IGN News – Xbox 720 to Require Online Connection?

IGN News – Xbox 720 to Require Online Connection?

According to a report from Edge, the Xbox
720 will allegedly require an internet connection to function. A new Xbox Live will also play a huge role
in the console’s services, and improved Kinect hardware will launch alongside the system.
Edge’s sources also explain that the Xbox 720 will use Blu-ray discs for physical media.
Furthermore, the report claims that the recent Xbox spec rumors are largely accurate, including
Microsoft’s use of an AMD eight-core x64 1.6 GHz CPU, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, and a robust hard
drive. While the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 apparently
resemble PC architecture, other development sources claim that Sony’s upcoming next-gen
equipment is a preferable platform to work on, and its OS is less “oppressive” than Microsoft’s
next-gen solution. These rumors come on the heels of Sony’s tease
of the future of PlayStation, which will be revealed at an industry event in New York
City on February 20th. IGN suspects that the PlayStation 4 will be officially announced
at that time, along with the possibility that next-gen games will be unveiled. The possibility that the next Xbox would require
an internet connection will prove controversial if true. Broadband penetration is at 90% in
the US as of last September, but still — if your internet goes down for whatever reason
you won’t be able to play Xbox? Here’s hoping the rumor isn’t true. For more on the future of video games, stay
tuned to IGN.

100 Replies to “IGN News – Xbox 720 to Require Online Connection?

  1. Do you even know what a scam is? Because a legitimate new console, is not a scam. Always online is a way to stop piracy and second hand games so game developers get more money so they can make more games instead of going broke.
    Please explain how I am supposed to research the 720 to see how "bullshit it is"? Because its pretty hard yo research something that hasn't been announced and has 0 confirmed facts.

  2. Do you understand what constant internet connection means? Its not like you are always in an online game and its using heaps of bandwidth. It will just be connected like a computer and if you are not playing online it will use next to no bandwidth.
    Plus you're the moron that's basing your decisions of facts

  3. Xbox live is only $50 and it will not increase this gen. Microsoft make literally no money of selling the actual consoles so they make money it back from Xbox live gold (and provide the best online service at the same time)
    Also why would you have to get gold to play single player games? Can you currently connect to the internet on xbox without gold? Yep.
    And Sony is doing the exact same

  4. dude you really need to wake the fuck up. and BTW when i said give up all the game progression i meant on the 360 moron. i want to play it on the 360. and yes i know how it works you stupid fuck. ive been a gamer all my damn life. im saying its a 90% chance because 360 is that much better and has had much more success. and all they realy want from you is your money. so in that case if people like myself say hell no im not buying that thing il stick to 360 [like me] sales will be low.

  5. @11Switchblade Are you mentally challenged? How do you think there is a chance that the 720 won't overtake the 360? You think Microsoft is going to continue making 360's?

  6. and your only annoying me cus your treating me like i dont know what im talking about. i know quit enough thank you. i know what this console is gonna be. its not gonna be all its hyped up to be. people like you who spend your money on everything just cus its all hyped up, are the people who dont realize how bad something really is. and stop trying to change my mind i know im not buying it. thats for sure. this console is a waste of money. there wont be no upgrades worth the money. count on it.

  7. i know it. i believe that the 360 wil get low sales cus of people like me who will not buy ti cus they believe its a waste of cash cus the 360 uis good enough. i cant even tell you howe many friends of mine have agreed with me on this. friends even on xbox live.. i just dont believe it will be all its hyped up to be. and for sure it wont.new graphics and hardware..? thats not worth a entirely new xbox with a shit load of hype. thats its only upgrade that people care about is graphics. not kinect

  8. 0 facts? than you dont i know shit about neither do you" ? stopping piracy ya?? so cus people like tp irate games. we get punished to? we dont get to play out games offline? what if we dont got xbox live? what than? what if we cant afford xbox live? we cant play video games than. ya theres your epic console.

  9. you seem to disagree with everybody who had my same opinion or anything bad to say about next scam console… i mean gen my bad.

    just cus you are gonna waste your money dost mean other people have to. and just cus your that naive dosnt mean other people are to. nuff said. im done arguing with you. usually i rest my arguments when i see down below that the guy im arguing with is doing the same with everybody else. later.

  10. Are you joking? Microsoft raised the price from $50 to $60 this very exact generation of PS3/Xbox360/Wii because THEY knew that all our friends are on their system, and we are hold hostage for it.

    They are making you to pay for basic neccessities, things which ARE FREE on other platform. You don't pay for fucking multiplayer ONLINE when that shit is free since 1990s.

    And no, it's not the best online service. STEAM is, and STEAM don't have fucking ads dominating 90% on your dashboard.

  11. I am 100% sure that the live price will not be raised.
    Also did you even read my comment? You have to pay for online because Microsoft make no money from the actual console, Sony on the other hand do make money form each console and therefor don't need to charge for online.
    Steam is f**king annoying as hell, you go to play a game and then realize you need to download a 12gb update for a 12gb game. On xbox the max is about 30mb. Plus the s**ty offline mode

  12. There is a 100% chance of the 720 taking over the 360. Do you really think there is a chance Microsoft would decide to continue selling 360's instead of 720's? Thats the stupidest thing anyone has ever said. Also please explain how the 360 is better than the 720? And how the 360 has had "more success" than the unreleased console?
    Also only morons woulds stick with the 360 (like you) because you would never get a new game again and in a few years have no online either

  13. You don't know what you are talking about.
    You don't know what this console is going to be because it hasn't been announced yet. Do you actually realize that these are all rumors?
    Please explain why the 720 is bad. And why the 360 is so good.

  14. No, Sony made money in PS1/PS2 day due to royalities from 3rd party publisher.

    And fuck off, why should I care about Microsoft bottom line? They made hundred of millions on Live and still has the AUDACITY to raise the price of LIVE and BOMBARD you with ADS everywhere.

    It's a fucking paid service and you have to live with ADS on your dashboard.

    Lmao, you have no idea what you're talking about Steam.

  15. Because without live Microsoft would have to raise the price on the console.
    Also who cares about the Ads, it doesn't change anything.
    I won over 120 games on Steam, so yeah I think I know what I'm talking about. The updates are ridiculously big and often and to use it in offline mode you have to have an internet connection to put it in offline mode which is the stupidest thing ever.

  16. You're so full of fallacies.

    Why should I care about their profits? There is no other places that features a premium paid service and bombard you with Ads. Ads bring in the dough for Microsoft and it's not as if they are barely breaking even on Live. For them to raise the price and still increases the amount of Ads on Dashboard speaks of them being arrogantly. Of course they still have like you who are willingly getting bend over.

    I'm done wasting my time on an Xbox drone.

  17. Because without Microsoft making money from Xbox, Xbox goes under and the whole gaming industry suffers.
    No other premium service that bombards you with ads? Hmmmmmm, let me see, oh yeah! One of the biggest, paid TV has heaps of ads, moron.
    You keep saying they raised the price, but you can still get a year of live for $40.
    Most normal people don't care about a couple of ads anyway.
    But of course your just a moron who doesn't know what he's talking about

  18. You're so terrible bad at economy. Gaming industry suffers because of Xbox going under? Lmao. Any 3rd party games I want can be found on STEAM using superior control, better performance and generally cheaper price.

    Doesn't change the fact is they did raise the price this generation from $50 to $60.

    The standard price is $60, you can get it for $35 or $40 at some other places makes no fucking difference.

    Most people are like you, a sheep and a corporate apologist, waiting to be slaugther.

  19. The whole gaming industry would still suffer, moron. Microsoft put a lot of money into the gaming industry.
    And while Steam may be cheaper, its only because you don't actually own any of the games you "buy". Your just renting them.
    Plus as I said before you have to worry about incredibly large game updates.
    And when there aren't sales on Steam is actually more expensive 90% of the time.
    For example at the moment MW2 is $90 on steam and and only $20 for Xbox.
    Seriously, are you retarded?

  20. HAHAHAHA. There is no basis to say that, Sega also put a lot of money in the gaming industry, and they are doing fine on PC with the RTS franchise.

    Xbox Live also allow digital download, you're saying it's renting as well? Lmao.

    Please, do not use just 1 example to suit your argument, not to mention the very fact is MW2 ISN'T $90 on steam for most of the other countries.

    Steam is generally more expensive 90% of the time. Right.

    I can't take a moron, corporate apologist like you seriously.

  21. From a business standpoint it's a very bad decision. There is huge potential in developing countries. By requiring internet for the console to work, they limit themselves to the more fortunate. Even in America, less than 65% of people have internet access at home. In addition people will soon realize that alternative consoles allow you to play games without an internet connection and access online gaming services as well. What's the benefit of online-only? Am I missing something?

  22. Seriously, how isn't it renting. You pay for it, you get to play it, you never own a physical copy and it can get taken away at any time.
    You don't actually own the games, moron.
    And yes, digital downloads on xbox is basically renting to, but the majority of Xbox player buy physical unlike on Steam.
    Check Australian prices, its $90 and I will do a comparison of a few of the top sellers on steam to xbox prices in the next comment

  23. Alien: CM Steam $80, Xbox $60.
    Borderlands 2, Steam $70, Xbox $45.
    Skyrim, Steam $60, Xbox $22.
    Farcry 3 Steam $70, Xbox $50.
    Black Ops 2, Steam $90, Xbox $65.
    Tomb Raider, Steam $70, Xbox $60.
    DMC, Steam $50, Xbox $60 (its actually cheaper FOR ONCE)
    Assassin creed 3, Steam $70, Xbox $45.
    Dark Souls, Steam $70, Xbox $28.
    Hitman Absolution Steam $60, Xbox $45.
    Is that better than just 1 example?And remember these are physical copies on xbox that you actually own vs digital that you rent on steam

  24. Yawn.

    Steam works because the PRICE IS CHEAPER. Most people prefers retail, no doubt because you actually own the product.

    For steam to have 6+ millions users concurrently on a daily basis and still expanding, it's because of the price model.

    There's always quarterly sales and the summer/winter sales being the heavyweight.

    I'm sorry you can ONLY give an example of a country. STEAM is beloved by mostly everyone else.

  25. You're the moron. People aren't so stupid to pay a higher price for something they don't own. For steam to work, and as it shown to be constantly expanding, the price model HAS to be right.

    Just because it doesn't work in your country doesn't mean jack shit. It's an exception, most of the REST of the world is fine.

    If you state your fucking case using your own country as an example instead of writing it as if it's a fact Across the fucking board, then I won't be wasting me time here.

  26. Then Sony can FUCK OFF.

    I don't have any sympathy for any console makers. I need 1 to compliment my fucking PC. 3rd party console exclusive don't always make their way to steam.

    Metal Gear, Red Dead Redemption, Most fghting games etc.

  27. So the price is cheaper even though its not at all?
    What am I supposed to do? Give you the prices for every single country?
    I'm pretty sure the normal thing to do would give prices of the country that I live in.
    And if you actually read my comment before I said Steam is more expensive when not on sale, so whats the point of even bringing up sales?

  28. Needing to have inernet to play games…….. STUPIDITY!!! to buy a console and games and not be able to play them would be a waste of time and money. If they do this they will lose ALOT of CUSTOMERS including myself loyal Xbox fanatic I've always stayed with the xbox ever since it came out to the general public, so please microsoft do not do it!

  29. fair enough :P… just as long as you didnt resort to immature insults its perfectly fine…you gave honest and respectful answers and thats all i needed to see haha

  30. If it requires Internet ill be switching to Sony, after being a Xbox fan all of these years, FUCKING MICROSOFT WHYWOULD YOU DO THIS

  31. its probably true ubisoft did it with loads of games,its just a way that the system can keep a tag on you its also the reason i wont be getting an xobox 720

  32. cool, but what if for whatever reason, your internet goes out, or if you go to an area without internet to play a game that you payed for. Accepting this is accepting limitation.

  33. Its on special for $40 all the time.
    It hasn't gone up in price for 8 years.
    And it costs less than a cup of coffee each month

  34. Prediction. Microsuck's next Xbox gets a day one patch allowing users to play on it without an Internet connection "if" you pay them for an "offline gaming license" at the casual fee of $99.99….. yearly.

  35. Its not gonna happen. xD Its even more stupid than the claim that used games wont be playable. Its suicide for that console. Its not gonna happen.

  36. -_- i swear to god is Xbox makes that turn on us i will not buy that piece of junk it look's cool but i don't want to have internet to play my damn game. wtf? this is impossible why in the hell would they do this to us?

  37. well if i have to have internet JUST to play a game and still cant play preowned games, then im dropping M$ and the 720. gona be on the 360 till i cant no more. HOPE M$ FALLS FLAT ON THEIR UGLY FACE.

  38. i think having the perks for a console online is great but why the fuck is the 720 required to have online for solo gameplay and if this rumour is true online better be free or im going to the ps4

  39. Update: Microsoft has commented on Adam Orth's comments. In a statement issued to GameSpot, a Microsoft spokesperson said "we apologize for the inappropriate comments made by an employee on Twitter yesterday. This person is not a spokesperson for Microsoft, and his personal views do not reflect the customer centric approach we take to our products or how we would communicate directly with our loyal consumers. We are very sorry if this offended anyone,,

  40. If this ends up being announced as official in microsoft's conference supposedly in may 21st, then Nintendo, Sony, and the PC will dominate the market.

  41. Haha that is y playstation is way better then xbox now the xbox fanboys see y the playstation is better the xbox, microsoft jus fucked themselves even more xbox fanboys have no reason 2 argue back playstation 4 life!!!! Hell yea!!!

  42. A fan boy sucks on both sides, it's not like Sony honestly cares about its customers. At the end of the day it's about the money.

  43. PC always be better is not an objective fact. It is subjective variably to each gamer and this is coming from a gamer who builds PC, games on the central hub of pc gaming(AKA steam) and games on consoles. You are just one of many individuals who is trying to extend the console war duration.

  44. First most of you had said did not make since and all you did was spit out ignorance. You have not provided any evidence as to why the xbox 360 or ps3 sucks. And yet keep making claims the PC is superior again with also no evidence or support your claim. And yet you keep presupposing that the ps4 will not be free because the ps3 was. You really are not accomplishing anything with these responses.

  45. You are an IDIOT, because you have not stated any facts claiming that the PC is superior. You need to wax in and wax off on details. And of course its COMMON sense that PC's are more powerful. Only a wingnut would deny that. But just because a platform is more powerful does NOT mean it is Better overall. You need to define your terms when you cry SUPERIORITY like an idiot. If you are referring to hardware, of course, games(SUBJECTIVE). I am a multi-platformist, so I amcompletely aware of this.

  46. I could forgive them for their online only for certain games such as Sim City and Diablo 3, since the next step aside from making your own city would be to share it with others in the former, whilst the latter there is often online quest and battling. I can even forgive skype replacing msn. However did Microsoft think we were idiots?

  47. The thing about Wii and PS3 is that they know that we or as kids both current and former pay or have internet paid by our parents so they don't hassle us for using their consoles for net access save for the occasional DLC. However Xbox Live since the original Xbox charges for net service along with the DLC. Making this online means we have to constantly pay for games we already purchase that have no reason to go online unless it's a Multiplayer or an MMO. They are scamming people.

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