Hong Kong Police Storm Campus Occupied By Protesters | TODAY

Hong Kong Police Storm Campus Occupied By Protesters | TODAY

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  1. for those whose brainwashing has not reached their final cell






  2. #STANDWITHHONGKONG #shameonyou nbc …. you pajnt the cops as bei g the #victims

    #f|_|ck you … that is why people call your #corporatistfascist #BS #FAKENEWS

    #FIVEdemands #MFers #DEMOCRACYNOW ß17CH35

  3. Such bias news you did the same over in America where you reported antifa were the calm ones when antifa were the ones assaulting people and rioting

  4. How long until the cops turn and join the protest? Realizing they're nothing more than pawns being used, and the protesters become unstoppable..

  5. This is the Chinese regime that every single Democrat in the United States worships and shills for on a daily basis. Disgusting.

  6. People seem to forget that one of the major reasons they want to distance themselves from china are the examples of the concentration camps set up for muslims, and the jailing of Falun Gong practitioners in mainland china. There are numerous reports of organ harvesting from executed Falun Gong members. In HK itself, there have been disappearances of protesters and pro-china terrorism is being protected by the police. The police will raid areas just to cause terror as well.

    HK protesters have plenty of reasons to view this as life or death, and to fight this hard.

  7. The US government overthrew Qaddafi for what they claimed "crimes against the Libyan people", but in China they are silent and have not intervened. It has nothing to do with human rights and everything about the american empire.

  8. The cops must use bulldozers to clear the street and break through the barriers at the university entrance….. Time to get serious with the rioters…. Time to show them who's boss…

  9. At 0:47, you called students who set fire and shoot arrows as warriors…. come on western media, can you be fair? You are educating people in a wrong way! There will be lots more warriors in your battlefield eventually… please be fair! I have no preference on either side, just hope you can be fair.

  10. I wouldn’t support any kind of violence regardless of whether it’s used by citizens or the authority, but it might slightly sound illogical that violent or unethical or illegal people are longing for autonomy or a kind of power to govern society. It might seem a little bit unreliable or potentially harmful to let those people have the power to decide how our society should be.

  11. Now the world should know when an authoritarian regime CCP has ruined a free and prosperous Hong Kong, no one should have any fantasy about communism, socialism, and radical Islamic, they only breed thuggery. Thye will do the same with any free world countries and its people if you don't kowtow to them. That is the essence of what they believe to gain total control. Whoever lives in a free world still believes CCP and so-called Hong Kong policemen, in reality, they are PLA who is not supposed to be in HK according to the Basic Law. We must push our governments to put CCP on trial. They have committed an anti-human crime, they are 1000 times worse than Nazi. CCP has framed Hong Kong protestors for many sabotages that they did not commit just like they framed those students in Tiananmen Square so that they can have an excuse to wipe them out, after the arrests, why are there so many got killed? Now they are shipping those Polu U. students to China, why? It is against Hong Kong's autonomy.

  12. it was peaceful protest until the cops start to used tear gas in the mainland china to shooting , hit them with baton many time in the head , shot bullet in their face , used water with drug burn the skin of protest , capture unreasonable people , include old and children , dont you tell me some children and old grandpa will hurt a police with full gear :)) they are not violence at the strart , thecops is the one to breaking the laws and make the protesters must use violence , if you dont believe or need to see how bad is the cop in hongkong , i will send you a page on Facebook live stream the protest every day . I also had friends in hongkong to send my the new about protest , and believe in me , the thing you watch had not thing to the violence of hongkong police

  13. ? F- communist China ?? brutal military now cracking down on young students that have no guns to defend themselves. Just another reason why you don’t want Democrats screwing with America Second Amendment and take your guns away. ??

  14. As usual, the US Troll will do all they can to insult China and harass us.

    Now imagine your own family is hurt or murdered by people in black suit for their own political issues.

    Will you still support them?! Are you even a human?!

    Is the color of your political view worth the life of humans?!

    These rioters deserve to be punished by death.

    Don't be a coward that only dare to be troll on the internet and say "Liberate HK yada-yada". Liberate your own city from you own government and count how many days bullets will take place in your head.

    At the very least you are going to be sent to prison for either public indecency, illegal movements, or both.

  15. No society can tolerate this sort of violence from youth. The guy said he wants freedom? Does he think this is freedom, having people terrified of him?

  16. You'll be waiting a long time is you think the police will ever join up with these savage kids. The opposite is true. Those cops are either going to arrest those kids or call an ambulance for them.

  17. Selective reporting has two effects: 1. The "Hong Kong violent virus" developed by CIA will infect more places.  2. The Chinese mainland is immune to this virus and is stronger.

  18. Is this their definition of freedom? They had the choice to leave but they chose not to, they got themselves in this situation. Rioters think they can get away with anything but the citizens of Hong Kong and people around the world are losing patience with them.

  19. Stupid students. Hope the police burn and distroy this university so the students loose their chance to study. maby when they have to worrk for thier live the will learn the world is not made from wishes and dreams.

  20. China is not burning Hong Kong. China is burning China economy. China military police is not destroying Hong Kong. China military police is destroying Hong Kong China.

  21. This all game for years and for many countries. Whenever this happens, CNN always waits in front of everywhere. Strong governments of the world are so smart! They dont fight anymore, they make people to fight against their own government and CNN proudly records the events for hours maybe weeks.

  22. Why isn't The today show showcasing the police brutality including shooting live rounds at victims, the sudden surge in protestor "suicides", people getting carted off in trains, and the video evidence of police attacking first aid responders, journalist, etc

  23. I will place a permanent plague on those creating the chaos the terrible death chicken will take over how g Kong China Chile Bolivia South America Syria Ukraine Kiev causing q mass exodus of vipers who are behind it all these nations places will be off limits from now on

  24. Once the protestors are arrested , there is an alarming rate of " suicides in the jails . Protestors who are now being incarcerated are shouting out their names and informing fellow inmates, and anyone listenting that they are not planning on suicide.

  25. To clandestine vipers in South America a massive forced exodus of American European Chinese Israeli Nato Un vipers will occur they will no longer be able to operate in the south and Central America and the islands of the Caribbean

  26. In the US the terrible death chicken will cause a total colleague of the deep state shadow gov NWO nazi members in the US the terrible death chicken will strike with ferocity

  27. Subtle covert attacks on freedoms and overt will activate the terrible death chicken starting now all freedom hating violators will be stricken

  28. when "protesters" set a human being on fire are no longer protesters but cold-blooded MURDERERS!! They are vandals/rioters/looters and murderers nothing to do with protests!!

  29. chile and hong kong let´s make an international brotherhood to win our batlles for our freedom. learning and acting together

  30. China beating and arresting students…hmmm flashbacks to Tiananmen square massacre…. Thank goodness for Hong Kong's freedom of press, its the only thing stopping XiJinPing's terrorist regime from killing all the HK people who stand against him.

  31. I just want to ask these students one simple question. You’ve got the right to fight for democracy, but by setting the city on fire you’re violating my right to go to class / work and raise a family. Is your right more important than mine?

  32. These things happened due to hongkong police is weak. The US, Vietnamese,… police can solve familiar promblems in short term.

  33. #香港 #十萬火急

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