Impeachment hearing joke referencing Barron Trump draws angry response

Impeachment hearing joke referencing Barron Trump draws angry response

What comparisons, professor Karlan,
can we make between claims that the framers were afraid of and
the president’s conduct today? So kings could do no wrong because
the king’s word was law. And contrary to what president Trump
has said, Article 2 does not give him the power to do anything he wants. I’ll just give you one example that shows
you the difference between him and a king, which is the constitution says there
can be no titles of nobility. So while the president can name his
son Barron, he can’t make him a baron. Say, when you talk about how liberals
want to be around each other and cluster and conservatives don’t want to be around
each other, and so they have to spread out, it makes people you may not see this from,
you know, like the ivory towers of your law school, –but it makes actual people in this country,
– When the president calls Mex– Excuse me, you don’t get to interrupt me
on this time. Now, let me also suggest that when you invoke
the president’s son’s name here, when you try to make a little joke out of
referencing Barron Trump, that does not lend credibility to your argument. It makes you look mean. It makes you look like you’re attacking
someone’s family. The minor child of the president of the United

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  1. Is that all these employee, factotums to the very wealthy, republicans have got? They know they are misrepresenting the point which was made, this is a disgraceful distraction by those who do know better but are instead doing their worst.

  2. The Israel lobby is smearing Corbyn as a racist, and the plutocrats are calling him a Russian agent. I think Trump will survive a small joke.

  3. Trump is like a big bag o' hammers,
    with tweets full of bleats and yammers,
    and it leaves most everyone numb,
    that we have a Prez, so dumb,
    and is propped up, by Bolshevik scammers.

  4. When you rip children away from their parents, when you place those children in cages, you are evil, Matt. You are evil.

  5. 1:02 MarkGetz : It makes u look mean it makes you look like you are attacking someone’s family
    Also Mark Geazt: The MINOR CHILD of the President…
    Wtf just insulted baron Trump

  6. It wasn't a joke … it was an example that hit home. People laughed because her point became very obvious. Standard teaching practice. It wasn't a joke at all.

  7. I love when liberals and feminists get bombed on violently like that in an argument. They probably called him sexist for calling out a woman like that in public.

  8. I do hope they locked this woman into a locked floor after this frigging joke these people are truly out of their frigging minds!!!! No joke this woman is batshit crazy!

  9. Impeachment hearing joke draws angry response from Melania Trump – and lays bare America's divide ►

  10. Anyone else notice that three out of four witnesses favoring impeachment are J ew s? I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

  11. After all the nasty, horrible, offensive, racist, misogynistic, hurtful things Trump has said and continues to say; I think that a poor joke about someone's name is of extreme insignificance. Republicans who support Trump should be ashamed.

  12. Gaetz needs to retire. Past expiration date.
    Recreational indignation over a mild pun is neurotic and new territory for Republican outrage that often entertains politically incorrect statements.

  13. i had no idea republicans were this sensitive. how is this a joke? she just said "this would be like trump making barron a barron". a barron is a real title. why arent republicans outraged at trump attacking Greta Thurnberg? shes a minor…?

  14. Trump detains children at the border and separates families of immigrants. I'd say anything is fare game at this point. Let's deport Melania and separate Trumps family just to understand what he's doing to others.

  15. Is she (Pamela Karina) a professional ? The moment she bring up her sample is not look like she is unprofessional too me

  16. Pamela, never apologize for a very clever true reference. 2nd there is absolutely no reason to apologize to Trump until he apologizes for 1/10th of the disparaging childish names he has called his numerous adversarial betters. 3rd this is what happens when Trump's desperate manic insecurities reveal themselves in his necessity to name his innocent child with a royalty connotation. And finally if you are looking for a universally recognized actual joke name, use Matt Gaetz.

  17. Professor Karlan is absolutely right. Everything about Trump – his lifestyle, apartment interiors, the gold plating, the penchant for lavishness, the immersion in debauchery + gambling + glamour + excessive interest in other mens wives, the demands for PERSONAL LOYALTY, the threats against rivals, the attraction for immature and female yes-men, the whimsical decisions making, his neglect of duties, his friendship with dictators and monarchs all show manipulation of the law as well as ignorance and contempt for the constitution. He has a delusional view of himself as an all-powerful and all-knowing monarch. However, he is basically a coward, a decadent and a "grifter" who has done ABSOLUTELY no state service without personal gain. If left unchecked this will result in either a quasi-monarchy or anarchy followed by backstage military coup.

  18. Republicans need to stop lying to there self's and be honest . Stop defending one of the rudest , lying , racist Presidents we ever had.

  19. I DEMAND child abuse charges be brought upon this so-called professional as well as the black congresswomen who laughed at it. This is CHILD ABUSE.

  20. Gratz, it was a bad analogy which she apologize for. But not really offensive but I understand that it’s all you have to cling onto anymore. Now all the children that Trump separated from their parents at the borders I find offensive.

  21. Genuinely don’t understand and the issue with the joke. She was making a fairly mundane point which was at neither Trumps nor the son’s expense. Sometimes the right get incredibly offended by the most trivial things.

  22. These Democrat supporters are absolute Vultures . This lame professor of Law didn't apologize for her blasting of the Presidents son… She back stabbed the President as she laughing faked an apology.. These are beastly, cheap, contemptible, people …

    Trump 2020
    The Power of the people ✊? s greater than the people in power ?

  23. So, the only thing the Democrats have is a law school professor who chooses to vent her hatred of the president via his thirteen year old son…Hey professor, I'll Cee U Next Thursday!

  24. Thumbs down, but due only to Karlan's insensitive, mean-spirited remarks about a child. How low can she go? She certainly showed her immature, unethical nature.

  25. Typical Rep gaetz: arrogant, entitled, disrespectful, ignorant, over-exaggerated and clueless. He looks and sounds ridiculous trying to "bully/smackdown " Professor Karlan. Bad pun on her part yes. She did apologize. However, trying to decode Rep(-ugnant) Gaetz is more than she should have had to bear. Peace.

  26. Barron Trump is an anchor baby. Just a fact. Melania Trump's EB-1 Extraordinary ability is what? Proof she can speak 4 languages fluently! Most Chinese or Filipinos can speak English, their own country's language and one more dialect. So proof Melania can do better to deserve EB-1. Don't let hooker ability to count or her Aryan background.

  27. The comment was in bad taste and unnecessary. All of us know the difference between a king and a president. I can tell by the sound of her voice she hates Trump just because he named his son Baron. Figures.

  28. All the grace and intellectual pretended by Dem are gonem now they are showing their stupidity and their Malicious.

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