I was interviewed for the Dutch news website AD about my DC story! | Joëlle’s DC Story | DCP United

I have known them for a few years now, but they are people who already have a place in my heart. Joëlle is looking for her 32 half brothers and sisters I am conceived with semen from sperm donor E19 of the AMC and I’m actually meeting all my half brothers and sisters now. – And how can you see that they are your brothers, your half brothers. We all have a big forehead and a lot of us, but not me do have blond hair. Well, I have two mothers so from an early age they told me that yes we went to the AMC and we got sperm from donor E19 and that is how you and you were actually born. This is Bouke, Chenoa my full sister and Noah In 2016, just before I turned 16, I started my blog. Yes and I got to know brothers with it yes. Their mother found me on the internet by googling on donor E19 AMC and then my site really popped up at Google. Yes, we had skyped first. It is a bit weird because it comes out of nowhere. I am Joëlle, this is Chenoa And Noah has actually just made an ”application through ”stichting donorgegevens kunstmatige bevruchting” (donor data foundation artificial fertilization) and that is how he came into contact with us. It’s just great to know that you have half brothers and sisters, you feel a kind of bond with them even though you have not met them yet. You have not been brought up with each other, but you see comparisons with each other. Well, via the AMC, 19 pregnancies have been conceived, of which we do not know exactly what the outcome is In addition, my donor father has helped through a motherwish website and 13 children have also been conceived through that. And together that number is around, around, we are around 32. – There is still a lot more to be expected, is that a kind of uncertainty or is that fun again? I am really curious about everyone, who is still coming. It will take a while before everyone is there. It was very strange, I had always been while my mothers said it was not. I always had a feeling inside that it was not right what they said. That I did have brothers and sisters. – Can you do him a little higher? (Laughter)
I am not that big.

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