a night political comedy show. This lady is so stupid, that she represents the Trump supporters who refuse to learn and understand truth. What garbage news entertainment this is. It's no wonder Trump supporters eat up their garbage without full facts with ease

  44. "For the middle class the costs (TAXES) will go down." Ya, right, I believe it every time a Democrat tells me my taxes will go down. Besides, if the "rich"( top 10%) is taxed at 100% it will not cover ONE of the Democrats pet give aways. Which one is the tax on the rich going to pay for? Will it be Full Health Care for everyone in the world? How about paying off all the student debt and giving away full scholarships to the whole world. (Remember when the left says for "everyone" they include illegal aliens, and they want open boarders so that means EVERYONE in the world is eligible for everything, and with open borders they will come. But go home after whatever benefit they want is done.) And we haven't even spoken of the "Green New Deal".

    I wonder when they will say that student debt is such a drag that it should be forgiven for everyone that is in the US. Including debt by foreign students made with foreign banks for foreign colleges, with never a hint of that student studying in the US, just that the student is here on vacation.

  45. Fox continues to smear our Civil Servants for the illegimate putin implantation. Accountability must come, it is absolutely necessary, we can no longer count on these pundits to act honorably.

  46. trump was blindsided lots of times because he should have lawyer ed up because the other side did dirty tricks on him he needed sue them from the start with a barracuda type killed lawyer

  47. Trump is a traitor…He was too weak to enter a free and fair election on his own, so, he betrayed his oath of office and in doing so, betrayed all Americans. Treat his actions as all Americans treat a Traitor.

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