13 Replies to “How to Use Android without Google Play Services

  1. Great video dude, How about google map to use without google play services , just let me know. Thanks a lot.

  2. I have recently downgraded the version of my google play services on my device but every time I reset or shutdown my phone it seems to default back to the latest version so is there a way to stop the google play services from defaulting back to latest version after my phone has reset ?

    I have changed the settings in the google play store so it does not allow auto updates but it still happens I want to stay on 12.6.88 & not change back to 12.8
    after my phone has rebooted

  3. Leave google and join Amazon? WTF? What's the difference?
    First I upvoted the video, when I heard that, I downvoted. Please don't give people a false sense of security!

    People, whether you root the device or not, the solution is F-droid, it contains only FOSS apps, download everything from there.

  4. source isnt mostly a problem, you can easily deactivate both gp shits but problem comes with online games/apps singing through google, its like steam, some games with own client you can play without steam, some not
    for my 1GB ram tablet real problem is that google cost for example it say 30ram+- but in reality it is about 150 + "totally" clear system 400 (wtf?)…with 600free ram I can play many even new games, but with 450 shit games are laggy and online games like afk arena I´ve just tried will turn off after couple sec when it starts doing magic, jumping ads and flashing.
    and the best is "recomended solution" , update out of date system, update google shits which install/run another shits and then you are not even able to play gems

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