House Impeachment Inquiry – Taylor & Kent Testimony

House Impeachment Inquiry – Taylor & Kent Testimony

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  1. We are witnessing the most expensive game of Telephone any of us will ever experience in our lifetime. How many more coups & investigations are you people going to force on the American taxpayers? After 2.5 years of Russia Gate, the DNC should be required to fund this farce.
    Edit: important time stamps
    3:34:00 – 3:39:00
    4:05:00 – 4:13:00
    4:50:00 – 4:55:00
    4:59:00 – 5:04:00

  2. Hello my dear cousin, if you don’t mind me asking how did you find yourself trapped in the predicament that is in between the two borders of neighboring countries that presumably reside near Jamaica. Also if you would not mind could you please explain to me all of the complex inner workings Of Western Union.
    Kind regards
    Joe Stalin

  3. NR: I heard about a girl who said her friends boyfriend works with a girl whose brother saw wolf blitzer having sex with a child related to jimmy kümmel.

  4. Not sure why they gave Adam his own tv show when he clearly can't write, direct or act for Schiff.
    This fantasy drama is definitely gonna be cancelled before the first season ends.

  5. The Trumptanic is sinking.

  6. Let me help you out here folks and save you 6:20:40 hours of wasted time, the witnesses said "let me tell you what I heard other people say!"

  7. I was watching this live earlier but gave up around the 1.5 hour mark … Then spent the rest of the day thinking I had watched the majority of the hearing.

  8. impeach the bastard!

    we deserve much better. Donald Trump never was a Republican or a conservative. he is a horrible human being. and i’m ashamed frankly he is an american.

  9. We the people of the United states in order to form a more perfect union establish justice insure domestic tranquility provide for the common defence promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our prosperity due ordain and establish this constitution for the United states of america

  10. Congressional testimony behind closed doors: THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DEMAND TRANSPARENCY FROM THE GOVERNMENT
    Congressional testimony broadcast nationwide: i sleep

  11. There is 2 hot stories Right now. The mentally retarded democrats with their Impeachment circus, and Don Cherry's absolute garbage guy with the attention-whore coquelicot from the media. Both of which I always thumbs down.

  12. In any country Criminal nexus should drive criminal investigations by law enforcement and politicians should not get involved in directing the judicial systems abroad or in their own country. (5:19:57)

    Makes sense and would seem corrupt if politicians did. I'm sure law enforcement and the judicial systems are best placed to deal with that. Isn't that what Ukraine used to do and what they are trying to stop? Their judicial system being asked favours?

    To me that statement sums it up, witholding aid and meetings are the icing on the cake. The ask is bad enough and under normal circumstances all you need is the memo of the call.

    Just an observer from the UK.

  13. I tried playing this through my PS3 YouTube app, the app crashed and sent me back to the XMB…2nd time I tried to play it through youtube app it froze my PS3. I tried playing it through PS4 youtube app and it gave me the CE-34878-0 error code.

  14. This is soo damm stupid!!!all these schiester politicians don’t want the truth to be told TRUMP tells the truth says what he thinks and we know is right these crooked lying greedy ass ones want to sit on there ass and do nothing !!!!’


  16. Rep Mike Quigly from Illinois says at 4:59:25

    "Countless people have been prosecuted on hear say alone,.. it is better than direct evidence"!!!?????

    WTF did he just say!!??

    The polling system is undeniably rigged if criminals and unethical people such as ALL OF THE DEMOCRATS IN ANY MEDIA PLATFORM are in office!

  17. Doesn't being a witness mean you have to actually witness something? I genuinely didn't know you could testify for what you heard other people say they heard. That tells you this whole thing is just a way to distract you from the elections and Epstein didn't kill himself.

  18. — > Rod Blagoyavich wasn't successful in his attempt to sell his Senate seat but he is still in jail for trying to do so. Even if Ukraine President Zelensky didn't know that military aid was already being withheld, he knew that it would be when Trump said,
    … "We need you to do us a favor though"…. Aid was only restored because Trump got caught using hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars as leverage for his 2020 political campaign.

    —> It's logical to consider that Trump never had any intention of granting Zelensky a White House meeting or approving military aid. It's not evident that the meeting ever happened and the only reason Trump released the military aid is because Congress started an investigation ater IC IG Atkinson reported that the Administration was withholding a whistle-blower report..

    The idea that the Obama Administration did nothing to respond to the invasion of Crimea is not accurate. …"We, the Europeans and most of the West imposed economic sanctions and kicked the Russians out of the G8. Beginning in 2014, we and NATO began to provide military assistance to Ukraine's armed forces in the form of training, advice, military equipment, and weapons (Ambassador Bill Taylor, C-Spen, @ 1: 25: 39 – 1: 25: 58) House Impeachment Inquiry – Taylor & Kent Testimony

    — > If Trump had a legitimate case against VP Biden, he wouldn't need to bribe Zelensky to open an investigation. In fact, testimony shows that the State Department was not approached to request such an investigation through the FBI or the Mutual Assistance Treaty. In an interview with Chris Cumo, Giuliani admitted that he knew the investigation he was carrying out was illegitimate.
    .. ."The FBI didn't want to look at it. They were afraid to go to the FBI because they had been turned down so much." (Rudy Giuliani). There was no "good cause" for the FBI to open a legitimate investigation.
    Cuomo debunks comparison between Biden's and Trump's actions in
    Ukraine /watch?v=g529m_cZLhM


  19. — > Thanks to Acting Ukraine Ambassador, William Taylor and Deputy Secretary of State for Ukraine, George Kent for standing up against corruption.
    …"There cannot be dignity without justice." (Deputy Secretary of State for Ukraine, George Kent, C-Span, November 13, 2019)

     … "In 2013,  Vladimir Putin was so threatened by the prospect that Ukraine would join the European Union, that he tried to bribe the Ukrainian President (Viktor Yanucovych) which triggered massive protests in the winter of 2013 that drove that president to flee to Russia in February of 2014.  But, not before his forces killed 100 Ukrainian protesters in Central Kiev. Only days later, Putin invaded Crimea holding a sham referendum at the point of Russian Army rifles.  The Russians, absurdly, claimed that 97% voted to join Russia. In early April, Putin sent his army and security forces into southeastern Ukraine to generate illegal armed formations and generate puppet governments in what we know as Domas. … beginning in 2014, we and NATO began to provide military assistance to Ukraine's armed forces in the form of training, advice, military equipment, and weapons. " (Acting Ukraine Ambassador, Bill Taylor)   (@ 1: 24: 20 to 1: 26: 04)

    —> Paul Manafort was convicted and plead guilty to tax fraud and violation of FARA in his work for Viktor Yanucovych by withholding information about his earnings and failing to register as a foreign agent. Giuliani's claim that information about Manafort was illegally leaked was not upheld by the Ukrainian Supreme Court. The government of Ukraine had no obligation to coverup that corruption. The people of Ukraine had every right to respond to Trump's suggestion, during the 2016 campaign, that "Crimea should belong to Russia". Not wanting to be invaded by Russia is not corruption (3: 17: 40 to 3: 19: 30).

        Google: Appeal Court: Sytnyk And MP Leschenko Did No Act Illegally By Disclosing That Manafort’s Name Is In Party Of Regions’ Black Ledger (JULY 16, 2019)

  20. Why the fuck do they continuously bringing Obama up when he has nothing to do with this whole thing? Strawmans are just great, aren't they?

  21. OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! YOU IDIOTS WHO CONTINUE TO GO AFTER THIS WITCH HUNT….There is no one able to fix this country, because it once was one Nation under God and we have removed Him and no new president is going to fix it. Pres Trump doesn't HAVE TO BE PRESIDENT, HE IS A MILLIONAIRE. But he wanted to try and help as a business man. The hatred you people have is the same hatred you had towards women, minorities and black citizens. The Democrats were supporters of slavery!!! Why don't you go back and examine your party and impeach yourselves. There are SO MANY children in this country who need help BEFORE they grow up and pick up a gun. I was a demoncrat until the party raised it's ugly head. We are our own worst enemies, we are self destructing. Use your money and riches and go to Abaco and help them. No, you can't get your nails dirty. And the TV and actors, DeNiro especially. I liked you as an actor until you publicly spoke. When was the last time you were down in the city?? You live a fairy tale life. Stick to acting. Kennedy had Marilyn killed. Every president, especially Clinton, were liars and crooks. Quit hating those who disagree with you. Now it's one sad nation not under God but under hate, poverty, child and animal abuse, gay rights, transexual rights, and everything that God says will happen in the end times. For non-believers, I pray for you. For the believers yay we're almost home!! Go help someone today. God sees , the BIG A I call him, ALIEN, our hearts, knows our thoughts…. peace

  22. The sign in the background stating that without impeachment the President will be re-elected leads me to wonder:
    If the Democrats have an objective plan that will empower the people and the nation, could that stand on its own?

  23. We should only allow 3d generation immigrant (citizens) to participate in our government, agencies and elected positions. That would mean the grandchildren of Yonovitch's parents could run for any office, or be hired in any agency.

  24. Not one of these people is telling the truth about the Ukraine problem. Not one. West Ukraine was coming down on East Ukraine. The nation is split…. East Ukraine wanted to be part of Russia because the East Ukraine people actually Speak Russian, and consider themselves to be Russian traditionally. Also, it was Americans who picked the new President of Ukraine after there was a Coup…. funded by George Soros.

  25. This woman amb..Marie J…reminds me of C.Ford Kavanah accuser..playing the hurt part…or weak..and she lied under oath.when asked about telling anyone firing the persc ….h.e.l.l.o??? There's video showing him bragging about it..that if they not kick that out no $$$coming…how about that huh?? Bias to the max. .also don't get full by her shy pretence..with that hair color bet she made more than a fuzz…😵😠💩🐍💥🤦

  26. I think that pelosi, Shciff and Cortez are seeing the same eye doctor or coke dealer whatever it is please wear sunglasses your hypnotizing everyone!!

  27. Trump would have beat biden either way he didnt need help. this is a waste of time and tax payer money, shifty should be removed

  28. I have yet to find anyone who actually thinks Trump will be impeached, so what is the point of this besides wasting everyone’s time

  29. I heard it from a friend who, Heard it from a friend who, Heard it from another that TRUMP WINS in 2020 over the Dehems! Dun….dun…..dun.

  30. The smoking gun Democrats keep claiming is there… Tune in next week…
    If Democrats really had anything important, they would have started off with it…
    This was the week.

  31. This is just my thought process: I do agree we need to hear from the horse's mouth for accuracy. But my question then becomes, if you're a hiding something, would you tell the truth as the first-hander? And then as for the hearsay conversation, I get that people have their opinions, but wouldn't everything that Republican say be hearsay? And so… I really encourage all congress members to just stick with providing informative questioning and leave the statements of opinion for the beginning and the end!
    For me, I feel offended for being told what to think and how to think during the inquiry section. Let me listen and determine what the Truth is.
    So please ask good questions! And fewer personal or partisan statements! Thank you!

  32. It so un American to keep the Republicans in the dark as to who the whistle blower "is" and to not let them see all of the documents. I really don't believe any of this because of their Schiff and is arrogant hateful tactics and games. I hate the man and I know I'm not alone.
    I want us to end the party system. Let the states pick from among the people who are people proven to the people to have good will, intelligence and integrity. Government is too full of Corporation representatives, lawyers, and crooks.

  33. Man, I heard Jojo part 6 was trash, but I never imagined it would be this bad. We already know the enemy stand user is Elizabeth Waren.

  34. The testimonies of Kent and Taylor and only “boring” and “lack pizzazz” to Trump’s dumb base supporters who can’t begin to follow a single word in the intelligent information filled sentences here because they are Trump voters: they drink the gasoline before they pump it into their tank of their trucks.





  39. Mad RABID ISI invader mongol mentality no other education but disembowlement of Kashmiriri Hindu babies, girls, pregnantwomen…

  40. (Part One)
    (34:03) Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA): Calls meeting to order, begins explaining the rules for the impeachment inquiry.
    (34:42) Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX). Parliamentary inquiry, requests clarification on rules of engagement under “new set of rules” under HR 660.
    (35:57) Schiff recognizes himself for opening statement. He presents some background on US ally, Ukraine, and mentions how 14,000 Ukrainian troops were killed by superior Russian forces in the months after the 2014 Russian invasion. (36:47) The questions presented by this impeachment inquiry are…” (37:26) “Our answers to these questions will…” (37:41) Schiff goes into how he views impeachment in general. (37:58) “The facts in the present inquiry are not seriously contested.” Schiff goes into Rudy Giuliani, Burisma, the Bidens, the debunked “Crowdstrike” conspiracy that states Ukraine (not Russia) interfered with the 2016 US election. (38:46) “Giuliani also conducted a smear campaign against the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch. On April 29…” Yovanovitch appears in the Nov. 15, 2019 impeachment inquiry hearings. (39:00) By ousting Yovanovitch, an “irregular channel” was established where Giuliani and others—such as Trump’s influential inauguration donor, Gordon Sondland, who is now serving as Ambassador to the European Union—could further President Trump’s personal and political interests. (39:20) Yovanovitch’s replacement in Kiev, Ambassador Bill Taylor, is introduced along with Deputy Assistant Secretary Kent. Schiff brings up the favors intended for President Trump (39:36) “…that would undermine our security and elections.” (39:51) Key events from the month of July 2019. (40:18) National Security Advisor John Bolton refuses to be a part of the “drug deal” that was being cooked up by Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and Ambassador Sondland. (40:42) Mulvaney freezes $400 million in Congressionally-approved funds to Ukraine. (40:57) Infamous July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. (41:31) President Trump asks Zelensky to look into 2016 “crowdstrike” conspiracy theory. (42:02) President Zelensky knew all of this for weeks. (42:15) Multiple individuals reported their concerns to the National Security Counsel’s top lawyer, which prompted records of the phone call to be transferred to a highly-classified server. (42:37) Even Ambassador Sondland testified that the scheme was “becoming more insidious.” (42:56) Ambassador Sondland’s September 1 phone call with Ambassador Taylor. (43:17) “President Trump wanted Mr. Zelensky in a public box.” (43:23) Sondland later mentioned that President Trump is a businessman. This is the famous “pay up” statement. (43:40) Sondland admits…aid will likely not occur until… (44:00) Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney’s “breathtaking” answer. “Get over it!” (44:27) A video of Mulvaney’s “…confession is plain for all to see.” (44:31) Defense of President Trump—the aid was eventually released. “But only after…” (44:52) Criticism of Trump defense. (45:20) Missing pieces… (45:45) As Congress did with President Nixon…additional grounds for impeachment. (46:23) What the testimony will show as it relates to the President’s conduct and obstruction to Congress. If we find the President “…abused his power…or if he sought to condition, coerce, extort, or bribe an ally…” by withholding military aid to assist in his re-election campaign, “must we simply ‘get over it?’” (47:09) Must we expect this from our president? (47:36) Being true to our responsibilities.
    (48:15) Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) opening statement. The Mueller Report, a failed three-year operation to “…convince the American people that President Trump is a Russian agent.” The purpose was to overturn the results of the 2016 election and was led by “…democrats, the corrupt media, and partisan bureaucrats.” (48:44) Democrats denounced “…any Republican who ever shook hands with a Russian.” After the “Russia hoax,” democrats “…now claim the real malfeasance is Republican dealings with Ukraine.” (49:05) Should we forget about democrats’ “false claims”? (Collusion, Steele Dossier, “nude pictures of Trump from Russian pranksters who pretended to be Ukrainian officials,” false story to CNN regarding Donald Trump, Jr. and Wikileaks, and “…countless other deceptions, large and small.”) (49:55) Democrats are “…the last people on earth with the credibility to hurl more accusations at their political opponents.” (50:15) The Democrats “scorched earth war against President Trump…this is a carefully-orchestrated media smear campaign.” (50:40) The witnesses… (51:06) The name of Alexandra Chalupa, DNC contractor who worked with Ukraine to “collect dirt on the Trump campaign,” was redacted.

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