How to Disable Notifications in Google Chrome – Tutorial

How to Disable Notifications in Google Chrome – Tutorial

First, let’s open Google Chrome Go to: Customize, Settings Scroll down, and click Advanced Under Privacy and security, click Content settings Notifications Click this button to disable notifications All done!

46 Replies to “How to Disable Notifications in Google Chrome – Tutorial

  1. brrrroooooo before i got like 200 nofi while playing squads with my buddies now i fixed it its all gone THANKS BRO :::) i subbed n liked the video 🙂

  2. great fuckin job google…yeah,hide it as deep as you possibly can.make me jump through as many hoops as possible in order to accomplish this mundane task.not to mention,keep changing your layout like a supermodel changes clothes so that nothing stays the way it was 2 months ago and cant find any help thats up to date…what a shitty fuckin company.go fuck yourself

  3. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH. I think this helped me get my yt notifications to work, and i kept getting innapropiate ads while i would be recording. Hopefully this helps. THANKS SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

  4. thx so much! I like to thank my cousin Ron, my cousin who told me to find out how to close notifications on google, and I like to thank my parents that cuz of them i was smart enough to use his advise, and last but not least Tutorials4view for showing this video! Thank you, Thankyou!!

  5. thank god.. this is chromebook is for my school and i activated the notifications for something and the ads didnt stop especially inapropriate ones😥

  6. Thanks a lot, man. I was getting hit with advertisement from websites like crazy and surprised how hidden such important settings are. Because of the abusive nature of advertisements is the reason ad block exist and they even found a way around that until now.

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