How Organizers Plan To Do Something About Trump In 2020 | All In | MSNBC

How Organizers Plan To Do Something About Trump In 2020 | All In | MSNBC

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  1. Great to see some of the people that are doing the local work. If I see this, I am getting the idea that there is still a chance that the USA is not becoming a dictatorship.

  2. How The DNC Destroyed Democracy

    Or How One DNC Deceit Led to The Downfall of America

    1. 2016 West Virginia falsified the DNC convention delegates. Bernie won all 55 counties, but the majority of delegates given to HRC. This scenario plays out in a few other states causing Bernie to lose the nomination.

    2. Nominated HRC in spite of being another centrist corporate shill perpetuating the corporate boot on the middle class's neck.

    3. HRC Fails to inspire, ignored public's need for reform, public stays home. Bernie would have defeated Trump by keeping Obama voters in the party. Bernie was the 'Candidate of Change' for the Dems that Obama was supposed to be.

    4. Trump elected. Fake News. "Enemy of the People". Pathological Liar.

    5. House impeaches too narrowly. The entirety of his crimes would have impressed the need to remove.

    6. Trump defeats House, buys Senate. Acquittal.

    7. AG Barr dismantles DOJ.

    8. No One to stop him. Not the Law. Not Press. Not House. Not Senate.

    9. Fascism achieved 02-20-2020.

  3. The word, 'vote' has no meaning, due to the criminally insane repub's. When psychopaths have all the power, they win. We The People no longer exist, we are less than zero. "Voting" will not change anything. The criminals have already won and will continue and this country will soon be exactly like russia. The psychopath in what was our white house, will make sure to rule over his kingdom, and his offspring will continue…….

  4. Your name is on one of the unsealed indictments Chris.

    Knowingly spreading false information to unseat a President is called treason.

    Remember, knowingly spreading false information is not journalism. It’s called a lie.

  5. #🗺💡✌️💕🙏✊️: ~#🇬🇧👑🇺🇸💕🗺✊️👍: RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS! “ How Organisers Plan To #DoSomethingAboutTrumpIn2020!| MSNBC!| HolyGrail!| EnoughIsEnough!| AmazingGrace!| Powerful Revered Game Changers For Us RegionalNationalGlobal!| InHolyContemplation… JesusOnTheCrossForUs!| TimeTells £!| 🗺💡👶🎁🌊🗽👩‍⚖️💝✊️✌️🙏Actions Hope Progressives🎉✅| AmazingGrace!| Huge Respects And Thanks 🙏 For Sharing!#🇺🇸🇬🇧👑🗺💡💕NationalAnthems!{. RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS!].

  6. Requiem For A Republic – Poem by Paul Amrod

    A coffin lined meticulously with our irreproachable constitution

    is being solemnly transported from a Kentuckian pole-bearer.

    Perhaps the undemocratic imbalanced Senate will convene

    to deliberate on a few issues to imagine a pliable solution.

    Shying away from their obviously misconstrued responsibility,

    loosing face with logic, causing their own personal terror

    to overflow their chalice disrupting all steps in between.

    The wall to Mexico has collapsed from disrespect and instability

    Ai Caramba our tunnel is safe from all American collusion.

    The defense counsel has smeared their story with irrationality

    by conjuring irrelevance with no outcome which could intervene

    a congress' laborious efforts to clarify this preposterous illusion.

    Hear no evil is the call of the gorillas who hold their mouths in error

    fearing the disgrace of being reminded of this filth so obscene.

    The appearance of unheard truths has raised the vulnerability

    of the lying hyenas rolling in corpses of their ultimate complicity.

    Testing the patience of three-quarters of a nation wishing the foreseen

    needn't precipitate the destruction of our statutes against convolution.

    Twisting the facts to nullify the issue at hand deranging the fairer

    while mutilating decency exercising the usage of simple contortion.

    The evidence is magnifying the necessity of a man of robes, the wearer

    of the cloak, to save our equality in spite of the breaching of the overseen.

    The absence of witnesses and documents has unfortunately imposed

    an inclarity of purpose allowing criminality to be unchecked or supervened.

    Shaking down a young comedian whose dreams have been predisposed

    is an unforgivable situation resulting in an atrocious form of distortion.

    Overstepping the principals of civil liberties has numbed citizens screened

    through a misuse of surveillance in every imaginable proportion.

    Hence our Bill of Rights has been compromised in the eyes of the sharer

    of these bearings warranting the requiem of our carefully stated parchment.

    On the day of this fateful decision to avoid their most sacred liability

    the trial was demolished by propounding a meaningless bombardment.

    An extraneous ritual of frustrating jargon results in chaos and confusion

    no matter what values are trampled or resolutions would be proposed.

    The bells of Philadelphia will woefully toll as freedom in its totality

    falls victim to the ravaging of tyranny for ruthless devils have contravened.

    Singing Dies Irae while the seraphs shed their tears as this mortality

    affects our country at large with a sweeping depression being diagnosed.

    Manipulating for personal gain is allowed from our executive, a delusion

    to domesticate the dissidents while hiding his methods under his garments.

    As plump as they come he blurts his BS while insulting normality

    as an unhinged buffoon attempting to govern our arsenal of armaments.

    Sinking into imperilment and flirting with despots as angels he demeans

    bullying children while surrounding himself with illegal contributions.

    The silent left wing monsters will raise their sword to purge and clean

    this incredible onslaught against a true exoneration with complete partiality.

    This branch of government is now a monarch with a dunce cap for a crown

    as everyone can observe the rhyme and reason why he is yet renowned.

    Paul Amrod

  7. so the other 49 states don't count? after El Paso, and the church shootings, how could texas vote for trump? look at the state of the immigrants there, trump treats them like scum,I am a new democratic, if I had to vote for trump, Id rather stands in a Wyoming blizzard in a tee shirt. its time to reunify America, hate kills, it turns humans into animals. we all tell our children how bad bullying is, yet that's trumps motto. what a disgrace he is to every person on the planet.

  8. Texas Republicans has Super PAC where the massive Russian money went and all the Reoublicans got a pieve of the pie. You can guess right that the reason why the Reoublicans can't impeach Trump …all of the money reason. Trump is just using the title of PRESIDENT but he has no understanding and ability to run the government. So now he is tryong to create his own rules and his own organized criminal empire where nobody would not dare complain or charge Trump … That is his goal. No sense of protecting the national interest.

  9. Tory Gavito, the only reason Trump is polling above the Democrats is that he supports the gun laws staying as it is now. That problem needs to be addressed.

  10. I appreciate everything that MSNBC and all of those commentators are doing in the people around the country. But Bob Mueller told us at that hearing. They're doing it as we sit here and they will up the Annie. 2020 it will not matter if 50 million people more vote for Democratic nominee. He will win the electoral college by a landslide and Vladimir Putin is going to make sure of it. Doesn't mean that we should just give up and not vote. But mark my words. He is doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin and he needs to be hung by the neck slowly on National Television so we can all watch. Be home for treason. Have nooses for all of his family. And all of the Republican Senators that said not guilty all of them. !

  11. So, in other words, people in Texas are dumber than in the rest of the country.

    If you support Trump, that means you are naive and/or incredibly ignorant, and your world view is wrong and twisted. You can't even use the economy as an argument to vote for Trump, considering it has been doing well over the past few years only thanks to reforms made during the Obama administration. Effects and tendencies in the economy usually take a long time to show.

    So Trump can thank his father for his fortune, and he can thank Obama for America's economy. Anyone who's gone to school should be able to read graphs at least since the age of 13 (I fear Trump supporters are unfortunately not capable), and the following graphs prove that any economic success as of late is NOT thanks to Trump:

  12. Look at all the likes and comments purchased by MSNBC, it's all on record, if you'd like to verify it for yourself just google it.

  13. How 1 state in a country of 50 decide an election? And how can a candidate get the most votes yet lose the election? Americans need to learn what DEMOCRACY means! Otherwise they're going to keep putting losers into power!

  14. American s are letting their justice department be substituded by the Bar and oringe face tustice department. The Chinese are calling Asper a liar and the rest of the world are cheering for China in Munich. Now would be a good time for American enemies to attack?

  15. Why do the Presidential races always have to START in these MAJORITY WHITE populated States who generally vote Republican? Most of them hold the most electoral votes which is what actually makes you President. Those states are not what AMERICA actually Looks like. It starts out rigged.

  16. Why change the good things happening since President Trump took office ? Bernie "Baloney" Sanders or any other Leftist Marxist Democratic loser is no match for unstoppable , unbeatable and invincible President Trump in this 2020 election .

  17. When are you sheep gonna learn presidents are SELECTED not Elected . Right wing , left wing same bird !!
    Presidents just follow orders .
    Wake up ppl and do your research!!!
    P.S. why isnt Hillary in prison for all her crimes against humanity??!!!! Who is protecting her

  18. We need to take the Senate, then have indictment's on Bill Barr, tRump, Graham, Nunez, Jordan, McConnell, McCarthy, and the rest of tRump's good swamp rats. MAGA. MY ATTORNEYS GOT ARRESTED. KAG..KEEP ACTING GORILLASS!

  19. You dems are THE DUMBEST to think the polls are not biased and to deny trump is even more popular than ever. He will win. Write this on your walls

  20. Polls do not equal voters. Unless the democratic party can motivate voters trump will get elected. At this point I would say trump will get elected. Polls may show low approval rating but inside the voting booth many will let their racism and ignorance free as well as the poor democratic candidates.

  21. This is exactly what America needs. I hope we will have a million people March to ask for Trumps resignation too. He is trying to destroy democracy in America and most likely taking lessons from Putin. He claims he is a real American. He doesn't marry an American woman, he invest in overseas countries, he never fought for this country, and punishes our Generals who have, he doesn't even pay taxes or his bills to the states where he holds his Rallys. He thinks he is special. His children go to other countries to get them to invest in their businesses using their dad being the president to make the deals. Now he wants to lower Social security payments for all Americans. Why. We worked for that money, many of us like myself for 50 years. Trump is trying to make America not great again, but the country with the most homeless.

  22. TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME is ALIVE and SICK here I see! How ABSOLUTELY DELUSIONAL are some of you people!

  23. The USA is one big circus, a revolving stage featuring acts of ever increasing hypocrisy and dishonesty that stagger the imagination.

  24. You want to stop Trump ? from what? …. your economy is booming? unemployment is down? in our country an election is not a popularity contest on the personalities of the candidates , it's about competence. with news media like this one , your country's left is doomed

  25. yeah Madison, up north is can be very KKK in poor small towns & getting worse, I wouldn't want to break down in the wrong small town and be a black lover, Source: The Southern Poverty Law Center
    and friends from small towns.

    Black is beautiful,


    Madison is a top ten college town, Milwaukee is big and the suburbs are big

    know way to know Wisconsin will change. We did give you Joe McCarthy of the red scare
    p.s. The Super Man Radio in the 40 drove down the KKK enrollment by making them a public enemy and look like fools. Plus WWII didn't make NAZI popular in America, who wants to play Superman and the Klan. After the depression and we had the 50s and THE NEW DEAL. HECK Life in America was okay for white peeps like me. sad as I am of my brothers, I am tried of feeling shame as a white male.
    FOR REAL…! Peace and love

  26. You are misleading your viewers again. Please stop talking like a kook. Trump will win in 2020 and none of your organizers will prevail because they don't understand how true Americans think and want to live. Your party is completely out of touch in almost a humorous way..

  27. Can you wait for November. trump is a nut and with GOP backing he is demolishing the law. Organizing is one thing what happens between now and then when trump is running the DOJ as his personal police force ? What step is too far and when do you get the nation back from the GOP and the madman cut loose ? The courts refuse to work fast enough.

  28. Give Beto O'Rourke his due in regards to his contribution in turning Texas Blue. Beto could easily unseat John Cornryn in 2020… Let's do this!!!!

  29. "If Texas turns blue?" Is this another Bernie fantasy? Democrats are lagging Trump in Texas "bigly." The only was to win Texas will be with a more moderate (and therefore inclusive) presidential candidate. That's not going to be Bernie Sanders according to recent polls in Texas. It's get real time, my friends. Meanwhile, Trump is systematically dismantling our democratic republic with his dictatorial behavior. We need a president who can lead a strong majority, and that's not going to be a socialist.

  30. ~You Already Knew~
    Only way to do
    Go out and vote blue
    Get out the vote blue
    To set our path true
    Let's try something new
    Progressives not few

  31. americans used to protest in the street, now they are fat and lazy and spend their days on social media moaning and groaning. If you are really mad at trump get out on the streets and let him know. you are not a powerful country you are a lazy, useless country.

  32. Death to all Demoncrats. You are all sick sheeple who serve no purpose. When you eventually cause the coming civil war you will be slaughtered.

  33. I don't believe anyone from MSMBC actually reads these comments but here is a very scary T-rump thought for comment readers to think about: We all know T-rump is "in love" with Putin and Un because he said so. We also know being president gives that person knowledge about things not normally known outside of the office such as the bomb button codes and exactly where places are located. The person as president has many pieces of insider information that would be valuable to Putin and Un. So here's my question; when T-rump is out of office whether voted out or time limit out, what's to stop him from selling or giving inside information to Putin and Un or any other country willing to bid higher? What's to stop him from selling the information to keep himself in office for life? Could he be selling the inside information right now?

  34. you liberals have ZERO chance in the election… also be aware that your international globalist organization is crumbling and liberal politics are collapsing…

    propaganda from the left got Trump elected
    today propaganda has got Trump re elected
    you liberals are laughably stupid

  35. Not only the president…also the vice president, the AG, the (acting) chief of staff, secretaries of all departments, the majority leader in the senate, members of oversight committees, a large portion of members of the Senate and of the house of representatives, and on and on
    They are all joining in lawlessness and wrecking the constitution

    If the whole system is not sweeped of corruption and criminals there is no hope
    Don't fall for the wishful thinking the top Democrats are going to do something, can't you see how hard they are trying to keep true reformers out?

  36. They can plan whatever they want! I still haven’t heard anything about protecting the election, and that’s because I doubt there will even be an election!!this administration has no intention on ever leaving the Oval Office regardless of the results of the election!!

  37. Reality? "National Registered Voter Turnout in Federal Elections" it's a website, 2016 was the lowest turn-out % in 20 years and Republicans lost by just under 3 Million, 2018 set new Mid-term records. The HIGHEST Mid-term turn-out number in history, the highest Mid-term turn-out % since 1924, US Census Bureau site, 50.3%. 114 Million Citizens of the United States of America voted and Republicans lost by over 10 Million. I have one question for all you "Voter Fraud" fools, WHY do you only claim it when you lose? Trump actually did set-up a Voter Fraud department, he very quietly shut it down, there were very few, and they had all voted Republican.

  38. Congress, the House of Representatives is 2 year terms of service, the Senate is 6. Nov 3rd 2020, 23 Republican seats in the Senate, INCLUDING Moscow Mitch are up for re-election, only 12 Democrats. A couple of things, a Russian Conglomerate has just signed a contract to build a Multi-million dollar Factory in Mitch's home State, and one of the Republicans in the Senate that should be up for re-election resigned. He was caught playing games with election funds and personal expenses, look familiar? A Republican in the House of Representatives from NYS was just busted for pushing contracts for Congress to sign with a company he owns 20% of. As of 3 weeks ago, 3 Republican Senators and 17 Republican members of the House of Representatives had ALREADY announced that they were not even running for re-election. Not Republican fantasies, documented facts.

  39. Remove and fine that “ FIX” news you know who I mean !that station is a racist crazy uneducated bunch of loo loos! Except for one .

  40. Hayes how about we do something to stop you and the crooked ..DNC… Well it's going to happen just wait you'll find out…

  41. Get behind Bernie and us or STFU and GO HOME! The Democratic Party people are brain dead. The Republicans are garbage.

  42. U.S.A. for sale!
    Self Serving Socialist Dictators that have infiltrated our once Great Democratic Party and our News media Cnn, Msnbc (Microsoft ) have become an International Embarrassment! Spreading Gossip, Snide Innuendo, Defamation of character, Slander and Libel !

    The real news, not propaganda by the "new world order" Socialist that have infiltrated our once Great Democratic Party!

    Source : fake news
    fake democrats (" proof ") !
    Dems overwhelming vote for Trumps immigration plan! Clinton we build the wall straight from the horses mouth! CNN

    Microsoft,(MSNBC) have sent our computer tech support jobs offshore to communist country's China and Russia as well as to economic adversaries in India!
    Participating in Economic Warfare against the United States!

    Source :
    America for sale

    What traitors would give enemies that have infiltrated Silicon Valley our IT, computer and telecom industries an advantage ! Is that not being complicit in Industrial Espionage! Especially to communist Chinese government that threaten to destroy our aircraft carriers killing all 5000 of our navy personnel!

    Source :
    5 Biggest US companies that offshore to India | 31West

    While Bill Gates and other "new world order" self serving socialist that have infiltrated our once Great Democratic Party sell off the U.S.A. and eliminate U.S.
    Great software companies that offered the U.S. a diverse selection of premium software , that we could choose from to suit our employees capability and needs as well as offer different security options. Great Companies like Borland C, Paradox, Word perfect and more where lost because anti trust laws where weakened by Borks !

    Monopolies like Google, Microsoft and others Sent our best jobs that secure our intellectual properties, offshore to enemies that have infiltrated Silicon Valley and now threaten our U.S. Navy !
    Communist China, Russia and economic Adversaries including scammers in India that are given access to our research and often sensitive data on our U.S. computers under the guise of technical support !
    The deep state !
    ( new world order)?
    Plundering our Great Nation.

    Source :
    Silicon valley! Home of Google, Microsoft, and many telecom and cellular companies send there call center operations, IT services, and other business processes to India and China .
    Resulting in.
    More than 10,000 people living without shelter across San Jose and Santa Clara only a portion of
    (Silicon valley ) on any given night in 2016, though that figure is probably low.

    Source :

    New world order socialist providing sanctuary cities running up US debt Missappropriation of funds!

    According to some claims, illegal aliens displace up to 659,000 American workers every year at an annual cost of $3.5 billion.

    Mexico and India are in a statistical tie as the top sending countries, with 196,000 and 194,000, respectively, arriving in 2016. "China" was third, with 171,000 new immigrants.

    Source :

    U.S.A. For Sale
    The Obama Biden and Clintons ! They conspired with the communist governments and sold 20 percent of our nuclear weapons grade uranium 1 to our Adversaries Russia! Even though we the U.S. import 90 percent of our uranium!

    Source :
    Russian Uranium One Deal And Hillary Clinton In The News Again

    They said sure just make a donation to the Clinton foundation, our military intellectual secrets sure just make a donation to my campaign.
    Our peoples homes no problem they can live on the streets and we will use the cheap labour of illegal aliens who we will subsidize with welfare. We will implement chain migration. Go ahead flood Silicon valley with your communist thereby you can infiltrate and take over our high tech industries! Just make sure illegals register to vote for me.
    Fools Participating with United States Adversaries, Enemies in Economic Warfare against the United States !
    With pay to play scams that makes Bernie Madoff look like a beginner!

    IBM is no longer just a U.S. business, but now belongs to the communist Chinese government.

    Source :
    What does China own in the U.S.A. how about a company that is involved in making our U.S. Militaries fighter jets ! Wow!

    Source :
    Africa is becoming
    China's China.

    Is the USA becoming China's China?
    Source :
    What does Chinese communist government own in the U.S.

    Dereliction of Duty!
    Aiding and abetting!
    Obstruction of justice!
    Subversive activities!
    Participating in Economic Warfare against the United States! TRAITORS Selling off USA No longer serve this Great Nation!
    Primadonnas need not apply!

    SOCIALIST that have infiltrated our once Great Democratic Party Sabotage our Industrial Base!

    Our auto industries have been ruined by self serving socialist dictators and their smog technology that looks good on paper. But is totally destructive in reality!
    Caterpillar made one of the most reliable diesel engines in history. But due to smog requirements and that technology that was so bad it ruined a great engine. Caused Caterpillar to cease production.

    Source :
    Why did cat stop
    Making truck engines

    The Same with ford and their 6.0 diesel. Total failure due to technically destructive smog devices.

    Our technology needs to be brought back to reality!
    "Liberty Restored to our industries and let our industries compete and develop their own answers to smog and fuel mileage! Government "intrusion" into the lives and private industries has no place in a Constitutional Republic under a Constitutional rule of law!
    Private Industries are not owned by the Government as is in Adversaries Countries like India, Communist China, Russia !

    Public Servants are not Qualified nor are newby engineers that dictate expertise to an industry that has developed products that are tried and true.
    We all know crap looks good on paper but reality and years of expertise are superior ! 👍
    An apprentice cannot do the job of a journeyman ! Skill is aquired thru years of experience. Reading alone does not give you practical know how!

    Competition spurs Practical know how! The ability to produce quality products are necessary to achieve profits to be successful in a free market economy !
    Years of training & knowledge as well as the skillset to do the job right, is a prerequisite for any manufacturer!

    We the People for the People live under A Constitutional Rule of Law that "Limits" Government intrusion into the lives of We the People!

    Marbury vs Madison :
    Our Constitution is Supreme Law of the Land! All statutes county or State must adhere to the laws of our Constitution

    U.S.A. for Sale
    What country benefitted from the plunder of our Industrial might?

    What country committed the most Industrial Espionage against the U.S.?

    When did the United States start to lose its industries its intellectual properties ?

    Where did the industries and intellectual secrets end up?
    Need I say more…

    Nations across the world have seen the results of the Chinese and Russian communist push for a socialist "new world order".
    A One World Government a Globalist Socialist dictatorship.
    The Chinese and Russian Socialist have quietly been infiltrating GODLY nations and their governments across the globe !
    Creating 3rd world conditions in every government that has been infiltrated ! Pillaging and plundering every country !

    Source :
    Chinese communist
    buying up U.S. homes
    CNN report

    Source :
    Chinese subversion in Australia

    Source :
    Forced from their homes in Cambodia by a
    Chinese land grab!

    Source :
    China displaces Angola's poor while cutting a deal to plunder Angola's resources displacing Angolas poor!–lFP61c

    The move for communist Socialism has failed in every country it was tried. 3rd world conditions now exist in Venezuela with their working class living on the streets digging thru garbage for something to eat! once one of the richest countries in the western hemisphere now a 3rd world country. Where is the UN?
    Just recently Russian aircraft landed in Venezuela and plundered 20 tons of Venezuelan Gold! While thousands upon thousands of their people are hungry and homeless!

    Nations across the world fight to regain and establish their Sovereignty to restore their once Great Nations.

    Drs that investigated Chinese governments Genocide won the Nobel Peace prize for their investigation!

    Chinas medical genocide hidden mass murder in Chinas Organ transplant

    China harvesting organs from healthy living people

    Maybe thats how they will pay for your free $1000 a month harvest your organs!

    Source :
    5 Biggest US companies that where sent offshore to India | 31West

    Source :
    America for sale

    Source :
    Trump routs communist out of California

    Source :
    China banking shut
    your whole life down
    in a minute !

    Republic vs democracy (mob rule)

    Patrick Henry Give me Liberty or give me death speech!👍👀👌

  43. Texas is a republican state and will never be democratic as long as immigrants are inundating the job market. Trump is winning in that area and Texans are most affected by this inundation

  44. We know the main way Republicans plan to cheat, by sharing voter lists between States and looking for names of minorities in any given state then purging the rolls of everybody with similar names, claiming those people are voting in multiple states. Many states will try to not do the purge until just before the election, so that judges will reject any lawsuits as being ”too close to the election”.

  45. We the people are going too something against you lying corrupt Democrats we will make sure president trump wins he will be our president again

  46. Forty-five percent represents a lot of people in the wrong. When Hitler was in power only 10% of Germans were Nazis. The rest went along in fear of their lives. The percentage of Americans that still support Trump at this juncture is alarmingly high.

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