Hurricane Dorian wreaks havoc on Bahamas as ‘catastrophic’ Category 5 storm

Hurricane Dorian wreaks havoc on Bahamas as ‘catastrophic’ Category 5 storm

The police department
prides itself on being here to preserve,
specifically preserving life, protecting property. But we have our limitations. When the hurricane is upon us,
with the best intention, we will not be able
to act. The roads will be filled with water,
there may be obstructions and we will not be able
to get to you.

40 Replies to “Hurricane Dorian wreaks havoc on Bahamas as ‘catastrophic’ Category 5 storm

  1. My condolences to all those affected by the storm! To those on its path, don’t waste time praying….it didn’t work for those in the Bahamas!…batten down and keep your fingers crossed.stay as safe as you possibly can!

  2. Hurricane Dorian – live updates ►

  3. Starts out "yachts lie capsized"…really what about the majority of the people on the island who are poor? Only concern is a stupid yacht?

  4. If you're rich enough to live in the Bahamas then you don't need help from anyone after you're house has been destroyed.

  5. This is just the guardian flooding youtube to try to get more hits than anyone else with all these uninformative tiny clips.

  6. Ooooh ooooh what a TERRORIST ATTACKS WAAAH WHERE SUPER POWER. My question ❓ to you who is supper power ????? America? Donald trump? Or CREATER

  7. Now they have the chance to rebuild their houses to European standards to be air and watertight proof that can act as submarines if needed with those triple glazed windows and airtight/watertight doors that lock in multiple places along the frame.
    Edit: And use concrete and bricks for walls.

  8. If you put a freaking commercial at the beginning of a disaster video, trying to make money off it, you are getting a DISLIKE!

  9. The smart president of USA suggests to NUKE the hurricane!!! USA must listen to its' SMART Trump!! Then see the results and tell the world!!

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