IGN News – EA Won’t Bring Back Online Passes After Xbox One

IGN News – EA Won’t Bring Back Online Passes After Xbox One

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Electronic Arts has confirmed it has no plans to resurrect its Online Pass system, even
though Microsoft and Sony have both announced the next-gen consoles will support used games.par
par The company’s senior director of corporate
communications John Reseburg told Polygon that EA wouldn’t be reversing its stance just
because Microsoft is now going to support the trade-in and resale of games.par
par “[There is] no change to our decision to discontinue
Online Pass. It is dead,” he revealed. “As we said a few weeks ago, none of our new EA
titles will include online pass, and we are removing it from existing games as well. Nothing
else on todayrquote s news, but did want to be clear that our online pass decision
was based on player feedback, and thererquote s no change.”par
par EA announced its decision to get rid of its
Online Passes in May, and then started to make them free for games that previously used
them. par par
For those not in the know, Online Passes were codes provided with new copies of a game that
had to be entered in order to play that game online. This meant if you bought a title second
hand, you couldnrquote t take it online unless you dished out more money to buy a new, unused
code from the publisher directly.par par
For all your next-gen news, stay tuned to IGN.par

100 Replies to “IGN News – EA Won’t Bring Back Online Passes After Xbox One

  1. this is bad news it will become worse. in 6 months EA will have new DRM. its a trap, they did it on PC before .

  2. more exclusives? microsoft announced 15 are in development, that doesn't mean much when the generation hasn't even started, sony might have more, or better, or both, we have to wait and see who wins in that area. In terms of hardware, the ps4 already won. Destiny and Watch Dogs aren't exclusives, Forza isn't better than GT, Quantum Leap is just a name at this point, and Titanfall, while it looks really fun, is just another scifi shooter, which are a dime a dozen these days.

  3. Im worried that the changes in DRM for the One will result in EA and Ubisoft bringing these online passes back. Because whats stopping them. I feel like the change in DRM is not that big of a step forward.

  4. Are people really this stupid? You are what, the ninth, tenth? person to miss the entire point of that post? The purpose was not to talk about quality, but to say that first party games do exist on the PS4.

  5. After spending some time reading some of your other shallow and pedantic comments, I have uncovered that you sir, are a troll and a fageloid.
    Le Sir has spoken.

  6. Do you guy's seriously think EA ( a company voted the worst in america 2 times in a row) is doing this out of the kindness of their hearts. Because they love the consumer and listen to to them… No of course not. Guy's I'm telling you this is a sign that xbox ones policies are gonna make a come back in the next year or so. Just saying people are getting all excited when its just a patch changing these policies!! And you Know what? Patches can be deleted or re patched again to bring erm back.

  7. from a hardware stand point there should be a bigger gap then last gen. of course we will have to wait and see how well each have implemented and optimised the hardware, the PS4 has more raw, power the xbox has the SRAM that may balance that out. however its down to the game devs to optimise that, and we all see what happened this gen when they needed to optimise and account for the Cell architecture of the PS3

  8. More of a err angry comment but i agree 100%. buy your console have fun, shut up. Simplicity is da bomb.

  9. You're only adding fuel to the flames of the console war by doing what you're doing – you're part of the problem.

  10. It was, until the Xbox one DRM came up. They then said they were going to remove it. Microsoft's DRM=More money. But since Microsoft reversed their DRM policies, EA still had to stick to what they said in order to not look like assholes. Though, who knows what they might have in store for the future.

  11. They might not bring back Online passes but they'll implement microtransactions. If your familiar with free mobile games that use these you know that that is much worse than a single one use code…

  12. I hate online passes, why can't battlefield be more like COD just put in the disk and press multiplayer that simple

  13. That other comment you left, you going all out – You're the problem, you say the console war is bullshit, yet you're not helping at all.

  14. how is sony screwing us over? yeah we have to pay for online now but we are also going get 15+ free games a month so it makes it worth while…

  15. you do know all the games at e3 were shown on high end computers… and the games that you get given are not free… you can buy them but if you get ps4+ what ever its going to be called… you get them for free

  16. {overlap-insert common protest melody}
    gamers, united, will never be defeated!
    gamers, united, will never be defeated!

    jejejeje xD

  17. I didn't mark it for spam or even dislike it, I just disputed the facts in which I was wrong so I guess Xbox fans went in hordes.

  18. Why I was listing those, was because the person I was responding to said that there are no first party titles. So I listed them. Quality is completely meaningless. (Also, yes. people are going to play it. I might just to see what it is like)

  19. so they say you can turn it off but not really since it turns back on by voice command. how old are you 12? you don't really pay attention to what's going on here your own country not to to know that facebook,youtube,microsoft and couple more companies are forced to leave a back door open for government spying activities. the whistle blower for the nsa is a legit source and yes to catch you masturbating because 99% of people's data through phone tapping and camera.

  20. doritos crash course, totemball, harm's way, hexic HD, kinect party, battle stuff, happy wars, mars rover landing, aegis wing, air band and Fable III…all free, with 2 AAA games a month until release of xbox one. Also, you contradicted yourself there "thats why it costs more for the free stuff"….soooo really you are actually paying for the "stuff", thats why it costs more, right?

  21. I don't care if the government spies on me. If anything I am in favor of more government influence and less military. I am not 12, but way to prove that you are by bringing up age. I pay attention to what is happening in this country, and people who whine and complain and worry that the government is out to get them are annoying. If you aren't doing anything illegal…who cares? Not the government that is for sure. Get over yourself, you aren't significant and microsoft doesn't want to watch you

  22. why sad news? this is fucking awesome! did I miss something? Now we can just lend games to each other without bothering about online not working shit!

  23. Based off the video, if I bought bf3… could I get out pre owned and play it online without a pass? That's what I got.

  24. the other guys comment was about first party get with the program, im buying an xbox one but facts are facts and ur comment was non fact

  25. It is too much power that is why. Someone will abuse it. Knowing what everyone is doing means people who want to protest and make positive changes for the vulnerable people of this world. Take the protests in Brazil at the moment. Governments are run by corporations to be able to spy on us, way too much power. No one should have that.

  26. Why is everyone still bitching about EA? Ever since they got a new CEO, the company has actualy started doing good things like listening to consumers and reversing all their bullshit policies.

  27. What's with all the fighting? Choose your console. Play the damn thing. It doesn't matter which is better its the players choice what he or she likes. Arguing is pointless ain't nobody got time for that

  28. Never thought I'd have any respect for EA but for once I actually do. I along with everyone else believed EA ONLY dropped online passes because of the Xbox One DRM. But hearing they are sticking to their word and not reinstating online passes again because of the Xbox One 180 turn on their policies. They have my respect on that.

  29. I never said anything about wanting to have this country ruled by a king or that people didn't die and bleed for this country. I don't think you understand basic civil liberties or human rights, as you are most likely still in high school and haven't vastly studied government. America isn't the greatest country on earth, get your head out of your ass,open your eyes,see how we have ruined this country by being so afraid of the government. Grow up, and go die? That is mature to say.


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