Huckabee: Impeachment leading to ‘landslide’ re-election of Trump

Huckabee: Impeachment leading to ‘landslide’ re-election of Trump

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  1. Fox news busy digging up some random Republican to support Trump, while back in the real world the house is checking to see if Trump lied to mueller given what was uncovered in stones trial

  2. Just like RussiaGate the latest Ukraine impeachment trial is looking like a hoax,
    instead of forming a platform besides interventionism the DNC acts like blokes.
    Ukraine got their weapons and without an investigation it means no quid pro quo.
    The real question is why not investigate Biden Burisma if there is nothing to show?

  3. “It isn't so much that liberals are ignorant. It's just that they know so many things that aren't so.”

    ― Ronald Reagan

  4. Bernie the Communist cover up ‘Socialist’ is going no where w AOC, as she changes his diapers and wipes his drool. 👎

  5. Right. 13 million tuned in to watch the first testimonies. The republican base has shrunk to 25%. Huckabee sounds like the dozens of republicans who defended Nixon up until two weeks before Nixon resigned. Denial. It's not just a river in Egypt.

  6. Did Bloomberg actually say, "I was totally focused on saving lives?" That's where we are now…they KNOW what will save lives, but they apologize for doing it because it hurts someone's feelings.

  7. tRump sure helps to elect governors that's two in a row and he went all out three rallies in LA. Oh ya, DEMOCRATIC governors. Butthead Huck, sees tRumps two failures to get republican governors elected in REPUBLICAN states and says "tRump wins trump wins trump win." No wonder he is a failed Televangelist.

  8. I used to be a Republicrat. I was a Republicrat for almost 40 years. I don't pay much attention to either political party anymore. They are both corrupt. But there are some really classy folk in that DC Sewer and Huckabee is one of them. And a FANTASTIC bass player too. And I have said from the beginning that Donald J Trump is the absolute worst politician in American history. And it is soooo refreshing. Trump isn't a Republicrat…he's a Constitutionalist. Unfortunately, if we don't elect Don Jr in 2024, the Republicrats will nominate Pence and it will be 1988 all over again. Republicrats never learn.

  9. I was formerly a Democrat the majority of my voting life like Diamond and Silk
    but no more.
    I’m voting again for PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020

    Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Waters… ALL get VOTED OUT!!

  11. Anarchy is coming.. the American people are fed up with our government .they are childish stupid and finished.civil war is coming to the do nothing Congress.


  13. So glad we have Pelosi to get that Corrupt President out of Office!! He is nothing but Trash including all his follower's!!

  14. We true American patriots had better be prepared for Trump winning in 2020.
    These Dem lib idiots are liable to pull some CRAZY issues.
    They’ve used up everything available to them against Trump.They’re OUT of ammunition,so we need to be prepared for things that could get out of control.
    Does this idiot really think anyone in Tx. would vote for Bloombird!!! Yeah,I spelled it correctly.
    How many NRA members will vote for him?….!(0)!

  15. Trump is done finish is over on wednesday ambassador gordon sunderland is going to or have to tell the truth or face five years in prison for lying to congress. We have now a direct witness from the phone call at the restaurant. There's no way to defend this criminal name Donald Trump.

  16. Move on Mr. President…and we'll move on with you and without them.
    You just protected an innocent soldier from powerful politicians..NEVER SAW A PRESIDENT HAVE THE GUTS TO DO THIS BEFORE…..WOW!

  17. Democrats in Pelosi's and Schiff's districts should vote them out. They continually are having their intelligence insulted by them!

  18. I wasn't sure of Trump to begin with even though I voted for him in 2016. He has become the best US president in my lifetime – of course, Lenin would've been better than that Kenyan Commie-in-Blackface Chairman Oba Mao. Of course, I'm ALL FOR A PRESIDENT who will tell the Commies to go EFF themselves, because I think the Commies SHOULD GO EFF THEMSELVES.

  19. The impeachment offers Republicans an opportunity to rid the country and the world of this embarrassment, Donald Trump. They need to do this for themselves and the Country.

  20. Trump needs to apologise for the cult has formed among the GOP. He is a wounded child, yet to act like a rounded adult.

  21. Mike Huckabee! They tried to poison over the weekend! It's time to enact and enforce THE INSURRECTION ACT! WILL YOU PLEASE TALK TO THE PRESIDENT! THIS HAS TO STOP NOW. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS!

  22. I just heard a lot of new stuff about the schemes going on by the WH and people like rick perry on rachel maddow and makes these people on FOX sound clueless.

  23. The problem is, the arrogance of the people who think it's a slam dunk that Trump will win with no problem in 2020 because the democrats have gone nuts. Keep talking slam dunk and people won't show up to vote for the incumbent. Arrogance will always fail. God will judge pride! We reap what we sow. Pray that our Country is lead by the God who our founding fathers believed in, and without God, our country would fail. It doesn't matter what party is in charge, vote for what is right according to Gods will.

  24. This is one old-dog charlatan I wouldn't take advice from. Every time he opens his mouth to criticize someone, something is unearthed about his not so ethical behaviors in protecting his sociopathic children. I want to send him some pink-elephant gift for Christmas, an oversized sweater made out of fluffy-pink material and hideous glue on gems that reads: I am a Goober! He just reminds me of a nippy little Chiuaua who somebody taught to say, Jesus! He's tragic. Maybe he can play the part of Leslie Jordan's geriatric pet on some made-for-TV movie…


  26. Here's a fun fact: Trump is redistributing American taxpayer funds to farmers to buy them off since he killed their export markets with his trade war!

  27. This is how the system works by Robert Reich @RBReich.

    1) Corporations demand lower taxes, claiming it will create jobs.

    2) They lobby the president and members of congress with campaign cash.

    3) They make billions in lower taxes, while not creating jobs or making new investments.

    4) Repeat.

  28. If house democrats had evidence of a crime, spit it out and hold the vote. If a vote is held, it exposes moderate democrats and then the fun starts when it moves to the Senate. Once in the Senate, the senator's running for president couldn't campaign as they'd be stuck in a chair sitting quietly as a jury. Republicans hold senate 53-47, dems can have Romney.

  29. Why don't American's think of the waste of money, particularly with many poor Americans? On the TV everyone in America looks rich. But, on the ground, there's significant poverty in this country.

  30. Yeah you wish diantre impeachment was what was dividing the country rather than your precious traitor president that you voted for and can't admit it was a big mistake.

  31. Well dont complain you voted for a racist we devided because of trump trump a real life treating world treating issue

  32. I can't believe these assholes they want to attack the Constitution because they can't defend what the president does is there is no defense they just distract from it it's obvious to me because I have half a brain at least

  33. Not just democrats all middle and 3 class americans depise him only rich people love hin theres more poor Americans than rich we have the numbers

  34. Another Democratic 'Snowflake'… pathetic! This is the whole theme of their forum!……He's been drinking the Kool-aid! Bow down and kiss everyones behinds. So disgusting! Bernie Sanders…….the tuning fork! Yuck! Grabbing guns!
    This party should take a good hard look at itself. No one in this party has any morals….no plan….no justice for others. How did this party get kidnapped and is now asks for ransom?

  35. So glad to thank God for this President – for once in a long time from my country – who is now one of the GREAT histories of the world on a level of Gandhi, et. al

  36. Bloomberg shamed Dem's race 2020. He took it sportively because Bloomberg is capitalist and knows where to invest money and on which stock. It's business and a legal business.
    Military staff gets back their girl's, women in the recycling of good old and available resource's. Now in present age the military has a great stock of ration to be used in their warfare that satisfies their hunger when fighting in war and wrestling with their enemies.

  37. Sean tell Huckaboo that Obozo isn’t “the voice of reason of Democrats”.. hey Huck-fool, Obozo was BEHIND THE ENTIRE COUP you FOOL. This Huckabee is either naive or just goofy.🌡🚽

  38. Fracturing our nation with divisiveness and distrust of President Trump seems like collusion with Globalist forces. Somebody said to me yesterday that the problem with our country now is that many people have too much money, which leads to selfishness, waste and hunger for power. This person grew up in North Dakota, ten miles south of the Canadian border, where the simple measure of riches were family, community, nature and the local economy.

  39. I hope Bloomberg goes to hell. He violated the human rights of black men because it was fashionable and he could. Imagine a black man walking down the street with his wife and a white cop pulls up on him and pulls his pants down in front of his wife and children. I hope Bloomberg and the dirty cops get punished here on earth or in hell.

  40. It's so obvious that the hearings are driven by partisan politics and TDS. How can anyone take it seriously? Dems are not doing their jobs. Trump will win. Huckabee is right in all that he said here. Also: never apologize!

  41. I am not seeing the Landslide re-election with the countless dead crawling out of their graves to vote and everyone voting on a George Soros voting machine.

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