How a Bible prophecy shapes Trump’s foreign policy

How a Bible prophecy shapes Trump’s foreign policy

There’s a church in the city of Bethlehem. It was built on the spot where Christians believe Jesus was born. It’s called the Church of the Nativity. If you consult UNESCO’s List of World Heritage Sites, or ask travel expert Rick Steves, both will tell you that the church is in Palestine. But when a question about the church’s location came up during a round
of Jeopardy in January 2020… What is Palestine? No. What is Israel? That’s it. That answer set off something
of an internet firestorm. That’s because what you call this land,
and who controls it, is at the center of a decades-long conflict between Israelis
and Palestinians. But more recently, there is also a third group that is becoming more and more influential here and throughout the Middle East, American evangelical Christians. Today, evangelical Christians are one of the most politically powerful voting blocs in the United States. And in the Trump administration, they’ve been given unprecedented power. They’ve turned support for Israel and hostility towards its enemies into core tenets of conservative ideology. And a big part of those policies is rooted in how they interpret the Bible. In 2016, more than a quarter of all US voters identified as white evangelical Christians. One of the primary differences between evangelicals
and other Christians is their relationship with the Bible. Conservative evangelicals believe that the Bible is literally true. Sarah Posner writes about religion for a bunch of different publications. Many of them believe that the Bible is sort of this prophetic road map for modern life, that events
described and prophesied in the Bible will it will become true. The Bible is the most historically accurate book ever penned. The Bible is the one book that
dares to predict the future with 100% accuracy. For evangelicals, the most
important of the Bible’s prophecies is the second coming, when Jesus will return
to Earth. The Bible doesn’t say when this will happen, but it does say where. This is Jerusalem. World history as we know it is going to
end right here. Greg Laurie is an evangelical preacher, one of several who
meet regularly to advise President Trump. They’re the leaders of megachurches
with tens of thousands of members. And many of them, including Greg Laurie,
preach a belief called Christian Zionism, the idea that the return of the Jewish
people to Israel is one of a series of events that will trigger Jesus’s second
coming. Jesus is telling us that the rebirth of Israel is a sign of the end. Not just a sign, it’s the super sign. According to this theology, God will
reward those who help Israel and punish those who don’t. Jesus will be on his
throne and he separates the nations. On what basis? How they treated Zion. Let’s back up. After the Holocaust, the UN divided up the then-British territory of Palestine, home to more than a million Arabs, into two states, giving Jews who had been persecuted in Europe a homeland. Over the next few decades, Israel fought
multiple wars with its Arab neighbors and seized much of the land that had
been originally set aside for Palestinians. Evangelical Christians see that as a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. It happened exactly as foretold. It was a miraculous act of God. They own that land, and they own that city. Ever since, groups like Hamas have been
fighting against the Israelis trying to win that territory back. And the government of Iran has been one of their biggest supporters. That’s part of the reason Iran plays
such an important role in evangelical beliefs about the present state of the
world, and the future. According to Christian Zionism, if the US wants to be
on the right side of biblical prophecy, they need to do everything possible to
protect Israel and punish Iran. That also helps explain why a different Bible story is also really important to them. The Old Testament story of Esther, about
a plot to destroy the Jews of Persia, or modern-day Iran. The Book of Esther plays
such an important role for Christian Zionists they’ve made multiple movies out of it. He has convinced your husband to destroy all the Jews, including you. Esther saves the Jews by using her persuasion with the king. Evangelicals who are very
wrapped up in this kind of theology, because Persia is modern-day Iran, they
sort of contextualize this Bible story into foreign policies. Could it be that that President Trump right now has been sort of raised for such a time as this, just like Queen Esther. to help save the Jewish people from an Iranian Menace? As a Christian I certainly believe that’s possible. I’m confident that the Lord is
at work here. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo and vice president Mike Pence both identify as evangelical Christians. And both have enormous influence over
American foreign policy. A ProPublica investigation found that Pence routed
millions of dollars in foreign aid that had been earmarked for humanitarian projects in Iraq, diverting it towards Christian groups in the country. When President Trump approved the drone strike that killed Iran’s top military commander in January 2020, it was, according to the Washington Post, at Pompeo and Pence’s urging. When President Trump moved the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the move had more support from American evangelicals
than American Jews. The other news swirling around the embassy’s move to
Jerusalem is what it could signal as part of biblical prophecy. Donald Trump recognized history. He, like King Cyrus before him, fulfilled the biblical prophecy. That evangelical support isn’t an accident. The Trump administration courts it. After the administration put out a peace plan that would have given Israel unprecedented control over Palestinian land, The Christian broadcast network interviewed Trump’s ambassador to Israel. You’re talking about opening up the Bible, bringing it back to life in ways that I think your listeners could
not have even have imagined. it’s an opportunity for biblical tourism that I think will grow and flourish in profound ways. The network’s coverage
followed his lead. Good news in this proposed peace plan. Israel would have sovereignty over many historical biblical sites. For evangelical Christians in America, the Bible isn’t just a foundational text, it’s a prophetic road map that tells the future and shapes the way they view the present. And for an influential group of them, that motivates their support for a foreign policy that they see as affirming those prophecies, and a president who depends on their
votes. you

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  1. You ARE WRONG VOX, PALESTINIANS Were all JEWS before they Converted to ISLAM. Therefore , Palestine was PART of ISRAEL. Check out QURAN, in that Book, ISRAEL is the LAND of the JEWS!!!

  2. Ideology is affecting religion, which is influencing people's votes. This idea of Christian Zionism grows and prospers because of the neoconservative ideological tendencies that already exist. If the prevailing ideological tendency were antisemitism, then Evangelical Christianity would tend toward antisemitism instead; this isn't without precedent, since Catholics in the middle ages and Protestants after the Reformation both persecuted Jews heavily.

  3. As a Christian I have no idea where it even mentions how theres a need to take back islam and how thats the end of the world all revolution simply states it that theres 7 signs to the end of the world

  4. The bible is a fictional book of primitive minded stories, from old men living in closed societies who were ignorant of the world around them. they never had been anywhere, knew nothing at all, never did any thing, so of course trump would be get his influences from it.. Wow America is run by imbeciles.

  5. Zechariah 12: 3 And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.

  6. Evangelical Christians sound like a thoroughly unpleasant group. Even more so after listening to Rhett and Link's podcast about how and why they quit.


  8. Its amazing how these poor people looking for help in the spiritual, are saying tump is a biblical and faithful holy man, in a sense. But if they knew how these mega church preachers truly felt. And how they'd act or react to a situation that would threaten their wealth. All their posturing and prophisizeing about how they would handle a true moment with St. Peter's judgment, they'd probably not get in the line to get in to heaven. And yet some really good people fall victim to these false idols. Its amazing how far others can swindle those who dont want to read the whole book.

  9. Please stop Blaming Religion for bad people. I am sure, even those don’t believe religion involved with CRIME. Crime is crime don’t mix it with Religion

  10. God forbid the Jews who have been prosecuted for thousands of years actually have a home where they don't have to fear for their lives.

  11. I as an muslim respect catholics
    Ortodox chirstians
    protestant christians.
    but I despise the white christians.
    and here is why.

  12. The Bible does say when Jesus will return. Jesus himself said several times that he was going to return within the generation that he lived in and the people who heard his words would live to see it.

  13. "I am not the Catholic candidate for president. I am the Democratic party's candidate for president, who happens also to be a Catholic. I do not speak for my church on public matters, and the church does not speak for me,"
    – JFK

  14. That is so wrong coming from the "white evangelical christians". To believe in such nonsense about Jesus and christianity, they really do all the merits to being called fanaticals and extremists. They're, indeed, christians extremists. They reject the only thing that was most important for Jesus, forgiveness, love and compassion. Not just for "whites" and "jews", but for everyone, especially the more poor and needed. And who are the more poor and needed in Palestine nowadays? Yes, the palestinians themselves.
    Anyone who keeps resentment, hate or rejection for palestinians, or any other helpless group, is not a christian. Plain and simple.

  15. USA has lots of church members but few true disciples of Christ who do the will of God (Matthew 7:21). Don’t expect God to stay on your side, stay on His side by obey everything He commands us.

  16. Trump is using these Evangelicals for his own purposes. Guaranteed if these Christian Fundamentalists started acting Christians and criticized Trump for his racism, lack of family and Christian values, not paying his bills and his thousands of lies (just to mention a few of his immoral behaviors). He would turn on them as faster than he has cheated on his wives.

  17. A metaphor.. Tribe J people killed the Tribe C's leader. Then fast fwd the Tribe C helped Tribe J with lots of money, military might and effort to help Tribe J gets her own new leader. .

    How silly..?! Now to think the Jews and the evangelical Christians today help each other after the Jews boastfully announced that they have killed the leader Jesus on the cross. pffft

  18. The bible does list the signs of Christ return. Israel does not need America protection. Their judgment will come not by man but by the Son.

  19. This is a new perspective on how view the stock market, global market, and politics, my mind is blown🤯 on this. What is next on the roadmap anyone know?

  20. First off all god hates white people (Esau) as it stated in Roman's 9-13. Second there will never be peace in the middle east until the true Israelites are in that land. The so called African American, Latinos, and Native Americans are the true Israelites and we are going to take what is rightly ours. You will see when Jesus comes back.

  21. Its pretty scary that prophecy of bible is proceeded by United States. The most christian state is bringing the doomsday to people in globe. Im not trying to say trump is un – christian but its dangerous to use sacred prophecy to use as re – elected as president. Trump is pretty dangerous and conceit man. I honor the president like Nixon or Reagan. They may have flaws but they believed America is Axis of Peace and balance of world and they did their politics in that way.
    Trump… if you are really doing politics for religious prophecy, you aren't a president. Dont become a part of prophecy. With your talent that made you win the presidency, you can be really amazing person by using that strength in good way…..

  22. The Bible has become one of those cards in politics that can be played to "prove" virtually everything and has therefore been abused to justify many atrocities throughout history (African American slavery anyone?). It's not terrorism if a) America does it & b) the Bible said so.

    How regularly US conservatives use the Bible for things it's not supposed to be used for. Imagine Evangelicals trying to fight fires by reading bible verses to it… or throwing a Bible in altogether!

  23. The more I get to know about these things, the more I think that religion is the one true plague on this earth. Diving people, causing wars, fueling hatred and unrest. All you see is the chaotic waste that religion has produced. Whilst it may be true that religion itself might have been pure or for the betterment of humankind (which is highly questionable when looking at many practices and beliefs), the way we as humans have reinterpreted religion for our own power has only caused devastation. We need to all first get educated. Then we'll understand the greater good.

  24. "Evangelical Christian's believe the Bible is literally true." What does that mean? All other Christian's don't believe the Bible is literally true? Every Christian believes that the Gospels are literal, but even Evangelicals believe that the Bible contains metaphors and parables.

  25. thats a very twisted way to interpret the bible, this is like the opposite of Osama Bin Laden of interpretation of the Koran.

  26. I know a guy from Bethlehem. His name is Rami and he comes to our church on Palm Sunday every year and sells hard carved crosses to raise money for the people in the area.

  27. Isn't it wonderful that a rule book written by the elders of a desert tribe from ancient times is taken as literal facts in 2020.

  28. All Abrahamic religion do the same they can spread only hate.
    Join any dharmic religion we never fight with each other.

  29. Let’s say that when Jesus (PBUH) returns back and says that he is not God’s son but a messenger and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is a true prophet. So everyone accept Islam.
    How many of you Christians would follow Jesus (PBUH)?

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