Impeachment Trial Day 4: Democrats to spotlight what they say is Trump’s obstruction of Congress

Impeachment Trial Day 4: Democrats to spotlight what they say is Trump’s obstruction of Congress

100 Replies to “Impeachment Trial Day 4: Democrats to spotlight what they say is Trump’s obstruction of Congress

  1. Some GOP Senators didn't stay in the room. Don't forget they're on our dime. It's clear the GOP Senators are un-American and cowards. Not to mention lazy.
    The USA is watching the cowards in the GOP being guilty. The fact that they're obsessed with Biden proves Trump is guilty. The fact Moscow Mitch is doing the White House orders in running the sham trial.

    Remember Ted Bundy? He choose to represent himself. Only this would be like Ted Bundy being the jury and Judge. You would know the outcome.

  2. I guess Joe Biden has a lot to hide if they panic about investing Biden… and so do Dems since Epstein spake up about Clinton…and they MUST remove Trump to continue there secret.

  3. So if the president of our United States does not get removed are we going to bring charges against all these guys?

  4. Nadler nailed the Republicans coffin its over. The courts have to act it is LAW. Thank NADLER and the Dream team. The facts of proceed is LAW.

  5. 2 U.S.C.

    United States Code, 2011 Edition

    Title 2 – THE CONGRESS


    Sec. 192 – Refusal of witness to testify or produce papers

    From the U.S. Government Publishing Office,

    §192. Refusal of witness to testify or produce papers

    Every person who having been summoned as a witness by the authority of either House of Congress to give testimony or to produce papers upon any matter under inquiry before either House, or any joint committee established by a joint or concurrent resolution of the two Houses of Congress, or any committee of either House of Congress, willfully makes default, or who, having appeared, refuses to answer any question pertinent to the question under inquiry, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of not more than $1,000 nor less than $100 and imprisonment in a common jail for not less than one month nor more than twelve months.

    (R.S. §102; June 22, 1938, ch. 594, 52 Stat. 942.)


    R.S. §102 derived from act Jan. 24, 1857, ch. 19, §1, 11 Stat. 155.


    1938—Act June 22, 1938, reenacted section without change.

    I WONDER ?

  6. demo rats need to be removed from senate but you gonna lose again in 2020 good luck. I was a Democrat for 38 years never again will I ever vote for another democratic leader or politician…. This whole sham shows their whole agenda of taking the way the people's choice to pick a president… See you in November

  7. He broke the law plain and simple. Biden is guilty too. But it’s within election season and you trump underestimated the power of Bernie. You should of kept the power away from Biden.

  8. You all are idiots if you think Russia influenced the election with $15,000 worth of Facebook ads and robots… Really

  9. He didn’t need to cheat,he had and still has no opponent…Hair sniffing Biden…are you kidding!Trump2020🇺🇸DEMS AND THE MEDIA ARE FULL OF SCHIFF!

  10. trump must pay for his crimes against America
    – he must be destroyed
    – MAGA: Make America Good Again
    – take evil trump away

  11. People are already STRIPPED AWAY the constitutions right for FREE SPEECH by forced POLITICAL 'CORRECTNESS'. So, I disregard all the dems polemic.

  12. Well, after hearing the democrat prosecution repeat themselves 144 times over there allowed 24 hours, I am curious to hear what the republican defense has to say and how many times they say it in there allowed 24 hours.

  13. The Party of Trump is so corrupt. They are a danger to our democracy and the will of the people. He must be removed.

  14. I see the Dems have been taken advise from Canadian Environment Minister Catherine McKenna.

  15. Simply wondering: if everyone is so sure he committed a crime, why isn't treason or bribery or crime in the official articles of impeachment. The words are thrown around, but it's not the official accusation.

  16. I love reading all of the stupid Democrat comments. So uneducated on law and the process.
    It's also hilarious to see these 2 hoes try to think like Republicans 🤣

  17. How can people be so naive to think that all evidence and witness should be brought forward in such a serious manner. They keep saying what has he done? Have you not been paying attention? There should be no question about it. Once all evidence is brought forward than it will only make the democratic party look bad if they lose. Why are they defending Trump from rule and law?

  18. But the problem for the Democrats is that republicans are going to stand united with trump even though his guilt is undeniable.
    That's what makes the whole debacle a circus and a waste of time and taxpayer dollars.


  19. They're taking too long.. they're not moving fast enough.. who gives a damn. Just make the correct choice based on the facts. Probably best that it takes as long as it will- congress is the one with the decisions to make. They are best equipped to figure out how long it should take.

  20. Some of you obviously do not understand what it is to be an American. How LUCKY you are to be an American. Because if you still stand by Donald Trump after EVERYTHING that he has done, you simply just are stupid, or ignorant, or willing…. or all three.

  21. How will the next election be "corrupted"…? The las election wasn't affected… The People decide not bureaucrats…

  22. Time 16:13 CBS why won't you let US here the questions to Jim Jordan?… Why did you "cut away to your panel"… We heard all the questions to Adam Schiff… Why won't you give equal coverage?… Is it that your biased?… CBS is an opinion network, you don't represent Real News or journalism. You are complicit with the conspiracy to remove President Trump from office.

  23. Remove this corrupt guy from office. Hiding evidence is a sure sign of guilt and everyone knows that. Those who have made up there mind's to acquit are just as guilty as the disgraced President!!!

  24. If Trump have at once been really used as Russian agent I n Helsinki, why is it that Turkey is the first republican to have anything on?

  25. You guys are lying to the American Public you are following Donald Trump path. I'll be so sad when Trump sell america to Putin.

  26. Love how they use newspaper articles as proof lmfao!! Next we’ll see the Enquirer up there with Trump right next to “Aliens abduct The President and turn him into frog”

  27. Since when did newspaper articles start being used as proof in wrongdoing in an investigation? What happened to proof? Not hearsay?

  28. Rocks Adam Schiff rocks this was truly amazing how they got as much evidence as they did the Patriots came and spoke up against wrongdoing now the Senate need to wake up and vote this man out of office door God I'm asking in the name of Jesus that they get let the witnesses and the documents in before the end of the week and father God I'm depending on you truly the all the evidence be released in the truth be told all the American people into the world thank you

  29. "accuse the other side of that which you are guilty" as you are doing it to create confusion. "SELF RIGHTEOUS CORRUPT FAKE NEWS are liberal hacks political activists posing as Journalists who has an agenda..they are covering up and protecting the Corruption/Crimes of the Stalinist Democrats "THEY DECEIVE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE" and then incite hysteria, racism, hatred, anger, fear, and violence against Trump or any Trump supporters.

  30. 이란에 폭격에 있을시점에 트럼프새키를 비롯한 폼페이오나 국방장관등 이란이 폭격지점과 폭격알릴시점을 언제 알고 그것을 묵시적으로 미군을 볼모로 외환죄를 저질렀는지 충실한 조사가 필요하다

  31. President Trump’s approval rating climbed three points in one week since the demorrhoids opened their sham senate impeachment trial!
    Wednesday 22 Jan 2020 — 46%
    Friday 24 Jan 2020 — 49%

  32. 트럼프의 개념없는 국가안보와 준비태세는 미군은 거래만 하면 되는 테러집단으로 만들었다 이것은 트럼프를 수괴로 하는 휘하에 졸개까지 외환죄 및 간접죄로 형사처단해야한다

  33. In the 2016 elections the american people have elected a man wich has turned out tho be some kind of MONSTER who has not the least bit of respect of the law and he's only interested in his own desire's tho rule like a despotic dictater. There is no other remedy against Trump then tho get away with him in any possible way,because if they don't eliminate him from power soon it may be to late because there is a real danger that he wil employ ANY MEANS tho his disposal tho stay on top. What this means could be i can't start imaging,bud they could wel be ugly and devastating for the U.S.A. and lt's people!!!

  34. Is it me but Jim doesn't get paid enough money to buy another 👔 the yellow 👔 is to bright for his dingy skin color. Can he borrow a 👔 from trump. Plus at what point does he realized he is on tv and people may think that the cream white shirt and the yellow 👔 is all he has. It is all we see it's redundant like his words. Maybe this is his lucky wresting 👔 but this is not wrestling as you can see none of his positions have tact.

  35. Folks on this post or page plz pray for Danikka Bradleydanikka she has 4 beautiful girls , huge family and me to come home too…in ICU tomorrow is a week …plz pray for a miracle send it viral nationwide shes in pikeville ky hospital

  36. This is not a bet. This is your FREEDOM. Civil war it is. You didn't get it the first time maybe you will the second time around. People don't want slavery. People don't want to be subjects to kings and have different classes not that we don't but on what level is your FREEDOM a bet. Woo the trump thing has gone to your head now your life is a game a gamble a trump card. Very sad when you consider the amount of blood that was shed and still unanswered for. Christ died cause a king was threatened by him countries of new born boys was slaughtered to suffice the greed of this ego. What has changed people. What will you do bet that Christ will not come. Lol Where is your faith.. On a trump card it seems. My power is with the Lord and He moves ⛰.

  37. Republican ascendancy tactics…
    1: accuse Trump of wrong doing….
    2:: Admit there is NO evidence of wrong doing.
    3: Make up stories to make it appear there is wrong doing when Trump does what any president must do to make their country Strong… (which is what trump has done)
    The difference is Republicans are CORRUPT POLITICIANS and Trump is an ASSERTIVE BUSINESSMAN ….

  38. Terrible commentaries. The views were so one sided against the President. From the anchor to the panels. Just elaborate and explain away more Democrats speaking points. This crew did Americans a disservice and further highlighted why the President call so many Fake News.

  39. Need to push to have Ukraine investigated, seems to be where the corrupt dems have been playing for years, look what happened quite quickly when Trump scratched that itch!!! Seems the dem plants in Trumps camp were activated very quickly when Ukraine corruption was opened by Trump, all of a sudden the dem media are solem, pretending to be saddened by this impeachment. The surface dwelling actors are performing woderfully in the senate for their deep state masters!!!!

  40. So evidence is now what other trump haters write in the newspaper? And Schiff delivers this like it’s not ridiculous.

  41. Newsflash. The Aussie fires and the virus outbreak in China were started by trump to deflect from the impeachment, with the help of Putin, of course. There’s a guy who heard from someone who heard part of a phone conversation between people who heard about it from someone.

  42. dont think i can stand any more repubglican lies,, donald sutherland, testified and now hes not telling truth,everybody including most people know you gop suckers are lying

  43. Trump just told an audience,
    "They're going after me because….I'm fighting…..FOR YOU!"


    And I thought they were "going after him" because of his July 25th phone conversation with Ukrainian president Zo. 😕

  44. Schiff is a gifted orator, becausr He has mastered the art of bull shitting. His lies should be objected, struck from the records and not permitted to be heard in this honorable court. Since these articles aren't even legitimate. They should not be given a trial at all.  They should kick it out and refuse to put it through a trial, but review it to see if the house did it's job by validating all allegations are supported by evidence and that due process was followed.  They are asking for evidence which means they fail to understand Article 2 . The left is begging to be exposed for their corrupt dealings. Biden and Biden Jr,, Pelosi Jr, Kelly's step son, and Schiff trying to cover up their money making schemes in Ukraine. Through Barisma and campaign fundraising in Ukraine. Ukraine got assistance from our country because they needed more money to transfer to these leaching folks. #DueProcessGoneWild #BULLSCHIFT

  45. Notice the background. It looks like marble.
    Marble is a grounding stone. It is the idea of security, strength and stability. It provides for strength of self control and mastery of our thoughts.

    This could be a way to help get the message out. Everything they do will have a reason. Thats why they arent allowed cell phones. Disrupts the natural frequency of the room.

  46. Democrats are afraid that the American Voters might interfere in the American 2020 elections again. 🇺🇸 >>>>Vote Republican Save America <<<<<🇺🇸Now the Unions need to understand when Democrats / Socialists take charge, unions are outlawed. Strikes are outlawed.  Protests are outlawed.     🇺🇸GOD BLESS AMERICA 🇺🇸

  47. Doesn’t it concern anyone that our Republican leaders only argue procedure? They’ve never denied Trump asked for help from a foreign leader to investigate his political opponent.
    Republicans have never disagreed with what the Democrats are actually accusing Mr. Trump of doing.
    I for one think we can do better.

  48. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but the facts cannot be ignored! The government is upon the shoulder's of God and justice will prevail. It may not be the way we want but watch God move in a mighty way in his timing. Just find yourself on the Lord's side!

  49. Everyone knows, Dems and Republicans alike that if any more evidence is shown Trump will be removed from office. The people know.

  50. Trump, Pence, Pompeo, Barr, Nunez, Giuliani, Sekulo, Jim Jordon,
    Probably Graham, McConnell, Eric n Don Jr,
    Who else is in on the conspiracy ?

  51. What a crock o sh*t @19:50. MUELLER CAN'T "RECCOMEND" IMPEACHMENT. It's against DoJ guidelines to charge the president. He presented evidence of obstruction, but couldn't use the word. Congress dropped the ball, but it wasn't Mueller's fault.

  52. This not a political fight this is a dangerous man leading our country. How these Americans are voting these politicians to lead our country unbelievable!!!!!!

  53. We don’t care about the economy because it’s bunch of bull, rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer and he wouldn’t sign it unless it helps him “Trump “ himself. He is impeached and should be kicked out but certainly will not get the next term with the allegations trickling out every day.

  54. These people are a bunch of Ruthless lyning Criminals, They have no Credibility or Dignity, Welcome too the Trump Era ! 🤢

  55. The Democrats had help from the DOJ FBI . Thats Govt interference PERIOD and they do nothing but blame Trump. This yr they wont be able to CHEAT with another Dossier. TRUMP by a landslide in 2020.

  56. CBS news filters the story to further their agenda. Tonight’s news completely omitted the central theme of the defense presentation. Coincidentally the central theme was curious omissions from Schiff and friends presentations. Omissions that are fatal to the argument for impeachment.

  57. Just like the millionaire double murderer from Brentwood, California,
    trump will be acquitted and somewhere along the way, he'll be right back in trouble again.

    Think you can steal my s— and sell it?!😠
    Look at this s—-!!😡
    Think you can steal my s—-??!😡

    Hunter Biden took it!

    I f'n know Hunter took it!!😡
    Look at this s—-!😡
    I can't believe it's you!?😡
    I TRUSTED you, man!!!!😡

    Bag this s—- up!!😠)

  58. Bug eyes Schiff got WRECKED today in less than 3 hours of Republicans opening statements lol Trump2020 #LANDSLIDE#

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