How the Universe is Way Bigger Than You Think

How the Universe is Way Bigger Than You Think

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  1. maybe our observable UNIVERSE is technically just an atom of a SPERM within the BALLSACK of a GIANT in another universe.. that is technically just another atom of a SPERM within the ballsack of another giant in another universe.. that is technically just another atom of a SPERM within the ballsack of another giant in another universe.. that is technically just another atom of a SPERM within the ballsack of another giant in another universe…..

  2. (KJV)(Romans 1:19-20) Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed

    it unto them. For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood
    by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse
    (KJV)(Hebrews 9:27) And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment

  3. But how the fuck do they figured out all of this shit ? With satellites ? Like wtf. And whats beyond the observable universe ?

  4. What if,.. everything we ever made up was actually real but in a different galaxy?
    And also, I actually think some species of alien (if they exist) can live in harsh conditions like the tardigrade.

  5. It is so mind boggling of how powerful the universe is just by its size. I always wonder how much we can do as a species if we got our shit together and focus on the outer worlds.

  6. We are too young for these toughts. Everything repeat and repeat. We are born on earth so that we can't even imagine what are we part of.

  7. Imagine the size of the entire Universe. Now imagine if life only existed on Earth. That would be a HUGE waste of space.

  8. This video honestly scares me a little, about what lies outside of the earth, and what will happen when there isn’t an earth anymore just stuff like that it’s scary, interesting, and just insane to me

  9. Only one thing I can say. GoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamndamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamnGoddamn. Multiplied by 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 x 10

  10. I’m afraid to die do I go to heaven or just pitch black

    If I go to heathen do I wish and get everything I want

  11. At 7:34…..nothing travels faster than the speed.Right? …..Thou shalt not travel faster than the speed of light; as stated by Carl Sagan..

  12. That’s what they want us to believe. Earth is the center of GODs interest. You are very important to GOD. Don’t let them make you believe your not important, you are very important.

  13. Us humans can conceive of the distance of a Light-Second, but it's a stretch (7 times around the earth). Us humans can't really conceive of the distance of a Light-minute, it's just conceptually too far. The distance of a light-hour??? Fuggetabout it. A light Year? Bubbye.

  14. Of course it’s bigger then we think if we could fathom how big it was we would need to be have universe sized brains lol.

  15. How can be the diameter of observable universe cc. 95 bly if only 14b years passed since the big bang…? The expansion can be faster than c, but light travels at the speed of c, anyway…correct?

  16. Isn't life fucking fantastic.We all got to experiance this no matter how great or shitty our lives have been.See you in disney land tata

  17. When someone asks you is space infinite you can now clearly say yes it is. Crazy to think that when we look up to think that goes on forever mind-blowing.

  18. Universe is not that big. Action at a distance is instantaneous. It only seems big because atheists posing as scientists have set man's knowledge back by centuries.

  19. I dont understand how it would be possible to go to any planet other than Mercury, Venus, or Mars. Mercury and Venus are on average closer to earth than Mars but they are inhabitable so no point in going to either of those. Humans will go extinct before we ever get off this planet. We will never travel to the nearest galaxy Andromeda or even the closest star.

  20. Thats why in Al-Quran, Allah said " you wont be able to reach even the 1st ( layer ) sky.." What a big universe!! All praises to Allah!

  21. If I had a dollar for every time the narrator said "every", I would finally be able to afford the Apple Macbook Stand

  22. [Quran 51.47]"We have constructed the heaven with might, and verily, it is We who are steadily expanding it…. ". Science proves that the universe continues to expand how could a man in the desert 1400 years ago come to this scientific conclusion only discovered recently. look at the miracles in the quran, a book that is backed by science that has never been disproved by science. For there to be expansion there must be a beginning. just a food for thought for those willing to be sincere. May Allah guide you

  23. virus 10^-7m
    you 1m
    The earth 10^7m
    0.01ly 10^14m ( around 10 times the Pluto orbit or the Kuiper belt )
    Milky way 10^21m
    Observable Universe 10^ 27m

  24. Humans are nasty pieces of shit ducking fucking assholes fucking ass eating motherfucking shit head cunts ass cheek mother ass cunts look what they did to our planet fucking assholes revenge will come soon byes

  25. When I die, I will ask God three questions:

    1. What's outside the universe?

    2 . If there is actually the " Entire Universe" what's outside it then?

    3 . What's outside the outside of the Entire Universe?

    Think about these questions deeply and you will get a shiver of anxiety of how tiny you are and what everything is…

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