Hong Kong Police Standoff With Student Protesters Enters 4th Day | TODAY

Hong Kong Police Standoff With Student Protesters Enters 4th Day | TODAY

46 Replies to “Hong Kong Police Standoff With Student Protesters Enters 4th Day | TODAY

  1. this is a battle for who will control Hongkong? Your brain must be burnt,ask your dirty CIA agents and dirty politicians stop training and inciting these stupid criminals!

  2. New Tian An Men case been happen in our eye right now. Communist this time have more smart way. they use the police force to provoke the anger of the citizen. and then set them up. Now they have a solid reason to hunt them down without international condemn…very cunning way.

    I not from china nor Hong Kong .. But i really sympathy for these youngster being used.

    God bless Hong Kong!!

  3. Hong Kong is a bargaining chip of the US trade war negotiations,The more chaotic Hong Kong is, the better for the United States,CIA offers a lot of money and weapons

  4. The story tells you how evil those agitators are. They have no shame to transform kids under 15, 16, 17 years old to criminals. These kids would have been killed in a second by the police if they committed the same crimes in the US.

  5. Just a bunch of losers, haters, quitters, deserters and defectors exploited by the US to wage a proxy war against China. This will go down in the annals of world history as just another failed color revolution sponsored by the Americans.

  6. Lock them up for 10 years, educate them. Reform them. They will be better citizens after coing out to the society when they are 27. Great idea !!

  7. I remember when USA backed terrorist group in Syria. now they backed terrorist in Hongkong kids. everytime they rised a flag you know who backed them.

  8. Everyone, beware of chinese fake accounts (disguised with non chinese names) pushing false information or make illogical comments. This is modern Communist propaganda.

  9. Today’s headlines, the Hong Kong police hit the people of Hong Kong with real guns, and all over the world talked about it.

  10. The protesters would have not done this from the beginning, if Beijing Government leaves Hong Kong and it's people be. It is all the faults of Beijing Government. Shame on all the world for not helping the pleading for help from the Hong Kong people.

  11. Since China has taken some steps toward free enterprise, they also need to change to a democracy, with full rights. They don't have to go to the other extreme, like in the U.S.- type capitalism. But more like become a social democracy.

  12. us is openly backing the protestors more than the uk. evidence is the senate bill being approved in the us backing protesters. that is the reason why an american flag is planted at the university. these traitorous chinese are shameless choosing us or uk over their own kind.

  13. Outside forces supply the bullet proof equipment. Stupid students are victim of politican anti China rule. Now those politician and outsiders escape jail sentences but the students take the punushment. Its a waste of life

  14. Who uses chemical weapons, deserves death! Tear gas, is a chemical weapon! ACAB! The terrorists are in Beijing! Corrupt pseudo-communists!

  15. Of course they’re not terrorists because terrorists take responsibilities for what they did at least, but these riots DO NOT!


  17. 不要无耻,通过就好了,美国让我大失所望,一帮虚伪无耻的人。我宁可和中国一起死,让民族主义崛起!什么警察国家?什么共产党杀人,我都没看到,真搞笑,通过啊,你们惹火的是14亿中国人,战战战!让世界毁灭吧!香港人,你们同中国人对立?你们的选择?找死啊,真奇怪的逻辑,难道中国人会怕?

  18. For those who support Hong Kong's independence, can any of you answer these five questions?
    1. Who will provide clean water to Hong Kong when it gains independence?
    2. Without mainland tourists, which makes up a big percentage, will Hong Kong's tourism get better?
    3. How to make sure that other countries won't colonize and annex Hong Kong in the future?
    4. How to solve the social sympathy towards Mr Luo killed by the protesters and Mr Li who was set on fire alive by the rioters?
    5. How to prevent Chinese government won't use military force to get Hong Kong back causing bigger casualties?
    I'm just being logic and trying to find a good solution for both sides.
    Also people find similarities between the case of Hong Kong and the war in Syria, Ukraine, Libya. What's your opinion?

  19. In Shreveport, La: When the police are called on people, they are sent to L.S.U. by default and will not let you go to a different place with proper care. You can tell them that you are allergic to a type of medication and if a staff member thinks you're too noisy they can request for you to be injected without even a nurse or doctor witnessing your behavior. Disturbing the staff will get the University Police in there before injections and restraints. They will hurt you in ways that are extremely painful and leave no marks. They keep the 911 calls redirected to their hospital police so that if you report the abuse you will be punished and using the phone will not be permitted while you are there. All local news and radio stations have been reported to and various social media platforms have records in the form of screenshots dating back multiple years as this information has also been emailed as well. People are willing to testify in a court of law if needed to prevent this from happening to future patients. IF ANYONE SEES THIS, PLEASE TELL SOMEONE WHO CAN HELP.

  20. it is getting crazy out there because the police wrong doing and the police should know better and if the police keep gas down kids — ONLY ONE OPTION LEFT FOR H K GOVERNMENT TO STEP DOWN AND LET THE HONG KONG PEOPLE TO VOTE FOR THE NEW GOVERNMENT AND ENJOY Freedom , [TAKE CARE HONG KONG THE WORLD WITH YOU ALL THE WAY

  21. Aye see trying to lock up people doing nothing wroung!?10years who are the Chinese to be locking up Hong Kong people there land come on world wake up!

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