House Votes To Send Articles Of Impeachment To The Senate | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

House Votes To Send Articles Of Impeachment To The Senate | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

100 Replies to “House Votes To Send Articles Of Impeachment To The Senate | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. More of vile Dems emotion driven partisan political hit job on the president. From the day after the president was elected ( had not even been sworn in) sore loser Dems have been actively trying to impeach the president or undo the election.

  2. Trump literally did nothing wrong hearsay is not reason for a conviction which is needed to impeach literally through the Senate. And pelosi wanted Senate to run her way is constitutional extortion… Trump is going to stay

  3. Oh look its the 7 Managers of the Democrats Bashful, Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy, and Pelosi, I mean Dopey !

  4. On day one. a vote, gone, Done. The stupid sore loser Dems who are mentally damaged from all their hate are checked and mated

  5. Soooo, the articles of impeachment will be sent to the Senate in a wooden box, and there will be 12 impeachment managers from Nancy. One, they will have no jurisdiction or power in the Senate. Two, will they be coming in the wooden box also, or a clown car? Nancy still needs to be aware that the House does not run crap in the Senate and has no power over the Senate. This is a capricious and arbitrary finding by the House, which they should be facing charges for. Three, Nancy needs to quit sucking on her dentures. Joe Briben admitted to what they charge President Trump for but ignored Creep Joe.

  6. Trump has turned all the conservatives into mindless government hypocrites. You used to stand for something. Now you support a lying democrat because you think he is on your side…

  7. Impeachment managers who are supposed to prosecute the case? They are not members of the Senate and should have NO say in the proceedings, nor should they even be allowed to read the articles of impeachment. This is Nancy Pelosi's way of trying to take control over the so-called trial. McConnell should accept the articles, refuse to allow the managers to speak, then call for a vote — guilty or not guilty. End of story, end of impeachment.

  8. The thing I will always remember is Pelosi Nadler and Schiff lying hateful breathless push to take out Trump because Dems can't win in November oh and Bring on The Bidens. They were who Trump was wary of. And for good reason. Joe made out while VP

  9. Trump is an angel from Heaven, why dont people like him? He's so handsome too and polite and brilliant! He's never done anything wrong in his life!

  10. Good and i hope the republicans give the democrats the house treatment, do secret meetings with witnesses in the basement, refuse to let the democrats call any of their own witnesses, block democrats from asking questions, leak information that only makes trump look good to the media and then rush through a full vote on full exoneration before the end of February.

  11. A person who commits treason is known in law as a traitor In law, treason is criminal disloyalty, typically to the state. It is a crime that covers some of the more extreme acts against one's nation or sovereign.

  12. CLOWNS.. how EMBARRASSING is it to be represented by this Radical left. They can't run on any policy at all so this is there option… enjoy the LANDSLIDE coming your way in November. Looking forward to the Looney Left full epic meltdown when trump appoints another Supreme Court Justices or 2… now that's going to be entertaining TV… Not to mention the hundreds of federal Judges appointed on the circuit courts around the country. FOOLS

  13. Drama queens angry they lost an election finally send the "I hate U" letter to Senate. Cool. Can't wait till GOP can impeach the next Dem Prez.

  14. I would laugh so hard if all the neo-con Republicans backed the Trump impeachment in the Senate, so we could see all the Trump snowflakes out there have a meltdown. Remember, they hate him as much as the liberals do.

  15. Here are the articles of almost all Democratic Representatives (except 2) hate Trump. Democrats knew from the start it would never pass the senate but it was a lot easier than addressing the real issues that affect our country. Those that can't do find something easier to do and those with little understanding think that is what we elected them for.

  16. Is anyone going to report on how joe biden blackmailed ukraines government to stop looking into his son's corrupt business dealings in ukraine? Or do we not investigate democrats because they are far above the law?

  17. Finally, i think we need to add rules that prevent politicians from using impeachment as a political weapon in the future. Namely, get rid of impeachment managers so that as soon as the house votes, it is immediately sent to the senate.

  18. Gee what’s the rush ? It’s only been 28 days 🤣😂😂 . Thank god this impeachment was so important that they had to rush it through the house . Other wise trump might cause a war or something.

  19. The is a dark day for the House. Will go down as first ever Partisan Impeachment. Really is sad disgusting day.

  20. I always thought the aid money the US gives to other countries was used to help out those countries humanitarian needs. now i'm finding out,,,, that aid money is being funneled to corrupt democrats (Hunter Biden, Pelosi's son, Kerry's step son, Clinton foundation, and now even Chelsi Clinton). that aid money is my tax dollars. people ,,WAKE-UP we are being totally scammed. corruption has all to do with "MONEY"… where is the money going and who is pocketing it. and how much for what purpose. facts are coming out. listen to the FACTS.,, . /

  21. I feel so sorry for the Democrats. They just can't seem to grasp the concept of just how unamerican this impeachment issue is. Plus it looks like they don't have anyone qualified to be president so let's impeach the guy they didn't vote for. Shameful.

  22. "It's not personal; it's not political; it's not partisan; it's patriotic." ~House Speaker Nancy Pelose, on signing 2020 Impeachment Articles of Donald J. Trump, passing to Senate

  23. Vulnerable GOP senators preparing to vote on this suddenly have reason to be a lot more queasy — if they vote no, future revelations will get hung around the necks of those senators as an example of what they tried to cover up on Trump’s behalf.

  24. Russian-puppet Republican Senators don't want the truth, witnesses…then subpoena those witnesses before the House! They can testify before or concurrently with the Senate Impeachment Trial. Easy way to either force Mite Massacre Moscow McCoverup's hand, or go right around him, making him irrelevant! Recent court decision now reaffirms and stands–Presidents are not kings, no such thing as "executive immunity," and witnesses must comply with Congressional subpoenas. Game changer–no more excuses blocking testimony!

  25. Truly never in my life ever even imagined to see SO many grown adult Americans take to behaving SO childish, ignorant, and self-destructive as Toddler Trump and the Republican cult!

  26. ~NEW! — Official 2020 Impeachment Guide~
    Democrats = wheat / Republicans = chaff
    Democrats = truth / Republicans = lies
    Democrats = Purple Hearts / Republicans = yellow bellies
    Democrats = true blue / Republicans = Russian Red
    Democrats = USA / Republicans = WTF?!?

  27. A well-designed political system would not be walking articles of impeachment over to the criminal controlled senate, it would be escorting all the criminals, including Trump, to their prison cells before they can further endanger the future of the country. There are lessons to be learnt here – and if they aren't learnt there will be a high price to pay.

  28. Toxic Traitor Trump the half-baked, slow-roasted, twisted turkey; stewing, marinating, ruminating, and fulminating in his own bloody juices, now getting deep-fried, 'til tendered a crisp carcass.

  29. Q: Solicitation? Quid pro quo? Bribery? Extortion? Witness intimidation/tampering? Obstruction of justice? Abuse of Power? Contempt of Congress? Emoluments? Impeachment?
    Toxic Traitor Trump: "All of the above! White House buffet is fabulous!"

  30. ~ Four Biggest Whoppers of 2019~
    1) Trump: "No obstruction."

    2) Trump: "No collusion."

    3) Trump: "Perfect call."

    4) Trump: "Giuliani is a great crime fighter."

  31. Well, it isn't as if we were surprised or anything that Trump would go and get himself impeached…always knew that boy was no good since he was just a tot and remained a tot.

  32. Shedding and trashing that copy of the Articles of lmpeachment won't change the fact that donald j. trump is and will remain impeached for life. He'll also be known as one of the few impeached presidents in the history of the country. These Articles of Impeachment against trump are already safely recorded, filmed, and will be archived in the Library of Congress and the World Wide Web for future generations to learn about, forever and ever.

  33. What will these money and time wasting MORONS come up with next?? What lie will they conger up next?? It was amusing but now its just really really old!!

  34. 🌺Iran to file war crimes criminal complaint agains Trump, the US Military & the US government in Iran, Iraq & the INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT at the Hague🌺

  35. Imagine the news coverage if a "top tier" Trump staffer was on video bragging about burning down cities, killing his political opponents, and putting people into gulags and reeducation camps. There would be wall to wall coverage for weeks. A Democrat actually does it…. and crickets. You people are absolutely abhorrent. You are the enemy.

  36. A trial would further expose the socialist dems party. People need to know the enormous size and scope of the dems criminal network

  37. "How can people be so ugly;
    How can they ignore their friends; Easy…, to be hard; easy to say no.
    Specially about people who care about strangers;
    Who care about evil through social injustice?
    Do you only care about the big and proud. How about a needed friend…, a needed friend?
    How can people have no feelings;
    Don't they know they do exist.
    Easy…, to be hard; easy to be cold"
    Three dog night back in the sixties had it right, back then during Nixon.
    And now under Trump,we have worse! And those same people in the elite echelons of Trump, a legislative Senatorial branch, and it's evangelical and voting constituents…, they do fit those very verses.
    Some songs back in the days, were very prophetic!

  38. Remember, If the inquiry was equitable, both sides would be able to call their own witnesses. Yet, the House of Representatives Democrats, when it conducted it's Impeachment Inquiry, passed it's own rules giving Schiff the right to veto any/all GOP witnesses. He rejected every single request. SO WHY WILL THE REPUBLICANS IN THE SENATE ALLOW ANY….ANY witnesses the Democrats want? WHAT DID ADAM SCHIFF HAVE TO HIDE IN THE IMPEACHMENT INVESTIGATION?????

    Until THIS is answered, Democrats should not be allowed ANY witnesses by the Senate.

  39. The Democratic House has just signed its own Political Obituary….. Peloser will be the first "speaker" in American History to lose the House Twice.

  40. Gosh, couldn't Nancy have drawn this out a few more months? Sending it to the Senate now, this far away from the election, kind of defeats the whole purpose.

  41. I watched the whole impeachment process from the house. They rushed it through and was definitely biased against Trump, the whole behind closed doors was creepy with Schiff, and after all that dog and pony show they wont turn over the articles to the senate. Its because they dont have the goods to prove any thing in order to impeach a sitting president. Im not a big Trump fan either just seen the whole impeachment process from 2016.

  42. For the Americans who think this Impeachment is a hoax. Just watch. Or maybe all this evidence is just a bad dream for D Trump. I am amazed of the amount of Americans that could really like a bully, fake story teller and admitted liar. Are you even listening to Trump. Or just let Fox feed your brain.

  43. Can not wait for this outcome. Trump acquitted. Biden sr & jr in jail. Maybe some house members charged and convicted as well.

  44. Mitch can easily say, “I think I will hold these for a while like Nancy did-“there are a billion reasons he can use. Maybe he will try to set precedent, ”This is a Partisan Witch Hunt 238-2- I won't allow this in my Senate-We are the Majority and I am the Maj. leader”.”You can't”-“You said you wouldn't”…Well, my friends on the other side(Idiotic American Congressional phrase), See you in Court!

  45. Promise made and promise kept. After 3 years of trying and planning and preparing to impeach President Trump from one thing lead to the other.Started from Russian collusion, Robert Mueller to the whistler blower. Finally Nancy Pelosi , Adam Schiff and Nedler sent the article of the impeachment to the senate. Promise kept. In the same time in the White House President Trump also keeps the promises to the American people to have the good trade deal with China.Promise kept. The good trade deal with China and Mexico and Canada to protect the American workers and farmers and American industry which also will create millions of new jobs. Not only good trade deal but the infrastructure and the low cost prescription drug as well. Promises made and promises kept.

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