100 Replies to “Ingraham: The communists’ full-court press

  1. The NBA's merchandise is mostly made in China at a hell of a lot lower cost. The NBA is not going to give that up, it's worth to much money.

  2. "Demonic bargain" … only after there is the right to vote should even one American company be doing business there. Period. I personally would jail the CEOs of ANY business that bought one sock from the Chinese. Just give people fair notice. They'll stop trading with them.

  3. That's the best example of hypocrites abuse the freedom and democracy in US but to cave to Chinese Communist regime for money and fame.

  4. It's not about sports it's about how to get a sucker to waste his money on useless idolatry that benefits him not a wit.

  5. If Trump was the NBA would never bow dowm to the comunist Party of China !!!! Pathetic these NBA people amd players.

    There are eight levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a socialist state. The first is the most important.
    1. Healthcare ~ Control Healthcare and you control the people.
    2. Poverty ~ Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.
    3. Debt ~ Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes and this will produce more poverty.
    4. Gun control. Remove people's ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a POLICE STATE!!!
    5. Welfare ~ Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income)
    6. Education ~ Take control of what people read and listen to ~ take control of what children learn in school.
    Think: "Common Core"
    7. Religion ~ Remove the belief in God from the Government and Schools.
    8. Class Warfare ~ Divide the people into the wealthy and poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax). The wealthy with the support of the poor.

  7. Social Credits and live organ harvesting of dissidents? Communism killed 100 million people in 100 Years! What the Chinese are doing to the countries that they are invading on the Silk Road is a Travesty! What they are doing to their own "others" within their borders is even worse! Where is the virtue signalling fro the Liberals about that? Watch the documentary on You Tube

    Isaiah 5:20

    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

  9. First you tell them to shut up and dribble and that they shouldn't talk about politics… Then when it's convenient and works for your interests you want them to speak up… This is why the crazy right isn't takin seriously do to that fact… Only when it benefits the right do they want something from you…. EMBARRASSING AS HELL TO WATCH YOU LAURA😬😬😬😬😬

  10. As a someone who voted for Donald Trump, I think he should testify. It's the honest thing to do. Your innocence sir, will be brought out into the sunlight for all to see. This is what an honest, good, courageous and strong man does sir. Guilty people run and hide and never face the music. Honest people come forward and tell the truth. The truth is what the American people need now.

  11. What a Godless society we live in. MORALITY is supposed to be your priority over MONEY. Those who worship MAMMON the Prince of Greed lose their souls in the process.

  12. The American Blue Church (Media, Academia, Democrat Party, with Silicon Valley as their censorship engine and Antifa as their street enforcers) are prostitutes for Communism. Not just the Chinese variety. New York Times, Stalin, and Walter Duranty covering up genocide because he agreed with it.

  13. These "Privileged Athletes" love to "Take a Knee" for Communism or anything else that's Anti-American and against the Red WHITE & Blue. 🇹🇼🇺🇸🤫👌🐸

  14. How about they all move to China… bet they wouldn't do that.. bunch of fake quacks I'll never watch NBA again

  15. How many BLACK people live in China? How many BLACK people are in high office in China? I think those NBA heros should move to HONG CONG and lead them to wealth and power. Just like they did for their brothers HERE!

  16. this should be nothing new for him.he was probably raised on b l t which is nothing but commienism in its purest form.

  17. Laura Ingraham — “There's a rule of thumb in politics. If you're at a point where you're complaining about the other guy being mean and unfair and uncivil, that's probably a sign that you're losing.”

  18. You stupid conspiracy theorist freaks:

    [new book] offers readers an explanation as to how social networks created by idealist techies were co-opted by a rat's nest of bigots, trolls, and fascists, who exploited the supposed "neutrality" of platforms to spread hate.


  19. What happened to standing against communism and the humanity violations in that country – geez the Dems and their supporters should all just move to China – let's see how much they like that

  20. Hong Kong > Deja Vu all over Again – Here come the Tanks

    America ! > SEE your Future > Democratic Socialism > Full Blown Socialism > Marxism > Communism … "If" You Let Go of USA Democracy

  21. I try hard to buy American first but if have to buy i will buy from Hong Kong before i would china. And i refuse to watch sports.

  22. Why would they bite the hand they crave to feed from,….good dog, SIT!….now repeat after me….4 legs good, Orange man BAD!….now, learn these words: Tiào?, Yǒu duō gāo?

    jump?…..how high?

  23. I quit watching the NFL after their disrespect for the flag that allows them to act stupid , now that Popovich thinks communism is better then freedom loving Capitalism I now get to save more money by not watching the communists loving NBA .

  24. The only real communists were hippies. The Chinese are gangsters hiding behind the red flag. Trump is a gangster too.

  25. What makes me laugh about Fox News is that they are not news. It's the name of a TV Show. Their F.C.C filing doesn't have them listed as broadcast journalism. It's listed under opinion based/talk show programming. Meaning they can pull an RT (Russia Today) and spread propaganda and lies without any legal recourse. No news outlet on the planet worth a pack of gum even remotely reports this story the way Fox does. Desperation, lying and propaganda. You guys eat it up like it's dog food.

  26. Trumps children are going to make record profits from communist China by the 30+ patents she got approved with special security clearence from whitehouse for Ivanka. Now whos the communist?

  27. Why do you continue to have that liberal scumbag Chris Hahn on your show , he’s a total idiot . I can no longer watch your show if he’s on there . I have fast/forwarded him for my last time . Wake up Laura , you don’t need that idiot . I’m surprised Dan Bingino would even be on your show knowing he has to debate that imbecile Chris Hahn with his ridiculous face and lies , like Dan said to him , your either Stupid or lying . Chris Hahn is both in my opinion . Wake Up Laura Ingraham !!!!!

  28. I'm looking for 10/9/19 show with no results of the full show! YouTube must be totally affraid of Laura! Even this show will end up in the 2 second clip file!

  29. As if the NBA millionaires need the money. All their freedom to be obnoxious and repugnant is courtesy of the U.S.A. In school history class long ago, we heard of a man who hated America so he was shoved off the coast, so to speak, in a boat, having been told to leave in no uncertain terms. I've forgotten his name.

  30. These NBA leaders coaches that bashed Trump and US so freely and cowardly bend to China should do the right thing: Renounce your US citizenship and move out to China 👹

  31. This is what happens if China has their way and replace the free world with its authoritative ways today Hong Kong tomorrow the world.

  32. sounds like daryl Morey is calling "friends of mine' in China the actual fascist chinese leaders. Because it's fascists who were offended.

  33. NBA sold out for money. The NBA should pack up and leave China and come home. China stands to loose a lot of money if this happens. China has nothing like the NBA and would loose out.

  34. The Chinese are the masters of the NBA, and the NBA loves every cent of it. Do you stand for the communist chinese? Gregg does. Turncoat.

  35. Here’s how this newshound made sure to get a “fair and
    balanced” ingestion of news at the same hour each weekday at 3p (eastern standard
    time), Ali Velshi on MSNBC, then Shepard Smith on the Fox News Channel, it was
    only by the watching of the two was I able to tell who was handing out a bouquet
    of ‘fake news’ and how more importantly I became a well informed blogger. Now
    that Shep is gone???

  36. Wait wait wait china "forcing" their women to have abortions? Ahhh so you are pro choice ? Interesting because I could've sworn you were on the side of AMERICAN women being forced to keep a child..

  37. Laura I used to like you but shame on you. As an intellectual working for an american TV you support china. Wow would chinesse do that No Never. You have to be ashamed of yourself Laura I dont care about NBA but as a patriot I care about america. you are full of hatred you need prayer.

  38. Bowing down to the brutal Chinese government is just cowardly. Could someone please forward the memo to President Trump, since he repeatedly praised the 70th anniversary of China's communist revolution to their Vice Premier?

  39. Shut up and keep your budget views to yourself. I will like you to paint your skin black and live in an inner-city for one month. You have the audacity to keep talking about Colin Kaepernick for taking a stand on the Police treatment of none white people. How many days in your life have you been a black person? New Canaan CT is one of the most affluent places in the country with a minority population of zero. Please shut up with your views with zero knowledge. Donald Trump was raised in Long Island New York one of the most racist places in the world when he was a teenager. Plese talk facts not opinions and spins.

  40. My girl is a warrior. I love her. Why ain't yall posting more of her videos on YouTube? It's the only place I can watch yall right now. I would definitely appreciate seeing more of her clips pop up on my YouTube feeds. Just saying. I miss her pretty face lol.

  41. Lol hold on a minute. Didn't she just tell us this summer that ball players should just "shut up and dribble" and not comment on politics?

  42. If we use everyone's analogy who is defending the NBA, which is, this is a business and because we are making loads of money we should not rock the boat. I guess we now can somehow understand the reason slavery lasted so long. The slave trade was a very profitable business, some of our founding fathers owned slaved and we try to figure out why no one said anything and that it took a civil war and hundreds of thousands of lives lost before it ended. We now have the answer, a lot of people kept quiet about slavery because it would hurt their status, position or business. I stand against slavery would cost you your career. A lot of white and black people died in the fight for civil rights, many people lost their jobs and were excommunicated by their communities and friends just for speaking out. And here we have a multi-billion dollar company with multi-million dollar employees, who know the atrocities that are happening in China, but remain silent. I agree with chesschamp 1000 that when Laura Ingraham told Lebron and other players to shut up and dribble, she was labeled a racists and they wanted her fired. But, China tells not only the players, but the league to shut up and they comply. Where are the racists, marginalized chants now. Now, ESPN is telling all of its networks to stick to sports and not talk about politics. I think they are 3 years too late on that one. Will the NBA tell its players and coaches to no longer make derogatory remarks about Pres. Trump? Don't hold your breath on that one. I think the NBA missed an opportunity here. When told to shut up, they should have put their players on the plane and came home. That would have been courageous and would've given the league international respect. But it takes no courage to put your tail between your legs, take the submissive stance and play ball. The NBA now stands for No Balls Association

  43. You people are disgusting no matter which way it goes. God definitely sees through to your evil souls & you will pay for all the hatred you've cast upon the earth….

  44. US sports are all political and communist. Shame. My game days are now spent with other useful and lovely things. F… the US sports system. Leftist zombies supporting their communist / socialism cause.

  45. The ContraSexual Manifesto is against Christianity and pro LGTBQ rights, is being promoted around the world and is part of the UN 2030 Agenda for a global socialist tyranny.

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