If No Candidate Earns A Majority Of Delegates, How Should A Nominee Be Chosen? | NBC News

If No Candidate Earns A Majority Of Delegates, How Should A Nominee Be Chosen? | NBC News

72 Replies to “If No Candidate Earns A Majority Of Delegates, How Should A Nominee Be Chosen? | NBC News

  1. So here you have all of the candidates except Bernie Sanders admitting that they would rather ignore the popular vote and cheat another candidate into the nomination rather than listen to voters.

  2. "Lot of no's and a yes" Chuck, that's exactly how I'm voting. If they steal it from Bernie get ready for another 4 years of Trump.

  3. The original "full debate" videos did not include this clip, which was my favorite and most damaging to the establishment democrats trying to hide the fact that superdelegates are still allowed in the second round and are still capable overriding the will of the people and nominating someone they approve of, even if they have the most delegates in the first round. The videos were made private just moments after I commented the following… "This has been edited to remove the question from Chuck Todd about whether or not each candidate thought the person with the most delegates should receive the nomination even if they don't have the amount needed to avoid the second round where SUPERDELEGATES ARE ALLOWED TO VOTE (likely voting against the will of the majority of the country assuming Bernie has the most delegates). It was clear Bloomberg doesn't know how things work from his answer, "I'm sure there are rules and a system in place that will decide the outcome" or some crap like that, then Biden says "let the process work it out" (meaning let the superdelegates decide in a contested convention), and then everyone repeated word for word after Biden "let the process work it out" besides Bernie who reminds everyone what that means by talking about how superdelegates can vote in round 2 and vote opposite of the will of the people and give the nomination to someone they approve of. ADD THE REMOVED SEGMENT AND ANSWER FOR YOUR BIASED AND COORDINATED AGENDA TO STEAL THE NOMINATION IF YOU DON'T APPROVE OF THE LEADER. PEOPLE DESERVE TO SEE THE QUESTION THAT WAS ASKED BY CHUCK TODD AND THE DISGRACEFUL WAY MOST CANDIDATES ANSWERED IT. Thankfully this was the highlight of the debate for me and it immediately stood out as missing here. EVERYONE DESERVES TO SEE WHAT PEOPLE WHO WATCHED LIVE DID."

  4. They called us crazy for saying a deep state existed all these years and now it’s being proven in front of our own eyes!

  5. Put the FULL debate back up you cowards. I wasn't finished watching each one of them make the case for another term for Donald Trump.

  6. It kills me that for as much as Democrats talk about the popular vote mattering, you have this many people saying that they would not respect the popular vote. This is why Bernie is the best candidate. And I truly believe that even if he was in 2nd or 3rd, he would still have answered yes to this question.

  7. Hilarious how this clip had been cut out of the original video, but now that it people found out (whoopsie daisy) it was itself uploaded into the channel.

  8. So you delete the entire debate so people can watch for themselves and only post up narrative forming clips? Thanks for the bias, NBC.

  9. There is one flaw in the Berners' thought that a plurality should win them the nomination.

    There are two predominant camps right now – Warren/Sanders (progressive) and Biden/Buttigieg/Klobuchar//////Bloomberg (moderate).

    If Warren and Sanders together manage 50%+1 and whichever has fewer of that camp direct their delegates to the leader, then they have a majority.

    If the moderate camp however has more, and they move their delegates around to create a leader, then they get a majority.

    Only then should Superdelegates get involved and their votes should simply reinforce whichever side of the party has a majority. It may also come that candidates will decide to cross up their coalition and support the other one. This is fine, too.

    But jesus stop whining about cheating elections. We heard plenty of it four years ago.

  10. The majority is clear, you just keep obfuscating it. Nominate Bernie or I vote for Trump. I'll take him way before I take Mike Bloomberg. Just by being on the debate stage Bloomberg helps prove Trump's accusations of corruption true.

  11. Obviously vote for Bernie. He's the only one who believes in Democracy. Everyone else just said your vote doesn't matter.

  12. This is an obvious attempt to silence the voice of working class Americans. Super delegates are majority white and male. However, they are also as a whole wealthier than average Americans. Many are lobbyists and members of Congress who have corporate interests. If the DNC chooses to override the will of the people they deserve another four years of Trump. What is so frustrating is it will be poor Americans and communities of color that will be hit the hardest by this.

  13. If the DNC's superdelegates nominate someone other than the popular vote winner, it's time to take a page from Robespierre's book.

  14. If they think they can screw Bernie out of the nomination and still get my vote in the general — or in any election after this, ever, for that matter — they are sorely mistaken.

  15. Now the DNC wants to take away our votes along with the electoral college, restrictive voter registration laws, the wealthy elite, foreign governments…time to get rid of the DNC.

  16. If they go for this, then two party system need a change: Republican and Democrat the united party of the rich on the one side, a new Worker's Party on the other with Bernie as founder and first nominee for president.

  17. Thanks for actually uploading the question after you got called out for posting the full debate with only this question doctored out, for “some reason”.


  19. CONFUSED? see links real news.
    The hill, the rising, Dems. Revel plan to steal nomination from Bernie. https://youtu.be/mjW_zh-xEXA
    Secular Talk, Against US democracy. https://youtu.be/oOy_FohuoYY
    Damage report, Chris Mathews tongue tied after debate. https://youtu.be/9MQNFYUbzM8
    The Humanist, Sanders against superdelegates. https://youtu.be/ydIh5YUQ5tg

  20. Bernie is a communist that you might vote in. It will take a war to put them out. As for how to pick the nominee how about paper scissors rock.

  21. Are the people stupid America is not a democracy. America is a democratic elected republic. You must win a majority of the states.

  22. The defense "demz de rulez doh" doesn't justify anything. The rules should be written to ensure fairness, not the opposite. The current system is flawed and only one candidate, Bernie Sanders, is willing to call it out.

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