How much money is enough money? | Because News Survey

How much money is enough money? | Because News Survey

– How much money is enough money? And you want a number? – [Interviewer] Yeah. – [Interviewer] Give us a number. – I don’t do numbers, I can’t math! – I’m really uncomfortable
trying to come up with a number. – I have no clue, what is money? – I actually don’t know ’cause everything is so
damn expensive right now. – $40,000 a year. – It’s age-related, if you’re 20, you should earn $20,000 a year. I’m 41, I will hope to
earn $41,000 this year. – Where I live, the
figure would probably be more like 50,000 a year. – Where are you from? – I’m from Moncton, New Brunswick. – 55 would be comfortable for most people. – $60,000, $70,000 a year. – 65,000 a year. – 70,000. – Around after 70, it’s
all diminishing returns. – $75,000 a year. – 75,000 a year. – 75,000. – 75,000 to 100,000 a
year, you’re comfortable. – 76,000 a year. – 80 grand a year, that
seems like awesome. – 80,000. – 80,000. – $100,000 a year is enough? – I have two kids and I
live in Toronto… 100,000. – 100,000. – $100,000. – $100,000 would be nice. – I wish I made 120K a year. That would be enough money. – $160,000 a year. – $175,000 a year. Cause I want a nice vacation. – $180,000, which seems ridiculous I know, as soon as I say it. – 200 plus, you’ll like you’re. – $250,000 a year, just to be comfortable. – $500,000 but I think
that’s cause it would pay off my mortgage and help
my kids get through school. – Let’s start with a million dollars. – Do I have to live in Toronto? A million dollars a year. – Income of a million dollars a year, that would probably do me nicely. – A few million dollars, I guess. – It would be nice to have
a couple million dollars. – Two million? – If you make two million dollars, you know, you should be
good for a really long time. If you think you need
a lot more than that, you’re a (beep). – Five million dollars. – I would do 10, so then I could travel. So 10 million is enough. – 10 million dollars, in the bank, you would make 500,000 interest a year? – The lottery this week is 55 million, no is it, what is it, 55, 60 million? That would be enough. – 200 million dollars. – Oh never. Never enough. – I will say this, money to me is not about an amount, it’s about fulfillment,
that’s all I’ll say. I am not rich, but rich in other ways.

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  1. Enough to buy an annuity that pays $1,000,000 per year. That should be OK, after taxes, depending on how it is taxed. Investment income, earned income, gaming earnings, and gifts are all taxed different.

  2. Fake fiat. Rofchild central bank slavery…they print money out of thin air….its all debt and the system is near collapse……no one actually has any cash…..and the mindless zombified masses love the "Beautiful Lie"….chasing the bucks , selling your souls for cash…… be it………

  3. Btw, world indebtedness is above 250 trillions….Germany gets paid to borrow, they calls it 'negative interest'
    It's all fake

  4. Dear CBC, I humbly ask you to reconsider your decision about Anne with an E, loved by so many people.
    Anne's story is such a rare treasure nowadays and so important, it has brought joy and comfort to the hearts of so many.
    The entire crew is wonderful and committed, there are petitions and millions of tweets being sent left and right, PLEASE, allow this beautiful story a proper ending…

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