How to Be a TV News Reporter : How to Use Ear Piece as TV News Reporter

How to Be a TV News Reporter : How to Use Ear Piece as TV News Reporter

BILL ALBIN: Hello, I’m Bill Albin. And on
behalf of Expert Village, I’m going to teach you what you need to know to be a local news
reporter. In this clip, we’re going to talk about IFBs. An IFB is, well, it’s the earpiece
that a reporter or an anchor wears when they’re doing the news. It’s really quite simple,
and I have–this is just a device that’s much like your iPod headphones or any other headphones,
and it’s a little speaker that allows you to hear what the director and a producer are
talking about. Oftentimes, a director or producer will want you to do something different. They
might say, “Well, I’d like him to move forward to his left a little bit.” So I move over
to my left. They would say that in my ear. They would say, “Bill, move over to the left.”
And I would move to the left. Or they might–there might be a change in the story. For example,
if I’m live on location and there is some exciting event going on and a new development
happens while I’m speaking, they would let me know that. For example, if–when I started
talking about the story–when I started talking about a store that was robbed, for example,
let’s say there wasn’t anyone in custody. But say 30 seconds later, the police caught
someone. Well, a producer or someone in the newsroom might understand that they just caught
somebody. But me, it’s too late for me to know that. They could say, through my IFB,
“Hey, Bill they caught somebody.” And then I could transition directly from what I was
saying into, “And tonight, they’ve caught somebody. They just caught him 30 seconds
ago.” And I never would have known that, and I would never have been able to relate that
in the story without being able to get information through my earpiece, my IFB on the scene.

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  1. Can you hook two of these together with an adaptor and use them on say an iPod like earbuds. I've seen secret agents and security guard with these and I was curious if you could hook them to an iPod.

  2. Yes, and the idiots on The View use them. That why they sound like screaming hyenas repeating what their bosses are telling them when they argue ad nauseum with their guests.

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