How to Get More Views on YouTube — NEW Strategy for 2019

How to Get More Views on YouTube — NEW Strategy for 2019

– Today, I’m gonna show you exactly how to get more views on your videos fast. The secret, a new strategy
called the sequel technique. I recently used the sequel
technique to get 25,339 views on one of my YouTube
videos in about two weeks. One of my subscribers also used this strategy on one of his videos, and that video now has
over a million views. And in this video, I’m gonna walk you through the entire process, step by step. Keep watching.
(gentle music) Last year, I saw something
that blew my mind. I was looking at where most
of my YouTube views came from. And even though I rank in
the top three on YouTube for popular keywords like, video SEO, keyword research, and SEO tutorial, I notice that most of my views didn’t come from YouTube search. They came from suggested
video, pow, mind blown. In my case, 25% of my
views came from search, but 41% came from suggested video. Now as a quick recap,
suggested video is a section on the right hand side of
every video on YouTube, or underneath the video if
you’re on a mobile device. And if you can get your video to appear as a suggested video, you can get thousands or
even millions of views. And the best way to do
that, the sequel technique. In fact, when I used the sequel technique, this video for my channel racked up over 25,000 views in
less than three weeks. And even though my video
is a few months old now, views continue to roll in like clockwork. And it’s all thanks to
the sequel technique. In fact, 66% of the views on that video have come from suggested video. Which, as you’ll see in
a minute, is by design. With that, it’s time for me to show you the entire step by step process. Starting with step number one, find a popular video in you niche. Your first step is to find a video in your industry with lots of views, why? Remember, the goal of the sequel technique is to show up as a suggested video. And when you get your video to appear next to a popular video, lots of people will click
over and watch your video. The question is, how do you find a popular video in your niche? Here are two simple
strategies that work great. First, use YouTube search. All you need to do is search for a keyword that describes the video you wanna make. Then, keep an eye out for a
video in the search results that already has lots of views. For example, when I searched
for improve Google rankings, I noticed that this video had
over 200,000 views, bingo. You could also look at your competitor’s most popular videos. Just head over to their
channel, and hit videos. Then, sort by most popular. And just like that, you get a list of their top preforming videos. For example, remember Jeff Rose, that guy I mentioned earlier? As you might remember, Jeff
used the sequel technique to get over a million
views on one of his videos. Well, when Jeff looked at his competitor’s most popular videos, he found this one. So, he went with that
video for step number one. Next, it’s time for step number two, create a bigger and better
video, “the sequel”. So, now that you’ve found a popular video, it’s time to create
something bigger and better. Why is this important? Well, awhile back, YouTube published a little known research paper called, Deep Neural Networks for
YouTube Recommendations. And this paper outlined how
suggested video probably works. As it turns out, YouTube focuses on something called expected watch time. Expected watch time is simple. It’s YouTube’s best guess
of how much time someone will spend watching your
video after they click on it. And needless to say,
YouTube promotes videos that keep people on YouTube. So, the higher your expected
watch time, the better. For example, let’s say you just published a video about cold brew
coffee, let’s call it video A. And YouTube starts to show your video in the suggested video sidebar. Well, when people click
over to your video, they only watch it for
30 seconds, on average. YouTube knows that when someone clicks over to your video
as a suggested video, it’s only gonna result in
30 seconds of watch time. So, that video has an expected
watch time of 30 seconds. Now, let’s see you create another video about cold brew coffee, video B. This time, people watch two minutes of your video, on average. That video has an expected
watch time of two minutes, four times more than video A. And because video B has a
higher expected watch time, YouTube’s gonna promote it in the suggested video sidebar like crazy. So, as you can see, to show
up as a suggested video, your video needs to keep people watching. And to keep people watching,
you video needs to be awesome. That’s where this step, creating the sequel, comes into play. With your sequel, you take the video that you found in step number
one, and make it better. In other words, you want your sequel to be more like Empire Strikes Back, and less like Episode I. Here’s exactly how to do it. First, create an awesome video intro. Why is this so important? Well, YouTube’s data shows that the first 15 seconds
of your video is huge. In fact, YouTube says that if you lose someone’s interest in
the first 15 seconds, they’re gonna click away
and watch something else. Boring, next. But if you grab their attention
in this 15 second window, they’ll stick around. The question, how do you
create an awesome video intro? An intro that’s even better than the video you found in step one. I’ll explain with an example. Again, here’s the video that I found in the first step from this process. This intro is actually pretty good, but I knew that I could
do a little bit better. So, for my sequel, I started my video off with something that would
grab people’s attention. Specifically, I let people
know that I was gonna show them how to increase
their Google rankings fast. I also showed people real life proof that my approach works. And because my intro
grabs people’s attention, they keep watching. Next, create a longer video. Last year, I analyzed over
a million YouTube videos to understand how YouTube’s
search engine worked. And we found that long
videos crush short videos. Even though of study
focused on YouTube’s search, the message is clear. YouTube promotes videos
that keep people on YouTube, and longer videos do that best. Plus, longer videos tend to have a higher expected watch time. For example, let’s say that your video is three minutes long. Well, even if people
watch 100% of your video, which will never happen, your
expected watch time will be, at most, three minutes. But let’s say that your
video is 10 minutes. Even if people only
watch half of your video, your expected watch time
is gonna be five minutes. In my case, my competitor’s video was 10 minutes 48 seconds long. So, I created a video that
was a little bit longer at 12 minutes, nine seconds. Finally, it’s time to add
pattern interrupts to your video. Pattern interrupts are super powerful. In fact, I found that pattern interrupts can dramatically increase your videos, audience retention, and watch time. So, what are pattern interrupts? Pattern interrupts are something that you add to your
video to change things up. A pattern interrupt can be a visual, a camera angle change, a joke, music, basically anything that’s different than the rest of your video. For example, the video I
found in the first step didn’t use a lot of pattern interrupts. It was pretty much a
static screen recording. So, for my sequel, I used
dozens of pattern interrupts. I added visuals, I
changed the camera angle, I told stories, I even added a handful of little funny things. Well, at least they were funny to me. How about another example? Jeff Rose implemented
all three of the tactics from this step for his sequel video. Jeff’s intro grabbed people’s attention. His video was almost 18 minutes long. And he used a ton of
different pattern interrupts. With that, let’s move
onto step number three, optimize your video. Finally, it’s time to optimize your video. Now, usually when you
optimize a YouTube video, you optimize it for SEO. But with the sequel technique, you’re not trying to
rank in YouTube search. If you do, great, that’s a bonus. But it’s not the main goal. The main goal is to show up as a suggested video next to a popular video. For example, let’s look at
Jeff Rose’s video again. Like I mentioned earlier, Jeff’s video has over a million views. But when you search for the keyword passive income in YouTube, his video doesn’t even
rank in the top three. The vast majority of Jeff’s million plus views came from suggested video. So, how you optimize your
video for suggested video? It’s simple, copy your
competitor’s keywords. In fact, YouTube’s Creator Academy says that when your video’s metadata matches the video someone’s watching, you’re more likely to show
up as a suggested video. With that, here’s exactly how to optimize your video for suggested video. First, say your keyword in
your video, this is a big one. You’ve probably noticed that YouTube can understand what you say in your video. It’s not perfect, but in my experience, they understand about 90 to 95% of the words you say in a given video. And when YouTube hears your
target keyword in your video, it helps them understand that your video is about that topic. For example, I noticed that this video used the keyword improve
your Google rankings in the title and description. So, I made sure to say that
exact phrase in my video. Next, you wanna use that same keyword, or a variation of it, in your title. For example, you can
see that my video title contains the keyword
higher Google rankings, which is a variation of
improve Google rankings. Now that you’ve optimized your title, it’s time to optimize your description. Specifically, you wanna check out your competitor’s description, and use the same keywords they use. For example, I noticed that
my competitor’s description used the terms SEO,
improve Google rankings, and search engine. So, I sprinkled those same keywords into my video description. Finally, copy your competitor’s tags. To do this, you’ll need to
look at your competitor’s tags in the source code of the page, or use a tool like TubeBuddy or vidIQ. Then, just use a few of
these tags in your video. For example, I used as
many tags as I could for my competitor’s video in my video. And because my video’s title description and tags matched this
popular video so well, I consistently show up as a suggested video next to that video. In fact, YouTube even promotes my video as Up next, which means, it automatically plays after
people watch that video. Now, before I end today’s video, I have a quick bonus step for you. Which is to increase
your suggested video CTR. As you just saw, suggested video is a powerful way to
get more YouTube views. But what if there was a way to double, triple, or even quadruple the amount of views that you get
from suggested video? Well, there is, and
it’s improving your CTR. You might’ve heard of CTR before. If not, CTR stands for click through rate. And it simply means, of all
the people that see your video, how many actually click on it? And needless to say, the higher CTR, the more views you’ll get. For example, let’s say that your video shows up next to a popular
video as a suggested video, and 5% of the people watching that popular video click
over to your video. That’s great, but if you could
increase your CTR to 10%, you’ll double your views without needing to do anything else. With that, here’s exactly how to do it. First, log out of YouTube, or open an incognito window in Chrome. That way, your viewing history
won’t effect what you see. Next, visit the popular video
you wanna show up next to. And take a look at the thumbnails in the suggested video sidebar. Finally, create a thumbnail that’s different from those thumbnails. For example, I noticed that
most of the suggested videos next to this video use the same colors, red, orange, and white. So, I made the main color
of my thumbnail green. That way, it really stands out. I also realized that
most of the thumbnails didn’t show anyone’s face. Instead, they use mostly texts,
screenshots, and visuals. Now, I knew that there were studies out there that found thumbnails with human faces get clicked on the most. So, I made sure to include a shot of me from the video in my thumbnail. In the end, as you can see here, I have a thumbnail that really stands out. And because it stands out,
it has a super high CTR. And thanks to that high CTR, my video gets thousands of
extra views every single month, views that I wouldn’t get
if my thumbnail blended in. Okay, so that’s it for
the sequel technique. And I hope this video helps show you how to get more views on YouTube. And if you learned some cool
new stuff from today’s video, make sure to subscribe to my
YouTube channel right now. Just click on the subscribe
button below this video. Also, if you want exclusive SEO techniques that I only share with subscribers, head over to And hop on the newsletter, it’s free. Now, it’s your turn. Which of the strategies from today’s video are
you gonna try first? Are you gonna start
using pattern interrupts? Or maybe you’re ready
to increase your CTR. Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now. (groans) All right, say what? No, I’m good, I’m good. ‘Cause I’m kind of Mister
Burns a little bit. Okay, practice. We prayed to the wireless microphone god. It’s loud as hell. So, I’m gonna go like, pow!

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